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[Episode 18] Autism: Busting Loose From The Limitation Game

Autism Busting Loose from the Limitation Game [Episode 18] Wired For Success TV [0:00:10] Beryl: Hello and welcome to another episode of http://www.wiredforsuccess.tv. I’m Beryl Thomas and with me is my colleague, Melanie Gabriel. Melanie: Hello everyone. Beryl: And today, we have with us Suzy Miller who describes herself as an author, a speaker, and a trainer. But she’s really also a pioneer in the implementation of some cutting edge science to transform the lives of those labeled as autistic and the lives of their families and carers. Suzy’s training is conventional as a Pediatric Speech and Language Pathologist and yet a decidedly unconventional event whilst her working with a four-year old led her to a major paradigm shift in the way she viewed and worked with these children with neuro-developmental issues. But even more than that, Suzy woke to how awesome each of us really is and what talents and gifts lie largely untapped within each of us. Her groundbreaking book Awesomism: a new way to understand the diagnosis of Autism evolved from applying her unique skills to helping hundreds of families over many years. The book stimulated so much interest that Suzy is now training others in her skills with her global Awesomism Training Certification Programme. Today, Suzy is going to share with us how she’s making her own quantum leap by working with renowned scientist, Dr. William Tiller of Stanford University to create the Autism Intention Experiment, an experiment that will work with consistent and coherent intention to support the integration of children diagnosed with autism. So Suzy, hello and welcome. Suzy: Hello. Thanks for having me here.



tv 3 . It was like he saw something in me that I hadn’t even seen myself. not the way I thought he was going to. I was a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist in private practice in the state of Maine. “It’s the Millennium.Beryl: It’s fabulous that you could join us. he is an interesting kid. Suzy? Suzy: Sure. “That’s my light body. everything in my body went on high alert. quite a – but what was more interesting is he came right up to me in kitchen and he made direct eye contact with me which I now – we all now know is not very common. So I shut the door and I just sat down – I slid down beside the door and I just thought. I didn’t really know what to do with him.” was what was going through my mind. So I’m blessed to have the opportunity to catch up with you now. I think I’m seeing things because. He’ll show me what to do next. But – so I said to myself in my head. he was in his daycare center in his daycare school and he was looking back and forth in the kitchen and he was saying. But he made direct eye contact with me and he said. he’s going to show me what he wants to show me. And he did. I wonder what that is. And it really – it made a huge impact.maybe I should go home. Back in 1999. Would you share that with our audience today. And so. I saw floating above him what appeared to be a light body version of him. “Well.” And when he said master. But when I went to meet this child for the first time. What am I seeing? And then I heard also within me. I was brand new to autism. I heard. It’s 1999. I just didn’t know how much of an adventure. You have a lovely.” And I thought. And one of the children that was new to my case load was a child that was diagnosed with autism. So there was a light that looked just like his physical form and there was a little tail that hung off of his foot and it came right down into the top of his head and anchored into his heart space. lovely story of that experience you had with that young 4-year old. He was an interesting little kid and definitely did not want to be in that room with me. I first met your two. And I had not really worked with many children diagnosed with autism at that point so it was going to be adventure from the very beginning. “Master. http://www. three years ago when you are making a flying visit to London and I was mesmerized by what you talked about. I took him back to a room in the back of the play school and when we were in the back. He was walking around in the room and above him. I said. But again.wiredforsuccess.

things did change. Riley was partially verbal. and really working empty is going just by the fact that they’re here. I mean that he had some like one or two words at a time that he would say like – but they would be – they were meaningful but they would also not necessarily fit the situation. I was supposed to be coming there to “fix” this child and help him communicate. what’s important to them and what’s not important to them. At the time. “That’s my light body.” Like I thought when I first went in there. So. And he would respond to those telepathically.” He would say that but what does that mean? What did that mean in the context of that experience? It meant something to me and the word master meant something to me but for anybody else hearing that they would think. mainly nonverbal. “Oh.” So basically what would happen is I would ask him questions. But the truth is. what they are here doing. sometimes verbally sometimes just within my own mind.You’re here to help me integrate my light body into my physical body. Beryl: Right. ‘It’s the Millennium.” And then I knew I should go home. I’m seeing light floating above him. he’s just uttering funny words. what are we capable of? And that really did send a trajectory to asking an awful lot of questions which unfolded and unfolded and unfolded to the point where he was able to provide me with a lot of information about just who these children actually are. the majority of our communication over the years was telepathic. Beryl: So Suzy. Suzy: Just like it was on that first day when I asked what am I seeing and he said. So it got a little bit strange from there. It’s 1999. is that here was a child that was supposed to be disordered. Suzy: No. So again. And by partially verbal. how did he communicate that kind of information to you? Because I guess a 4-year old one don’t have the kinds of words. He’s showing me himself as light which begs the question.wiredforsuccess.tv 4 . So like. And yet number one. this is fascinating and it begs the question. My whole life changed in that moment and I didn’t really know how much in that moment. “What are all of us?” And he had the ability to allow me to hear him without verbal language. And then because I’m a http://www. But basically in that moment.

Suzy: Yeah. Beryl: But you obviously were getting good enough results. That probably wasn’t a way of communication that was normal within your profession at that point. we were together for over a year but within that first year period.” Beryl: Suzy.tv 5 .wiredforsuccess. he’d let me know in one way or another. what was interesting is it got too cumbersome to keep going back and checking after a while because I knew I was accurate and I knew he was accurate. Suzy: So every time he would give me something telepathic. http://www. Beryl: So you felt like this was an OK path for you to continue on. Just keep doing it. That. What an awakening that must have been for you to start working. And we were together for – well. Beryl: So go on. Beryl: True. I would simply just rely on the telepathy. I would take it back to him verbally.Speech-Language Pathologist and because I want to check and balance everything that I receive. that’s fascinating. I would try to get some kind of way in which I could validate for myself that the information that he had given me is true. Suzy: Not at all. You’re doing a good job. You used the word telepathy. Suzy: I was just going to say they think you’re crazy person if you say that you can telepathically communicate at that same time you’re a SpeechLanguage Pathologist. It became validated enough in my own mind that I could rely on that. So after a while. it didn’t make sense to me to be able to be telepathic. “Keep going. if I was curious or uncertain about what I was receiving. And I would either write something down or I would ask him to choose this one or that one. And every now and again.

something would happen to let me know that this was my path and that I was on the right track and I needed to keep going. And it was so interesting to me because again. Beryl: So how did – sorry. Suzy? Suzy: It was interesting because at the time the book was written. I self-published that book. But the fact is. And like I said. There was – and yet within about eight weeks. I didn’t necessarily want to write it all down and that kind of thing. that there were a lot of people that were having similar situations or similar experiences at the same time that I did but definitely parents were having those experiences with their kids where there was just – there was an ability for them to be very intuitive with their children but nobody was talking about that.” And pretend that didn’t happen.tv 6 . several years. But I was so glad that I did because once the book was written. their children are already different enough. Yeah. something picks you up like this and puts you on a completely different path. if nothing else. there was already somebody who wanted to publish it in Swedish. And for parents especially. “I’m not going to do this anymore. And for that reason. If they start talking about being telepathic and all this http://www. and people just started talking about it. I was still a Speech-Language Pathologist and as a matter of fact. there was no publicity for it. over a decade later and it’s changed quite a bit. And so. is that every step along the way. there were definitely times when I thought. You think you’re heading down one avenue and you’re doing what you’re “supposed to be doing” that that’s the right path for you. And then all of a sudden. so how did writing the book take things to another level for you. And so. I’m going to go back to being a regular Speech-Language Pathologist. And I had to keep going just a little bit further and a little bit further. it was another Speech-Language Pathologist that really encouraged me to write it. the curiosity was really getting me. go on Beryl.Suzy: It felt like it was the only path that I could continue on quite frankly because it was one of those moments that where it changes your life so much.wiredforsuccess. Beryl: I was just going to say. I’m very curious by nature and so if nothing else. Melanie: No. And I think that the truth is Beryl.

both parents and professionals to become very well aware of the fact that there is this intuitive piece going on with the kids and I think that that’s why it blossomed very quickly.wiredforsuccess. the truth is. So I think that that helped quite a bit. So they are aware of those experiences in that spiritual realm. their primary focus is somewhere else so most of us focused our attention on our physical reality. what it really means is that they have their focus and their primary – yeah. http://www. they’re all amazing but some of them have very refine skills in things like a more of an energetic science or an energetic awareness that is much more subtle. They know things about us. they maybe nonverbal but that doesn’t mean they’re broken. People were already having those experiences. Suzy: So the book really gave an opportunity for people. Beryl: Sure.tv 7 . We believe that we are physical human beings and that’s just about it. And I was having conversations with them through telepathy and beginning to learn some of the – what they’re actually doing. many of these children are nonverbal and yet – or limitedly verbal and yet. And some of us put our attention into our mental capacity. In my – from my vantage point. were they – what was so special about this kind of cohort of children? Suzy: This particular diagnosis.other stuff with their children at the same time that throws everything way out of the kilter. is that when you can telepathically communicate with them. But the children diagnosed with autism are functioning more in that realm of what I would call spirit. They have access to information that is much more subtle than what most human beings are willing to access. Beryl: So these children. They can see things that we can’t see. sure. We think therefore we are kind of experience. they had somebody who they considered to be a professional in this area validating that for them. some of these children are – well. Now. They can hear and communicate with energies that we can’t hear and communicate with. They can help us move in ways that we wouldn’t be able to move unless they were here.

So I can see how the parents would make a shift. And so. What’s interesting is that since then. So. who we all are.tv 8 . http://www. Off you go. Their energy begins to change because these children are plugged in somewhere else. the most interesting part to me is that many parents who have these types of children in their home. unless they were having the kind of experiences you were having. I always call it kind of being plugged into a spiritual realms then the frequency of that alone. they also will become very intuitive. you couldn’t be a professional and have intuitive skills or if you have them.” So yes initially. I have these skills as a therapist or as an educator. it wasn’t what you talked about. I can see you’re going to come in there. You can’t – at that time. I’m just wondering about the other professionals around you. as an administrator and I also have these skills in my intuition.wiredforsuccess. many more professionals had come to the forefront. if you’ve got an individual who is constantly has their focus. And if the parents will allow. I was simply taking the information the children were providing and giving that information back to the parents in a way that they could hear it so they could take maybe baby steps at first but then much bigger steps in shifting their awareness not only about who their children are but about who they are. Beryl: And that’s a huge shift. It was more I think because what the structure would allow or not allow. you couldn’t really have the conversation about it because in 1999.And again. very connected to higher parts of themselves. the energy of that alone is very different than being plugged into the mundane day in day out life that the very dense perceptions of simply being human. I was merely wondering. isn’t it? Sorry Melanie. it was kind of like the parents. A lot of the professionals have stepped up and said. there was a lot of resistance but not necessarily because they didn’t have that skill set. They begin to change the moment they were pregnant with this child. would you have been experiencing resistance? Suzy: Most of the professionals that I initially met back in 1999 around this kind of topic. Melanie: No. they begin to change. “You know. telepathy again.

It’s just fascinating to watch it go from 1999 when we won’t talk about this to 2012 where people can get enough of being able to understand themselves more fully and understand these kids more fully. higher beings even though it might not look like it on the outside and not be transformed yourself. this Autism Intention Experiment with Dr. How is the path sort of unfolded into this? Suzy: It very much went from me working with private clients. small classes. So I think that piece right there is one of the most important pieces because it’s one thing to give people a bunch of information about who these children are. Tiller.wiredforsuccess. Sorry. that began the journey to of course help. I also began to offer messages from the children so that people could come and get more information and hear directly from their children. So … http://www. Suzy: Again. in that way. And I’m wondering how your path unfolded to the extent that you’re now involved with and we’ll talk about this in a moment. there’s no way you can become expose to this kind of thing where you’re working with these essentially. And then I began to have people who would ask me to teach them to do what I do or to teach them to connect with the children in a higher way. I would work with families. And clearly.Melanie: So as we’ve indicated. And just it’s fascinating to watch. There are people all over the world that have a similar vantage point who are capable of connecting with these kids in a similar if not greater way than I am. Carry on. And so.tv 9 . it’s another thing to give an individual a very specific message from their child so that that parent knows that that child has the ability to connect with me and others. I also work with quite a few professional who were interested in the new way of looking at these kids. Melanie: So explain. We now have close to 50 certified practitioners and they are in eleven different countries. So that part to me is really exciting. it’s taken you down a completely different path from perhaps what you thought you had planned. people finding out via the book that I did private consultations. I began to offer the Awesomism Certification Process and that has grown amazingly in the last three years. And so. And then I began to teach kind of small groups of people.

“This is about me. And we didn’t have much conversation about it at all at that point but afterwards. “Yup. I’m curious. And so through his experiments. isn’t it?” And I go. he’s proven over the last 40 years that human intention and human coherent intention can have an http://www. I really had been listening to what you’ve been saying about the children. rigorous science really and he began to become involved in intention and what can intention actually do. they realized. So. And somewhere about – halfway through the certification process. “Suzy.wiredforsuccess. Tiller. Suzy: Yeah. And yet. But it’s a lot of – there’s a lot of self-awareness mixed into this thing.” I never heard of a scientist or anybody else really say that which is exactly what I believe to be true as well and have heard from the children for a long time. sometimes they still come with the idea that they’re going to be able to help this population or they’re not so much in the mindset that they’re going to fix them but they’re definitely in the mindset maybe that they can somehow help this population. They’re growing in unexpected ways. I believe that they’re bringing in a certain level of consciousness and that that level of consciousness hasn’t been able to get fully grounded here yet. I had an inner meeting with Dr. Suzy: Yeah. Tiller has over 40 years of experience with invention experiments so he went from being a Stanford-based professor. that’s for sure. Suzy: I mean some people like that and some people don’t.tv 10 . kind of haphazard meeting actually.” Melanie: Yeah. Melanie: So unless you wanted to ask something Beryl. I believe that the children are part of this next epoch. I was in a group of people that he happened to be in. Dr. I met with him again in a smaller group and he said. I’m curious now for you to give us a description of the experiment that you’re doing with William Tiller. I think it’s interesting because many of the people that come to the certification process. The Autism Intention Experiment manifested about eight months ago. I think that they’re a very important population.Melanie: And I should imagine that in the process of these parents or educators wanting to be empowered to empower these children that they are learning unbelievable things about themselves.

they are scrolling names through a computer that have an address in them. And they come here in a way that suits their soul’s purpose. So obviously.amazing impact on physical reality. from that clinic on depression and anxiety got better.000 miles. time and space have no real limitation in this. And it’s just been now with Quantum Physics where we’re beginning to say.” And so. project this intention into a space. Tiller on the other end of that spectrum where he’s saying. we all affect through our intention what we experienced. And this is across 3. according to their soul’s purpose? So. And so. they broadcast it to one and not the other.” That they’re having to rethink these ideas.tv 11 . he has done a few experiments where they were able to set a coherent intention. Their mood changed. So is it possible for us to be able to set a clear coherent intention that these children come in to what Dr. Tiller calls bio-body suits that they integrate into themselves. They were also able to decrease the pH of water by setting a certain intention. that intention is then broadcast to that space. OK? So just water and the interesting thing is this water happened to be in Berlin when Dr. Tiller and I were interested in is we were interested in supporting families of children diagnosed with autism. They felt wonderful. That information. the physical condition can really change anything to the point where they sometimes will believe that they can’t impact their own experiment just by watching them. “Oh there is an impact. And lo and behold. They did this with two different clinics and the clinics were both working with people who had anxiety and depression. one of the things that has been really important to me over the whole stretch of my connection with these children is that they come here when they’re ready to come here. Dr. So current science believes that the human. “We all affect our realities. the individuals that were receiving treatment from that center. So they were asked to increase the pH of water by a certain percentage just by setting the intention. Tiller and his team were based in Arizona. So what Dr. I’ve seen many children over the years who have been taught to be more socially acceptable but they taught to be that really at the http://www. So they basically are – they have an intention device. to their physical bodies with ease and grace and most importantly.wiredforsuccess. They also projected and intention for the pH of water.

This is the collective consciousness of these children saying. We also have – we http://www. I will make one correction. in a sense. So they’ve intended it to be two-fold. the intention experiment will support just that. And when Dr. Dr. “I want to be fully present. the soul group if you will.wiredforsuccess. It will support these children being able to integrate into their physical bodies. it’s another thing for somebody who loves them to be able to see them and know that. You read from their collective unconscious what they need. They decided that before their teacher decided that they had to be OK. there are a group of children who have committed to this experiment. In that the collective consciousness of the children. They’re connected. They wanted an intention for themselves so that they would integrate into this time space reality according to their soul’s purpose. They lost that spark to come here.” And so basically. Tiller who then sets up the right broadcast which impacts on them as well as their parents.tv 12 . Suzy: Yes. I mean he creates the intention around that. It’s kind of. all children diagnosed with autism and other energetic sensitivities are the group of individuals – no. they wanted that intention to be two-fold.” And I’ve taken them through those steps and they show up and they’re fully present. Tiller has also been wonderful in the fact that he’s allowing me to hear the collective consciousness of the children. So this piece about coming in according to their soul’s purpose is really important for me. But that was because it was their choice. Everything. I can do this. And I also worked with children who have come to me telepathically or come to me and said. So actually. And they also wanted an intention for their parents so their parents would have ease and grace in allowing this process because we all know it’s one thing for somebody to show up differently. “This is what we would like. They’re in their bodies. translate this for Dr. not individuals. that process this information. So this isn’t a haphazard intention that some adults or some scientists or some educators are deciding that we’re going NP upon these [Phonetic] [0:29:10] children.” and passing it on to him. find out exactly what the children want. Tiller said that. I was hooked. You. That it’s kind of like they lost something. I was like.deterrent of their own souls. tell him what they want and then he creates the intention experiment. Melanie: So to summarize. “You’re the man for me.

they’re doing amazing things in shifting the awareness of science. it will be the same intention will be broadcast to these children’s homes for a year-long period. Tiller feel like this is going to impact science? Because we know that there are kind of these – the kind of Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden kind of scientists. anxiety and depression. you can do that in the way that’s right for you. And you’re right. parents of children diagnosed with autism are about the most tenacious population I’ve ever met. then you have that window of opportunity to do that. And if it’s right for you to come completely into your physical body and be present and accounted for and come with all of your gifts. The other piece for me about it taking place over a year-long period is it also gives children the opportunity again to integrate according to their soul’s purpose. number one. Suzy: Yeah. Tiller has already done work with those with emotional issues. I think that mainstream science may or may not jump on board. So once this intention is set. I think that in Dr. As you said. Dr. Bruce Lipton. I mean they just. there will be nobody who will be able to stop them talking about that. But again. the implications of this are phenomenal. you may do that. If it’s meant for you to maybe become a little bit verbal or a little less uncomfortable in your physical body. Beryl: If this is successful Suzy. Dr. because he did have that rigorous scientific background http://www. we’re working with a population. aren’t they? They’re way beyond working with children with these kinds of issues. So if you have a year to do that. Gregg Braden. not according to what we necessarily want to have happened for them. So there is that vantage point of it. Dr. Tiller’s case. if something works for their child. And those children will participate in this based on the intention of the collective consciousness of the children. Tiller kind of scientist then of the others? And I know that many of you are working very hard to educate the others.wiredforsuccess. according to their own timing. is that when. who knows? But the bottom line is. Tiller and yeah. How does Dr. Dr. according to the children’s soul purpose.tv 13 .already have close to 50 people who are registered for this experiment which will begin by the end of November.

But Dr. Tiller. that doesn’t work for everybody. and it also has implications for other “conditions” because autism is probably the big condition. Beryl: Yes. http://www. has implications for science. all this The Secret. And so. it has implications for humanity and how we perceive ourselves. Law of Attraction. It’s the diagnosis of the decade so to speak. but I personally believe that that’s getting ready to happen. But I know you’ve talked to us before in a previous conversation about coherence of intention. And that creates a more coherent frequency. And that child will change but the reason that child changes is because we have a small group of individuals who all have the same ideas about the same things.from Stanford. if that can be impacted by intention. Could you just say a little bit about that because I found that fascinating? Suzy: Yeah. he’s very well respected in the mainstream as well. they’re part of this next epoch. like with the certified practitioners. he’s going to cause there to be a lot of question in mainstream science as to what does really – what does consciousness really mean? What does intention really do? If nothing else. it will have that impact. can I talk to you about that for a moment? What it sounds to me like – what’s coming to my head is.wiredforsuccess. Tiller and I are also both looking at this from the vantage point that we really can support a population of children who in our minds. They are bringing a new of level of consciousness and they may not fully be able to anchor it here yet or have not been able to anchor it here yet.tv 14 . maybe these children are here to teach us more about our own power because what you’re really saying is the intention can affect matter. We were having this conversation one day of intention because for instance. So. And that’s what we’re all having to wake up to. So this has implications for these families. what else can be impacted? Melanie: Absolutely. I think that he may have the opportunity to really bridge this gap or if nothing else. We have a group of individuals who have worked very diligently to clear out any of their own baggage so that they don’t get their own stuff in the way. Thought can affect matter. This actually comes directly from Dr. we can take – I can take the group of certified practitioners and we can set an intention for a child to be supported coherent.

it’s more complicated than simply coming into the body because these children. now you have all of this attention put on something. And so. isn’t it? So that you don’t get all these interferences. everybody who works with children with autism. Here’s a small group of individuals who have done that piece of work and who are holding that coherent intention. that’s a coherent choice. “Let’s just make autism easier. So we’re just – it’s like refining it and refining it and refining it. When that’s broadcast. One of the things that we’ve also noticed as we’ve just been talking about this experiment is this is more – in some ways. Now. take it down to the intention experiment. their energetic systems are very refined and function at a very high frequency. Now. They may have anger. And if that can be broadcasted into the physical space of a family. Beryl: So in terms of frequencies. Let’s make it easier for autism. “OK. coherent intention to support a child. all the educators. sometimes for children who are as energetically sensitive as this population is. They may see the child’s limitation instead of their brilliance. Suzy: Right. a change in the space so that the children have a hold of what is available to them in the physical. So let’s take all the parents.wiredforsuccess.tv 15 . The device holds the coherence. We want you to support this child diagnosed with autism. it’s like it’s holding it very pure and very clean.” They would also probably want to be supportive of that child but they may have fear. Tiller’s coherent intention that is held in a device. a parent and a child then you can imagine that the child will have access to all the dimension that they need to have access to in order to come into themselves. The device actually creates a change in the environment. Now. So it dilutes it. the intention is there and the attention is there but the intention is not coherent because all of these different people having all of these different ideas about what’s possible.” that can create something big in a very small space. that becomes a very precise coherent intention. And quite frankly. And if we were to say.So let’s take that small group. “OK. They may have doubt.” It might actually make it a little bit more challenging because these kids are so sensitive to feeling the energies of other people that they’re going to be feeling all of that whereas if we narrow that down and we say. and say. http://www. take it down to Dr. if we did take a thousand people say. who knows what’s possible. that’s right.

“It’s a conditioned space. mental body changes. Dr. And I visualize it as kind of like those nesting eggs. the easier it was for me to articulate that information. That’s why we’re doing this over a year-long period of time. I mean Melanie and I are both familiar with bioresonance so we get this. the children. from intention and it’s just going out over the airways like wireless and there’s no receptor apart from the physical beings themselves. So it’s also the reason why this doesn’t take place overnight.” And I said. The space is going to be conditioned so that whatever is possible that can happen within that space will happen.tv 16 . is broadcast from that. the occupants of that home are the receptors themselves. William has worked with. And the more that we sat in that conditioned space and had a conversation. There are [inaudible] [0:40:27] changes that need to occur. So it was great for me to have that experience http://www. "Interesting. as you’re twisting that into the physical body. Beryl: So just to be clear for people who are not familiar with this kind of talk. It comes and then clicks down into the next level. not even the physical beings. And not only the broader that information could be but the more. different dimensional body changes. Tiller’s home recently and I had – we had met several times but never in his physical space. Something has to come into coherence and then it clicks down to the next level.wiredforsuccess. Suzy: Actually. there are physical body changes that need to occur. And I’ll give you a perfect example. the broader that information could be. as you’re integrating that into the physical body. OK? Because there will be some – some of our audience will not be familiar with this talk but interested I’m sure. “Wow! This really feels so clear.So. has developed.” And I’m energetically sensitive so I could pick it up but what was interesting is he kind of smiled and he said. I went to Dr. aren’t they? This is broadcast through a piece of technology that Dr. I walked into his physical space and I said. the receptor is the space. But there’s going to be no receptor as such in the home.” Because what I’m noticing about myself in this conditioned space is that I have access to information that I don’t typically get and I have one degree of information that I have available but I was getting different information. William Tiller has worked with. in my scenario.

the way the frequency of most people’s homes. Melanie: And actually. So if you have a hundred families doing this experiment. There’s – it’s like it gets to that place and there’s nowhere else for it to go until there is. Suzy: Absolutely. I believe that we’re going to have a nice fluid movement throughout dimensions and if that’s the case. Melanie: And taking from your description of how you are able to articulate differently more eloquently. Beryl: It is exciting.wiredforsuccess. spaces are now. I believe that these children will be able to integrate beautifully so exciting. just listening to how you’re describing how in that space you felt a lot more articulate and a lot more able to tune in to information that perhaps was debatable to you. So in this scenario. Beryl: We’ve really picked up on your passion with this.myself because I can imagine now what it might be like for the children in that space. Melanie: It is exciting. until that begins to soften a bit. the thoughts coming to mind. if you’ve got – I think you’re aiming to have a hundred families in this experiment. http://www. Suzy. You’re clearly a changed woman in these last 12 or 13 years. It’s like I imagine it almost as an expansion and contraction that is allowed but the way our spaces now.tv 17 . these kids can function out in those higher dimensional realms but when they try to bring that in just like when I tried the concept of telepathy to Speech-Language Pathologist in 1999. it sounds as though what this space is going to do is enable us to craft a more sophisticated language to deal with or express this whole process. this is going to spill out beyond them and have an impact on others who are – may not be deliberately doing that experiment. So if their space allows them to go as far out as they need to go but also to bring that back in. it hits a wall.

In the past. And I just want to say thank you for doing this work because it couldn’t have been an easy journey. Melanie: Having said that. So … Beryl: This is a fantastic conversation. that is huge because we will see what we ask questions about. having said that. who are these children really? I mean there is on one in 88. Beryl: Yes. I think that anybody who – anybody who follows their passion. Thank you.tv 18 . It’s stimulating all kinds of other things in my mind that we need to come back and talk to you about it another time. less bumpy path for others to follow.Suzy: Well. We’re all shifting our perceptual reality much like I had the opportunity to do in ’99 and when you have a lot of people that begin to see any population differently. Beryl: We’re finding that out. yeah. Suzy: And I think about where we’re getting ready to be which is amazing. it will give the children the opportunity to have their own voice. you’re way sure. Suzy. we’re going to be learning a lot very quickly. one in 66 kids. I think if nothing else. They’re coming in [indiscernible] [0:46:45]. They will be asking new questions and I think if nothing else. Melanie: Yeah. We’re finding that out for ourselves. Why? And I know the answer to that but I would much rather these kids give you that answer. they’ve had their voice through people who can telepathically communicate with them or through other forms of communication. http://www. But it must have had its challenges along the way for you personally. I understand that you heard that it was the only journey you could take eventually. really.wiredforsuccess. Suzy because it’s a fascinating topic. they can’t help but see themselves differently. Suzy: It did. what you’re creating seems to be creating a straighter. And the minute that we start asking new ones. the idea that you’re going to follow that passion and there’s not going to be any bumps in the road. If this – this will bring about that ability for them to have their own voice and if that takes place.

there’s certification process level one which is open to everybody as well. There is a free one there as well. Some people may not be ready or want to quite yet do the certification process. But do pre-register. And so. Awesomism is on Amazon. Melanie: No. carry on. And if they want to find out more about your training program. People will need to pre-register. Beryl: OK. Suzy – sorry. And people want to buy your book.wiredforsuccess. Beryl: I was going to say Suzy. Suzy. We have people do pre-register before the end of November because we are going to get started with or without a hundred people by the end of November.Suzy: I hope so. He’s one of our heroes here. Tiller called me just a little while ago and said that we’re ready to get started regardless. Well.com and I’m S-U-Z-Y M-I-L-L-E-R dot com. Dr. Tiller right on my homepage. Beryl: OK. So download the free one for sure. Yes. We’re very envious of you spending time with him. And there’s a picture of Dr. there are some programs that are available. William Tiller. they come directly to your website. They’ll need to pre-register by the end of November and they can go to SuzyMiller.tv 19 . Suzy: The website. carry on. So he wants to move on with it so I’m excited. We have – there’s a program’s tab on the left-hand bar and a certification tab. exactly. Suzy: Yes. Awesomism 2 and 3 are programs that parents and professionals might like. Beryl: It’s a mouthful. You will need to pre-register. we’re mindful of your time and we know you’re dashing off to have a chat with the wonderful Dr. that’s kind of more of a commitment than anything. how can families get on to your program? Suzy: Yes. And then the certification process. exactly. it’s on Amazon presumably. Click it and it will take you right to the pre-registration page. http://www. Awesomism is on Amazon. We have a couple of different things. And Awesomism 1 is free.

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