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Demo on bar code printing using SAP Scripts/Smart forms

By Suseela Sarode, Tata Consultancy Services This document will explain the printing of bar code using SAP Scripts/Smart forms Target Readers: SAP-ABAP consultants with knowledge of layout designing. Definition: Bar codes are often printed on labels to allow machine to read the data. SAP has provided this feature to achieve through SAP Script / Smart forms

A Bar code will looks like: Follow the steps for creation of customize bar code style: Step1: Go to T-code: SE73 Click on System bar code Click on Change

Step2: Click on create icon on the screen, It will ask for create new barcode technology or conventional bar code technology

Step3: Choose for the new bar code technology. Provide bar code name and short text In the bar code symbology choose PDF417. The below are the SAP supported barcode formats.

Step4: Provide barcode name and short text

Step5: In this step choose the barcode alignment as Normal, this will provide the scan direction Types of alignment: The alignment is to provide scan direction of the barcode Normal alignment will scan from left to right. Rotated alignment will scan by 90 degree from top to bottom Inverted alignment will scan by 180 degree from right to left Bottom-up alignment will scan by 270 degree from bottom to top

Step6: After this provide the below parameter for the barcode

Step7: Now save the barcode definition in a transport request

Step8: Provide the Transport request details as below.

Click here to continue... Step9: Now the new customized system barcode ZDEMO is ready for using in layout

How to use the barcode style in SAP Script: Go to SE71 Create a simple script ZDEMO_BARCODE provide the necessary details save and activate it. Create a new character format C1 Go to Create element Give the name and description for character format In the standard attribute provide the customized barcode name

Provide this character format C1 in the text editor for the element data which you want to display in barcode format

How to use barcode style in Smartforms: T-code: Smartforms Created a simple smart form for demo purpose with main page

Click here to continue... Create a text element Barcode Click on Output Options tab provide the smart style which contains the character format of the barcode style

In the Text editor provide the barcode character format as below

How to create smart style to include barcode style in character format: T-code: SMARTFORMS Select ZBARCODE_STYLE as below radio button Style give the name and description

Create a character node C1 Click on the tab Stanadard Settings Provide the barcode name Save and activate it

Print program code layout: The customized barcode output: