by Stormie Omartian

Lord, we ask that you would pour out your Spirit upon our nation. Shine your light into the dark places of our land and expose the works of evil. We, Your people, have heavy hearts over what we see happening in our country and so we unite in prayer to confess the sins of our nation and to seek Your forgiveness. We specifically ask Your forgiveness for the violence, murder, deception, robbery, corruption, idol worship, and all other forms of godless behavior that have been allowed to flourish here. Forgive us and lead us in Your way. Teach us to follow You without compromise. Help us to pray more than criticize. Soften the hearts of people who have set themselves against You. Open their eyes to see Your truth. Open their ears to hear Your voice. How grateful we are that You are a God of mercy and You hear our prayers when we call to You. We ask for Your mercy upon us now. Where greed and ignorance have been our downfall, bring us as a nation back into alignment with your righteous principles. We pray especially that You will protect our children – both living and unborn – so that they will be preserved physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for your purpose and glory. Put a stop to all violence against children in any form. Expose anyone who would do evil against a child before it happens. Bring the children of our land who have strayed from your ways back to You. We ask that You would raise up Holy Spirit-led leaders in our state and national governments. Remove those who are corrupt or do not follow Your ways. Guide our President and his advisors and all of our Congressmen and Senators to always do the right thing. Give them godly wisdom to make correct decisions. Replace the ungodly with those who serve You. Raise up righteous judges who will be chosen to uphold the law according to Your Word. Protect us from our enemies, keep our economy from failing, and bring us back to be the nation we were meant to be. We lift up praise to You and thank You that because You are our Lord, we are never without hope. Thank you that because You work powerfully through our prayers, we can see things turn around. Help us to pray as often and as fervently as we should. Enable us to pray according to Your will so that we can continue to enjoy Your hand of blessing upon our land.

In Jesus’ name we pray. AMEN!

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