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Cadbury India can be termed as one of the best performing FMCG companiestoday. Unlike its peer group, which are more of complete foodcompanies.Cadbury is a very niche player with a dominant position in IndianChocolate Confectionery market. This makes it different & more successful incomparison with the peer companies. Now is the period of slowdown in theeconomy, where FMCG companies are the first ones to be hit upon. Reduction inthe real income of the consumer has made its direct impact on the top linegrowth of the company. Still, Cadbury has been able to drive its bottomlinegrowth. The reason for the success is the Corporate Governance practised in theorganization. We update its growth, progress and current valuation in this report ABOUT THE CADBURY Cadbury India's five factories in India churn out close to 8,000 tones of chocolateand the company sells a million bars every day. But Bharat Puri, managingdirector of Cadbury India will never forget the batch of Dairy Milk chocolatesnumbered 28F311 manufactured last year at the company's plant in Thane, near Mumbai. That was the worm-infested batch that triggered a crisis for thecompany that had always prided itself on its squeaky clean image. The timing of the controversy couldn't have been worse. Festival season sales (Cadbury sellsalmost 1,000 tonnes of chocolates during Diwali) plummeted 30 per cent. Untilthen, in the country's FMCG sector plagued by slow, low single digit top line andbottom- line growth, Cadbury was a sweet exception. But its net profit in 2003dipped 37 per cent to Rs 45.6 crore (Rs 456 million) as compared to a 21 per cent increase the previous year. Now, a year later, Cadbury says that consumershave long forgotten the controversy and are back to their merry chocolate-chomping ways. Financials Valuations Cadbury in every pocketSuperior shareholder valueCadbury is mainly into three segmentsto the value creation Chocolates - out of total market size (volume) of 22500 tpa, Cadburys share hasbeen 69.2 %. Sugar Confectionery out of the total market size (volume) of 163000 tpa,Cadbury enjoys 4 % market share in this category. Food drinks out of total market size (volume) of 73500 tpa, 14.2 % sharehas been rewarded to Cadbury in this segment.Chocolate the impulse productThe category of impulse product includes chocolates, biscuits, ice creams, saltedsnacks & soft drinks. But the fact is that out of 1.5 million. Retail outlet for FMCGgoods in India, over two thirds out of these stock branded impulse products, butfewer than 25% sell chocolates. The current chocolate value share of the totalimpulse category is 6.1 %. Out of which Cadbury enjoys the share of 4.4%.The scenario is going to change as

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6 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY I have made my HR term paper on the company Cadbury entitled EMPLOYEEWELFARE. I would suggest to Cadbury various schemes & facilities for employeeswelfare. In the entire term paper I have tried to cover all the major topics related toCadbury (Employee Welfare). The main topics that I have covered for launching of Cadbury in India. Beginning with the brief introduction of the Cadbury then the analysis,scope of study & purpose, quality policies, health & safety, environment policies & theemployee welfare policies also include which the main objective of my project. After theaccomplishment of the product development i.e. Chocolate and commercializing it; thenext before me was to decide the segment and the target market and the strategies for the positioning of the product. The marketing mix of chocolate was decided under thevarious stages of product life cycle. This was done in advanced so as to be prepared for the tough competition in market. Next was the advertisement and selling of the productand the last was to make a distribution channel of network for the effective selling of chocolate in the market. The last is the findings, conclusion, suggestion, recommendation& limitations of my term paper so as to get a brief idea of the project and the. The lasttwo pages are the Bibliography, Appendices & Annexure including questionnaire. I havenow concluded my executive summary for my project

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