Seņko „Materials on English Grammar for the Centralised Exam”

Future forms The future simple
Put the verbs in brackets into the future simple. 1. I ___ (know) the result in a week. 2. You ___ (be) in Rome tonight? 3. You ___ (have) time to help me tomorrow? 4. It ___ (matter) if I don't come home till morning? 5. You ___ (be) able to drive after another five lessons. 6. Do you think that he ___ (recognize) me? 7. Unless he runs he ___ (not catch) the train. 8. He ___ (lend) it to you if you ask him. 9. I hope I ___ (find) it. 10. If petrol pump attendants go on strike we ___ (not have) any petrol.

The future continuous tense
Put the verbs in brackets into the future continuous tense. 1. This time next month I ___ (sit) on a beach. 2. When you arrive I probably ___ (pick) fruit. 3. When we reach England it very likely ___ (rain). 4. In a few days time we ___ (fly) over the Pyrenees. 5. When you next see me I ___ (wear) my new dress. 6. I'll give Jack your message. I can do it easily because I ___ (see) him tomorrow. We go to work on the same train. 7. You ___ (do) geometry next term. 8. We have to do night duty here. I ___ (do) mine next week. 9. It's a serious injury but he ___ (walk) again in six weeks. 10. You'd better go back now; your mother ___ (wonder) where you are.

The police ___ (hear) of the theft by this time. 9. . stamping her foot. I ___ (finish) this book by tomorrow evening.Seņko „Materials on English Grammar for the Centralised Exam” The future perfect tense Put the verbs in brackets into the future perfect tense. By the end of next year I ___ (be) here twenty-five years. 1. By this time next year I ___ be earning my own living. she said. Sometimes either could be used. 10. 5. 4. 9. 1. 2. 2.Z. This kind of snake ___ not bite unless it is startled. I ___ (finish) this job in twenty minutes. 7. 4. 8. 'I ___ not apologize'. When you come back I ___ (finish) all the housework. I ___ know whether you are telling the truth of not. 6. The train ___ (leave) before we reach the station. By the end of the term I ___ (read) all twelve volumes. By next winter they ___ (build) four houses in that fields. In a fortnight's time we ___ (take) our exam. 3. When you are in bed I ___ be at work. Police notice: ___ anyone who witnessed the accident please ring 112. Club rule: Members ___ write the names of their guests in the book provided. Theatre regulations: Persons ___ not be permitted to sit in the gangways. 3. 10. If we don't hurry the sun ___ (rise) before we reach the top. What ___ we do with all the food that's left over? 8. shall and will Use shall and will to fill the spaces in the following sentences. 6. I wonder? 5. Where ___ I be in six years' time. 7.

you ___ buy another. That dress doesn't suit you. Perhaps you ___ be kind enough to let us know about this.Seņko „Materials on English Grammar for the Centralised Exam” would and should Put should or would in the spaces in the following sentences.Z. 10. 7. ___ you mind opening the door? 2. 4. He insisted that the newspaper ___ print an apology. ___ you like another cup of coffee? 3. 1. 9. ___ you be so good as to keep an eye on my house while I am away? 5. It is very strange that he ___ think that. . ___ you please help me with this? 8. I ___ say nothing about it if I were you. 6. I wish he ___ not play his radio so loudly.

should. shall/will. 7. 8. shall. 7. would. 6. should/would. 5. 3. 9. 8. 4. shall. will be doing. would. 3. will have been. will be seeing. will have left. 2. will/shall have finished. 10. 2. 3. 8. shall/will be sitting. should. 9. 5. 4. will have finished. 5. would . shall. will not/won't have The future continuous tense 1. will be wearing. 8. will/shall have read. 5. will be doing. 6. Will it matter.Z. will. will be flying. will be raining. will be walking. 6. will have finished. will lend. 6. 7.Seņko „Materials on English Grammar for the Centralised Exam” Answer key The future simple 1. 8. will recognize. should. 4. will be. shall/will would and should 1. would. 3. 7. will/shall know. will have heard. 6. 4. would. 4. will. 10. Will you be. shall/will. shall. 9. 2. 5. will. will be picking. 2. 10. 10. would. Will you have. will have built. will be wondering The future perfect tense 1. will not/won't catch. 2. 3. 7. 9. will have risen shall and will 1. will find. 10. will/shall have taken. 9.

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