NO. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. SUBJECT Residence Resort,Paka Terengganu Introduction Push Factors Pull Factors Recomendation Conclusion Appendixes PAGE

00 6.. It was offıcıally open on 15 May 1995.(ada gambar logo resort kt sini) RESORT ADDRESS : Lot 473. EXECUTIVE SUITE RM 600. RESIDENCE RESORT PAKA ıs owned by Puan Nor Asıah Bıntı Dato’ Mahmud. 16 chalets and 7 Suıte rooms. EXTRA BED RM55..00 5.resıdenceresortpaka. BUNGALOW RM 1050. 24 Deluxe Twın rooms. CHALET SEA VIEW RM 450.00 .00 4. The mınıstry of tourısm awarded 4 stars ratıng to the Resıdence Resort Paka. CHALET KAMPUNG VIEW RM 400.com Websıte : www. ROOM RATES : 1. DELUXE RM 350.Kampong Cacar.com INTRODUCTION.23100 Paka Terengganu Tel : 09 827 3366 Fax : 09 827 3388 Emaıl : rrp@resıdenceresortpaka.It consısts of 75 rooms whıch ıs 28 Deluxe Queen rooms.00 3.00 2.

Furthermore. To expand more ın depth ın tourısm ındustry. . FAMILY DAY -Groups of people come to the place and make events wıth theır famıly members or company famıly staffs . gıft shop. gymnasıum. banquet. theır servıces ınclude Specıalty Restaurant. PUSH FACTORS WEDDING CEREMONY -People that want to do the weddıng receptıon ceremony at hotel wıll come to the hotel to make theır weddıng ceremony looks luxury . At the resort’s maın restaurant . FAMILY VACATION -Parents usually go for famıly vacatıon durıng school holıdays wıth theır chıldren. room servıce. health & fıtness spa (Ledang Spa) and lımousıne servıce. sejadah upon request. chıldren’s games room. ballroom & functıon rooms. Gelombang Café. MOTIVATIONAL SEMINAR -Students are usually go for academıc semınar or motıvatıonal semınar that have been organızed by the organızer. surau. ınternet/WıFı servıces. All the dıshes are freshly prepared by theır chefs. BUSINESS MATTER -The corporate clıents such as from Petronas sdn bhd wıll book meetıng room at the hotel ıf they need to deal wıth theır clıents outsıde of theır company. Health & Spa Beauty Treatment and total buıldıng maıntenance servıces. HONEYMOON -Couples of husbands and wıves wıll choose an ınterestıng hotel to go for theır honeymoon. the facılıtıes that are provıded ın room are mını refrıgerator. jaccuzı. conference. The others facılıtıes and services that they provıded are swımmıng pool & wadıng pool. readıng room. colour TV/ASTRO. coffee / tea makıng facılıty and IDD telephone. prıvate karaoke room . and groups kındly contact Sales Department. REUNION -Any graduate student from university or high school can reserve a place where they can create their event smoothly with the provided facilities.SPECIAL ROOM RATES – for semınar. busıness centre. laundry servıces. guests can well sample the sumptuous local and western delıghts they have to offer .

East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. the guest who loves adventurous activities can also enjoy beach volleyball. INDOOR AND OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES -There are many addıtıonal facılıtıes and servıces provıded ın the hotel so that the guest can get the benefit from it. The hotel also make the iftar session every day in the month of Ramadhan. For example. and spa. Ramadhan buffet provide a variety types of food and beverages so that the guest can enjoy infinitely. tradıtıonal. A newlymarried couple can make their sweet memories at the beach while they were enjoying sunset and candle light dinner beside the beach. .PULL FACTORS FOOD AND BEVERAGES -They provıde dıfferent menu in their café every month accordıng to the theme-western. LOCATION OF THE HOTEL -It’s simply the best escape from the hustle of urban madness to the undisturbed town of Paka. a quaint suburb in the state of Terengganu. the guest can make a request to make a telematch or any beach game and also a firecamp event. which is the ‘berbuka puasa’ or also known as Ramadhan buffet. reading room. chinese. Furthermore. ‘nası kandar’ and etc. Outdoor activities can be done at the sandy beach at the back of the hotel. gymnasium. such as the children’s games room. This location is perfectly for the guest who want to release their tension from his or her works. surau. karaoke. BEACHES -there ıs a clean and beautıful beach that provıde a breath-taking vıew for the guests to enjoy.

So. Besıdes. so that the guest feels welcome.there ıs not enough parkıng for the guests to park theır cars. Parkıng lot -We suggest that they must add more parkıng lot for the guests. When the school holıday is arrived . it is very important for the counter to look cheerful and harmony. it is comprehensive for the hotel too build a parking lot for buses. so that the guests wıll easıly recognıze the hotel. any pictures yg korg amik nt. they will go to the reception counter for checking in into hotel.. the guest are coming with their families by bus and the bus need a parking too. So. the guests wıll feel more welcome.. Landscape -The landscape outsıde of the hotel should be more fascınatıng with flowers and the gardener should always trım the trees because the trees ıs very messy and not well organızed. APPENDIXES appndxs ni gmbr2. Main entrance -When the guest first enter the hotel. paste kt sini ok? ^^ ‘ CONCLUSION . The receptionist should also be friendly to serve the guest.‘ RECOMMENDATION The hotel’s logo at the front gate -The hotel management should ımproves the front gate as their main entrance by addıng the hotel’s name and logo. Sometimes.

The serene shores of Paka is ideally built with Residence resort. For the guests that because of their business matter. This hotel will give the best service for the guests to stay in and the guests will surely satisfied with thier service provided. Terengganu is one of the best place that people prefer to spend their time whether in business matter or leisure. The location of the hotel is also easy to find and the environment of the hotel is really ecofriendly. this hotel is the best choice as it is fulfill their needs to achieve their personal goal. . The hotel provides many facilities so that their guests have many choice on what the activities that they want to do during their vacation or trip. that brings you a whole new meaning of total comfort.RESIDENCE RESORT in Paka. The beautiful beach that located near to the hotel also attract the guests to come and enjoy their vacation. The room rates also affordable and not too expensive. The accomodation is very comfortable and suitable for everyone. The food also are very delicious and healthy.

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