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After the Fire Michael Whiticker 1.

. Identify a feature of duration that is used to show that this composition is based on the artwork. The rapid repetition of the notes, tremolo, is used to symbolise the detachment of timbre depicted in the art work. The abstract performance also creates a tension and suspense through a very unclimatic use of accents. 2. Identify two expressive techniques that have been used to show that this composition is based on the artwork. The use of ornamentation in trills, and the use of tremolo in the song is used to represent a nearing danger such as fire. The use of the unappealing rapido in the violins increases tension and symbolises the flame. 3. Make a statement about structure that explains how this composition is based on this artwork. Just like the artwork there is no strict structure, as the song has no repetition in the sections as each section is unique. An example of this informal structure in the strings that at the 1:04 where the tremolo plays very freely with no repetition of this melody within the whole song. 4. Identify a feature of pitch that is used to show that this composition is based on the artwork. The wide range of the register used in the whole song creates the abstract representation of the artwork. The low range of the guitar in the introduction establishes a sensation that the flame is only beginning to brood.

Araluen Matthew Orlovich 1. Identify the performing media used in this composition? The high pitched pitched male vocal and the low pitched male possible tenor male. 2. Comment on the use of texture in this composition. (3-4 sentences/findings) The two male vocals use the harmony between the tenor and soprano vocal, there is also a use of counter-melody in the section B of the song. - In section B, there is a wide range in the register, with the high male vocals singing aaaaaahhhh and the low males of whom are seen to harmonise through the use of the simple transposition of their melody. - Throughout the excerpt, there are different melodies, the high and low register vocals alternate between roles where one is lead and one is the counter part. 3. What decisions has the composer made in terms of the concepts of music in order to assist the audience to understand this landscape? (4-5 sentences/findings) In section A the high register male vocals sing aaaaaahhhhh which creates a soothing and softening atmosphere in the piece to establish a journey. The use of vocals, help the audience to comprehend the landscape and position on them on a way over the landscape through the high and ascending melody. The feel very light and free, which is assisted by the wind, where the use of the slow wind creates the slow ascension of the timbre.