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By Rajendra Nimje

President KP Astrology Forum , India 10th July 2011, Hyderabad


are interested to know how the current year will be in general and any special events in particular. Some expect promotion, new business, increase in business income, expectation of marriage in the year, son is completing education prospects of his job etc.


means Annual Returns is very popular in North India Many publications on Varshaphal for a particular year based on your birth date and Rasi Equally popular in Western countries

horoscope is erected for the moment when SUN during its course comes back to its original degree, minutes and seconds of the zodiac where it was at the time of birth of a native Why Sun?

Sun completes its cycle in exactly one year


Suns position in the natal chart. Deg, Min, Sec. Find out difference between Ayanamsa at the time of birth and the year in which Annual horoscope is to be erected. Add this difference to Nirayana Sun position at the time of birth to make a Sayana Sun for Annual chart


out from Raphaels table when Sun will come to this position in the required year Get Sidereal time, calculate houses and planetary positions Deduct Ayanamsa, get Nirayana positions Erect the chart and fill the planetary positions


out SUN position in natal chart Go to the year for which Annual Horoscope is desired for this native In the Annul Horoscope year, select the month in which he is born. Sun will come to the same Deg, Min, Sec in that year on the same day , one day earlier or a day later.


different time in the software till the Sun comes to exactly same Deg , Min and Sec. Lock this position and name as Mr./Ms. XYZ Annual 2011 (Year for which Annual Horoscope is desired) You are ready to predict from this chart now

person might have been born at one place and migrated to another place , or temporarily he is in another country for a job then which place to be taken for casting of Annual horoscope?

Birth Place or New place of residence?


have to take the New Place and NOT the birth place for casting Annual Horoscope



Western Method of Interpretation Tajik System by Kalidasa


Natal Chart with the Annual Chart. Beneficial aspects between those in the radical chart and in the annual horoscope promise fortune in that year. Position of Sun and Moon are considered to be vital. If either of them in Kendra i.e. 1, 4, 7, 10 and if they form good aspects with each other then the year is fortunate one


majority of the planets are deposited in angles then also the year is a very good year If Jup or Ven or lord of 2 , 10, 11 are in 10th and get beneficial aspects from sun or moon , it promises prosperity in that year If Lagna is occupied with Saturn , Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Ura,Net then the year is of difficulty , dispute, disease ,debt etc.

evil planets occupy 6th and also form evil aspect to lagna then one will suffer in health and finance Sun and moon if conjoined with benefics both by nature and lordship the year is pleasant Moon afflicted with malefics the year is bad Moon and mer or Ura in Lagna then the native will make frequent travels

Moon Mer or Ura in 12th along with the lord of 2 or 10 then the change in profession is promised Saturn in Lagna , chronic disease will flare up in that year Lord of Lagna in 7th Chance of marriage or reunion if already married


of 2 in lagna , 10 or 11 shows peace, pleasure and prosperity Lord of 5 in lagna , 10 or 11 and good aspect from 2, 6, 11 one is fortunate, unexpected advantage will accrue Lord of 8 in lagna or 6 difficulty and danger Lord of lagna in 6 or 8 and afflicted dangerous

in 7th house the year is adverse Moon or lord of 12 in 9th Long journey , overseas, life in new place If evil planets with mer owning 12th , afflicted and occupies 7th , one will lose by transaction , theft or cheating


result of ones life is indicated by at least a house and a planet Hence Luminaries wither conjoin, square or oppose a planet by transit in the annual chart year , one will face with difficulties Sun, Moon , Significator of the desired houses form beneficial aspect with the house or the lord of those houses then the desire will be fulfilled


of Transit in Annul Horoscope is from Sun coming to the same Deg, Min , Sec in the desired Annul chart year till the Sun again comes to Deg, Min and Sec next year Hence for prediction find out the transit of luminaries and major planets within this period


in Uttara Kalamitra has given this system. This is different from Udu Dasa In this system- total time is one year Cycle is not Ketu Venus Sun which we are familiar It is Sun, Moon, Mars, Mer, Jup, Ven, Sat, Rah, Ascendant


110 Days Mon- 60 Days Mars -32 Days Mer- 40 Days Jup 45 Days Ven- 56 Days Sat 4 days Rah- 5 days Ascendant- 10 Days


out Moon is in which star in Annul Horoscope Dasa does not start with this Starlod Find the natal star, count it as one Go on counting till you reach the current star in which the moon is Divide by 9 , note the remainder If remainder is 1 then Sun dasa, 2 moon etc.


the moon deg, min. How much is to be covered in the running star of Annual horoscope Remaining deg, min divide by 13 deg 20 min and multiply by running Tajik Dasa period. This will give the remaining period in the running Tajik Dasa Thereafter next dasa will follow


till all dasas are exhausted Show the last dasa as the remaining portion of the first dasa with which we started


the transiting planets in relation to the natal moon position first Followed by Tajik Dasa running to the native Sun
if beneficial accumulates wealth Weak threatens committing of sin, loss by enemies, litigation, loss of wealth and troubles


Beneficial -Royal favor, improvement in bank position, prestige and honor Weak- inimical activities and irritations, disease, change of residence and misunderstandings


Good- favor from govt, success in attempts, happiness, purchase of land, commencement of industry


Weak- dispute , litigation , quarrel, partitions, no harmony among couple , extra expenses

Good- active, alert, energetic action to enjoy ones life and have larger profits Weak- misunderstandings within cousins and uncle , mind to take bad ways and unfriendly with good natured people

Good- Purchase of vehicle, prosperity, successful in education and litigation Weak- change of residence more expenses , bad ways, bad associates


Strong- Wealth and fame , possibility of marriage Weak- threatens loss of health , enmity, disharmony , dispute, disease


Strong- acquire estate, building, house and may hold a position of trust Weak- worst, loss of wealth, prestige, status , chronic disease flare up


Strong- marry in this dasa will have promotion and prosperity Weak- demise of the parents


dasa is generally good but depends on the planets occupying it


Chart by KP method for the position of Sun coming to same deg, min and sec for a place of residence by the methods already explained Find out Tajik Dasa periods for this annual horoscope Interpret the Dasas as per the KP system

@Rajendra Nimje, IAS