Prepared by: Jordan Koh Soon Siang

Science-Chapter 2- Body Coordination
1. Body coordination is the working together of different parts of the body so that the body can carry out an activity or function correctly and efficiently 2. Body coordinate –Nervous system and endocrine system

A) Nervous system
1. The nervous system have 2 main part,(i)Central nervous system (ii)Peripheral system 2. Central nervous system(CNS) consists of brain and spinal cord 3. Peripheral system consists of somatic nervous system and autonomic nervous system. 4. Somatic NS control voluntary action whereas Autonomic NS control involuntary action.

a) Neurons (nerve)
Neurons are classified: i) Sensory neurons-transmit impulses from a receptor(sensory organ) to CNS ii) Motor neurons-transmit impulses from CNS to muscle(effector) iii) Relay neurons –transmit impulses between sensory and motor neurons Pathway of impulses Receptor ->sensory nerve->brain/spinal->motor nerve->effector (muscle) Reflex action –quick, automatic response to stimulus .it controlled by spinal cord. Pathway of reflex arc: Receptor ->sensory nerve->spinal cord->motor nerve->effector

b) Proprioceptor
一、 There are stretch receptors in the muscle, tendon, and ligament in the body. 二、 Enables us to carry out muscular activities without having to watch them. 三、 Examples, we can button our shirts without looking at the buttons, or we can determine which object is heavier by placing them on our palm. 四、 Enables us to maintain our body balance while changing postures 五、 Enables us to maintain our body balance while carrying out muscular activities

c) Human brain
i) Cerebrum –control memory, thinking, voluntary action ii) Cerebellum-balance and postures iii) Medulla oblongata-involuntary actions

addiction. make a person calm Heroin and Morphine-pain killer Nicotine-stimulant. breathing. increase body activity.produces adrenaline to increase heartbeat . madness. make NS less sensitive.S. blur . 2.Pharmacy) B) Endocrine system i) ii) 1. 5.Prepared by: Jordan Koh Soon Siang (B. numbness of limb. Endocrine glands secrete chemical substances which help to coordinate the functions of the body. Thyroid gland-produces thyroxine which control growth Adrenal gland. also known as master gland. also called fight and fright hormone which prepare for emergency Pancreas-produces insulin which control the glucose level in the blood Testis-produces testosterone which controls male secondary sexual characteristics Ovary-produces oestrogen and progesterone which control female secondary sexual characteristics C) Effect of drug and alcohol I) Drug Barbiturates-depressant. known as pep pills L. 3. 4. There are 6 main gland that we need study: Pituitary gland-produces hormones to control growth hormone and all the production of hormone by other endocrine glands. blood pressure. 6. crazy ii)Alcohol Cause liver cirrhosis(damage).D (lysergic acid diethylamide)-cause hallucination .

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