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Independent Study Project Ideas 1.

A creative/scholarly project conducted under faculty supervision, leading to completion of an honors essay, composition, or the equivalent. 2. Senior Project: Music Repertory. Independent study for preparing and performing repertory works to be presented in concert guitar, piano, voice, composition 3. Functional Piano 4. Advanced Piano 5. Piano Rep 6. Music Theory 1 or 2 7. Guitar 1 8. Conducting 9. Composition formal, informal, write music to a musical, song, jingle writing 10. Songwriting 11. Recording - techniques 12. Music Editing (Songs, Film Scores, etc.) 13. Curriculum Development 14. Video or PowerPoint Presentation on a Music Topic 15. Recording individual songs or covers; parodies 16. 12. Write a multi- page comic book or a series of cartoons that illustrate music concepts. 13. Do music related surveys in several classes and graph the results. 14. Create a music lesson plan for your teacher or for yourself and present it to the class. 15. Create an ABC book for a music topic. 16. Create a music pop-up book, or a flip book. 17. Compare and contrast the information on two web sites on the same topic using a Venn diagram or other graphic organizer. (music) 18. Student idea- discuss with your teacher.

Independent Study Project Contract

1. Student name (printed)___ ________________________ Teacher initials ___ _______________ _____________ ____

2. Date of unit: ___ ____to________

3. Project deadline: _____________________________________________

(NOTE: A grade will be recorded every 5 days in music. This deadline will not be extended!)

4. Project topic: _______________________________________________ 5. What questions are you investigating?

6. What resources will you use to investigate? (people, materials, facilities)

7. Since your grade will be based on an evaluation of this project instead of on the class work and homework of the unit the class is learning: a.) provide a description of your end product:

b) note in what ways the project and/or product are equivalent to or exceed in scope and difficulty the expectations of the regular curriculum.

8. What kind of daily log will you be maintaining to show that you stayed on task ?

9. What are your daily/weekly goals for the project? WEEK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 GOAL The Degree to which You Completed Your Goal

10. What arrangements have you made for conferencing with your teacher (at least every other day) for progress checks on your work? 11. Student signature _______________________________ 12. Parent signature ___________________________________ 13. Teacher Signature: ________________ _________ ____