Eight Trigrams

I Ching (Book of Changes)
Eight Gates to the Greater World
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Eight Trigrams

I. General Attributions

Trigram Trigram Meaning Symbol Name




Chien Qián 乾 Sun Xùn 巽 K'an 坎

Heaven, Sky, South Air


Supreme Yang




Young Yin




Middle Yin

Ken Gèn 艮 K'un Kūn 坤 Chen Zhèn 震 Li 離 Tui Duì 兌 CM1 CM2




Mature Yin




Supreme Yin




Young Yang




Middle Yang

Lake Valley CM3


Mid-Spring Mature Yang




Smell First Daughter K'un Earth Body Evening 9pm .II.6 pm 3 水 K'an Water West Autumn Water North Black Tortoise Kidney. Touch Second Daughter Emotions Feelings Water.12 pm October 31st December 20th 5 Midnight December 21st - . Sight Oldest Sister June 21st September21st Summer Solstice Lithia 2 Sun Wind Afternoon 3pm . General Attributions Trigram Eastern Symbol Cosmos Five Elements 五行 Wǔxíng Western Cosmos Daily Cycle Annual Cycle 1 Will. Sky Wood Chien West Fire Noon Heaven White Tiger South 12 pm South Lung. Taste Youth 3pm Summer Father Midday Summer Full Moon Wood East Blue Dragon Liver. Spirit Intutition Metal.9pm Moon West Autumn September 22nd December20th Autumnal Equinox 4 Earth Center Yellow Ken Dragon Mountain Spleen. Cups Late Middle Age Afternoon Evening Sunset Waning 6 pm .

Ostara 8 Tui Lake Valley Irrigated Field Metal. Sight Oldest Brother Mind Thinking Air Fire Metal. Taste First Son MidMorning 9am 12pm May 1st . Sound Dawn Second Son Crescent Moon Spring East Early Morning Sunrise 3am .June Morning 20th 6am . Center Coins Yellow Old Age 12 am . Lake West White Tiger Lung.June 20th Beltane CM4 CM5 CM6 MG4 MG5 MG6 .3 Dragon Night am Spleen. South Swords Red Phoenix Infancy Heart.6am February 2nd March19th Chinese New Year Imbolic 7 火 Li Fire Spring East March 20th .土 Earth North Winter Sensations Earth.9am Spring Equinox. Smell New Moon Mother North Winter March 19th 6 Wood East Chen Blue Dragon Thunder Liver.

III. Martial Arts Attributions Trigram Eastern Symbol Cosmos Chien Heaven South Summer Sun Wind K'an Water West Autumn T'ai Chi Ch'uan Peng Wardoff Step Forward BaGua Zhang Coming Coming Coming Coming Coming Cai Pulling Coming Move Back Ji Press Face Left Coming Coming Coming Coming Coming Ken Kao Mountain Shoulder Coming Coming Coming .

K'un Earth North Winter Lu Roll Back Coming Centered Coming Coming Lie Chen Splitting Coming Thunder Move Back Li Fire Sprint East Tui Lake Valley Marsh Irrigated Field CM1 CM5 An Push Coming Look Right Coming Coming Coming Coming Shou Elbow Strike Step Forward CM7 Coming Coming Coming CM8 CM9 CM10 .

equaling. injuring. in accordance with this. Mountain undisturbed. scattering. fathering. walking in the garden. one # 52 does not see a person. thus the mind develops. gentleness. correct and firm. creativity. There will be advantage in movement. advantageous. adapt to diffiuclt circumstances.IV." [Lt2] Meanings: strength. Action. There is excellence in practice. through which the mind is penetrating. danger." [Ct1] Ken Meanings: stillness." [Ct1] "There will be some little attainment and progress. originating. perilous. inner stillness. brings about fruition and consummation. penetrating." [Lt2] Meanings: penetrating. resting. . ruling. Eight Core Hexagrams I Ching Attributions Hexagram Number General Symbol Name Meaning "Heaven creates." [Lt2] Meanings: withdrawal. calmness. #1 Chien Khien Heaven # 57 Sun Wind "Wind is small but developmental. will be of high value. It is beneficial to see a great person. #29 K'an Khan Pitfalls Water "Stopping at the back. "Mastering Pitfalls (Double Pitfall): In mastering pitfalls there is truthfulness. one does not have a body. Yang. No fault." [Ct1] "The possession of sincerity. It is beneficial to have somewhere to go. flow like water around obstacles. " [Ct1] "What is great and originating. completing. develops. abysmal.

Taking the lead. one goes astray. dependable." [Lt2] Meanings: clinging." [Lt2] Meanings: receptivity. moving. When the superior man has to make any movement. but one does not loose spoon and wine. # 30 Li Fire "Fire is beneficial for correctness and development. and thus there will be a free course and success. The superior person has somewhere to go. Stability in rectitude is good. there is alarm. and yet smiling and #51 talking cheerfully. Let its subject also nourish a docility of the cow. he will find his proper lord. if he follow. When the time of movement comes. storing.#2 K'un Khwan Earth "With earth. then laughter. Thunder startles for a hundred miles. penetrating. and there will be good fortune. endless productive potential." [Ct1] "It will be advantageous to be firm and correct. When the movement (like a crash of Chen thunder) terrifies all within a hundred li. if he take the initiative. he will go astray. spreading. advantageous. devoting. correct and having the firmness of a mare. transforming the host. yielding. light. acceptance. "Thunder is developmental. mothering." [Ct1] "Kan gives the intimation of ease and development. Raising a cow brings good fortune. inciting. . nurturing. Yin." [Lt2] Meanings: alertness. arousing. explosive and vibrational energy." [Ct1] "What is great and originating. one finds the master. producing. he will be like the Kân Thunder sincere worshipper who is not startled into letting go of his ladle and cup of sacrificial spirits. the person will be found looking out with some apprehension. active. When thunder comes. creativity and development are achieved in the faithfulness of the female horse. following.

Associated with freshwater in low areas: rivers through a valley. irrigation ditches and canals . pleasuring." [Ct1] "Shows the pleasure of inward harmony and sincerity.# 58 Tui Joy "Joy is developmental. CM11 CM12 CM13 . rejoicing. playful. pleasure. and in good fortune. marshes. courting. thankful. " [Lt2] Meanings: joyful. beneficial if correct.a sight that will bring joy to any farmer's heart. lakes. hidden in deep currents.

Taijiquan and Yoga Exercise Workout Cycle Exercise Energy Cycle Levels Eight Brocades Qigong Eight Rivers Qigong .V.

1 Chen Warm-up Thunder over Earth Turning the Bouncing on Thunderous Toes Prayer Wheel 2 Li Heat Building Springtime Punching Grasping the Gusto with Fire Dragon's Tail Starting the Angry Eyes Fire Energetic and Joyful Rivers Run Down to the Warm Valley Increase Circulation Vigorous Summertime Fire in the Heavens Pure Yang 3 Tui Bending Down The Wild Geese Joyfully Return to and Bending the Lake in the Valley Back 4 Chien Bear Salutation to the Stars 5 Sun Lively Moving Following the Wind Drawing the The Wind Moves Bow the Clouds 6 K'an Cooling Down Holding Up Coming Slowing Down the Void Feel the Autumn Rain Calming Cooling Separate Heaven Coming 7 .

Medical Attributions Trigram Coming Bodily Coming Associations Coming Coming .Ken Pausing Rest on the Mountain Resting Relaxing Pure Yin Winter Snow on the Earth MG8 and Earth 8 K'un Wise Owl Coming MG7 MG9 MG10 VI.

Chien Heaven South Coming Head Lungs Taste Coming Coming Coming Sun Wind Thighs Coming Liver Sight Coming Coming Coming K'an Water West Ears Coming Kidney Touch Coming Coming Coming Hands Coming Spleen Ken Smell Mountain Coming Coming Coming K'un Earth North Belly Coming Spleen Smell Coming Coming Coming Foot Coming Liver Chen Sight Thunder Coming Coming Coming Li Coming Eyes Heart Sound Coming Coming Coming .

Fire East Tui Valley Mouth Coming Lung Taste Coming Coming Coming CM14 CM15 CM16 CM17 CM18 CM19 VII. Other Attributions Trigram Qigong Mountains Buddhism Rivers Zen Coming Eightfold Path Order Coming .

Chien Heaven South Direct Qi Transmit Qi Skillful Action Right Action Coming Coming Sun Wind Conserve Qi Skillful Livelihood Work Practice Coming Coming K'an Water West Dissolve Qi Skillful Effort Body Practice Coming Coming Transform Skillful Ken Qi Mindfulness Mountain Zazen Coming Coming K'un Earth North Store Qi Skillful Liturgy Concentration Coming Coming Discover Skillful Qi Zen Study Chen Understanding Gather Qi Thunder Coming Coming Circulate Qi Li Skillful Thinking Academic Study Coming Coming .

Five Movements Trigram Element Bodily Attributes Associations Coming Coming Chien Heaven Sky Air East Wood Liver Gall Bladder Eyes Tendons Muscles Nails.Fire East Tui Valley Purify Qi Skillful Speech Art Practice Coming Coming CM20 CM21 CM22 CM23 CM24 CM25 VIII. Nerves Green Spring East Windy Sour Coming Coming Li Fire South Fire Heart Small Intenstine Tongue Blood Vessles Red Summer South Hot Bitter Coming Coming . Five Elements.

Muscles Yellow Late Summer Center Coming Damp Sweet Coming Ken Metal Mountain West Lungs Large Intenstine Bladder Nose Skin. Teeth Hair Dark Blue Winter North Cold Salty Coming Coming CM26 CM26 CM26 CM26 CM26 . Hair White Autumn West Dry Pungent Coming Coming K'an Water North Water Kidney Bladder Ears Bones.K'un Earth Earth Southwest Spleen Stomach Mouth Flesh.

Spirits. Attributions. Sight . Beings Sensations Touch Earth.Sacred Circle at the Valley Spirit C Chart of Associations. and Sy Eastern and Western Magicks Valley Spirit Sacred Circle Symbolism Eastern Cosmos Trigrams Five Elements 五行 Wǔxíng Western Cosmos Magick North Green Earth Winter Body Oaks K'un Earth North Winter 土 Earth Center Yellow Dragon Spleen. Soil. Smell Mother Valley Spirit Body. Elementals. Coins North Winter Trees and Shrubs Salt Oak Trees C and Northeast Lime Green Cypresses Chen Thunder Wood East Blue Dragon Liver. Flesh. Stone Birth and Death Night New Moon Pentacle.

Bells Olives. Stave Red Candle Almonds Walnuts 4 Southwest Purple Redwoods Sun Wind Wood East Blue Dragon Liver. Lake West White Tiger Lung. Swords Childhood and Youth Dawn Crescent Moon Spring East Incense. Taste First Son 3 South Red Fire Summer Will Action Bay Laurel Chien Heaven South Summer Metal.Oldest Brother 1 East Yellow Air Spring Mind Spirit Olives Li Fire Spring East 火 Fire South Red Phoenix Heart. Aspens 2 Southeast Orange Bottlebrush Tui Lake Valley Irrigated Field Metal. Sound Second Son Mind Thinking Air Smell Metal. Taste Father Will. Spirit Intuition Wood Fire Sight South Adult and Middle Age Midday Summer Full Moon Staff. Sight Oldest Sister 5 . Sky West White Tiger Lung.

Spirits.All Colors Sacred Circle at the Valley Spirit C Chart of Associations.West Blue Water Autumn Emotions K'an Water West Autumn 水 Water North Black Tortoise Kidney. Laurels 6 Inner Entrance Northwest Turquoise Liquid Ambers Ken Mountain Earth Center Yellow Dragon Spleen. Chalice Willows. Smell First Daughter 70 Center White Tai Chi Grant Ultimate Wholeness Harmony Interdependence Individual Self Circle Web White . Touch Second Daughter Emotions. Attributions. Cups Taste Middle and Old Age Evening Waning Moon West Autumn Cauldron. Elementals. and Sy . Blood Feelings Water.

and 90-100+ Years Old Birth and Death December 21st March 19th Yule New Year Christmas Northeast Lime Green Cypresses Early Morning Sunrise 3am .3 am Conception to Birth to 10 Years Old: Babies.12pm .Western Emphasis Valley Spirit Sacred Circle Symbolism Western Cosmos Magick Daily Cycle Human Age Annual Cycle Neo-Pagan and Secular H Liturgical Rites North Green Earth Winter Body Oaks Body. Osta Memorial Day Southeast Orange Bottlebrush May 1st . Coins North Winter Trees and Shrubs Salt Oak Trees Midnight 12 am . Childhood.6am 10 to 20 Years Old February 2nd .June 20 Spring Equinox.March Imbolic Chinese New Year East Yellow Air Spring Mind Spirit Olives Mind Thinking Air Smell Metal. Flesh.9am 20 to 30 Years Old Young Adults March 20th . Stone Birth and Death Night New Moon Pentacle.June 20th Beltane Mid-Morning 9am . Beings Sensations Touch Earth. Soil. Aspens Morning 6am . Swords Childhood and Youth Dawn Crescent Moon Spring East Incense. Bells Olives.

September First Harvest Festiva Mid-Summer Harvest Fe Lughnasadh. Laurels Late Afternoon Sunset 6 pm .12 pm 70 to 80+ Years Old Wise Elders October 31st December 20th Halloween Samhain Thanksgiving Center Wholeness Harmony Year Annual Cycle A Human Life . Cups Taste Middle and Old Age Evening Waning Moon West Autumn Cauldron. Chalice Willows. Lamm Lithia Labor Day West Blue Water Autumn Emotions Evergreen Shrubs Emotions.30 to 40 Years Old South Red Fire Summer Will Action Bay Laurel Will.September Summer Solstice Lithia Labor Day L Southwest Purple Redwoods Afternoon 3pm .9pm 60 to 70 Years Old Wise Elders September 22nd December 20th Autumnal Equinox Mabon Northwest Turquoise Liquid Ambers Evening 9pm .6 pm 50 to 60 Years Old August 1st .3pm 40 to 50 Years Old June 21st . Stave Red Candle Almonds Walnuts Noon 12 pm . Spirit Intuition Wood Fire Sight South Adult and Middle Age Midday Summer Full Moon Staff. Blood Feelings Water.

By He Jinghan and David Alexander (Translator). Ba Gua: Hidden Knowledge in the Taoist Internal Martial Art.All Colors Eight Trigrams and Hexagrams Charts Links. By John Bracy and Liu Xing-Han. VSCLC. North Atlantic Books. The Eight Palms and circle walking internal martial arts. 139 pages. ISBN: 1556432763. China. resources. 1998. quotes. Bibliography and Resources Bagua Daoyin: A Unique Branch of Daoist Learning . links. bibliography. Ba Gua Zhang ( Pa Kua Chang): Bibliography. Baguazhang . Consulting editors: Li Zhong-Quan and Liu Men-Gen. Singing Dragon.A Secret Skill of the Palace. notes. VSCLC. and notes. ISBN: 1848190093. California. 148 pages. 2008. Berkeley.White Interdependence Individual Self Circle Web White . Index. Beijing.

months and days of the year. Eight Trigrams Chart Feng Shui and Eight Trigrams Feng Shui: How to Apply the Secrets of Chinese Wisdom for Health. Five Elements Attributions of Trigrams (VIII) Five Elements Information 23Kb. ISBN: 0760703906. Chinese name. Shambhala. Boston. ISBN: 0861711769. time of the day. Glossary of Hatha Yoga Postures . 270 pages. Boston. bibliography. 2001. Wisdom Publications. The Eight Ox Herding Pictures . By Lillian Too. Western magikal cosmos. By John Daido Loori. 1996. cardinal direction. 268 pages. A clear and insightful commentary on the Eightfold Path of Buddhism. Edited by Bonnie Myotai Treace and Konrad Ryushin Marchaj. Index. Yin and Yan designation in chart form. Barnes and Noble. VSCLC. By Bhante Henepola Gunaratana. season of the year. Chinese name and Eastern cosmos meaning. General Attributions of Trigrams (II) Trigram symbol.A Chan/Zen Allegory Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness: Walking the Buddha's Path. Five Elements attribution. VSCLC. General Attributions of Trigrams (!) Trigram symbol.Druid's Journey The Eight Gates of Zen: A Program of Zen Training. Refer also to the Eight Precepts. Wealth and Happiness. 2002. Five Elements 33Kb. ISBN: 1570629528.

BaGua Zhang. Sounds True. By Angeles Arrien. 208 pages. T'ai Chi Ch'uan actions. Eastern cosmos meaning. 2005. Qigong (Chi Kung). Pa Kua Chang (Ba Gua Zhang) Parkha 20Kb. Other. . Eastern cosmos meaning. Qigong (Dao-yin) and Yoga Exercise Cycle and the Eight I Ching Trigrams (V) Exercise cycle definitions and sequences for the Eight Section Brocade Qigong and Eight Rivers Qigong.Hexagram Attributions of Eight Trigrams Combined (IV) Hexagram symbol. name. The Spirit of Gardening T'ai Chi According to the I Ching: Embodying the Principles of the Book of Changes. Internal Martial Arts and the Eight I Ching Trigrams (III) Trigram symbol. ISBN: 1591792525. Chinese Yoga Qigong Attributions of Trigrams (IV) Sacred Circles The Second Half of Life: Opening the Eight Gates of Wisdom.

Da." by David Gaffney. ISBN: 0060616679. By Jou. ISBN: 0804813574. resources. Tai Chi Foundation. 1972. Rochester. 1983. Tsung Hwa. Berkeley. Tai Chi Chuan Lun T'ai Chi Ch'uan T'ai Chi Ch'uan and the I Ching. Taoism: Bibliography. T'ai Chi: The . Tsung Hwa. 2008. 176 pages. Edited by Shoshana Shapiro. All the books used to research this short study on hexagrams and Trigrams are also cited in Taoism. California. 1980. 2000. Good information on relating the concepts of the Ba Gua and I Ching to Chinese internal martial arts. VSCLC.By Stuart Alve Olson. Trigrams . California. ISBN: 0892819448. links. A Third Edition is now available. Tai Chi Foundation. VSCLC. 2001. VSCLC = Valley Spirit Taijiquan Library Collection Wudang Qigong Valley Spirit (Gu Shen) of the Tao Te Ching Walking the I Ching: The Linear Ba Gua of Gao Yi Sheng.Feng Shui Institute Valley Spirit Taijiquan Red Bluff. ISBN: 1583942149. New York.. Inner Traditions International Ltd. By Jou. Vermont. By Liu. VSCLC. 263 pages. Scottsdale. ISBN: 0804814651. An excellent comprehensive textbook. Blue Snake Books. Warwick. "Wang Haijun on Eight Methods of Training Jin. The Tao of Tai-Chi Chuan: Way to Rejuvenation. The Tao of Meditation: Way to Enlightenment. Arizona. By Allen Pittman. First Edition. 224 pages. 224 pages. Harper Collins.

International Magazine of T'ai Chi Ch'uan: Vol. 29. 2005. August. Translation by Davidine Diaw-Voon Sim. pp. Zen Buddhism Esoterica • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • (Research by Mike Garofalo) Ba Gua Chaos Magick Circles Druid's Journey Eight Celebrations Eight of Wands Flowers in the Sky Four Elements Green Man Green Wizard Index Labyrinths Nature Mysticism Olives Pantheism Qigong Religion Sacred Circles Spirituality . 4. 5-10. No.

Chart References .• • • • • • Tree Lore Trigrams I Ching Vegetable Nirvana Yielding Zen Zhan Zhuang Eight Trigrams Chart Notes. Comments.

1998. I'm especially fond of: Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard. Martial Arts Associations CM1 CM2 CM3 CM4 Refer to my bibliography for the Green Wizard. ISBN: 0804813574. The Magician's Companion by Bill Witcomb. Qigong. By Tsung Hwa Jou. An outstanding textbook on Tai Chi Chuan.Chinese Models of the Eight Trigrams Traditional Chinese Associations and Attributes for Eight Trigrams Traditional Taoist. A very informative introduction to the . Charles E. and Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner and other books by Scott Cunningham. CM5 CM6 CM7 Regarding the relationship between Tai Chi Chuan and the I Ching (Book of Changes). Tuttle. 233 pages. 3rd Edition. by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart. Chinese Medicine. All styles are introduced and explained. The Spiral Dance by Starhawk. please refer to the following books: The Dao of Taijiquan: Way to Rejuvenation.

Lt2 = The I Ching.philosophy and practices of Tai Chi Chuan. Boston.. 1972.M. Volume 16. Chicago. Volume Four. ISBN: 0809295288. Harper Collins. linked to the Book of Changes. Inner Traditions International Ltd. are explained and described. bibliography. 436 pages. ISBN: 1570629080. By Da Liu. (The Taoist I Ching and I Ching Mandalas).D. A clear and insightful commentary on the Eightfold Path of Buddhism. CM13 Ct1 = The Taoist Classics. A 16 movement and 64 movement Yang style form. notes. Wisdom Publications. 316 pages. 2001. By Stuart Alve Olson. ISBN: 0060616679. 1989. Index. MA. O. ISBN: 0861711769. Boston.. Refer also to the Eight Precepts. Index. Contemporary Books. 2002. CM23 . extensive recommended reading list. CM12. T'ai Chi According to the I Ching: Embodying the Principles of the Book of Changes. Vermont. By Roger Jahnke. Sacred Books of the East Series. By Bhante Henepola Gunaratana. T'ai Chi Ch'uan and the I Ching. The collected translations of Thomas Cleary. 224 pages. CM22 Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness: Walking the Buddha's Path. Rochester. Index. Translated by James Legge in 1899. CM11. CM21 The Healing Promise of Qi: Creating Extraordinary Wellness Through Qigong and Tai Chi. 268 pages. Shambhala. An unique and thorough study of this correlation. 2001. Excellent photographs. 1986. ISBN: 0892819448.

Boston. Colorado. Sounds True. and Spiritual Well-Being. MGC.The Eight Gates of Zen: A Program of Zen Training. 1997. Includes a 59 page weekly workbook. practical. By Kenneth S. New York Ballantine Books. informative. One of my favorite books: comprehensive. Eight Gates of Zen CM26 The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing. ISBN: 1591790905. ISBN: 0345421094. Foreword by Larry Dossey. 427 pages. The Essential Qigong Training Course. and scientific. Physical Health. By Ken Cohen. 2002. Boulder. Shambhala. Edited by Bonnie Myotai Treace and Konrad Ryushin Marchaj. 270 pages. 2005. 5 audio CDs. notes. By John Daido Loori. MGC. Index. appendices. a Qigong DVD. ISBN: 1570629528. Cohen. and one Qi Healing DVD. 100 Days to increase Energy. .

dreams.The Eight Section Brocade Qigong." . Garofalo. 2) my reading of books and magazine articles. rest. 4) my reading of Western esoteric and magical literature regarding practices of the Green Wizard. April 2005.. etc.e. etc) and the nighttime hours (i. 305Kb. seeing-thinking. work.Michael P.e. By Michael P. sensory withdrawal.. the annual cycle of agricultural activities that are the foundations of every civilization. 3) the "Before Heaven Arrangement" of the Eight Diagrams attributed to the mythical sage-ruler Fu Hsi. and the daily cycle of the daylight hours (i. warmth. MG2 A reader cannot help but notice that these associations are common amongst people living in the northern hemisphere. activity. The annual cycle of the seasons of a year. sleep. MG3 MG4 . and 3) the notes I made while getting group or personal instruction from a qigong or taijiquan teacher in the Eight Section Brocade. cooler. 35°North to 55°North latitudes. and listening to media products about the Eight Section Brocade Qigong. Garofalo's MG1 Models of the Eight Trigrams "The above Eight Trigrams Chart schema was created by me based upon 1) my reading of qigong and Taoist literature.) are part of the landscape of the Mind.

2005. Ba Duan Gin. and the first eight Buddha Lohan Hands. Eight Treasures inner qigong (Nei Gong). Provides information about the history and purpose of this popular Chi Kung practice. Pa Tuan Jin. This qigong set is the most popular set practiced around the world. This document is updated as new information is discovered. 309Kb.MG5 MG6 MG7 MG8 MG9 Eight Section Brocade Qigong By Michael P. Pa Tin Kam. Some animated graphics are provided in linked files. Eight Silken Treasures. Brocade soft qigong (Rou Gong). The document includes the most extensive bibliography. Acht Delen Brokaat. Detailed descriptions are provided for each of the eight movements. qigong meaning. and comments on Ba Duan Jin Qigong resources available anywhere. The document is about 80 pages long. and cautions. link guide. MG10 . Silk Treasures Qigong. Brocade Qigong. including information on movement variations. April. Otto Pezzi di Tesoro. Wudang Brocade Qigong. Pal Dan Gum. Les Huit Exercices del la Soie. Garofalo. and is also known as: Baduanjin. Ba Duan Jin. health benefits. Eight Silken Treasures.

imagination and creativity. Body Alignment Promote proper posture. Heart of the Human Spirit Transform life through your heart. 3. Natural Nutrition Implement sound eating practices for life. 6. results-oriented exercise. Notes Models Based on Eight Elements Eightfold Paths "The Eight Elements West 1.The Eight Elements West "One of the best-known and most influential Neo-Confucian (Dao Xue. 5. where true strength resides. spinal strength with flexibility. Individual Action Time is precious.Quotations. 8. 7. and body awareness. reflection. Be kind to the Earth. Relaxation and Centering Cultivate and calm the bodymind connection everyday. Study of the Dao) philosophers was Zhou Dun-Yi (1017-73 CE). 4. creator of the famous tai chi diagram (Taiji tu. Let change begin now. Consistent Exercise Energize through safe. with you. the yin- ." . Sound Mind Embrace life obstacles with self-awareness. Community and Environment Surround yourself with trusted friends and family. Sayings. 2.

and is wrong. labyrinths. or a sacred circle of trees (Nemeton) or stones (Labyrinth) more appealing to their spiritual sensibilities. complexity. and psychological aspects of circular arrangements. 5.e. I have found a wide variety of interpretations of the trigrams in the English literature on the subject. represents the cycle of the seasons. 4. The yin-yang elements need to be reversed with the black on top and the white on the bottom. which. I am fascinated by the symbolic. or write Chinese. 84 Notes I first posted the material found on this webpage in 2005. death.. bagua. the union of complementary forces (e. The same situation occurs with even more frequency in Tarot decks. read. The Post-Heaven rather than Pre-Heaven arrangements should be used. to me.yang symbol) and its accompanying commentary. spheres. sacred circles.g. Others. 6. Objections include: 1. and differences in the order and meanings of the trigrams found in this literature. I have received many interesting comments via email from readers. artistic. violence. Since then. religious. The trigram order needs to be changed for various reasons. which was based on his study of the "appendices" of the Yi Jing. Circular arrangements have a key place in the spiritual practices in my life. Connections with Western meanings and symbolism is purely coincidental and meaningless. for me. with the limited time available. find a wheel (Buddhist Dharma Wheel). Therefore. I try to do the best I can in English. p.Andy James. The circle. I cannot speak. 5. 3. The names and meanings of some of the trigrams are not correct. . torture. I find circular patterns (i. Tai Chi Tun Yin-Yang Circle (Taoist). recurrent possibilities. There are differences in the diagrams. What I presented represents an "evil" positioning of yin and yang." . etc) to be very interesting. There are not enough references to literature in Chinese.. oppression. life cycles. and the end. 2. More attention needs to be given to Feng Shui commentary. it is unlikely that I will ever acquire such scholarly skills. At my advanced age. represent fear. spirals. like me. The Spiritual Legacy of Shaolin Temple. Some use a cross or sword as the symbol of their religion.

She explains Feng Shui in terms of the Form School and the Compass School. reflected in my interpretations. Feng Shui The Eight Trigrams are widely used in the practical applications of the Chinese art of geomancy. The following chart is similar to the one presented Lillian Too in her book Feng Shui. A full discussion can be found in numerous books published in the last twenty years on the subject. 1996. Too's chart. 81. Unity and Complexity. and the patterning and ordering of the cosmos. . Eternal Returning. My prejudices and preferences are.). Various charts are widely available that outline the Bagua correspondences used in Feng Shui. The Bagua is a primary aspects of the theory of Feng Shui. etc. winter and summer. A few of these books are listed in the bibliography provided above. yin and yang. p. The yin-yang circle in the center of the diagram is reversed in Ms. the Ring of Commitment.female and male. Feng Shui. therefore.

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