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KATHMANDU URBAN BIRD COUNT 2013 Count These Twenty Urban Birds


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Parakeet (Roseringed)

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Rock Pigeon


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Spotted Dove

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Black Kite

Spotted Owlet Cattle Egret Blue-throated Barbet

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Long-tailed Shrike

House Crow


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Black Drongo

Magpie Robin

Common Mynah

Jungle Mynah

Swallow ( Barn)

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Tailorbird Red-vented Bulbul White-eye (Oriental)



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Tree Sparrow

Sparrow (House)

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Urban Bird Count Instructions

The Urban Bird Count aims to get an idea about the status of urban birds and give everybody a half hour of fun, birds and the magic of doing all the same thing at the same time across the city. It is not about special birds or who sees most birds. We also want the lists with one sparrow and two crows. Of course, if you saw other than those 20 species, you are welcome to send your counts for them, too. You can send descriptions, sketches or photographs of doubtful birds to BCN. We have tried to make it easy. We ask only a half hour of your time at your own home, school or office. We ask you only to look at 20 common species. You only need pen and paper, although a binocular will help. Mistakes are allowed as the majority of us are beginners. Ask friends to join or to do the count at their own place. Send your list to BCN before 10 February: to, via BCN facebook or however you like. Ask the bird name list electronically from BCN so that you only need to fill in numbers. BCN will publish the overall result. You will also be welcome at the presentation and review event later on in February. In order to keep the results from different locations and skill levels comparable, please follow these instructions. Instructions: 1. Count on the morning of Saturday 2, Sunday 3 or Monday 4 February 2013 before 12 noon 2. While counting stay in one position. Count from your window, balcony, roof, veranda, street. 3. Count for half an hour each of the twenty bird species listed. 4. Note per species the highest number that you saw at the one time.

(So if you see first 5 pigeons and later 3 pigeons, you report 5 only)


Name(s) of watchers: Location(neighborho od): Type of habitat (city, suburb, farming are, etc.): Date and Time:
S.N. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Bird All Counts White-throated Kingfisher Rose-ringed Parakeet Rock Pigeon Spotted Dove Black Kite Cattle Egret Long-tailed Shrike House Crow Black Drongo Oriental Magpie Robin Common Mynah Jungle Mynah Barn Swallow Red-vented Bulbul Oriental White-eye Tailorbird Hume's Warbler Purple Sunbird House Sparrow Eurasian Tree Sparrow Counts Highest counted at one time