JUNE 16,

7a M RS. HIGGINS, Wardrobe Dealer, pricesGreat Brunswick street, will give good and ready cash for Ladies’, Gentlemen’s, and Chil-






Announcements must be authenticated and accompanied by remittances:— Up to 45 words . . . . . . . . . . . . 2s. .6d. Every 9 words after 45 . . . . . . . 0s. 6d. extra.

THIS EVENING ( T H U R S D AY ) , at 8,


R O YA L .

27 WORDS 6d.

Supported by her Specially Selected London Company.




To-Morrow (Friday)—Mary Queen of Scots. T H R E E I N S E RT I O N S F O R 1 s . IN ADDITION, Saturday Evening—Jane Shore. MR. RUSSELL WALLETT, MR. W. SMITH and Co., Usual prices. Box Office at Cramer’s and evenings B I RT H S . at Theatre, also at Shelbourne Hotel (For Balcony in the New Musical Comedy Version of IF THESE NOTICES ARE TRANSFERRED Stalls and Boxes). Next Week—Mr. “FUN ON THE BRISTOL.” BAKER—June 11th, at Ravenswood, 16 ManCharles R. Stone’s Famous Musical Comedy Co., Usual Prices. Box Office at Theatre, from 10 to 10, stone road, Brondesbury, London, N.W., the wife F R O M “ T H E F R E E M A N ” O N LY H A L F In the Latest and Greatest American Success, Shelbourne (Balcony Stalls and Boxes) and Metropole of Philip Barton Baker, of a son. 77890 WHAT BECAME OF MRS. Hotels. Telephone, 88. CARR—June 6th, at “Nithsdale,” Hanwell, T H E S E R AT E S A R E C H A R G E D . London, W., the wife of George H. Carr, of a RACKETT. daughter. 77928 “Address” means applicants are to write, not DEARMAN—June 13th, at Hollington. St. call. Copies of the paper, including postage, 1d. UEEN’S R O YA L T H E AT R E . John’s road, Putney, London, the wife of Alfred each. Proprietor and Patentee . . . . Mr. Ellis Jones. R. Dearman, of a son. Leasee and Manager . . . . . Mr. J. W. Whitbread. ELLIOTT—June 12th, at 4 St. Catherine’s TREMENDOUS SUCCESS. Meetings. avenue, Dublin, the wife of Thos. J. Elliott, of a TO-NIGHT. At 8. TO-NIGHT. son. ELSTER-GRIME GRAND OPERA CO. in RISH Volunteer Band—All present and former HUDSON—June 12th, at 168 Anerley road, members are requested to attend general THE LILY OF KILLARNEY. Anerley, London, S.E., the wife of John W. Hudmeeting on next Friday, 19th inst., at Bandroom. To-Morrow (Friday)—Daughter of the Regiment. son, of a son. —By order, J. Humphrey, R. Glynn, and T Prices as Usual. Box Office, Mansfield’s, Grafton st. STEPHENS—June 13th, at Rockwood, Mers77924 Treacy. p13t6 tham, Surrey, the wife of Peter Stuart Stephens, of a daughter. MPIRE ALACE HEATRE. Lost. EAR MR. MacDONNELL—I have the greatest posTO-NIGHT . . . . . . . . . . (7.30) . . . . . . . . . . TO-NIGHT. MARRIAGE. sible satisfaction with the Teeth supplied by you, OST, on Saturday, Gold Locket, shield shape, Another Big Powerful Change. and am most grateful for the attention and great kindcontaining child’s photo; special value to MOFFETT and COLLINS—June 14th, at Lucan GREAT MARIE KENDAL. ness which you have invariably shown .— Rev. P. S. owner; liberal reward to anyone bringing same Roman Catholic Church, by Rev. Father Hanley, Leonard & White The Cecils Jessie Albini. Cleary, Presbytery, Merchant’s quay, Dublin. to 5 Salisbury place, Richmond road, DrumconEdward, second eldest son of Patrick and Alice Steve M’Carthy The Leggetts Sisters Dacre. ATTENDANCE 10 TILL 8 DAILY. p2179 dra. Moffett 43 Bath avenue, Sandymount, to Mollie, Frank Sylvo (Juggler) . . . . . . . . The “Empire” Pictures, 36 HENRY STREET, DUBLIN. eldest daughter of John and Catherine Collins, And the Beautiful Famous Lady Mimic, 28511 Gaulierstown, Lucan, Co. Dublin. R AY WA L L A C E . F o r S a l e a n d Wa n t e d .

In a series of Recitals from his Celebrated Repertoire.

D RESSMAKERS and good Machinists wanted; constant work. Apply M. Hirsch. 48 George’s street. p2188 IRL wanted for office work; state wages, exGparticulars.(ifAddress references, etc.;Office. moT perience any), must give all 2271, Freeman FFICIENT Wet Cooper wanted. Apply, with E reference and 2213, Freeman Office. wages character, together with expected. Address ENERAL wanted, clean, respectable, accusG tomed to children; wages £12. Apply to 13 Lindsey terrace, Glasnevin. p2168 to rapid M EN and Women Wantedtheir work ourmaking Knitting Machines at homes, S

Little Flower. Flower in the crannied wall. I pluck you out of the crannies:— Hold you here, root and all, in my hand. Little flower—but if I could understand What you are, root and all, and all in all, I should know what God and man is. — Te n n y s o n John M.P.’s Big Majority.










30 S S

work for us to sell to the trade; no experience; no canvassing; steady work; good money earned; distance no hinderance; write to-day. The Hardy Machine and Woollen Co., 62 Market street, Manchester. p1732 MART handy Man wanted, must be married; wife look after and let rooms tenement houses; send references from last employer and where to be seen. Address 2773, Freeman Office. MART, tidy Girl wanted immediately as daily servant; references required. Address 2325, Freeman Office. WEEKLY ; Persons wanted everywhere for addressing circulars, etc. Send addressed envelope for proposal, Manager, 54 Elm Lodge, Southall. Middlesex. p1842kpT S. WEEKLY offered to either sex (who can write) for their spare moments; work may be done evenings. For particulars send addressed envelope to M. Truscott and Co. (20), Glendower, Torquay p1842kpT

S £3

HORTHAND; over 2,000 Successes, Norton’s School, 126 Stephen’s Green, Dublin; the recognised medium through which commercial appointments are obtained. H. A. Norton, Principal. Prospectus free. Telephone. 1423. North City School. 38 Upper Sackville street. p2051mrT LOAN-DUPLOYAN Shorthand; send for two free booklets, descriptive of this rapidlyacquired high-speed system. Sloan-Duployan College, Ramsgate. p1743

Bookings, 11 to 5. Telephone, 824. Bikes Free.



TWICE CANN—June 12th, at Manor road, Stoke NewNIGHTLY ington, London, Emma, daughter of the late W. FOR A. Cann. TWICE NIGHTLY AT 7 & 9. COLLINS—June 15th, 1904, at his residence, 30 THE MYSTERIOUS Cuffe street. Hugh Collins, an old Member U.K.S. LILITH, Coachmakers. R.I.P. Interment on to-morrow Guaranteed Fresh Daily and Best Quality. (17th). The Greatest Sensation of Modern times, MODERATE PRICES. PROMPT DELIVERY. The Saletos. Lily Foy. DOYLE—June 15th, at his parents’ residence, Ellie & Edgar. COUNTRY ORDERS A SPECIALITY. Len Lever Three Donals. 1 Northumberland square, James, eldest and Rita and Roma. Telephone LILIAN WARREN, FRED HARCOURT, dearly-beloved son of Terence and Mary Doyle. 26 and 27 SOUTH CITY MARKET . . . . . . . . 920 R.I.P. Interment on to-morrow (Friday) at 10.30. W. J. CHURCHILL, 22 UPPER BAGGOT STREET . . . . . . . . . . . 921 HOWARD—June 14, 1904, at the City of DubThe Inimitable Comedian and Raconteur. 77920 7 DUGGAN PLACE, RATHMINES. . . . . . . . 1030 lin Hospital, after a brief illness, Stephen Telegrams “PISCES,” DUBLIN. Howard, President of the Dublin No. 1 Branch 33166 AV I L I O N , INGSTOWN. of Amalgamated Painters’ Society, aged 32 years, to the inexpressible grief of his sorrowing wife and young family and large circle of friends. Enormous Success of the R.I.P. Funeral from hospital on to-morrow (Friday) morning at 10.30. SMART SET ENTERTAINERS, “THE BEST IS THE CHEAPEST ” HUMMEL—June 13th, at Ashlynn, Beckenham, WALTER GEORGE’S LIGHT OPERA Ellen Louisa, wife of Horace William Hummel. SINGERS. TRY THE CELEBRATED HYNES—June 15th, 1904, at his mother’s reTwice Daily at 3.30 and 8 p.m. sidence, Dublin street, Balbriggan, Laurence Hynes, fortified by the rites of the Holy Catholic Everything new and up-to-date. Church. Funeral on Friday at 5 o’clock for ADMISSION . . . . . . . SIXPENCE ONLY. family burial-place, at Balrothery. May he rest in peace. Combined Rail, or Tram, and Admission Tickets, 1s. LYON—June 12th, at 36 St. Mary’s road, PeckGRAND SACRED CONCERT, ham, London S.E., Robert Lyon, J.P., aged 54. S O L E I M P O RT E E : SUNDAY NEXT, at 3.45. M’DONALD—At her residence, 111 Great Britain street, Mary, the youngest and dearly-beloved Special engagement of the splendid Orchestral daughter of John and Susan Barnett. R.I.P. Band of the Royal Irish Constabulary and Funeral for Glasnevin, 10 o’clock to-morrow Vocalists. GRAND CANAL QUAY, 77921 (Friday) morning. RINGSEND DOCK. THIRTLE—June 13th, at his residence The Crib, Warwicks Bench, Guildford, John Thirtle, The proper applicaORDERS RECEIVED AT aged 35. tion and durability of 67 GREAT BRUNSWICK STREET. Paint depend on use 29758 of pure Oils in preparation. Paints ready IN MEMORIAM. mixed in Tins, Valentine Metallic Oxide GREGAN—Second Anniversary—In sad and lovPaint, specially adaping memory of our dear daughter, Isabella, who ted for Galvanised departed this life on the 16th June, 1902, at her Iron Roofs. parents’ residence, 28 Bessborough avenue, North BROOKS, Thomas and Co. Ltd., 77726 Sackville place. Strand. R.I.P. Hark! The soft winds sighing Through every bush and tree, Where my sweet Isabella is lying ARTISTIC WORK AT Away from home and me. From my eyes the tears are starting, And sorrow shades my brow; LTD. Oh, weary was our parting You ought to consult the Irish-American Dentist I have no Isabella now. Surgeons, 4 Harrington street, for Painless Extractions —Inserted by her loving parents, second eldest, by Gas. Stoppings from 2s. 6d. Extractions 1s. 6d. and younger brothers. SET from . . . . . . . . . . . . £1 0 0 (Two Minutes from G.P.O.) SINGLE TOOTH from . . . . . . 0 2 6 FILLINGS from . . . . . . . . . 0 2 6 EXTRACTIONS from . . . . . . 0 1 6 PAINLESS EXTRACTIONS WITH GAS DAILY. CONSULTATIONS FREE. Telephone No. 2,083. 80600





OR Sale, in any quantity, Brown or White Sawdust, at a very moderate price; delivered or otherwise. Address Michael Smyth, 37 Summer place, off Great Charles street. p1617



Machinery for Sale and Wa n t e d .



OILERS, Engines, and Machinery generally; largest stock of new and reliable secondhand; best terms; Sale, Hire, or Hire Purchase; Shafting, Pulleys, Gunbarrel, and Engineers’ Stores of every description; repairs by competent fitters and boilermakers. Truck, Ltd., Lower Abbey street, Dublin. p1452kGaT





Music, Songs, Etc.
Melodeons; KEARNEY’S Celebrated AcmeMelodeons, Popular Melodeons, 4s 11d; Pearl 6s 9d; Universal Melodeons, 9s; Melodeons, 15s; Mandoline, with case, 14s; carriage paid. Kearney’s, Capel street, Dublin. Telephone 767 .qGsT

ANGLO-AMERICAN Dental Co. can be consulted Daily Free of Charge; only best work, with inclusive charges; Sets from 10s 6d
upwards, with Gold or Platinum, from £2; Single Tooth, 2s; painless extraction by gas, 5s; with cocaine, 1s 6d; country patients attended in one day, part railway fare allowed; 10 years warranted; reduced fees to people of limited means. Note our only address—33 Harcourt street. Dublin. p1775kp OSTON Dental Association, Ltd., 51 Grafton street, Dublin; largest and oldest-established American Dentists in Ireland; Complete Sets from 20s; Single Tooth from 2s 6d; Fillings from 2s 6d; Painless Extractions from 1s 6d. 2115

dren’s Left-off Wearing Apparel, Jewellery, False Teeth. p1914kmT OTICE; retiring from business; all repairs must be called for before June 23rd. P. Dunne, Watchmaker, 112 Capel street. p2126 INTMENTS of the late Mr. Nolan, Weaver’s square; world-renowned half century; still prepared from his original prescriptions at old address. Boxes, 6d, 1s; post, 7d, 1s 1d. ’REILLY and Co., the Cheapest House for Window Blinds; orders promptly executed; best workmanship; get our estimates before placing your orders elsewhere. 11 and 12 North Earl street. p1416 AINTERS Supplied; White Lead, Oils, Pure American Turps, Stainers, Varnishes, etc.; best quality at lowest cash prices; call or write for prices. Carson’s, 21 Bachelor’s Walk, Dubp7394nFnT lin. PLENDID Suit Lengths, 10s to 22s 6d; latest novelties in Serges, Vicunas, Tweeds; patterns free; carriage paid. Arthur L. Littlewood, Manufacturer, Honley, Huddersfield. p4339yGx O Grocers and Wine Merchants; Flushing Cisterns for Urinals, our own make, supplied and fixed to suit Corporation requirements. Gatchell, Lamprey, Rendell, Ltd., 14 Bachelor’s Walk. p1524 ROUBLESOME and Stopping Watches effectively cured and throughly repaired; Cleaning, 1s 6d. with 12 months’ guarantee; other repairs proportionately low. Gordon, Jeweller, Mary street, Dublin; remember this, please. p7728 EDDING Stationary; newest designs in Cards, Wedding Boxes, and Invitations at Lalor’s 3 North Earl street. Dublin. p8160rFrT INDOW Blinds; on receipt of postcard we send a man to measure and estimate for your requirements; good workmanship; competitive prices. Webb and Co., Limited, Cornmarket, Dublin p2004ltT IRE Netting; best Galvanised Netting, all leading widths and meshes; Sheep Netting, Netting Stakes, Barbed Strand, Galvanised, and Bright Steel Fence Wire. Kennan and Sons, Limited, Fishamble street, Dublin. p1226hvT S to 55s Suits and Overcoats made to Measure by weekly or monthly payments; also Ladies’ Costumes, at J. Ellis’s, 16 Longwood avenue. S.C. road; private house. p9235


An analysis of the names of the members of the House of Commons shows that out of a total of 670 no less than 92 are called John, the remainder being made up as follows:— William, 57; Charles, 42; James, 34; Thomas, 30; George, 27; Edward, 27; Henry, 27; Arthur, 20; Frederick, 18; Robert, 17; Joseph, 16; Samuel, 12; Patrick, 10; and miscellaneous other names, 237. In preparing this list only the first Christian names were taken.
Insect Blackmailers.


Even in horticulture the insect powers of evil have to be propitiated. The blackmail they levy on the tomato-grower is, according to the “Fruit Trade’s Journal,” considerable. They are fed with carrots and turnips laid conveniently to draw the pest from the plants. But there is, as a means of feeding the insects, probably nothing better than cotton-seed cake. It is often possible to buy this in damaged parcels, and this is quite as good for the purpose as the best. If this substance is strewed about among the plants, or pieces 2in. or 3in. square are laid near the stems of the tomatoes, it will be found that the worms will be attracted to it by thousands
The Unlucky Number.





Cycles, Etc.
















49 and 50 DENZILLE STREET. Telephone 131.






Telephone, No. 711. 809





for Cash, on most Liberal Terms, or on 3 Years’ System, OTTAGE Property, 13, 14, 15 Erne place, 1 to at Cheapest Rates. American Organs, Harmoniums, in 6 Ganly’s Cottages; sound block; close to HE HONEST TEA, FRUIT, AND great variety, on same terms. Old Instruments taken in exchange, and liberally allowed for as part payment Great Brunswick street. MacArthur ’s Auction, MALT HOUSE. Friday, 24th June; nominal head rent. p1602 for the new. Further particulars on application at AVID Road, No. 4, Drumcondra; hot bath, 4 and 5 WESTMORELAND ST., DUBLIN. 31189 newly papered and painted; close to 1d. tram. Apply to No. 1 Lulue terrace, adjoining. p1950 32 LOWER STEPHEN STREET. ESIRABLE Building Ground to Let; good position for Cottages; long lease. Address FINE RICH TEA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2/- per lb. 2177, Freeman Office. AN EXCELLENT BREAKFAST TEA . . . . 1/10 per lb. URNITURE Auction, Friday, 17th June, at SPECIAL ASSAM MIXTURE . . . . . . . . 1/8 per lb. Aberdelgie, close to Howth Railway Station, FAMOUS TEA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1/6 per lb. XXX TEA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1/4 per lb. entire superior household furniture and effects. MacArthur and Co., Auctioneers, 79 Talbot WELL WORTH A TRIAL. street. p1601joT ENDRICK street, 18, 19, between Queen street RENDERS HEALTH AND LIFE MORE SECURE GUINNESS’S PURE XX, and Blackhall place; two Houses; through THAN ANY OTHER KNOWN REMEDY. GUARANTEED AS RECEIVED FROM THE BREWERY order; new sewerage, roofs, etc.; each let to one 1s. 8d. PER DOZ. tenant. MacArthur ’s Auction, Friday, 24th JOHN JAMESON and SON’S *** SPECIAL 8 Years Old June. p1601joT MALT, 24s. per Gallon. ORTGAGEES’ Sale, 70, 71 Cabra Park; 34839 A CERTAIN CURE FOR THE WORST SORES OR ULCERS. possession; head rent, £6; 200 years. MacThose who know what Vita-Leo Remedies can do will Arthur ’s Fortnightly Auction, Friday, 24 June; take no substitutes at any price. modern House; hot supply to bath and scullery. p1601joT SEE SATURDAY’S TELEGRAPH. ENEMENT Business House in populous 32719 neighbourhood, 38 Denzille street; head rent, £25; lease, 150 years. MacArthur ’s Fortnightly Auction, Friday, 24 June; Salerooms, 79 Talbot street. p1601joT WANT A COOK, O Let, 3 and 6 Woodfield Cottages; three WANT A NURSE, apartments, coalhouse, long garden; also 10 WANT A PARTNER, Woodfield place, newly done up, new close range. WANT A HOUSEMAID, Thomas Tully, 37 Parliament street. p2197moT WANT A SITUATION, O Let, 25, 26,and 33 North William street, also WANT TO SELL A PIANO, 7 Spring Garden street; four apartments, WANT TO BUY A HORSE, yard, etc., each rents moderate. Thomas Tully, WANT A CLERK OR CASHIER, 37 Parliament street. p2199moT WANT TO SELL A CARRIAGE, ALMER, Sutton; suit institution or private WANT TO BUY OR SELL AN ESTATE, family; on seashore, near Golf Links, tram WANT GOOD BOARD OR LODGINGS, and rail; one acre. MacArthur ’s Property AucWANT TO SELL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, tion, Friday, 24 June; Salerooms, 79 Talbot WANT TO SELL CURTAINS OR CARPETS, street. p1601joT WANT TO FIND CUSTOMERS FOR ANYTHING,

Horses, Vehicles, etc., for Sale G and Wanted. IANOS by Collard and Collard. P EW stylish Pony Float, suit 14 hands; also N square Inside Car, rubber tyres, suit 12 P IANOS by Broadwood. hands. Preece, Kevin street. p2207moT P IANOS by Hopkinson. IANOS by Bluthner. P Houses, Etc., to be Let, Sold, and Wanted. P IANOS by Steinway. IANOS by J. B. Cramer and Co. suit turning P A MIENS street, 52 head rent, £6; into shop or private hotel; 800 years. by Principal Continental Makers. P IANOSLargest Stock in the Kingdom to select from MacArthur ’s Fortnightly Auction, Friday, 24th The June; Salerooms, 79 Talbot street. p1601joT


CRAMER’S M D e p o t , Du b l i n

CCESSORIES, Popular Prices; Lamps, Oils, Wrenches, Saddles, Bells, Pedals, Capes, Tool Bags, Solution, Canvas, Outfits, Fishing Rods, Cricket, Mail Car Tyres. Moore’s, 7 Aston’s quay; established 60 years. p2223mrT CHANCE; one Lady’s and one Gent’s First Grade Free-wheel Cycles (shop soiled); guaranteed two years; £7 each. Fitzgerald, 154 Rathgar road, Dublin. p2119 SSURED Health and Happiness to the Workers; Raglan Cycles and all leading makes from £8 10s cash; 10s Monthly; Special Cycles £6 10s cash, from 8s Monthly. M’Hugh’s, 38 Talbot street. p1719 ARGAIN; Lady’s Bicycle, almost new, in perfect order; cost 12 guineas; sacrifice for £4. Can be seen at 26 Ellis’s quay. p2180 YCLES; Centaur, Featherweights, £15 15s; M’Taggart Royal, £12 12s; M’Taggart, £10 10s; large stock secondhand from £2. M’Taggart, Grafton street. p1780kGk AWSON, Maynooth, sells Pierce’s, James’, Humbers, Osmonds, Rovers, Royal Enfields, Rudge-Whitworths, Singers; new Bicycles; 8 guineas; or on easy payment system; also Motors Accessories and Repairs. p2079lnT ENT’S Cycle for sale, by Pierce, Wexford, free-wheel and two brakes, almost new; cost £13 10s; will sell for £6. Seen at 151 James’s street, after 6. p2135 ENT’S Centaur Bicycle, £3; Raleigh, £2 15s; Rudge-Whitworth, £2 10s; Lady’s Beeston Humber, 25s; all in splendid condition. Seen 1 Portland row, Summerhill. p2286moT UCANIA Cycles, guaranteed built in Dublin; prices from £7 10s 0d; easy payments from 2s 6d per week. O'Neill's, South King st. lqT OYAL Riley Cycles, £8 8s to £15 15s, from 10s monthly, including ball, free-wheel, Dunlop tyres, Brooks saddle, plated wheels, tworim brakes; defies competition. Riley’s, Ltd., Chatham street. p1643joT





LAUD’S Blood Beans for Blood and Nerves, 1s per gross; Leonard’s, Apothecaries, 39 Henry street, Dublin, and 35 Cromac street, Belfast; Ordinary Blaud’s Pills 61 d per gross. hGjT 2 D U B L I N , S AT U R D AY, J U N E 1 8 t h .




“It is a curious fact that the number 13 is not found on any house in Paris,” said a traveller who has just returned from that city. “On a visit to the French1 metropolis I put up at a house numbered 12 2 , and when I observed that the house on the left was numbered 11 and the one on the right numbered 14 it started me out investigating. At first I thought that perhaps it was merely a case of the authorities bowing to purely neighbourhood superstition, but in the investigation that I made subsequently—and it was quite as full as circumstances would permit—I found that the superstition appeared to extend all over the city, for nowhere could I find a trace of a number 13 on a residence. There were 12 1 ’s in plenty. There may be some number 2 13’s, but I could not find them.”
When the Children Marry.

MAKE, STYLE AND FINISH GUARANTEED FIRST-CLASS. Patterns and Self-Measurement Form Free.


Notice; discontinued, DubD ANCING;Kingstown,Tuition Conference Madame lin and by Professor and D’Vine, to attend Annual of the B.A.T.D. and Competition of New Dances of U.K. Dancing Masters’ Alliance. Address Central Academy, Richmond, London. p2011lnT






Business Cards.
Mrs Wellington ABOUT Clothes; highest B. Wine, 35 for Jewllery, quay, gives cash prices ladies’, gent’s, and children’s Left-off Clothing,
















Do you Suffer







Apartments Vacant.
BOUT first-class Beds, 1s nightly; Rooms (married couple),2s 6d; Boarders,12s weekly. Kerry Hotel, 94 and 95 Marlborough street, Dublin. one minute’s walk from G.P.O. p1455inT EDROOM (Front), comfortably Furnished; suit married couple or two business Girls dining out; no other lodgers; terms very moderate. Apply 28 Lennox street, South Circular road. p2298moT OUPLE of respectable young Girls or Men can have comfortable double-bedded room, breakfast and tea; terms very moderate; no other lodgers or children. 1 Camden row, Camden street. p2326 RONT and Back Parlour,nicely furnished, suit a couple of young men or married couple; board if required; terms moderate. 10 Auburn street off Fontenoy street. p2121 ODGINGS; wanted three respectable young Men to share nice airy front room; terms, with attendance and washing 10s; full board, 12s each. Address 1 Valleymount Park, Kilmainham. p2072 ESPECTABLE Lodgings for young men; terms moderate. Apply at 1a James’s place, Lower Baggot street. p2204 OOMS to Let, airy and newly done up, from 2s per week. 26 Chancery street. p2269moT NFURNISHED,two Drawing rooms and Bedroom, newly done up, with or without use of kitchen. 12 Drumcondra road. p2243moT

Telephone 1945. 34579

Brief Prepaid Advertisements.


will quickly remove the cause of these distressing complaints and restore healthy action to every organ. You will feel like a new person after taking a few doses of

SURGEON DENTIST (LTD.). Glamore Castle, Ashford, Co. Wicklow. Dear Sir—I am pleased to say that my teeth are perfect for eating and speaking. I have got quite strong since I got them. My friends greatly admire them, and say they would hardly know they were artificial, they are so perfect in every way. I am very thankful to you for your great kindness.—Yours very faithfully. ALICE HARDING. To Mr. H. Bradlaw. Sets from 21s. ; Single Tooth, 2s. 6d. ; Fillings, 2s. 6d ; Extractions, with Cocaine, 2s. 6d. ; with Gas, perfectly painless, 5s. Constant attendance, 10 to 8 p.m.—Experienced Lady in attendance. ONLY ADDRESS—78 HARCOURT STREET, DUBLIN. Telephone 1209. 1778


Beecham’s Pills. They rid the system of impurities, improve the digestion, banish headache, and



6 d . T WENTY- SEVEN W ORDS. 6 d .

Give Positive Relief
in all cases of Biliousness, Constipation, Indigestion, and Disord e r e d L i v e r.
The excellent results obtained by the use of Beecham’s Pills have proved them worthy of the confidence they enjoy. They have helped thousands and recommend themselves. Sold everywhere in boxes, price 1s. 1 2 d. (56 pills) and 2s. 9d. (168 pills). 34511




all parties on approved security, with or without ACCOMMODATED Privately, £5 and upwards, to bail. FOREIGN MONEY EXCHANGED. J. LAWLER, 8 Fownes street, Dublin.

Situations Vacant.
at whole spare time, AGENTS wanted to once Fire andor Life month’s for House Purchase, Assurence; commisssion start; salary after trial. Address 2122, Freeman Office.

1 and 2 MOORE S TREET.
(Half a Minute from G.P.O.) 3345

False Teeth, Linen, etc.; parcels answered immediately. p1928kmT BOUT Clothes; Mrs. Emmanuel gives highest cash prices for ladies’, gentlemen’s, children’s Left-Off Clothing, Old Gold, Silver Artificial Teeth, Furniture, Bedding, Table Linen. 1 Aston’s quay. p1901lqT GED John Jameson Whiskey; remember O’Brien’s House for Aged, therefore wholesomest Whiskey, 5 years old, 18s gallon. M. F. O’Brien and Co., 57 Camden street. Try a sample. p7998qFqT LARM Clock, guaranteed good timekeeper, rings loud and long, 4-inch dial, nickel case. 3s 6d; post free. 4d extra. Ganter Bros., 63 South Great George’s street, Dublin. p1047grT MERICAN Trunks, Dress Baskets. Kit and Gladstone Bags. Portmanteaus, Hat Cases, every kind of Travelling Requisites, new and secondhand. Moore’s Travellers’ Depot, 4 Bedford row (Fleet street), Dublin. p1415 RMY Bell Tents for Camping Out, Marquees for hire for shows, bazaars, garden netting 6 and 12 feet wide, 1d to 2d per yard. Lanigan and Co., Eden quay, Dublin. p7810pFpT ABY Carriages for 1904; illustrated lists free; lowest cash price or gradual payments; splendid double cars from 45s. Webb and Co., Limited. Cornmarket, Dublin. p2004tT ABY Carriages; Clearance Sale; compulsory vacation of premises; 30 new and secondhand Cars left, which must be sold at once. Sports Trading Co., Ltd., Oriel House, Westland row. p2217mGmT ABY Carriages, Mail Cars, Perambulators; largest city selection; best goods; moderate prices; Perambulators Exchanged or Repaired; Tyres Cemented or Wired on while waiting. Nicholson’s Perambulator Works, Henry st. moT AGS, Hat Cases, Dress Baskets, Hold-alls, Portmanteaus, Trunks; Moore’s, 7 Aston’s quay, Dublin; established 60 years; Old Bags, Portmanteaus, Trunks, etc., repaired or allowed for in exchange. p2223mrT ELL Tents, suitable for camping out, etc., complete, 35s each; best Coir Yarn for tying hay, very cheap. John F. Kelly and Co., 10 Pill lane, Dublin. p1039gGgT LANKETS Cleaned and made soft like new; the largest size, 2s per pair, carriage paid one way. Prescott’s Dye Works, Dublin. mHhT OOT Repairs, gents’ sold and heeled 3s 3d ladies 2s 6d; good materials; soles sewn, we send for footwear on receipt of postcard. Webb and Co., Limited, Cornmarket. p2004ltT DOMIGAN, Wholesale Hardware, Toy, and Fancy Goods Warehouses, 16 and 18 Merchant’s quay, Dublin; consignments sent to any part of Ireland; special attention given to persons commencing business. p7602oFo RICKS Slates, all sizes; Granite Sills, Timber, Stones, Ridge Tiles, Coping, for Sale. Apply 65 Montgomery street at old building. UILDING Materials for Sale; Door Frames, Sashes, Scantlings, Cement Plaster of Paris, Ironmongery; moderate prices. M. Moran, Builder 41 Lower Dorset street. p1448inT HINA and Earthenware; Seconds, Thirds, Lump for Markets and Hawking; special lines for Bazaar Traders; Cups, Saucers, Chambers, Jugs, Plates, Bowls, every description; Hawkers’ large cheap Crates, 50 dozen articles, 30s 6d ; write for free list. Normacot Art Pottery, Normacot Works, Longton, Staffs. p5251cDb HINA and Earthenware Seconds; China Cups, Saucers, Bowls, Plates, Jugs, etc., all in gold decoration, 1s 1d. per dozen; handsome Toilet, Dinner, Tea, and Breakfast Sets in great variety; Hawker ’s Large Cheap Crate, containing about 1,000 articles, 50s; write for the illustrated lists; see Beginners’ Crate, with Free Tea Set. Arthur J. Hull, Dept. 22, King street Pottery, Longton, Staffs. p451gGf OKE, best Dublin, 20s per chaldron delivered in the city or on rail. Flower and MacDonald. 14 D’Olier street, Dublin, Malahide, Skerries, and Balbriggan. p341dGd URNITURE; wanted Bedroom, Parlour, Drawingroom, Hall, Kitchen Furniture; good prices paid. Apply 38b, South Richmond street. p2016lnT ARDEN Requisites; Lawn Mowers, Arches, Seats, Rollers, etc.; large stock; prompt attention; satisfaction guaranteed; Repairs a Speciality. Kennan and Sons, Limited, Fishamble street, Dublin. hv ENTLEMEN’S Summer Suits French Cleaned in Two Days from 3s 6d to 5s, carriage paid one way. Prescott’s Dye Works, Dublin. mHhT ORSE Bedding, cheap; clean, dry Sawdust, 10s per ton taken away in own sacks; 13s per ton delivered. Saw Mills, Camden row. p1974 NDIGESTION; The Medical Reform Society will send Free to all applicants an excellent Botanic Cure for Indigestion, Bileousness, Liver Complaints, Piles, Rheumatism, Gout, and Bronchitis. Address The Secretary, Botanic Institute, Nottingham. p74byT ADY offers for immediate disposal magnificent Oval Tea Tray, 24in, long; A1 quality electroplate; beautifully engraved; perfectly new; sacrifice for 40s; approval willingly. Address 1693, Freeman Office. juT ARGE quanity of Whiskey, etc., Casks to be Sold cheap; also 600 Gallon Vats; Brewers and Distillers’ Casks made. C. Quinn. Cooperage Benburb street, Dublin. p1805kpT . A. Dialmain, Civil and Military and Ladies’ Tailor; alterations, repairs, promptly attended to; moderate charges. 7 Inn’s quay. lqT

SEE WINDOWS FOR COMPETITION. G L A D I AT O R BOOTS G I V E N AWAY FREE. of Our Men’s an d any see B o o ts that doubt offered


One great source of suffering to parents comes through the loves and marriages of their children, whom they are doomed to see either deliberately or precipitately prepare for themselves bitter potions of which they must drink deep and often as the years pass over them. Out of a bevy of bright girls, inspiring, helpful clever, some young man will find not one who kindles the least ray of love, but will be attracted by a bewitching pair of eyes, a fascinating manner, or the mere allurement of deliberate coquetry, and find himself married to a wife who neither rules his home nor his heart, and leaves him companionless for a lifetime which he has sworn to devote to her service.
Electricity in Horticulture.


“ G L A D I AT O R ” if you t he y in do not an d paid are as neat and side handsome by side style ha v e


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Some of the queer things which happen to flowers when they are exposed to the electric light are described by the “Washington Post.” Violets are doubled and trebled in size. A race of pansies has been raised up to measure two inches across their faces. Rose bushes have been converted into trees and vines, bearing flowers in clusters like grapes. In a modern plant experimental laboratory the electric light arc creates transformations that astonish the most hardened investigator. Reds are converted into purples, and blacks and whites into all the colours of the rainbow. But the flowers fade quickly. Born in a day and night, their period of usefulness is measured by the same short span of existence. When brought to the light of day they grow a s sickly and fade rapidly.
From a Roman Dust-Heap!


a 14s 6d boot, it would be no easy matter to tell them apart. And every pair will wear as well as they look.

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104 TA L B O T S T R E E T.






PAINTS, O ILS, VARNISHES, NOTICE—DO YOU WISH TO SAVE MONEY? G ENUINE W HITE L EAD, IF SO, then your highest ambition can be achieved. Specially if you wish to OXIDE PAINT, FURNISH UPON OUR THREE YEARS’

Excavations at Silchester formed the subject of the meeting of the Society of Antiquaries recently. In the course of the evening a find of considerable interest and importance was exhibited. This was the lower part of the leg of a guinea-fowl which had been recently recovered from a Roman kitchen-midden. That this bird had been highly prized we may gather from the fact that the bone in question was encircled by a bronze ring. The value of this discovery lies in the fact that though the guinea-fowl is believed to have been originally introduced by the Romans no similar remains of this bird have hitherto been found in this country. That our domesticated guinea-fowls of to-day are the descendants of those introduced by the Romans is hardly probable ; though at what date they were reintroduced into our islands is unknown.
School Gardens.

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Although it would not be practicable at large centres of population to provide elementary schools with even small areas for cultivation by the pupils during their leisure time, the experiment might be tried in the country. Many children, both boys and girls, have great liking for gardening, and it is surprising how quickly they master the rough elements when given a fair chance. There being strenuous competition between them in production, whether of flowers or of vegetables, they test all manner of methods, making constant inquiry among adults for valuable information. At some horticultural shows this pursuit of gardening knowledge is stimulated by small prizes for the most successful juvenile exhibits. Many benefits result : an additional interest is imparted to the young lives, leisure hours no longer hang heavily, and Nature-study is led up to imperceptibly. But it is in after life, perhaps, that the gain from elementary education in gardening has its chief value. When once the taste is acquired it never wholly dies out ; the moment any favourable opportunity for its gratification offers, the old longing revives.
CLARKE’S BLOOD MIXTURE —This Famous Medicine will cleanse the blood from all impurities from whatever cause arising. A safe remedy for Eczema, Rheumatism, Gout, Bad Legs, Scrofula, Blood Poison, Sores of all kinds, Boils, Eruptions, Ulcers, Glandular Swellings, etc. Of all Chemists, Stores, etc. Thousands of unsolicited Testimonials. Forty years’ success. Beware of worthless imitations and substitutes. p31344 Browhead, Wednesday—Ivernia, Boston for Liverpool, and Teutonic, for Liverpool, passed. Tory Island, Wednesday—Ethiopia, New York for Clyde, passed. Queenstown, Wednesday—Aurania, Liverpool for New York, left.
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who drives the second German car. though in reality he is indulging in a very natural criticism. DUBLIN. treal. A. At the meeting of the North Dublin Rural District Council held yesterday. Skirts. NOTES AND COMMENTS. Edge has driven a car in every Gordon-Bennett race so far. and Sun Millinery. Underclothing. CUCHULLIN CLUB. X—Gent’s “Standard.C. Stephen’s green. holds the record for speed. free-wheel. Stevens American Single Breechloaders. turned and ran signalling a warning. Gaiety Theatre. and Yard. very little used. stamina of the drivers are certainly as great ently. A. says “Truth. There are indications to show that the Russian squadron is moving to the east. Sir Herbert Stewart. p2436 UNS. The entire force is estimated at 35. Nothing daunted. Optician (established 80 years). Jenatzy. 1904 machine. in sling case. Mr Forster wants more money as a bait for recruits. Balfour." ginning to be exciting once more. Mr. half being in that place and the rest at a point eighteen miles to the east of Kaichau. Dunlop tyres. has driven his Mercedes over the course no less than fifty-five times. cases. They take only curable Their MART Platen Hand wanted. the new water scheme. claiming damages for conspiring to injure him and his school. Tobin. is an expert driver. Lord Carew’s principal seat Castle Boro. R. are seeklooks as if he and his colleagues will be ing admission to the Stock Exchange. all of exceptional quality. Thursday. wind.m. fears the French. This means that the ratepayers will be saved an extra expense of £700. ALL THE LATEST SHAPES IN Straw and Panama Hats JUST STOCKED.” He had announced that the first business to-day would be a statement on the army proposals by the Secretary for War. splendid value. especially with reference to the supposed inability of the Crown to institute a yet in the Isle of Man eliminating trials he prosecution in the Whitaker-Wright case. and probably belonged to the Vladivostock squadron. while the opinions of the English Attorney-General in many cases. The hopes of England lie between S. Carroll. 6d . and son —who were arrested on a charge of murdering a herd named Behan. prices from £8 10s 0d. and members should assemble at Nelson’s Pillar at 2. against William Coote.” 25-inch frame. compare quality and prices for value. and that the a renewal of activity on the part of Russia’s application will be considered by the comnaval commanders. SUIT TO MEASURE IN ALL THE NEWEST CLOTHS. Rudge-Whitworth. Tradesmen’s Tools. whose ideas on industrial arbitration he has vigorously championed. commanding 1st Regiment East Siberian Rifles of your Imperial Majesty. At half-past six in the morning General baron Stackleberg passed with part of his force to the attack. must have sent a thrill around the world. 6d . mate. and in securing good value that the mere man has already done considerable damage to can only envy. like all its predecessors is entirely open. and that the entire scheme as originally sought would come before the Committee on Unopposed Bills next week. This is a large family tradition that one of his ancestors sucproportion. The Korean Straits Fight .. * D S S TTRACTIVE House to Let. plated rims.. Judging by the drivers and the quality descent in the female line from Edward I.30 sharp. or in separate stalls 2s 6d per week. who lately commanded the Irish Guards. by Enniscorthy. Minister of Agriculture. Mr. URNS & O. is rapidly making friends there. reported last evening. National School teacher of Carntall. by whom his salary is paid. FAMOUS HATS FINEST QUALITY PLASTO. The Japanese infantry opened fire upon our cavalry. £8. Whellers. exceeds the Gross Circulation of all the other Dublin Evening Papers.. HYAM. Watson’s Labour Government for the post of First High Commissioner of the Commonwealth in London. Stephen’s green. Out of endurance. Rudge-Whitworth. Edge. and if. in good running order and condition new Dunlop cover on race wheel.—Yours truly. ASK FOR GUESSING PAPER—IT COSTS YOU NOTHING. It is to the glory of humanity that in a scene of unimaginable horror. recognise that the American Doctors are accomplishing wonders. 25s. The ques.” The salary is higher than that of any other of the Viceregal Court officials. and therefore was not regarded as a suitable person to have the rank of major. The race is an enormous trial of human France. Baron de Caters. There are literally hundreds of people in Dublin and elsewhere in Ireland who are to-day happy men and women.000. and the latter is reported to have been round the course fifty-five times already. Lord Cochrane. Wall. who reported that it was of an entirely novel nature. the Guardians of the North Dublin Union acted quite properly yesterday in Dublin—Morning. prices moderate. 35079 to continue but a few days longer. The following night passed quietly until about two in the morning. It hopelessly out of the contest. Previous residents in the Private Secretary’s Lodge have been Lord and Lady Randolph Churchill.70. and has. did not come couragement and a hearty welcome. one that the remainder of the session will be crowded with business. Why should there be the fullest access to the opinions of the United States Attorney-General. plated rims. macy. in three minutes all the decks were flaming. L. counting the details of her visit. solicitor. Liberal.. on 1d tram. and that the unwelcome malady will be speedily stamped Central Europe time is one hour fast of out. Thursday 9 a. Colonel Khoustonnou. and Mr. Shanks strike Caruthers and knock him the Ladies’ Tailoring and Dressmaking are in charge Betting Men Assault Each Other.6d. but that the privileges of Parliament did not appear to have been violated. was. Jewellery. but is regarded as one of the highest positions of honour to which an American citizen can attain. Rudge-Whitworth. He asked for an adjournment to produce witnesses who were that day at Ballinrobe races. to look amongst the minence in the Paris-Madrid race of 1902. but none of the magnitude and overpowering horror of that which befel the New York excursionists who gaily set out yesterday morning on a trip up the East River to a pleasure resort on Long Island. for two good reasons.” 27-inch frame. is editor of “Pro-Armenia. this will mean sidents of Howth will read with pleasure the announcement made at the North Dublin that 5. was settled yesterday before Mr. or would sell. X—Gent’s Rudge-Whitworth “Special” Full Roadster. 2h. Cooper. vacated by Lord Plunket on his appointment to the Governorship of New Zealand. Rudge-Whitworth. County Tyrone. in quiet house. car he finished ninth. whose phantom army corps have now faded away. barometer. there were men who realised the sacredness of human life and the duty that was cast on them of saving it at their own peril. Towards ten o’clock in the morning the enemy directed against our right flank a brigade of infantry with a battery and cavalry. Rongier. etc. He was a widower. All vouchers in connection with the National Exhibition shares should be filled and forwarded to the secretary immediately. ’Phone 381. Conservative. while the opinions of the American Attorney-General. p2398 A TODAY’S WEATHER FORECAST. 35s. where the present peer owns some 30. and he made a special feature of ladies’ branches. But to effect army reform. North Circular road. NINETEEN NASSAU STREET (entrance by hall door). will get that invigorating health resort. with artilery.. The nearest on paper is Jenatzy or Baron de Caters for Germany. p2465npT OTATOES! Potatoes!! Potatoes!!! Maincrop Stores. npT TABLING to Let for 14 horses. LEARANCE Sale of 1903 pattern Singer Cycles. (PRESS ASSOCIATION WAR SPECIAL. 3/9 & 2/11. A woman was mixed up in the dispute between the parties and he alleged that it was Caruthers first struck Shanks. The sea was calm and there was no fog. A Tr i a l p r o v e s t h e i r r e a l worth. long lease. machine in good order and condition. ALL ORDERS MADE IN OUR OWN WORKSHOPS ON THE PREMISES. YOU WILL RECEIVE AT EACH SHOP A PAIR OF OUR FAMOUS GLADIATOR 10/6 BOOTS FREE. on such occasions some difficulty is experienced in ascertaining the exact number of the victims of the disaster on the East River. including 600 Cossacks There are rumours of fighting around Port Arthur. K. of 6. when a member of the House of Commons. Twenty officers whose names are at present unknown were also killed or wounded. Winston Churchill in his early youth. and the effect of his work soon began to be seen. THE FINEST TYPE OF PURE OLD IRISH WHISKY. as well from the Irish standpoint as from that of the closer union of the Empire. General Kuropatkin has sent to the Tsar the following telegram of yesterday’s date:— An engagement took place yesterday at Wajantian with a Japanese force consisting of at least two divisions. were yesterday nominated as candidates for Devonport. Bowden brake. double bay-window House. lists free. GUESS THE TIME THEY WILL BURN OUT. Dinan and M. A number of musicians and music dealers are organising an appeal to Mr. turning the right flank of the enemy towards Wa-GanTein and Houyn. Bandmann-Palmer. He entered upon his duties with great energy and zeal. as he The ladies. It would be too much to expect Jenatzy. It seemed almost incredible to believe when the race was over that that self-contained. were too valuable to be communicated to the public. Apartments Va c a n t . the champion of Couthern ing.m. Etc. Dublin. which were on the heights. who afterwards succeeded to the Peerage as Lord Dundonald. “C . the vice-president Paris-Vienna race. There was a dispute going on about a woman. and Captain Krintsky.tographs of the President’s daughter. but it is common enough in of the presence of the Russians France and in America to see a woman at in the Korean Straits went in the head of a large commercial concern. 10 a. One thing with another. E. solicitor. and everything new in Electrical Science that can better the physical condition of humanity is in constant use. The American Doctors will soon have been in Dublin two years. Keegan. BRITAIN ST. 31411 G L P Cycles. but he is not likely to accede to that request. Also the Celebrated SightPreserving Spectacles. with Clothing. Ross. His death is a great loss to the Irish cause on Tyneside. In the narrow passage of the river the wind must have become a fierce draught. RudgeWhitworth. Berkley road. of 6. 35 Upper Ormond quay. Cotter. and the latest of which. Very likely the explanation is that Mr. There is reason to believe that the Vladivostock squadron attacked the Japanese transports Mitachi.the “Star.Whatever your Disease may be you will be mens and references required. The three Walshes—husband. Electro-Vibration will make you strong HOTOGRAPHY.” ANDREWS & CO. dated yesterday —Three Russian warships which were engaged in Tsushima Straits. completed the job within of newspaper space in eight days. Firing has been heard distinctly here in a south westerly direction since ten o’clock last night. He also took part in the dramatic society which played “The Shaughraun” for the benefit of the National funds. broad-beamed and many-decked. THE AMERICAN HORROR. According to information received the enemy on the morning of the 15th brought up considerable reinforcements. Rudge-Whitworth. mostly children. Apply 28 Dartmouth road. but for an accident to the shaft of his car just before the end. and. Balfour announced last night that the statement on army reform. WE HAVE A CANDLE FIVE FEET HIGH IN THE WINDOW. p2417np C G 1281 1282 1292 1223 1296 1302 800 COME AND GET A PAIR OF BOOTS FREE. in one lot.)—South-westerly gales or strong winds . Col. but. accompanied by heavy rain. Mr. Rutland square. would be the man to whom the summons of Admiral Sir Harry Rawson would be addressed. and a first-class mechanician. Jones’s road. 1904 year’s race.” 27-inch frame. “Every man on board able to swim went overboard laden with children. Lost. Apply 1 St. which gave the flames their terrible hold on the steamer. Brassey’s Wild Oats third. very little used. However. X—Gent’s Rudge-Whitworth “Special. To essay a partiLord Carew. The steamer was apparently one of the kind so familiar on American rivers. Telissa is on the Liao-Tong Peninsula. swept the sea in the neighbourhood of Tsushima yesterday. Jewels. The probability is that from amongst the ruck of comparatively unknown drivers the winner will be found. Mr. Mr. The panic seems to have been in all truth “mad. must be good retoucher and operator. suit two gentlemen. partial or full board. free-wheel and two brakes. who is not merely a diplomatist but a lawyer of supreme ability. £30. On land it is reported that a battle has been in progress for two days south of Wafungkan. VISIT THEM SOON IF YOU WANT A FREE TRIAL. Cooper. and vigorous again.” Italy and other a popular fancy in La Belle France. and the American Flag floats above OUNG Lady wishes to hear of vacancy in door. machines. Thery at once set to work to repair the car numbers Miss Roosevelt consumed 120 columns by the roadside. who was 44 yesterday. £5. while all around were spectacles that would have unhinged the strongest mind and struck terror to the bravest heart. free-wheel and two brakes. Hugh Law. turning the right flank of our position. but the stormy weather came The enterprising lady who proposes to enthe Evening Telegraph far to the aid of the Vladivostock squadron. F. Luck has not run with Edge of late. The risks to be encountered and surmounted are The private secretary has a charming residence.O . and. at 7. The polling is fixed for next Monday. Magic Lanterns. too great not to make luck the preponderating factor. Vans run everywhere.) * * * * * 1247 1303 1304 104 TALBOT STREET And 5 SOUTH GREAT GEORGE’S ST. It is known positively that the Russian forces in the vicinity of Kaichau have been divided. when that luckless monarch the driver’s chance at least is gone. p2410npT Y Business Cards. Their Free Trials of the Treatment are going Wynne. and followed them. The fourth annual show under the auspices of the Portadown Agricultural Society. to win a second time. Old Europe willingly concedes America’s greatness in accidents by fire and flood. Patrick Redmond. less. Oscillator. Clincher tyres.” “slow. He is first favourite.41 Irish time. in whose discretion he had great confidence. the Doric. Clogher.P.) “ C. which has returned to Moji. two rim brakes. Port Arthur is open. Mr S. p2444 PARTMENTS to Let. N—Lady’s “Standard” Rudge-Whitworth Safety. 6d. S. Stephen’s green. Apply after 6 o’clock. 29 & 30 Dame Street. Clare. and the main Japanese force consists of more than three divisions. BINOCULAR. and Second-Lieutenant Dragochaw Nadtotyhinsky.) T P On the principle that prevention is better HIGH WATER—THIS DAY. the human factor must be included in the equation of maximum success. his chances are of the most roseate description. Wednesday—Kensington.m. good reference necessary. and Ulceration of the Stomach and Constipation.) 1304 1305 Houses. when he started in the During Miss Roosevelt’s visit to the St..219 tons. were returned for trial to the Assizes yesterday. cash advances on valuable property at the central and privately conducted Pawnbroking Establishments. practically new. de Blaskovit’s Hazafi being second. practically new. A HIGH-CLASS MADE TO MEASURE SUIT FOR THIRTY-SEVEN SHILLINGS AND SIXPENCE. and 14 guns at Telissa. It is a tension and are prone to tire.. 27-inch frame. Kingstown. A. as has 14 St. but. If you are debilitated. Bread Shop. replying to Mr. 27-inch frame.which in a 40-h. the price of music is ridiculously high. Mathers. 9 Upper Sherrard street. which will go to make up the equation of success. down. two rim brakes. who is coming over Gabriel in the Paris-Madrid race jumped into from Paris with other delegates. Baron de Caters has the knack of getting the maximum speed out of his cars. N—Lady’s “Standard” Rudge-Whitworth Safety.m. Carroll. O. etc. Tokio. 10s. last year’s victor. p2415nGnT ENT’S High-Grade Rudge-Whitworth 24-inch Frame. The death of Mr. It is a private measure. If the other local authorities follow their example there need be no WHERE TO GO TO-NIGHT. in “The Lily of Killarney. 114 Stephen’s Green (Crawford and Evans). Switzerland representatives have also to be considered. tween 10 and 11 o'clock last night. enamelled and gold lined. 18s 6d. and Asthma. gas. DUBLIN. piano. Stephen’s green.. It is just as well for us that we cannot adequately appreciate in all their horror such big disasters as occur in America.000. Arnold Forster is a very superior sort of a person. one estimate putting it at 500. Thermometers. Organiser. Lower Ormond quay. He has countries will also be represented. L. according to the anticipations from the course. p2377np OUSE to Let. Belgium. The second division of General Kuroki’s army is reported to have been marching towards Kaichan yesterday afternoon for the purpose of taking the enemy in the rere. We claim that our work is unequalled by any other Laundry in Dublin. Upper Gardiner street. Jarrott. reports that at 11. Michael Shanks. Silver.” There were in it women and men become mad by terror—who threw their children overboard and then leaped into the river themselves to be hurried to death by the waters swirling between Hell Gate rocks. Justice Gainsford Bruce. and there are reports of Ministerial dissensions. any evening. and Ionic styles are all represented in the house. with great RACE. p2456T the Parent Institute at 15 Kildare street. has been made an English Judge in the room of Mr. and what followed was a veritable hell of suffering and horror. B. where the nerve and drove excellently. to Mrs. p2473npT RUMCONDRA road. The Carews have flourished for many generaand the German Mercedes for choice. BRIEF PREPAID NOTICES. the Russian Women are in many cases specially qualifleet is repaired. It was generally assumed that the Hon. (PRESS ASSOCIATION WAR SPECIAL.” thus winning for himself the character of a boaster if not worse.m. and everyone he met liked him for his sincerity and unfailing kindness. If from nothing else. respectable persons supplied all kinds. cured of chronic diseases that were believed to be incurable until they attended the institute. machine in perfect condition. 23-inch frame. another Belgian subject. that driven by Hantrast. good wages given. Apply. According to a Tokio telegram this country or in England which are run 53061 a Japanese fleet becoming aware by women.35 a. 35001 Singer foot sewing. it is stated. or Restaurant. Dublin Physicians. 33370 RUSSIAN WARSHIPS. Lady Carew is a granddaughto win comes within the bounds of possibili. Theatre Royal. The annual meeting of the Galway County Council was held yesterday. and as the remaining eighteen tion has been under consideration for a competitors will follow him at 7 min. M. endurance. £8.30 a. the Louis Exhibition the newspapers there avecar turning over. children objected to. and S. perished yesterday by the burning of an excursion steamer on the East River. He succeeded his To pick out a type of car father in 1881. Yates Thompson. (PRESS ASSOCIATION WAR SPECIAL. the 19th inst. But it was as surely a holocaust as that overwhelming calamity in the Iroquois Theatre in Chicago in the winter holiday season. But it appears that the Secretary for War is not ready. mistake. Hotel. £2 10s. besides 311 soldiers. The “Koelnische Zeitung” publishes the following telegram from Tokio. If genius really consists of an infinite capacity for taking pains. The Methods and Electrical Equipment are their own inventions. working on the burning steamer amidst the flames. Gt. North Circular road.30—Varieties. He is much of the same type. The Canadian Cabinet has dismissed Lord Dundonald from the command of the Canadian Militia. stating that opposition to the Howth Waterworks Order (1904) had been withdrawn. The Russians lost 500 killed. To-day is the eve of the Gordon-Bennett race. Dunlop tyres. many of which are now flourishing. James Bryce. and their terms are moderate. at half-past five in the morning the artillery opened fire on our flank. of course won it once. guaranteed order. An awful disaster is reported from New York in which 500 persons. cool and daring. p2445T ARGE Front Double-bedded Room. 0h. 77 Manor street. Only as late as Thursday last he broke his crank shaft and for five days the Napier was “hors de combat. A Commission has been appointed under the auspices of the Board of Agriculture to deal with the subject of grouse disease. some rain.. DAME STREET. with the Japanese almost in the city. M. made a blaze. he can do greats deeds on paper.30 a. of the United Kingdom. It would be reasonable to say that the driver that will beat him will win. He forthcoming international conference on the is. before Mr. as a chauffeur. it is extremely unlikely that there has been an engagement. TD. Apply Mr. 5 bedrooms. having conquered the teachbelieves. has been postponed. from the occurs at one of the thousand critical moments greater number the two Wolseleys have a coured James II. VALUE BUY K E N N E D Y’S FORTUNE’S B R E A D. very large garden. and French cars.Dance Room. where he was a member of the Board of Guardians. 70s. Stevenson. at Doonbeg. and then finished the course. new Warwick tyres. adjutant of the regiment. The Order adds :—“In the case of the gentleman particularly mentioned by Lord Dundonald as having been objected to. Justice Andrews. this morning. Meantime the Public Health Committee of Belfast are taking every measure possible to eradicate the disease from their city. Deegan were unanimously elected captain and vice-captain of the football team. 42m. Her paddle boxes—she burned almost to the water’s edge—were choked with corpses. Girlin. if local knowledge counts for anything. and between them the Germans have an excellent prospect of repeating last year’s performance. one would not dream he had gone through such a searching ordeal. as the weather has once more favoured the Russians. though the ably faster pace than that of last year it bar is still closed against them.” is the third Baron in the peerage petitors would be a foolhardy undertaking. and when this German and three Austrian.. like the other competitors. perfect order.. Catarrh. CAUTION—Only to be had from Mr. Stephen’s green. squally . gas. For the past week he has been condemned to idleness owing to a breakdown in his machine. on Saturday evening. 34838 85 MAIN STREET. as well as those in relation to the particular case which he mentions. His principal running TEST CHEAPNESS BY PURCHASING EITHER. Germany may again pro35074 vide the winner of the trophy. be expected to attend are Mr. p389 E ASY Payments. enamelled and gold lined. 6 Swift’s row. Australians in London are somewhat surprised (says the “Westminster Gazette”) that Mr. Lloyd & Lloyd. 36 Henry street. according to the pastor of St. schemes of things where men have to deal with gium appears to produce first-class chauffeurs. most of the senses are in extreme the nineteen cars there are five Mercedes—two tions in the South of Ireland. 3 sittingrooms. An Order in Council relieving Lord Dundonald of the command of the Canadian Militia was published in Ottawa yesterday morning. newly plated and enamelled. but who was well qualified by military service for a position of command. appeared for Shanks and said that for many years complainamt was a clerk of Shanks. it has been shown that he had never been in any way connected with the militia. Built in the beginning of the last century. and by finishing second to being M. and one of the trio may at least be in or about the post at the finish. the American Ambassador in London. the greater number women and children. made an attack from these woods between Ta-Fan-Shin and Lan-Kau. and the Order in Council states that “Lord Dundonald’s general remarks as to what he calls political interference. THURSDAY. and the time allotted to private members has expired. At 10. by accident or design. will be interested in hearing—has attached to it the modest salary of £1. no matter of what kind. with regard to the case of Constable Anderson. This increases the chances of an open sea engagement. 18 Lower Sackville street. are published for the benefit of the nation. a letter was received from Mr. Powerful Pocket Telescopes at 10s. Co. L. intervals long time. Dairy. Competition rather than legislation is required. Feared Heavy Loss of Life.20 yesterday she encountered a Russian squadron. expected to-day. Our losses were— Killed. in curing Consumption. of Cutters and Fitters of high-class experience. near Jesuit Church.. than cure. FISHMONGERS AND POULTERERS. with lawns and gardens adjoining the grounds of the Viceregal Lodge. at 8—Eugene Stratton and “Fun on the Bristol. Russell.000 acres. p2448npT HOP and Parlour to Let at 15 Great Britain street. making preparations to have the provisions CYCLISTS’ LIGHTING-UP TIME. The transport Hino Maru. Italy.” with another visitation of the smallpox. Fixed Wheel. consis. good fortune. It was near Hell Gate that the catastrophe came. JUNE 16. luck 1 GREAT BRUNSWICK STREET. kitchen. Bel. 30 Henry street—Varieties. AND 3 Sth. is stated that a well-known Dublin lady "CURIOUS The news from the seat of the war is be. There is the Dublin Stock Exchange. 13 Lower Gloucester street. and defendant agreeing to pay plaintiff £75 for costs. at 15 Kildare street. Wm.. p2477np O Let Back Drawingroom. T. stating age and salary (indoor). * St Petersburg. but they have the advantage of knowing the track thoroughly. X—Lady’s Safety. Very properly so. The private is the most important place on his personal staff in the gift of the Lord Lieutenant. the Mercedes have the best chance. and essentially a gentleman in the real sense of the word. in Mr. 35s and 40s. and on the 15th May last broke all records for the kilometre by covering the distance in 23secs. the Meteorological Office issued the following forecast for the next 24 hours :— IRELAND (N. newly prepared. Chancellor and Sons.” 25-inch frame.m. How did it happen ? The curse ascribed is as likely as any other—some fat boiled over in the lunch room. 37986 DUBLIN WHISKY. THE AMERICAN ELECTRO-VIBRATION INSTITUTE. 17m. a betting man. Corinthian.90 saddle. 29. fresh arrivals daily by rail and steamship. Caruthers. Baby Linen. hiding the movements of the Russians. In any case the water at the spot where he beached his big craft was not sufficiently “shoal. at 8—Elster-Grime Opera Co. Choate. The reasons are fully set forth in an order in Council.” On those invaluable five days he might. and Mr. Dublin. newly enamelled and plated. Salleron made his debut in the Eastern question which is to be opened in London on the 29th inst. Noon. and took an active part in registration and political work. Stephen’s green. Dunlop tyres. Apply 44 North Summer street. Vincent street. np this offer holds good. By the way the personality of this pair is most agreeable. Final arrangements for the outing on Sunday. T B C L Tokio. machine and tyres in perfect condition. At an extraordinary general meeting held at the club rooms. and his scheme would upset the existing order in the army. with a residence in Ireland. Except for the weather-beaten aspect he presented. p2499npT Mr.) A Good Laundry Is a Luxury. from the TAKEN byHall. pantries.. and. and objections and difficulties the last car. have been captured by Admiral Kamimura. Stephen’s green. 27-inch frame. Jap Transports Captured. THE AMERICAN DOCTORS AND THEIR GOOD WORK. Rudge-Whitworth.which would be of such interest to the public. Chassepot do. Redmond was a pleasing speaker. Thursday. and c. Banba June 14th. we are told. W. Such an utterance could not be tolerated by any Ministry with a particle of self-respect. perfect order. Thursday. Tivoli Theatre. After last year’s race he made a record in the flying kilometre in the speed trials in the Phoenix Park. the Union concerning the local water supply to winner of last year’s race in Ireland. a formal statement being signed by both parties. standing on an eminence and commanding a view of he Blackstair mountain. which works out at the marvellous speed of nearly 96 miles per hour. Double Breechloaders from 40s. and after consulting the spector-General. apart altogether from political or personal considerations. Freeman Office. 27s VibraBARGAINS. and the 1st Brigade of Artillery six officers and fifty men. Balfour to take up the Bill as a Government measure. 1. PARTMENTS to Let (unfurnished) in quiet house. Newcastle-on-Tyne. BRAY. and it was decided to compete in the Junior Saturday Football League. BRIEF PREPAID no difficulty about her admission. Stephen’s green. arrived. of the cars. who hit him back in self-defence. Castlebar. electric bells. added that the Bill now goes forward as an unopposed measure with the powers for the entire scheme as originally sought. the natural result of doing things on a great scale. Edge. new sewerage. and that there was no occasion for action on the part of the House of Commons. Of this number the 1st Regiment of Siberian Rifles lost twelve officers and two hundred men. BIG BATTLE AT TELISSA. George’s St (3 DOORS FROM DAME STREET) 34760 ST. The position of Attorney General of the United States—the English Law Officers of the Crown. It was partly burned down. yes of great power . was opened yesterday. Greenwich. I. Shortly before five o’clock the cavalry discovered on our right flank the presence to the south of Ta-Fan-Shin of a considerable force of the enemy. Lord Plunket. Apply F. latest. 27-inch frame. free-wheel. The transport Hitachi Maru. The an instinct for a bargain and a caution Vladivostock squadron has put to sea. and purticularly Mr. Liverpool. and before coming to Newcastle-on-Tyne had resided in Liverpool. the Attorney-General. bath. including even that official of high-sounding title and important and dressy Court duties.was flying from the battle of the Boyne. no children. Japs Take 300 Prisoners and 14 Guns. for today it is admitted that his ships surrounded two Japanese transports.has applied to be admitted a member of OLD MALT. but probably lost sight of them when night came on. had been withdrawn. and the letter from Mr. averagman. 41 Rutland square. use sittingroom. the front portion practically raged fifteen columns of space a day in reIn round being smashed to pieces. Rudge-Whitworth. The details of the encounter are not yet to hand. with Free-wheel. For choice we prefer the chance of Jarrott. and Jarrott will drive a Wolseley car. was charged by Wm. DUBLIN. two rim brakes. has been no edition of any newspaper during the time of her visit that has not printed phoThis is but touching on the drivers of Ger. Earl Spencer said a wise measure of self-government for Ireland was essential. of whose fate nothing is yet to hand except the statement that it is feared the loss will be very heavy. Keswick’s Csardas finished first. SERIOUS RUSSIAN LOSSES. must very nearly approach that standard.30 to 8. fear or alarm that the city will be troubled and Co in “Leah. and Sado Maru off Iki Island yesterday. (from the instruments of Messrs. An action brought by John Reid. The music publishers have undoubtedly a grievance against the pirates. Jenatzy. but regarded as confidential documents. solicitor to the Board. free-wheel and rim brakes. DUBLIN. in perfect order. Evidently. Even the gloom of this appalling disaster is lightened by the story of man’s heroism. 0h. Brodrick. INCHICORE. * secretaryship VLADIVOSTOCK SQUADRON. Although it is rumoured that the Japanese squadron has overtaken and engaged the Vladivostock squadron off Iki Island. X—Gent’s Safety. freewheel. The Japanese casualties number 1. 20 Killarney parade. and her passengers. is a splendid pile of buildings.172 tons and the Sado Maru. it is the human factor that has failed—for a moment. which were purchased out of this sum. (PRESS ASSOCIATION WAR SPECIAL. A storm. The unlovely name of this portion of the river has been given a real dread significance. Depot. You can prove this by sending in a trial washing. A—Gent’s Rudge-Whitworth “Standard. Last year. and OPERA range. Hosiery. and who have an interest in those opinions as State documents. and that Mr. p2407nsT AMBE’S. G S S In curing all forms of Rheumatism and Neuralgia. American “bigness” is in it—the characteristic with which the American is so familiar in many things that when he comes to other countries and beholds smaller proportions and slower movements he pronounces them “one-horse.. who has always acted as Premier in Sir John See’s absence. In 1815 his greatgrandfather. TOURISTS’ IMPROVEDGLASSES. Grafton street)— Temperature. Singer hand. The French representatives are the products of the most searching of all the eliminating trials amongst all the nations competing.m. To-Morrow’s Contest. at 8—Smart Set Society Entertainers. English. price. FELT HATS. Two Guineas. It is certain he is not behind Jenatzy in his preparations for this and so the best of the three Pipe cars may run the Mercedes close. as well as Indigestion Dyspepsia. No Agents. West. perfect tor. Imitation Maltese lace. 35082 METROPOLITAN LAUNDRY. between Ta-Fan-Shin and Lan-Kau. 1904. he sought to have the regiment officered by capable military men. At the same time the cannonade became heavier on our left flank. OFFICE HOURS :—10 to 4 and 6 to 9.2 EVENING TELEGRAPH. S. X—Gent’s “Standard” Roadster. Upper Drumcondra. gian. Sold. Sir Herbert Jekyll. etc. Thursday 10. Pavilion. on the other hand. As to England’s principal representative. home comforts. Drumcondra. MADE. took place early this morning. 22-inch frame. of which only the most meagre details have leaked out as yet. Furniture. William Benn. Numerous new branches were opened. etc. The Vladivostock fleet is reported to have captured two Japanese transports. who have investigated. to be Let. * Newchwang. £5 10s. EASY SELF-MEASUREMENT FORM AND PATTERNS SENT POST FREE. indicted and convicted of a conspiracy. In the House of Commons yesterday the Chief Secretary. indicate on his part a regrettable failure to appreciate the principles of British Constitutional Government. In the House of Commons yesterday. and there twelve hours. mainly with the view of grappling with the gigantic Trust scandal. and patented in all civilised lands. is an Irishman. Upper (Whitehall). R. A L WONDERS ARE DAILY PERFORMED. will preside at the drivers for the winner seems a futile undertak. Mr. Just a line to say as usual this is headquarters for best table potatoes. Rudge-Whitworth. 50s. formed the annual Sunday School excursion party of the St. price. as it were. says cular selection amidst the nineteen com. bookmaker’s clerk. Wise is the favoured candidate of Mr. and rebuilt in 1836. There are not many firms in the enemy. Lord Dundonald made a speech at Montreal in which he assailed the Government. and Mr. Irish time. terms moderate. Admiral Skrydloff did not come south. Electro-Vibration is certainly a blessing to humanity. the female prisoner being admitted to trial. About three years ago he was appointed organiser for a district created by the division of Mr. ESSENCE OF EVERY DAY’S NEWS. free-wheel and two brakes newly plated and enamelled. it looks as if his lucky star is not in the ascendant. 50 Mountjoy square.m. he would have run Jenatzy close. Stephen’s green. Jenatzy. the third English champion (Wolseley car) does not bulk in the public eye. Dublin. JUNE 16. Reported Capture. on the Ostend-Menport road. Clincher tyres. of the General Staff. with assault in Great Britain street beODD. BEST TRIMMINGS. Cheap Sale of Gloves. has been against him since he crossed to 43739 the Continent. £6. As an instance Mr. 70 degrees. They are located opposite the Shelbourne S i t u a t i o n s Wa n t e d . Wounded—Major-General Gerngross. 35s. 25s. at 8—Mrs. have been studying the course.M . elevated position. unlike the opinions of the Law Officers of the Crown. Mr. The Japanese are keenly pursuing the Russians. free-wheel. from 3s. and committed by the Court of King’s Bench to the King’s Bench Prison. for as it almost always happens when failure occurs. wanted young Lady. and the other that musical copyright is hardly a question upon which a Ministry can be expected to adopt a definite line. and are eager for the fight. F. M. Thursday. M‘Elroy. in BelTRONG Girl wanted for housework. The race. Michael’s terrace.000. unfurnished. is also considered to have an excellent chance. and will come before the Committee of Unopposed Bills next week. £8. organiser for the United Irish League in Northumberland and Durham. Rudge-Whitworth. 30s. will Sell cheap. The case was referred to the Committee of Privileges. General Baron Stackleberg at half-past ten in the evening advanced his reserves to check this movement. whilst the latest sent last evening places the death roll at 1. Mark’s German Lutheran Church. B. has two years’ experience as cash girl. Constable 161 C gave evidence that there was a This Firm has made special arrangements for catercrowd in Britain street at the time and he saw ing for their customers in the Costume Department. ” M. He was a native of Wexford. The Hino Maru was twenty miles west of Shimishima in the Ikishima group. Clincher tyres. should have been sent for to reconstruct the Government of Sir John See. two brakes. The men who stood to their posts yesterday—the unnamed heroes who. Mr J. speci. one door from Dawson street. Gold. close range.. the third French champion. M. Fisher recommended for the place another gentleman who was also his political opponent. the Treasurer. recruits are more scarce than ever. Another of his successes was the organisation of the Irish Gala at Durham. and others well known in public life and society. 161 Great Britain street. doing over 64 miles an hour. £8. Double Opera and Field Glasses. rent. on the edge of a wood two kilometers from these heights. only some of whom are grown up. passed women and children to the tugs that remained at hand until they took fire—more to their record than the into touch with the Japanese. (PRESS ASSOCIATION WAR SPECIAL. Waddell. Jenatzy. Run Down and BloodS i t u a t i o n s Va c a n t . Wall refused to grant an adjournment. 6. Evening. Speaking in London last night. Others died in the performance of their duty. 1904 machine. Yesterday it was stated that all opposition to the Howth Waterworks Order.” and many of them were drowned. M‘CABE’S. and having repulsed our detachment of cavalry. in the House of Commons last night. 18m. £8. A Japanese scout ship succeeded in getting into touch with the Russians. In a race of the kind. the Belgian.p. Redmond and Co. Mary’s lane. be suppressed? factors of success as are the actual merits of man. they have often repel the naval attacks of Togo’s ships. See these if you appreciate Good Value. of his temperament.under way. Blouses. and Mr. THE WAR. The chief difficulty is said to lie in the region of finance. Corsets.. Edge and C. and that the people of Howth and the vicinity may look forward to the completion of the new scheme in the near future. HATTER. On the pleasure steamer that went up the East River yesterday morning with flags flying and bands playing and hundreds of children singing and cheering for very joy there must have been at least one thousand souls. BEST FIT. 3 a. Waxwork Exhibition. and leaves a family. There ought to to acknowledge Japan’s maritime supre. Apply 15 Whitworth road. resigned. of the Vaccination Act carried out within TO-NIGHT. Microscopes. the retiring Premier of New South Wales. Thery. Ladies’ and Gent’s. who last year divided between them in public money the sum of £32. the Chamberlain of Dublin Castle. and is in a position to fied for business dealings . With the assistance of the Medical Inspector of the Local Government Board they have taken immediate steps to check the spread of the disease. Stephen’s green. from Mon- Cologne. will start were strewn in the path of the promoters of on its journey at 7. Please return to Miss Drago. as has been the case from the beginning of the war. in good condition. newly plated and enamelled. 300 men taken prisoners. Not only have the Germans the speediest cars. As usual. all at moderate prices. to Ireland’s Eye have been completed.000 and whose precious opinions. p2441 8 NORTH EARL STREET..” 25-inch frame. perfectly-restrained little man was the actual winner. Glynn (chairman of last year) was re-elected. as we knew him last year. p2386 A * H TODAY’S WEATHER REPORTS. like his immediate predecessor. Children’s Washing Suits. £4. farmer and auctioneer. and a sad shock to his hosts of friends. Solomons. Two batteries of artillery rushed through the town at midnight. Despatch from Gen. Mr. five apartments and workshop. and. 65 South George’s street and 96 Lower Gardiner street. Lord Dundonald is not the first of his family who by an astonishing escapade has created a Parliamentary sensation.ter of Sir John Lethbridge. 21-inch frame. Sir John Jackson. Paris-Vienna race in 1902 his brakes broke when descending a steep hill near Arlberg. Mr Balfour said the Government were bound to proceed with the Land Act Amendment Bill this session. Kuropatkin (PRESS ASSOCIATION WAR SPECIAL. newly plated. The pirates have shown the publishers that the market for music can be immensely extended if prices are reasonable. and therefore 1 hour 25 minutes fast of Dublin (Dunsink) time. Etc. Mark’s Church. and among had a varied experience during the past six the English members of Parliament who may years. stated that he acted upon the strength of the medical certificate signed by two medical men and forwarded by a respectable solicitor. terms moderate. Stephen’s green. h. As to-morBoth the permanent and the summer rerow’s race will start at 7 a. but it is stated that the whole scheme was incomplete and impracticable. who have not consented mittee at an early date. To-day in the Nothern Divisional Police and fined Shanks £1 or fourteen days’ imCourt. had to confess responsibility for what he called “a small contretemps. and you OOD Cook wanted for country hotel. Gordon-Bennett Cup. This is certain. OF EACH OF OUR SHOPS. Russian Defeat. the race will be run at a considering and medical professions. proceeded through Han-Kau. WILL SHORTLY OPEN A BRANCH ESTABLISHMENT AT most be-medalled warriors of whom nations boast. exercising good judgment in calling on them. are very portable .” Empire Palace Theatre.500 a year. Maru. Bart. Owen Kiernan’s charge. 6 Ardilaun terrace. Fisher. in perfect order and condition. 15 Russell avenue. the war correspondents might have been at home for all they have been allowed to tell of the fight. D. despite all the additional attractions. prisonment. £5. bath. Messers. consisting of a regiment of infantry. ter the Stock Exchange deserves all enwhich. on the contrary. Freeman Office. He will drive one of his own Napier cars. Pink Shawl. M. 7 apartments. p2402 X—Gent’s Rudge-Whitworth “Standard. free-wheel two rim brakes. In the race for the Royal Hunt Cup at Ascot yesterday. quality A1. children objected to. garden front and rere. and their promptitude is the best guarantee that the area of THE DRIVERS AND THE CARS. Lord Cochrane escaped and was arrested while sitting on the Treasury Bench of the House of Commons at a time when there were no members present. He has always been a persona grata with the Labour members. Thursday. newly plated. NOT EVEN A PURCHASE. is considering very seriously the proposal made to him by the President that he should accept the position of Attorney-General of the United States. PERSONAL PARAGRAPHS. The despatch breaks off at this point. Dublin. however. No institution for the healing of the sick in Ireland can point to a record as great as theirs. Mr. Towards half-past six in the morning the enemy. But it is all guess work. now holds the office of private secretary to the Lord Lieutenant. fast. p2417np X—Gent’s Rudge-Whitworth “Special. were seen two miles to the west.’ Queen’s Theatre. The track of the burning steamer as she went full speed to the island was defined by corpses and drowning men and women. Rudge-Whitworth. Mr. Address 2387. their jurisdiction. infection will be confined. rent reasonable. The rocks hemmed in the burning steamer —she could not turn . £4 10s.) Tokio. number limited. Stephen’s green.” Mr Fisher.30 p. Wise. indoor. who claimed ties.” Many of the passengers who survived the first mad rush perished by drowning or fire within a stone’s throw of safety. free-wheel. The Hino Maru on sighting the Russian warships. is a man absolutely without nerves. newly plated and enamelled. X—Girl’s Safety. Bronchitis. ing from one to three columns. BEST FINISH. changeable . 75973 . who drives again for Germany. F. BAKERIES:— 127 & 128 GT. The army is not popular . Apply at 136 Upper Dorset street. including the fame. 35014 Col. 34588 THURSDAY. Guaranteed Circulation of pursuit. did not interfere to give a militia regiment in the eastern Townships of the Province of Quebec a political colour . Austria. Rudge-Whitworth. The latter just came into prothe cars themselves. Thursday. and directing the other part of his force against the enemy’s front.which pays so heavily for them. R. B. —Advt. in making Paralytics walk. and have lost no opportunity of making themselves familiar with all its conditions. Who can say what particular driver and car will achieve the maximum factors of nerve.C.” There is no hope of the passing of the Musical Copyright Bill this session. who remained in the ranks. the BelTHAT CANNOT BE BEATEN. Address will regret it if you do not investigate while 2347. Police Court Proceedings. Elm Lodge. from the fact that their electric equipment is as near perfection as it is possible to attain. Harrington do. at 7 and 9—Varieties. Branch Institute at 3 Botanic avenue. wife. without inflicting loss upon his foe. Baron de Caters. We are accustomed in these countries to prepare ourselves for a certain number of fatalities —inevitable under the circumstances—during holiday time. In all better chance than the solitary Napier. So the captain’s plan when he steamed full speed away from Hell Gate rocks and beached his steamer at North Brother’s Island could only be partially successful. a n d Wa n t e d . with photo. good references. Death of a U. all particulars on application. 1904. better still. by the same architect who designed Johnstown Castle and Dromana. when a fusilade began on our right flank. Herbert Samuel. FIELD. 3s. de Pressense. Along the line of our outposts the firing soon slackened. Reginald Bray. PATRICK’S BAKERY. Like Mr. 50s. there must be an army.

Score:— WARWICK. three pence. she to tear and break women’s hearts. . . M. .) St. Leinster v. . J. . .. .. . .. 1 min. To Defendant—Miss Delany told her last October that the defendant was going to marry her. . and won easily by ten lengths. . . both playing good. . . ReBirmingham this morning. . Darling. . ... . W. From M’Gahey Wright hit a splendid four to leg. F. I’ll chalk it up for sat ´ ´ ´´ ´ some day though. Home Rails. 114 Upper Dorset street. .. and he came back in a short time and said he could not get a policeman. . . to the Rous Memorial Fund. . . . . . . . Alexandra Plate—FIRMILIAN. . . . 2s 6 1 d. 8 to 1 agst St. FENWICK asked the Chief Secretary whether his attention had been called to the case of Arthur Orbell. . . . 3 Lower Dominick street. . when he was fired at with a pistol by the son of Senator Schaumann. she was making.. Essex fielded finely. Buckenham bowled the first over. and was informed that the constable who had acted on his own authority. . by Bay Ronald —Wild Rose. C. Pembroke (first day). and the next day you wanted me to go away with you to Galway. Also competed—T. and another of defrauding Jacob Cohen. . . . he made all the running. Henry Crown. . Wylie and J. . Whittle b Sinclair . .. who. W. . 5 to 1 agst Altcar. Lane 1 Lord Howard de Walden’s ZINFANDEL. . The next thing was a discussion about a transfer‚ which the defendant said he wanted to Cork or Galway‚ but that came to nothing.. . .. LEICESTER. . . .. and after Denton livened up slightly. 7st 4lb Trigg 2 Mr. . .. Mr. O’Mahony said the defendant belonged to a most respectable family in Edgeworthstown. it may be mentioned that it was transparent from the conditions of the race that he had a 10lb penalty added to his age weight of 9st 9lb. The 200 appeared. Cleaned. Murphy) appeared for the plaintiff. 1st Inns. T. . .” She at first said—as young ladies generally did when they were coy and young—“I will tell you in the morning. . but he was not there to prosecute in the case. . . Windsor Castle Stakes. 1st Inns. H. . and when he found inquiries being made into this circumstances he dropped this representation. . but without result. . . Extras . . . . . Score:— NOTTS. .” for him in a book. . 34. Opel and four or five other of the competitors. . . 9 . J. The weather. 85 .. J. H. . was charged by William Kavanagh.. Atchi4 4 son. as with the exception of being once headed by Sceptre.” “No. Warren and Humphries added six before luncheon.. Time—4 mins. The charge on the magistrate’s sheet was as follows:—“Thomas Manly. was missed by Penn at third slip. . witness stated that that the accused had £1 18s 2 1 d in his possession 2 He was an hour in custody. . after that the game quieted down a little.. . and was scoring considerably faster than Denton at this point.m. . after batting eighty-five minutes. Leeds. . . . . . Higgins. . E. . . Betting—6 to 4 agst Grey Plume. . Judge Wright said they should give reaExtras . and left it down. . . G. Tuesday—Clement. Saphero and Charles and Co. second to receive 50 sovs. . Grey Plume jumped off in front of Salute. This evening. . 8st 7lb . Milwaukee. . . Two Miles Bicycle Handicap—W. Kerr. Gahan. and with odds of 4 to 1 laid on him. . . . .. 1902... Denis Kilbride) mentioned during the course of the day that through error a notice in the matter had been served for Thursday next instead of this morning. . . THROUGH THE GARDEN OF IRELAND. Bass’s SCEPTRE. before the former was easily caught at mid-off. Fitzgerald. . . reaching his 50 after batting an hour and a Mr. . . .000 sovs. BALLINROBE PLATE—Steinort. Replying to a further question by Mr.. He accompanied her to Dublin in his capacity as secretary of the Gaelic League. .. 25. Hong Kong. Ribs 15 up. .. . The constable had been guilty of a grave error. . immediate possession. . 2. . having played sound cricket. of AccringFrom a weather point of view the Cup day ton. .. . . The plaintiff had entered as a competitor for the Oireachtas held in Dublin in 1901. 1902. . . as well as an amount of information with reCarpenter c Storer b Wargard to fares. Freeman Office. . Mrs. . . Thursday. Two‚ however‚ had been discovered.. .) Race started at 2. . Santa Claus was fourth. . 4 4 4 3 3 1 145 4 . . Dublin University Bicycle Sports. . 2nd Inns. a promising young professional wicket-keeper.. 9st Griggs 0 Mr. 85 Race started at 3. . . . . .. and had some conversation with him. . . Douglas Baird’s ISLESMAN. . . . vacant. .. . LATEST LONDON MONEY. . account. 6 . . . .Won by three lengths.. Knight not out . . Poidevin c Butt b Leader 27 . . The first word the defendant said was “How was Peg” and that the next time he was ill he would have a nurse to mind him.. K. . and then was brilliantly caught at point. . Mr. Cades. 0 . . she had promised. . . . v. Price. When the case was called. . ´ ‚ However‚ I hope to make up for that little fast some day very shortly. . Mr. Mr. .. There were two additional charges against him to-day—one of having obtained 10s from Henry Crown. 17 . . Score:— YORKS. 7 13-16. She said that one of the examiners had said that her voice was like a piece of Kilkenny black marble. . however.22 1 . . Garnett lbw b Cox . . .. In the present case he was alleged to have represented himself as an emigration agent. . . The engagement had the result of improving our position. . Lady Royston and Sweetheart. 1. . although the cricket was not specially aggressive. 1902. .. . at risk of that I will send the case on for trial.. . . . T.. . . . . . . Gatwick Foal Plate—Cornflower. .) Berlin. Stern 0 (Winner trained by Braime. . Brinton and Cuffe stood down. . . Mr. . ..30 The ST. 100. ´ I hope your mother is no worse‚ Maggie‚ should I not see you to-night please drop me ´ . A semi-official telegram from Mukden of today’s date says that in order to draw off a portion of the enemy’s forces from Port Arthur a column was despatched southwards from Tashi Chao. Burke. 16 . Also competed—G. . stationmaster at Tara street Station. M. Won by thirty yards. .. 3 yrs. . . . 10 to 1 agst Maximum II. . a protest which was sustained. . . Leader 0 Mr.. At the time that he (counsel) would have to deal with the defendant was not only an active and prominent member of that organisation but was also acting as secretary of the Kilkenny Branch. Chatham Preference. Mr. same between second and third. Fortunately nobody was hurt nor was any damage done. Llangibby. Brassey’s Galapas. 100 to 8 agst Pace Egger colt. . Time.. Moondyn II. who in quick succession hit him for 5 fours and a two. . R. Score:— SURREY. Warwickshire had the good fortune to bat first on a perfect pitch. 6. 8st 10lb Maher 2 minutes. E. and the whole side of the street became running stream of flame. 8st 4lb . 19 Hull street. . . 32 Union street. . . . Six ran. There is a meeting at seven which I am anxious to attend. for sale. suit working girl or family. to recover £500 damages for breach of promise. . .. 0 . He asked would he be returning the same evening. . . E. . . . . 5 Villikins. 2 1 d... ´ . Hornby b Leach . Iremonger not out . . 19 3-5 secs. . Swifte—Who is to prosecute? Mr. . . . . . the defendant. 6 . in the Southern Division Police Court. whose mutilated body was taken from the Spree a few days ago. .000 sovs added. of every description repaired and restored. but he did not know him as Wought. H. therefore. . Any jury would scout the case out of court. . .. . 3 . . He was It was about midnight when they were leaving rather proud. Sussex and Lancashire relied upon the name teams that so worthily represented them earlier in the week at Sheffield and Birmingham respectively. . . . on the D. . . 8st 7lb B.. . to whom he had since got married. . appeared for the railway company. . . A. Defendant—I was going to try and show he was not a reliable witness. but failed by two yards. 9 .) Race started at 4. Reeves went on for M’Gahey. J.. the bowlers keeping a good length on the fast pitch. This combination meeting of Dublin University Bicycle and Harrier club was held this afternoon in College Park. Adderley. . Dean street Kilkenny. .. The defendant said he would go for a policeman himself. . 3.. . abbeys. . . second to receive 300 sovs. through Great Western. 59. She said “Oh‚ I know nothing about house-keeping. Second heat— C. and had been reprimanded... . . cheapest house in Ireland. .” In reply to Mr. . . when the South Africans ceipts of hogs. M. Also competed—C. After lunch King and Knight soon played Mr. . . J. Defendant acted as stage manager. I. SURREY v. . He did not see how the stationmaster could have acted otherwise than he did in the matter. . . . . . and hit 6 fours. 9st H.. .. Bestwick b Douglas Extras . . 2. the accused was again remanded. though the latter was rather lucky in snicking the ball now and again. . . .. Rhodes not out . 2 1-16. 3 3-16. . Should you no fine try to come‚ be able to come I shall await you after the Rosary on Friday. Wexford and Waterford. and. . Cambridge played seven Blues. . King did most of the scoring. He had previously know the prisoner in Leeds under the name of Price and Charles Owen. . . by Rightaway—Theale. . . Wilkinson off-driving both bowlers to the boundary. 7 to 1 agst G L H L L M M T W £200 Watches. Within the last half-century such names as West Australian. But the jury would say at the Conducting His Own Defence.. for Sale. . p2568 OUSE to Let. . . . and these included last year’s winner.. . Wilkinson b Bird. . Total (3 wks) . . . . . . . Cossack made the whole of the running. . . . . . . and runs coming steadily the 100 was reached in eighty minutes. . Selim. Regarding the weight carried by Cossack. . . 8st . . . .. . . Surrey made five changes from the side beaten by Essex yesterday. . . .15 to-day. American closed steadier. with unlawfully and knowingly uttering to William Kavanagh. but all withdrew except the plaintiff. . Notts won the toss. . . . . .. . . A. . . on the 19th of April last. and Murrell coming into the team. at Abbeyview. 125 . . .. July. sent free on receipt of Post Card containing address. Higham. . Betting—6 to 4 on Santry. . . . Fitzgerald... . Shah Jehan. before a largely increased attendance. Swifte.. 12. Leeds. While you were munch‚ munch munch‚ I was tramp‚ tramp‚ tramp‚ and when I got a glimpse of you through that little slit in the shutter (I wanted to know if the old boy was within) and saw how you were enjoying yourself I hadn’t the heart to disturb you ´ ´ . The defendant then cross-examined the plaintiff. When asked. and Celtic churches. . Thrift. . .. Irish Loan 6 1 4 premium. children objected to. . Jones 0 2nd Inns. 9st . p2557 ANTED by a steady. . 87 . Opel and all the rest pushed their cars backward out of reach of the flames. for call loans while fixt ures are quoted at 2 per cent . . . at the booking-office. After his display in the Coronation Cup at Epsom it was not surprising to see Zinfandel a better favourite than Sceptre. Ollivierre b Reeves . . Mr. . Time. . Orbell. Mr. . . he thought. . G. Sharp not out . and in the latter were inscriptions. She had received gloves and music books from the defendant. but afterwards the atmospheric conditions improved. who is not yet 21. while the Essex team differs in two instances from that which defeated Surrey.. . all the places of interest tapped by the railway are described—their characteristics.. .” and he wrote to that address. The Gold Cup. Isonomy (twice). August‚ 1903‚ they met frequently and went to give musical instruction to his pupils. Tyldesley was out at 16. . . ... . . AND BALLYHAUNIS MEETINGS. . . . . There he saw a young girl. . WORCESTER v. . 2nd Inns. At Bucks Assizes yesterday. . . and the side fielded indifferently. Marozzo.. . was called to translate the Irish passages in the letters. after being firm. . .. . Wi n n e r. Now he said the girl was lying‚ and that from beginning to end there was no foundation for her statement that he had promised to marry her. “James Wought. C. and if the case were sent on for trial it would. William Delany. The CHIEF SECRETARY said Mr. 7st 9lb (car 7st 10lb) . 10 up. . . 23 . . Norfolk.Y. . . Faloone. Time.... 1904. . . Quaife turned the first ball he received into the hands of Mitchell at slip. THURSDAY. . . last. . Miller’s Cinquefoil. The band of the Second Seaforth Highlanders was present during the afternoon. .. figure.. . He met her in the usual way as a lover‚ and kissed her in her father’s house‚ where he visited her. No answer came.. . GROCERS’ ASSISTANTS’ SPORTS. Ashcroft b Douglas . H. Moore’s works Manchester‚ and looking at some jewellers’ were again coming into better appreciation shops‚ witness saw a ring marked at 18 bns. . 4 20. . . . She told him the police were after him. Burke (laughter). Work is guaranteed to all classes of tradesmen. Gahan. cattledealer.. . . tances of places of interest from stations on Fane c Ollivierre b Warthe system. was put forward on remand charged by detective-sergeant Sheahan and Detective-officer M‘Cabe with having on the 30th of May obtained £1 by false pretences from Benjamin Zaretsky.. Cannon 1 Lord Derby’s ALTCAR. Hayward and Baker. Dillon.82 1 . . PARLIAMENT. 16 .9. and going in himself with Spooner. . 48 7 . Vincent’s SHAH JEHAN. . On account of the change in my circumstances the engagement was broken off—not by me.. . . . Lane 1 With King in Knight completed fifty. .). but don’t ruin him and his wife. raising his weight to 9st 12lbs. J. 15 min. 8 .. That vacation at the end of August‚ 1903‚ the denight the time came when the defendant fendant kissed her. . . . 134 (Winner trained by Gilpin. . 128 . After luncheon Baker soon completed his 50. Mervyn. . Lucie Berlin. . and Throwaway on offer at twenties However. F. . . .. your own time. . end of the trial what they thought of conduct such as he (counsel) had outlined‚ and that by the defendant. SUSSEX. . also some Baby’s Short Frocks. with 1. . The hundred went up in as many Sir E. On last Thursday night he came into the house with a handkerchief on his face and tied round his head. can be seen from 10 to 11 a. . . filly.. the two men scoring 75 together in fifty-five minutes. . July. . .. Hayward just afterwards completing his fifty. Fine breezy weather favoured the start of play this morning. 7 to 1 agst Shah Jehan. This he refused. . . .. . stationmaster. . Six or seven of them promised to work up. . in opening the case. . . . . I am sorry you did not come though‚ for I cannot turn up early on to-morrow (Thursday) evening‚ I fear. . also quantity of ladies’ and gent’s new iron lasts. . Byrne c and b Sinclair . hotel accommodation. 1 . .. . .. 120 Yards Handicap—First heat—W. . . Wicklow. broke down at the time of starting. . and left the field. . which in poor English words meant. . Keogh—I am here to represent the company. . . 3 yrs. Jones 0 Sir J. Also competed—F. Cannon 3 themselves in again.” That was in the corted her to the supper that took place after month of June. J. and however great the grievance decided to serve notice forthwith of the sur. . . . 1.. . steady cricket. . . Gahan went on in the last lap. . Scene at Tara Street Station FARMER CHARGED WITH UTTERING BASE COIN. Uninsured showed the way to Esquire and Wild Oats for half way. . Dublin.. . King not out . . SOUTH AFRICANS (2 wkts) . . and Atlas. 2nd Inns. . . . 7. . Petersburg. in reply to Mr. The Constable—Nothing more than to justify him in making the charge. . Starting from the two Dublin termini of the system. . Ascot—Cadwel. . 1875. . . 1901. . hot bath. 4 yrs. delivered in quantities from 2 gallons. . .. .” said he. . . 20 yds. 16 1 . .. Mr. p3517 ACK Drawingroom to Let. Reeves bowled Ollivierre. 8st 10lb 1st Inns. 9 5 . .. De Trafford and Knight put on 55 Mr. Won by five lengths. . He told her that he kept a confectioner’s shop in Capel street. . the despised one created a great surprise. . . . . . . . . . . . . Did you suggest that he might find a young organised for the purpose of raising funds to lady for himself? (laughter). . . . . . Mr.. . . . C. . . 6 . Wylie. The Right Hon.. 7st 4lb Rollason 2 Lord Wolverton’s FLOR DI CUBA. Furlong. GOVERNOR OF FINLAND SHOT. . The General’s assailant immediately committed suicide... stated that the defendant lodged in her house. . . compiled for the company by Mr. Gunn soon began to hit and passed Iremonger. Burton not out . . 20 Rutland square. . . R. . Rose’s CADES. defended.. Wisely letting well alone. 8 Great Brunswick street. . Dublin. Time. gave Surrey a capital start. B. .. 90 . . 1. but could not agree as to damages. Jackson. . . . R. H. the weather was beautifully fine at Pork 15 up. F. . .of the Phoenix Park known as the Nine Acres the members of the Slough-na-hEireann are lin. . . a neat illustrated tourist guide to the counties of Wicklow. She spoke to him about a Miss Phelan. . .. September.consented. The survivors of the Japanese transports Sado Maru and Hitachi Maru state that the vessels were sunk by torpedoes. On the game being resumed Kinnier was taken at mid-off with the total unaltered. . Did you hear that Miss Donegan is seriously ill and could not play at the Gym concerts? I met Milligan to-day. . .. . but did not do so. . . Witness said “That is no shilling. Stevenson. . Wylie. Directly afterwards the same batsman had a narrow escape of being caught in the slips.. . H. . (REUTER’S TELEGRAM.— ´´ a line to say when I can. was almost caught. . . . .. H. .. Cyllene. John O’Mahony (instructed by Mr. . 3. . . He had £120 a year at that time‚ and tuition she might become a great singer. 1902. 8st 10lb Randall 0 timed cuts and hard drives.. Fitzgibbon and Others. The bowlers were Reif and Cox. Tobias. . . . ... Miller’s Cossack. .. The County Inspector of Derry had written to Mr. I remember counting my money last evening. . . .. . King.C. who was just going off duty at the time. The Cambridge bowlers. p2574 and Taxes. Windsor—The Pagan. . has accepted the Chiltern Hundreds. . . J. . 10 yds.) . . Harrison. The Stock Markets have shown a goo dtendency. who wore a pair of large blue goggles. . . and made runs steadily. . . .. W.. . . Glover c Tancred b Llewellyn . .. . Mr. . . 5 0 NOTTS v. Cadman c M’Gahey b Tremlin ..0 The Second Year of the FORTY-FIRST NEW BIENNIAL STAKES of 15 sovs each. 100 to 8 Capot. . a fraud for a silver shilling of the King’s currency. Hayward continuing to play splendid cricket. . . Neumann’s LLANGIBBY. a cabinetmaker. 6 yrs. etc.. was the manager of a Canadian Emigration Society. .” containing latest market movements. . TOPPING & SPINDLER. A. . H. Burke. . Sharp and Cuttell made another stand. . Somearranged with Dr. . . . . and in December of that year he reorganised the Gaelic League Branch and organised little entertainments on Sunday evening. at any time. . . Freeman Office. . Their fate is not yet known.. . Current topics. .. He then became very noisy.. B. the cricket was somewhat featureless. . Hight Weight .. If on the Mediterranean. . . M’Laren won the toss. . Thursday. . Patey tried hard in the straight to overhaul Greene. All Letters to be addressed— FLUSHING HOLLAND.. 10 .. suitable for dealer or others. . . . solicitor. . Time. and I believed that you were a gentleman. . . with Maximum II. N. . also appeared for Mr. . beat Comber. said the defendant was a Gaelic enthusiast in Kilkenny.. Wheat 1 down. . . Details of the destruction of the transports and the number of casualties cannot yet be obtained. Jackson. . 4 yrs.. . . and on that pretence obtained £1 from Zaretsky for a ticket to Canada. and St. . with 800 sovs added. with intent there by to defraud. . Homburg. p2512 OOD Basket Car. till fairly in the line for home. Old mile. K. . Race. 0 . “County Cricket. The game was resumed at ten minutes to three. .. .. h ft. who was a large shopkeeper and farmer. . Atkin. . . . . . 44 NOTTS (2 wkts) . and he agreed to pay Dr. will he state whether the Commissioners have authority to prohibit games played by most of the young men in Dublin. . in specie in addition. . P. was acquitted of a charge of setting fire to the Booker Isolation Hospital. . ´ . 10st 1lb Maher (disq. . Monkstown.. F. . . Patey.. . . . Hayward c M’Donell b Keigwin . Geo.. Merry’s Airdrie. . T. though lower. . . Leah Levin. . . . . Ia.. . . I told him she was at home enjoying herself eating a cocoa-nut (laughter). Government disbursements have caused a relapse to 1 per cent.. K. Swifte said the defendant undertaking that no action would be brought. . . . . Burke. and had received no lessons from any lowed to outrage the best instincts of men‚ and master. BALLINASLOE.. 2 8 4 77. Lisbon. . . . .. L. . ... He got no answer to that letter. 77912 CYCLING AND ATHLETICS. . When 73 Iremonger was again missed. . The Press Association is officially informed that the King has been pleased to appoint Mr. 42 15-16. M. Rescue from Drowning.. .. . 35 yds. 10 Pfenning Deutsches Reigh.. . 27 . . Jackson. . Tiberia. Constable 116—If you gave him the ticket and sixpence change you would be at the loss of the sixpence? Yes. . . . The defendant is said to have several aliases. . . PROFIT Rent will be Sold for the low price. . disappointed‚ and glad at not meeting you— glad that you did not venture out on such a cold night‚ and yet very much down in the mouth that you could not be out. . . . . immediately dived in and succeeded in holding the boy above the water until his cries for help attracted the attention of the ferrymen who were crossing the river at the time. . Malone.. . Keogh said he was there to represent the company.. July. “The Continental Sportsman. Consols for account unaltered.. Moorhouse b Kotze . Counsel read the letters‚ and translated the Gaelic words:— ´ ´ .m. . 47 . . .. . but finished last.m. .. . . . but two runs later Jones was dismissed. 8st 10lb . . . St. but you said you would like to see the lathe first (laughter). 13.. . . 2. . Stevenson c Sewell b Tremlin .polo was allowed to be played in that part mains has caused a great sensation in Ber. with Lady Villikins. . All doubt as to the sinking of the Japanese transports Hitachi Maru and Sado Maru has been removed. 3 to 1 agst Santa Claus.. W. sch. Rathmines. .. 8st 10lb E. Wokingham . . . . . . Second heat—W. but Garnett was out directly afterwards at 170.. . .. . Pure Crystal sixth. the bowling being in the hands of Arnold and Simpson-Hayward. . A. C. . (REUTER'S TELEGRAM. Midland. . grocer’s assistant. . 111 3 . Humphries not out . . R.. . from her own love”... the Baltic. . Mr. K. September. of cream. . .. and under whose authority was Constable Hayes acting? The CHIEF SECRETARY said he had made inquiries. . . 17 secs. .. do.. . and 153 of the Sado Maru at Kokura. NANNETTI asked the Chief Secretary girl. . 2. . will stand wind swept across the Heath. twice daily. . p2531 ADY has for disposal Bundles of Clothing. therefore. . By the way‚ that was a great run you made down the town about 1. D. .. 10 . Mr. Needham b Douglas .000. . three reception. . Gibson—Will you tell the jury about the cocoa-nut? (Laughter).. .. .. apart from Napier. Cannon 2 Mr. also in Gaelic. . House of Commons. The new bowler. . Won by three lengths. brother of the plaintiff. Swifte. .. He told the defendant that if he did not go away from the window he would get a policeman to remove him. Botanic road. ft. . . sch. KENT.. . 7 to 4 agst Sceptre. . 3. . 100. Berlin. . . . . . 20. .. . but when Denton came Wilkinson played bright and attractive cricket. . Opel’s car. In the ordinary course of the post he got a reply in which Wought offered to sell him a ticket to any part of Canada he wished for £1.. . The return match between these counties was commenced to-day at Trent Bridge. 2. . . . Burne sets out in an attractive form all the charms of the delightful district through which the Dublin. .. 44 . . . suit any purpose. . . Tunnicliffe b Arnold. 2 FLUSHING HOLLAND. . . 3. . 9st . erect a suitable monument over a young IrishWitness was engaged to sing at the Munman named William Rooney. 3. Thormanby.. . .) GAELIC LEAGUE AND LOVE AFFAIRS. and not 10st 1lb as carried. Remembering the words of Sir Walter Scott: “Were such scenes of such surpassing loveliness on the shores of England they would be a world’s wonder.. . King’s ORCHID. In cross-examination by Mr. . . .. So far Spooner had made 42. something to do in or about a painter’s shop.. He entered her parent’s residence in the guise of a lover‚ and what did he do? He said to the plaintiff‚ “Get me the letters that I wrote while I was away. They then got on bad terms. F.. September. by Isinglass —Meddlesome. h. stayed on. .. and he sent a letter to Wought. Munro. . greater convenience of the greater number. and Summer’s Eve. . . . and Fishwick and Kinnear gave the side a splendid start. .. with played Gill for Reginald Crawford. 20. . . . . and P. Father Hoyne asked than that which now stood in College Green. Past and Present. Inquire 23 Mountjoy st. J. M.. . but he was slow. .. . . . . Time. . . . Buchanan’s Escalavo. . . .. . . 7 to 1 agst Salute. Jones 1 Sir J. . . . Spanish. After yards). . . The drivers and mechanicians preserved their sang froid. . but his innings was a very lucky one. . Moloney. . . but for the moment the scene was really terrifying. . . Mr. Keogh said that was not so. . . 20 to 1 BALLINROBE MEETING. . In the latter’s first over Warren and Stevenson were dismissed. . it was raining. . . . . prosecuted. . . £100 . . quiet house. 3 yrs. Mason. clean and airy. Ashcroft left at 82. . . . . . Total . G. . . ... . . Shanghai.. it was not surprising to find the attendance on the small side.. W. but worked with his uncle. 255 THE VERDICT. After some further evidence. . Wicklow. 16 . is Liberal candidate.. .. amongst others were—“Maggie my treasure. .. .. . . . . . 90 . 7 to 1 agst Islesman. a Revenue officer. . . North Western. William the First. and stated his view of the case at considerable length. and at 82 Gunn had a life. and witness said that if he did not keep quiet and did not go off the premises he would give him in charge for tendering a base coin. Hayward batted in delightful style. there was a capital attendance despite the bright boisterous weather. . . . and won cleverly at the finish by a length. .. .. . .. J. 3 St.. and she took in letters for him in various names. for the Sowerby Division of Yorkshire. . . M’Gahey c Warren b Cadman . Cuttell not out .. . . “SPORT” of SATURDAY NEXT will contain complete Programmes for the above Meetings. The ticket was bogus. . . . . . Were it not for the timely assistance of the ferryboat both rescuer and rescued would have drowned. . . . Greene. Simon.. of course. .. Arthur James’s Atlas. Black Pug Dog. Wokingham Stakes—CERISIER. . . Charlesworth st Halliwell b Sinclair . . . B. 25 .. . July. .. . Spooner b Leach .” “To my little dark treasure from your lover. Later Reif resumed. . 24 1 . . . J. . . . . . . I know you are only a child but I want the promise from you. . . .. 4 yrs.12. One of the girls wrote down the address. JUNE 16. Sparks.) Betting—6 to 5 on Uninsured. Reginald Bray. . Leach displaced Tate.. 8st 10lb M. . . . 13 . . 3 yrs. travelling facilities. . Quaife c Mitchell b Llewellyn . ... He suggested that she should sing at the Gaelic League concert in Manchester in March‚ 1903‚ but her father objected to her going to a strange city by herself‚ but consented when the defendant said he would go with her. . On that occasion. her to sing at a concert in Kilkenny‚ and she In the book the defendant put a Gaelic inscrip. but knight and De Trafford played well. however. . . . but Baker showed indifferent form.. Modder. and at five minutes past twelve Jones and Iremonger began their innings to the bowling of Fielder and Blythe. . Apply 146 North strand. . . 1. . and in July. interior newly decorated. . who hung at the raising of the barrier. The defendant suggested to said she first met the defendant in March‚ her when she returned home that under careful 1901. . A. . . H. . George Gunn not out . all the changes being off fielded. Co. She was a young girl. Her mother and sister died within a fortnight of each other in November and December. Edge was waiting with his Napier car. . . Capot.. After luncheon Arnold and Wilson bowled. . the Stationmaster.. . etc.. . College Green. . . . .. 8. . . R. . half a length divided second and third. Jones c Penn b Fielder . 7 . but Tyldesley opened with a four. W. . . Manly. for a year without interruption. . . 83 3 . Mr. and so Tate went on at 37. . . . Miss Mary Sparks. . . Thursday. N. Lord Hawke c Wheldon b Wilson . . . . and without further addition Wright was well taken in the slips. . 16 secs. .) Race started at 4. . corroborated the account given by Kavanagh. . . . 1st Inns. . 290 LATEST LONDON MONEY. 1 . . . 30 . . solicitor.. .. 271 . was made up by the inclusion of Smith. The whole street was in flames. . Dublin University (first day). Edgeworthstown. Betting—4 to 1 on Cossack. . the prisoner said he had a tootache. 27 Warren street and 49a Lower Clanbrassil street. . . and Mr. Orbell for what had happened. .. .. because you said you wanted to give the gossips a surprise. . . . and I went somewhere else. 3. .. College Green Post Office. . .. left. Extras . Half-Mile Bicycle Handicap—J.. The price of the handbook is Warner . and he said a shilling. with attempting to pass false coin. Immediately a loud explosion occurred. She had heard of his walking with another girl‚ and she had met him afterwards and complained he denied that there was any truth in the story. . . “I will give you written her while on holidays‚ and she gave them to him. . while Marylebone 1. . Up to this time he had written about 20 or 25 letters. . 2 2 Total (4 wks) . 67 Warren street. . . . . . . the principal attraction of the afternoon. 100 to 30 agst Atlas. 8st 7lb . . . . . 2 to 1 agst Wild Oats. Hornby was run out directly the 200 appeared at ten minutes to four. Burke spoke to her was enthusiastic in his approval of the great father about it‚ and it was agreed that the success which she had attained. . ... . and all the cars got out safely. 900 years’ lease. . . When he went to Kilkenny he was engaged to be married to a lady in Dublin. for entire colts and fillies. . . . Six furlongs. Cannon 0 Lord Derby’s c by Ayrshire—Pace Egger. . . 2. . .. 50. . . . FIXTURES FOR TO-MORROW. Leeds. . . S. . . 330 1 . Steels. . He was not a grocer’s assistant.. 31 . Waldie Griffith’s c by Ladas—St. .. . . . .. Although it was known that the field for the Gold Cup would not be a large one. . and grocer. . 250. furnished or Unfurnished.. fowler—Concussion. . 16 . Consols.. . . . and I would wish to mention that it is not part of the duty of the Stationmaster or the Assistant Stationmaster. solicitor (Messers. . Then the people began to realise that no mischief had been done. . .. .. ONKSTOWN. ´ —Last night I was Dublin and Kingstown Line. 46 4. Dublin. . Mr. . . was followed in the streets of Londonderry by Police Constable Hayes and detained at the Provincial Hotel for the night under surveillance. . Mayberry. . and won in the style of a thorough stayer. . 7. . . .. Sport opened with the Half-Mile Bicycle Handicap. Extras.. . 9st 4lb .. Huggard. . and Mr. aged 43 years. Jongleuse. .. 2 0 . Warren c Inns b Tremlin . . . .. and the defendant cert in Manchester. Altogether the third partnership yielded 73 runs before Poidevin was taken at the wicket at 89. . Kilkenny. O’Mahony. . Runs came at a fair pace. . . . The 100 went up in less than an hour and a half. . Concord street. . . . Cup ... . arrived. . closed dull. In Memoriam. . . . .. . COMMERCIAL PLATE—Leslie Betting—5 to 4 agst winner. won. . capable of much polish.. Lilly c Tancred b Llewellyn . 2 Murphy. 5 to 1 agst Challenger. . . . . American Opening Prices. . . assistant stationmaster at Tara street Station. Accordingly. . . . A. Oswald-Sealy)—W. . . Union 89 1 . Do you think it likely I would object to go to your house if I was going to marry you? I took your word. . . . . . . . There were other girls in the classes which defendant conducted at his own house. . . . . Munro. . . . CRICKET.39. Sadler. He had come from Glasgow in 1904. . . . 1st Inns. . . . Betting— 4 to 1 agst winner. . . aged 5 years. 20 . . was paid. inches between second and third. and is remarkable for the number of great horses that have won it. . . Edmund Lamb’s Capot. . I was going up Parliament street one evening. Monsieur Beaucaire settled down in front of Escalavo. HANDBRIDGE—Second Anniversary—In everloving memory of my dear grandson. . . by Orme—Musley Maid. .0—The ALL-AGED STAKES of 5 sovs each.” Mr.. . Both parties are ready THE OUTSIDER WINS. . but at the last moment they all backed out except Miss Delany. .. .. 6 . July. Wylie. . second to had a moderate batting team. . . as he told her. was then sworn. a length and a half divided second and third. last. p2517 OOT Patching Machine (Bradbury) for sale. . . . Gibson—I believe it was a very disreputable club? The club that I belong to is broken up (laughter). . Greener. . Then there was a concert at which plaintiff had promised Father Hoyne to sing at‚ but the defendant objected‚ as they were so soon to be married‚ and she did not appear. M‘Dermott.. Forester’s Uninsured. Tokio. Maher 0 Mr. The Motor Car Race Racing Cars in Danger from Blazing Petrol. 35 Patrick street. . . both men making some well Mr.. I might have been going to the disreputable club. . . . and in a sportsmanlike spirit. . He said hang it. . . nurse. and he received another letter from Wought. .. directing his questions to show that their acquaintance was solely due to the fact that he had to teach her and some other girls how to sing in Irish. 1st Inns. Maximum II.. . . . September. . Defendant—It broke up because there was a fear that the police would intervene? Not exactly. So matters continued the concert and afterwards brought her home.. on the 15th of June. 100 . off Gardiner’s place. . . and from that the events were rattled off in good order. The plaintiff had many beauties and charms. . . and W. . .. Pursuivant. . . . . A. . . 9 yrs. . A. An objection to Cossack on the ground of carrying incorrect weight was sustained. . Adderley. . Edge showed great presence of mind and dexterously rushed his car forward out of danger. . Total (5 wks) . Ia colt last. but were without Roberts and Payne. . Jones. . . . . . but the latter missed a low return from Hayward. and won in a canter by two lengths. near Wycombe. .. “I could swear I never had that coin in my life. . . . .30 p.. . but when the score had reached 72 Douglas relieved Buckenham. in a respectable house. This column engaged a superior force of the enemy at Wafankau on the 14th and 15th inst. County Longford. round towers. . second to receive 50 sovs. 15th June. and Iremonger completed his 50 with the score at 113. a local Conservative. . Address 2516. . . between 4 and 5 p. . Fifty-first Triennial—HENRY THE FIRST. .. . . . De Trafford b Trott . . . . . 34 . 225. . Next day he bought was nothing to what in was in Irish (laughter). “James Wought. . . .. 14 4-5 secs. . . 100 to 8 bar five (off). . This is the title of the official handbook of the Dublin. latest pattern. . Rhodes. . 1s 9 11-16d. . . . . . . . Pref. with 300 added. . fifty yards between second and third.. and expected an increase to his pay in a short went so far as to interview Dr. . . Turks. . when she He told witness to send away her brother. . . Power. Thomas Manly. and the score rose steadily. . . F. . .000 sovs added. . Phoenix Park. . Ascot—Zendavesta. In the home side G. There was another girl there. and he wanted his change.EVENING TELEGRAPH. Porter. and the fifty went up in the same number of minutes. Perrin c Humphries b ful to tourists. She was possessed of a nice contralto voice. He then went for a constable... . 59 1-5 secs. Scaife.. you used to play chess of a wet night when you could not go anywhere else (laughter). It was a case to be brought forward. . The defendant is alleged to have represented the College Green Post Office as the head office of his emigration agency. and said they had agreed on the first question. .5. . Its a shame for you‚ Maggie‚ the way you run from me whenever you get the chance. by Wildruns in fifty minutes. h. with board and lodgings” (laughter). . . 8 4 1 4 142 3 . Spooner scored his first run at the end of twenty minutes. LATEST CRICKET SCORE. Berthas. The Japanese losses were very heavy.. . Wm. Thrift. . . . M’Laren c Cox b Reif . . . . . the agency being transferred to 49a Lower Clanbrassil street. . . . Case in the Police Court. Aylin 0 (Winner trained by S.. ... although the batsme treated the lobs with some respect. . .... .m. Hargreaves c Shalder b Sinclair . . was unable to assist Warwickshire.. . The disastrous start caused Spooner to play on the defensive. . of the public. FORTY-SECOND BIENNIAL—SANTRY. p2565 ROKEN Watches. the owner of Orchid. . The race is one of the longest established events in the history of the Turf. . . They continued on good terms until October last. . Judge Wright—I won’t stop you. 6. Erie. . W. Glover helped Kinnier to put on 38 for the second wicket in twenty-five minutes. . . . To-day in the Southern Divisional Police Court. 57353 IMPORTANT NOTICE. all the catches being held. .. . and signalled to the Kuri Maru.W. . . . . 8 8 3 8 If rather windy. Some days afterwards he had got an The concert was a great success. SUBSCRIBERS’ PLATE—The Master II. but the sound sing there any more. Address 2553. seemed to suit Spooner. . . . 8st 11lb Griggs 0 Sir J. .. . 6 . Jones. . . . . . . . The defendant appeared in person. ner . . . 7st 4lb . . . .. . . . Hirst c Wheldon b Wilson . . This is not a competitive examination in Irish. 84 3 .. . 5 min. .. . Midland.. a young lad fell into the Liffey at Sir John Rogerson’s quay. Halsey 0 . . . . . and a refreshing son Hinchcliffe. Constable 116B proved the arrest on a charge made by Kavanagh that the accused uttered base coin.. .. out of which the second shall receive 700 sovs.. . . Cannon 1 Lord Falmouth’s ESQUIRE. Justice Wright and a city common jury heard the case of Delany v. .. . . James Wought. 2. 2 Betting—2 to 1 agst Llangibby.. C. won easily by two lengths. (Winner trained by H. . . The handTotal . which stated—”On receipt of £1 I will forward ticket to Canada. . . and the race awarded to Orchid. But you made no such charge against him? No. . . . . . Do you think it likely if I went to see your sister I used to go to play chess with you? I used not to be home until 10o’clock and you would have been there from six. I remember you cursed your mother on one occasion that you found the door locked (laughter). . Mr. her a draft of a letter directed to Father Hoyne‚ When the Oireachtas for 1902 came round the making excuses for her inability to sing as plaintiff and defendant both came to Dublin. Comyn. . . T. to promoting the spread of the Irish language and supporting the Gaelic League. ... She had translated the Gaelic phrases in his letters... he would dismiss the case. 5 yds. and left the court in the estimation of everyone who had seen her without the slightest imputation on her character. . . . . . Storer c Buckenham b Reeves . Governor-General of Finland. but runs came freely from the start. Postage. 9st . .. . three months’ bills. . sch. Wright and Ollivierre begin batting for Derbyshire The visitors are playing Stevenson for H. . . . . . . . JAMES’S PALACE STAKES of 100 sovs each. and including 14 fours and 5 twos. . ... . . AMUSING CORRESPONDENCE. 1. . . . . and these also she handed over to the defendant. The defendant objected to the plaintiff singing at the parochial concert becaus they were going to get married in September.. . Post Cards. . . . . At the hotel he told Defendant came to Dublin with her. . . At luncheon the total stood at 146 for three wickets. .. . . . .) Tokio. which would make 10st 5lb. . In general if somewhat threatening weather Yorks and Worcester met at Worcester to-day. It was in one of before (laughter). The whether he was aware that while the game of discovery of these and other mutilated re.m.. etc. H. Cockrane. .. . 32 Merrion square. He out together each Sunday after Mass. Generally speaking. . . . . Gavin Low went bail for him. that was a busy part‚ but the defendant found time for abstraction‚ as lovers will. . and Mr. weather preveailed at Lords to-day when this match was commenced. . . . . Deras. . . . and runs came rapidly. . She and the defendant frequently met organist of Carlow Cathedral. J. . 44 .. Wild Oats third in the Hunt Cup yesterday. . Gillingham and Jones coming in for Tosetti and Russell. . Verdict for £200. W. . . The All-Aged Stakes dwindled down to the proportions of a match between Cossack and Orchid. 57 4 . . . . . large basement. . . . Fives. . . and the race awarded to Orchid. September. Extras . King’s Stand Stakes—ORCHID. 266 YORKSHIRE SEAT VACANT. Dublin University III. . On resuming Douglas and Tremlin bowled. . 4 to 1 All-Aged . 2. The district through which the railway runs possesses varied attractions for the tourist. . . . ´ ´ —Is that cocoa nut ´ a good one? (laughter‚) I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am enjoying my walk up and down the town‚ and from which I am just in at 8 p. . . 55 3 . Faussett. . . Thursday. two lengths between second and third. Thames Handicap. . to wit. by Ayrshire— Poudre a Canon. One Mile Bicycle Club Championship (holder. . 5. . 2.41. Hemingway taking the place of Simpson. a commercial traveller. . and he knew nothing about housekeeping. He knew himself that the police were after him. . . It was the Rooney concert. Time 12 2-5sec. and the innings soon closed for 125.30—The NEW STAKES of 10 sovs each. do. Gerald Byrne) appeared for the accused. . Judge Wright—I may tell you that the jury may resent these questions and visit the resentment on your head in shape of damages. SOUTH AFRICANS.. . They were as follows. At luncheon the score stood at 121 for three wickets. . . Dunce. . . . You say you heard that if you go through this society you will be sold as a servant. . . He asked me where my sister was. . Leeds. 49 1 . In September. Should you be out at either hour I’d like to see you‚ ´ ‚ even if only for ten minutes. . . Francis” (laughter). . . . 1 min. . . . Furlong 2. . ..” he said. . 397 survivors of the Hitachi Maru having arrived at Moji. Hirst did not make a long stay. A somewhat quiet start was made with the Rous Memorial Stakes. .. 1904. Hardwicke Stakes. To-day. 9st .. . . C. Murphy. Ascot High-Weight Stakes—Comet. Jackson. . sch. reached his 100 in two hours and twenty minutes.. . . for the render of the lease. . Thursday. . Did I ever play a game with you? Yes. . and in one witness said he would send the second 10s when he got a receipt for the first.. . with Flor di Cuba last. .. second to receive 100 sovs. What was the nature of the offence. . . a Jewish tailor residing in Leeds. New York—Wheat 1 entered upon the sixth match of their tour. The plaintiff‚ a prepossessing young girl‚ only succeeded in getting highly commended by the examiner. . . . . shortly after four o’clock. . Huggard. . . . .. . . Each batsman was missed from a hot return by Reif. . . . The fifty came up in forty minutes. 5 yrs..´ . . . Greene. . when 60. Hardwick Stakes—ROCK SAND. . .. W. . . . .W. . Details:— 1. . and colour.. . he got vexed and said he did not wish her to “Maggie. Mainspring. O’Mahony. . 39 2-5 sec.” and “With great love. and a host of other good horses are recorded as winners The four runners to-day was a fair average for the race. . At lunch time the score stood at 130 for one wicket. 3 yrs. . . 9st M. . . Judge Wright—If the translation is all right that is enough. . He had often kissed her thought he should speak to her on the subject nearest to his heart. W. whose photograph he now identified. . . 120 Yards Handicap—Final heat—M. . Daniel Kehoe (instructed by Mr. .. . Time. 12 Mountpleasant parade. The dereplied “it was only natural for a man to take fendant said she could easily learn housewhat interest he could in a girl that he in. JUNE 26th. . 73 1 . . man named Berger was arrested last night on suspicion of being the murderer of the little GAMES IN THE PHOENIX PARK. book also contains tables showing the disESSEX. . Score:— DERBY. if so. and W. 9 8 . . . The prisoner was noisy and disorderly. . and it was natural that there should go hand in hand with the development of the Irish tongue a taste for the beautiful music of Ireland. . . . . helped by extras. last year’s winner being quoted at tens.m. . who. there being scarcely standing room in any of the carriages. . Certainly an expression of regret was due to Mr.” Mr. . 125. to the Kanagdwa Maru. With fifty up. . and witness wrote him a letter stating that if he did not answer it she would not be responsible for the consequences. . (5 furlongs 144 at 10. Pat’s this evening between twenty to eight and eight o’clock‚ and again after the confraternity. Also competed—T. Time. . . Malone’s to the marriage‚ and said he wanted witness fees. the sun shone forth with great power. EXCITING SCENE IN HOMBURG Breach of Promise Action from Fate of the Transports. 1904 3 LAST PINK EDITION.. With the HON. He was struck with the remarkably fine voice which she and others had. . 225. A.. . scratch. . . . . . . considering the wicket and indifferent nature of the bowling... . . for three year olds. sued through her father. . for the contest. CONSTABLE AND COMMERCIAL TRAVELLER. . 1900. Bibby’s Monsieur Beaucaire. seeing the occurrence. . 3 0 Windsor Castle . Denton lbw b Pearson . comprising eight carriages. Post Office. I saw you a good way ahead‚ and did my utmost to overtake you‚ but could not take an inch off the distance intervening. Before Mr. having lasted two hours and a quarter.. The two transports took refuge in Chigishima. Rowing. and the third 300 sovs. . . . With Garnett in Spooner completed 52 out of 104 in an hour and thirty-five minutes. Petrarach. T. . . ABOUT 1s. said he once visited the defendant when he was sick. Time. . Official Scratchings. . .. etc. Carlton’s Coroebus. . Time. L. . . . .” The defendant said it was a shilling he gave. Brassey’s WILD OATS. . . . Great Western. W. . . 1st Inns. . . . . . . Her appearance was a great success‚ and the defendant wanted to buy her a ring‚ but as the one she fancied would cost 18 guineas none was bought (laughter). Phoenix v.47 1 . . Mahony said the company having done wrong now wanted to hedge. . . Tyldesley b Reif .. . who is associated with the Bournville club. Betting—2 to 1 agst Rydal Head. . . Weatherby to divide the value of the All-Aged Stakes between the two most deserving Turf charities. .) (Winner trained by Leach. Simp.. including Richards.. R. 1. East Rand. Won by two yards. . . 1 min. Just prior to the resumption of racing the Royal procession. A Juryman—I look upon him as a perjurer. 8st 11lb C... and still persisted in saying that he had given a shilling. . . . . apart from the usual romantic duties of an Inland Revenue officer.30—The ROUS MEMORIAL STAKES of 10 sovs each. . T. . which was slightly leaking. which was not such silver shilling but resembled it in size. . 8st 10lb Madden 0 . and he went off. . and at luncheon the score was 116 for two wickets. Beguilement. .. “I want your answer now‚” and then the plaintiff replied as they might expect her‚ saying‚ “Yes‚” and he kissed her.. . . He also asked her for all the letters he had written to her. Higham’s SELIM. . . . . . and the King and Queen met with a hearty reception from the assembled thousands. . . . . . . . Lane 3 Capt. was charged by William Kavanagh. The Ascot Gold Cup. . . half a length between second and third. 33 2-5 secs. but the batsmen played good cricket. 4 yrs. who said she was not by any means a finished Irish scholar. . . Cricket: Special Article. 56 . Lane 1 Duke of Westminster’s RYDAL HEAD. for Boston. . Watchmaker and Jeweller. . Pleasant weather favoured this return match at Ken nington Oval to-day. T.. . . . . moderate terms. A man named Tierney. for three and four year olds. J. . .. Gunn c Hearne b Humphreys. . . . who after being introduced to each other in the was in the habit of attending a Gaelic League Rooms. 23. C. A. Reif and Killick were put on to bowl. sonable but not ruinous damages. . . . . but then the score rose slowly. L. . . Liberal M. . . . DERBY. . . . 68 3. . .. Mr. . . . 13. 4 30 51st Triennial . . . Madden 0 Sir R. . . . will be rewarded. . . Napier and M’Donell bowled better than the other Cantabs. I shall be up as far as St. . 86 3 . 51st Triennial. On resuming from his and Miss Delany secured a first prize. . Mr. beyond laudable as the Gaelic movement was‚ and the instruction that the plaintiff had got laudable as its desire was to preserve the Irish from the nuns in the Convent where she was tongue it was not to be made a vent under educated. p2529 OST. . . Francis Handbridge. . . . . sch. Penn. One inflicted a serious wound in the stomach. Orbell’s firm tendering an apology for the action of the constable. Wheatley 0 half. 31secs. 3 yrs. .. . . The Hino Maru saw the Hitachi Maru and the Sado Maru surrounded by Russian ships. . Three Miles Flat Handicap—G.. . and told witness to tell her father when he got home. It would be difficult to find elsewhere contained within so limited a space such a combination of scenery —all bounded by a varied and picturesque coast. . 1. and the attendance was an enormous one all round.. he had been batting two hours. . . Address 2576.30 p. . E. elderly Man. . Betting—5 to 4 on Zinfandel. he estended to make his wife. Hayward played well.. 8 1 Singapore... 7 p. Mrs. 4 2 4 WARWICK v. 290 . from County Dublin Farm. 2. . Throwaway incurs a 12lbs penalty for the Northumberland Plate. J. sch. . 90.. Judge Wright—Is that the lady you are now married to? No (laughter). servants. Something then made the plaintiff write to ask if the defendant wanted to break off his engagement‚ To that letter there was no reply. Defendant denied that he had promised to marry the plaintiff‚ and now appeared to conduct his own case‚ as he was MR. £2.. . . After Tyldesley left Spooner hit Cox for two fours. . while Mr. . . Fishwick c Sinclair b Llewellyn . tourists would flock to them in hundreds.. 8 Great Brunswick street. . . 35 . .. It also abounds in objects of antiquarian interest. . .. To-day Mr. 3. . . . The whole morning to-day was occupied with the weighing of the racing machines which will take part in the Gordon-Bennett Race. 88. . . Suddenly some one threw down a lighted match which ignited the petrol under Mr. Munro. . .. . 2 . and the Phoenix Park belongs to the citizens of Wexford Railway at their meeting to-day.C. Stevenson. . Score:— LANCASHIRE. . . . . 1 min. Messers. resigned. . . . He sent a postal order for 10s. . . Mr. 24 . There was a split amongst the members. Gillingham not out . . . Madden 0 Mr. .C. .. Isabel Jane Livingstone. who died at his parents’ residence. Local Loan and Indian Stocks also better. and runs came freely.. he would get married. 15 . . The match created much interest at Manchester.. . Henderson. ASCOT MEETING. . . . . . Jacob Cohen. . six lengths divided second and third. of course. . .. entitled to do. at half-past three. . . September. . . . .. . Smith not out . . . Cossack won easily. .. .. Windsor—Centre Board.. Address 2545. . Petersburg. farmer. Cannon 2 Mr. immediate cash for country parcels.. The “Lokalanzeiger” says that a workThe Speaker took the chair at two o'clock. . . . He never directly or indirectly promised to marry the plaintiff. . . the race promised a most interesting contest.. Runs came at a fair pace. .. . . Throwaway. At ten past five the jury returned with a verdict for the plaintiff for £200 damages. from Paris. Miss Delany engagement for her to sing at a Gaelic conwas encored once or twice. Hayes not out . The present arrangement was. .” The unsuspecting girl gave them to him‚ and they were destroyed. after a fine morning. Field whose injured arm gave way in the match against Lancashire. and Wexford Railway passes.. . The defendant said he did not throw any doubt on the translation. . Findlay (ex-Captain of Oxford University XI. . . . Great Eastern. three minutes walk from tram and train. . . . . .keeping when they were married.300.. as Dublin? The CHIEF SECRETARY said the present they had received no proposal from the arrangement was for the general convenience Directors of the Dublin and Kingstown Line. . . It was said the plaintiff had lost the best years of her life. .. Notts made one change from the side that won at Lords yesterday. . .. . .. . for two year olds. Madden 3 M. sch. . of £1. . or away in Egypt.. 13 secs.. Two shots were fired and both took effect. . Freeman Office. 1. Wood left. through dealings were on a very moderate scale. Throwaway . . . C. Total (6 wks) . Mellor. He said if the defendant tendered a proper coin he could have a ticket.. . 2nd Inns. and dealt largely in cattle. . added to a sweepstakes of 20 sovs each. .. . . . 2nd Inns. . . . Japan Fours. County Longford. 140 1 . . wended its way up the course.. 26 Duke of Deavonshire’s f by Flying Fox—Lady . Moloney. Henderson. .. . Liverpool. 155 . . . 2 min.. . while the other caused a slight injury in the neck.. . It was at one of these that the plaintiff first came into the League rooms and sang. .. . . . and he left then. . . G. . . . . Defendant went away for a holiday‚ and came back in August‚ 1903. Mr. . . . 2 6. . . . Freeman Office. at 70. . not allowed to play Gaelic games there. A. . 230. . L.. . July. Spooner played on at 1888 for a faultless 90.. 3 . . . .. . 5 to 2 agst Cinquefoil. by Grey Leg—Gantlet. Rand Mines. Gunn reached his 50 in half an hour.. . . . . Also ran—Woodchopper. .there should be some give and take. From that time until day in each week at Kilkenny. While standing at the great improvement in her vocal and musical end of the stage the defendant again referred abilities. . . Windsor Castle Stakes—CHAIN STITCH. (PRESS ASSOCIATION WAR SPECIAL.. . . . 9st 4lb G.. . and Zinfandel took close order with him. . . 13. guaranteed from 10 to 12 per cent. Gahan. Some time afterwards the the rooms of the hotel. . . . Jackson. Anyone returning same to Dollymount Restaurant. .. O F F I C I A L S TA RT I N G P R I C E S AT A S C O T MEETING. . of Edgeworthstown. . . News of their Loss Confirmed (Press Association War Special. 19 . run over a distance of two miles and a half. . . 8 . . N. .. . . . I should very much like to see you for a few minutes at least‚ dearest‚ if you could turn up at 9. You told nobody that we were going to be married? No. Railway. F. Did you ever belong to a disreputable club in Kilkenny? I would not say it was a disreputable club.. Myers not out . Atlas fifth. George Keogh. . C. Throwawey set a fair pace to Sceptre. . he was in a great state.. The plaintiff. S. . . Witto find out the reason why he was taking such ness said she would marry him sometime‚ an interest in her. . 17 .. Kent were unable to place other than a moderate eleven in the field. The letters were found in the prisoner’s lodging in Clanbrassil street. Wood running himself out on the whole stake. but when 89 he Sir R. O Let one or more Rooms. The Hill.” He replied that she could learn‚ and suggested that that could be done within the next month. . . and charged the witness. Keogh said he was only there to answer any question that he might be asked. 3. and Huish being away. . cestershire started badly. As a result of consultation between the parties. Isinglass. chiefly by singles.. Burne. . . Paris cheque. 20 . He asked him what it was. . . . Santoi. C. because I was the youngest girl in the house. Leireceive 10 per cent. but he denied that he had ever spoken to the young lady.. Simpson-Hayward and A. . Royal June Handicap. THE DEFENDANT. . . Furlong. . When defendant heard about it tion. . I did not ask you not to tell my people about it at first. He got a reply. . 15 . Until that time. He did not think she had. . . TOPPING & SPINDLER. .. . . and stood wringing their hands and screaming. . With the score at 67 Fielder had his shin badly hurt while fielding a hard cut. 1. Dublin. . and he conceived the idea of preparing a few of them for the Oireachtas. .. 6 yrs. Persimmon. . Thursday. Gloucestershire—Halliwell and Snooke taking the places of Wallach and Horwood. . . . 1 30 Alexandra Plate .97 1 . . Keogh was not prosecuting he objected to him making any statement. stayed at the same hotel in Rutland Square. and Capot last. .. . paying at the rate of 3s a week for a bed. . . 2nd Inns. . . The spectators were seized by panic. .. .. any morning. 20 to 1 agst any other (off. was some five or six months under Dr Malone’s Mr. . . .. Also competed—C. . . ruins of castles. . . “I want to know will defendant asked her for the few letters he had you marry me. Holland c Fry b Hirst . The visitors made one change in their XI—Lees Whitehead taking the place of the Hon. M.. Higgins. . witness said that it was in discharge of his duty as stationmaster that he charged the prisoner.. . with 3. Stevenson. . but there were only a few people to see L. ESSEX v. . R. p2566 ILK for sale. stated that about four weeks ago he met an acquaintance in Leeds in the street. . Wicklow. 9st . of the progress the concert‚ and her brother was with her. .) Race started at 3. 5s each. . has instructed Messrs. . 4 yrs. . with no wicket out. but the constable can certify it.. . . 62 Middle Abbey street. . cheap. . . . M.. were poor. . . ORDER OF RUNNING—TO-MORROW. . . after batting an hour and twenty minutes. Carroll. . . who gave her evidence in Yiddish. H. concert in Dublin. . . Score:— 8st 10lb . . . . . . . with 500 sovs added. . Clontarf. Details:Half-Mile Bicycle Handicap—J. Dublin. Waldie Griffith’s Hvmenaeus. Jewellery B B B 4. Total (2 wks). . John Gunn joined Iremonger. . 9d each. . . and it seems strange that with such a capable trainer as Blackwell a mistake like this should be possible. . and will measure the bail at £10. Extras . . . H.0—The GOLD CUP. . . Mr. Alexander’s THROWAWAY. CAMBRIDGE. . and began with a most alarming incident. ARGE Shop and Parlour to Let. For having won the Gold Cup. Wought acknowledged the receipt of the 10s. S. . . Monks (the stationmaster) was standing at the window at the time. to be a Judge of the High Court. . . Mr. . 5. . . .. 1 min. Fielder coming back and going on to bowl.. . With score at 17 a fine ball from Arnold sent Tunnicliffe back. .. . .. 100 to 8 agst Esquire. and the defendant tendered him a coin (produced). £1 . . H. There were several other competitors from Kilkenny.P.. . . C. Three ran. three parts of a length divided second and third. CLOONA CASTLE PLATE—Springlock. W. was entering the Senate at Helsingfors. . 20 to 1 agst any other (off). Kavanagh. . Another Jewish woman. . . SECS. .. 17th INST. Wilkinson and Tunnicliffe opened the innings. Gladiateur. . and Wexford Railway. . . .” by W. . No further payment will be required from you.59. . . . . Louisville. 1. . . . 4 yrs. 91 3 . and was in a position to give him a passage out for £1 and provide him with work on his arrival there. ASCOT MEETING. . Jones 3 Mr. . THE CASE DISMISSED. . . Redmond. As an encouragement to Miss manager and met her several times in the Delany. ... G.. .. through under surveillance was not put under any restraint. St. Berlin Murders---An Arrest. 5 yrs. . . . as a result of which he went to 8 Trafalgar street. . Henderson.. . . 2nd Inns. twice getting Bird to legboundary. and they her he would buy a ring for her. . . . Russians Claim a Success.. Can be seen at Grenville lane.000 sovs. . At eleven o’clock this morning General Bobrikoff. ... Mr. 40. 91 . in place of Mr.. . . 5 Total (2 wkts) . M.. Mooney and Sons) solicitors). Mahony said if Mr. . . . You are as free in Canada as you are Leeds. W. which should be very useren .. . 1st Inns. . and approximate car fares to same... . . but very windy. all the expenses. . . . . who. 0 .. made in two hours and forty minutes. . 237 . come and see it Caretaker on premises. . . but had then to run the gauntlet of an objection for carrying wrong weight. . 1s 11 8 . J. Mr. . Joseph’s crescent. . . in perfect order. brass caps on wheels. . . but Rhodes and Denton brought the 100 up after ninetyfive minutes’ cricket. . . What he did uestion was this witness’s knowledge of Irish. F. . . . . . arising out of a splendid premises in Sackville street. 11. . . de Bremond’s Maximum II.C. . . Coming so quickly after the College Races last week. YORKS. .. .. He never came to see her or offer his sympathy‚ and in the end he married Miss Catherine Phelan in February last. stated that the prisoner stayed at her house under the name of Saphiro. . 77897 ENTRIES CLOSE TO-MORROW (FRIDAY). and defendant should accompany her to Mancheshe presented her with “ Moore’s ter‚ where they spent a week. and the XI.. and had devoted his spare moments. stated that he was given the address. 75. making way for Tyldesley.. Love Shower. . Ourgenven c Carpenter b Douglas . . .. They 8 made two changes from the team that opposed down. Duke of Westminster’s GREY PLUME. . Rings. F.. Defendant—Was I ever at your father’s house with any other object but to see your sister? Not that I am aware. and when play commenced just after mid-day. . . The rest of the story‚ counsel said‚ was sad. 2. Th young lad and his rescuer were pulled into the ferryboat.. . . On continuing after the interval. . . Hurt Cup Course (7 furlongs and 166 yards). Jarvis 0 (Winner trained by J. . bought. . . He was Assistant Stationmaster at Tara street. . 30. . The accused was all right at the time he was arrested. large gardens. which produced three singles and a four-out by Ollivierre. . and the fielding being smart. had the satisfaction of reaching his 50. H. Morphy. . . he believed. The second partnership put on 189 in two and a half hours. .Miller’s Santa Claus. . Rhodes made some telling cuts and off drives. in forty minutes. the time.. . LANCASHIRE v. . La Fleche. PILTOWN. and stated that he could not send the ticket until the full price. 1d. . F. which also succeeded in escaping. . . Mr. . Wild Oats .” She wanted to know what he wanted them for. I’ll go up as far as the Victorian about that hour‚ and if it is . Reif and Cox again bowled. . Mr. . If it were not that he persisted in denying that he gave this coin the charge would never have been made against him of uttering base money. Won by inches. . Three ran. Justice Barton to-day. and.92. . . .. Corn 1 up. . when Sceptre slightly headed Throwaway. F.´ 29 ´ .. .. The accused stated. Leicestershire 3. and were in a very exhausted condition. . . . 2. . who promised to return them. . . War Medals. . and such a collapse followed that the seventh wicket fell at 106. . . He said “All right” He stamped the ticket.W.. seeing that The Directors of the Dublin. Official Scratchings. . 20 to 1 agst Throwaway (off) THE RACE. . . BURKE. but after running half way Llangibby assumed the command. who could not make it convenient to take part in the match. . Betting—3 to 1 agst winner. 3 30 Hardwicke . and he did so. Kilkenny. .C. . . . 90 1 . 9st 9lb . 8st 10lb . G. .. Won by ten lengths. This closed the plaintiff’s case. and I met Mr. Orchid . Miss Margaret Delany. Tara street. The defendant. . . . . . . T. but it is feared that the loss of life will be heavy..and defendant said he thought he would not petuate Moore’s memory by a better statue be able to buy it then. Knight hardly made a mistake. Inserted by his grandmother. Salute fifth. . .. . 10 yds. . 20 ... 4 0 King Stand . The defendant observed that the plaintiff knew nothing about Irish. . Wood run out . against some poor bowling. .. 440 Yards Handicap—M. Our Mirror. can be well recommended. Did my mother turn you out? Yes. .. only aggravate damages. He would serve the terms of such to-night for Saturday morning. Frank P. . Patey. . .80. the money being sent to the defendant at College Green Post Office. 12.. . with “Vates” Notes and Selections. . . J. Mr. .. . 3. North Western. Freeman Office. .” De Freyne v. who for a number ster Feis in Cork‚ and the defendant brought of years had been deeply interested in the her and her sister down to that city and paid Gaelic movement and who died rather young. Chicago—lard. making all the running. Malone that Miss Delany times afterwards at the concert in aid of the was to receive half an hour’s music lesson and Christian Brothers in Kilkenny‚ at which the witthree-quarters of an hour’s singing in each of ness was singing‚ the defendant was the stage three visits. 4 Berwick. . . . but had some narrow escapes from being bowled. . Swifte—That is not material. . . .. Also competed— W. 91 1 . W. .—and the story is embellished by a historical retrospect which goes back to the time when these beauty spots of Ireland were the homes of saints and scholars. . . . Storer and Ashcroft found runs difficult to get. Gibson—Did you send away your brotutelage he procured her an engagement at a ther? No‚ I could not.. and North eastern are up. Chatham. T. 6 . Gibson (instructed by Mr M. Baker greatly improved. . said he was ready to prosecute. . . . Also competed—T.32 1 . 3. . she had no special knowledge of which men like the plaintiff were to be almusic.. “Oh‚” said he‚ “I want to make a reference from them. Please address 2574. . .. .. 26 being scored in twenty minutes. . 4 1 1 10 2. THE VERY LATEST SPORTING. before Mr. wages from 30s to £2 10s. PRICE ONE PENNY. . .. W. 8st 7lb . Athletics. All the Sporting News of the Week.. . Gunn not out . Ia colt. .. . . Esclavo was fourth. Wesley College v. . . 4. . winning in a canter. . falling to an easy catch at the wicket. . and Slyania. . 1 . for two year olds. Yesterday evening between four and five o’clock the prisoner came to the ticket office at Tara street and asked for a return to Kingstown. She asked him what he was thinking about? He replied “I am thinking about you always‚ and now I want to know when we are going to be married?” He wanted her to settle it for August‚ the next month. ´´ ´ ´ “ .. . . 58 . H. 15 . . .. The Plaintiff—And that is your teaching. .. W. . Airdrie sixth. .. . . 1.. . . . . You will be met there by a member of this society who will direct you to lodgings. Winning the toss. .. Ascot—Trionic. Sewell not out . other repairs proportionately low. . . Bright. .. It was a natural and but not in August‚ as he had suggested‚ as she proper question for her to ask him. Arthur James’s Huntly. .. . SELECTIONS FOR ASCOT—TO-MORROW. . . 4 8 Russian.. Griggs 0 LEICESTER. . . . . Matthew Monks.. . . Darling’s CHALLENGER. E. .. Dillon 0 Race started at 1. and laughed and talked gaily until the flames were smothered in sand. Mr. Kinnier c Llewellyn b Sinclair . 2 . 3 1 . . Do you remember anything that occurred there? Yes.. Isaac were included. . Justice Gainsford Bruce. .. but as luncheon the total was 134 for three wickets. PHŒNIX PARK. C. . . .. . 83 7 . 5 yrs. and every week thousands of pounds passed through the defendant’s hands. ft. However‚ as it is by no means pleasant under foot to-night I suppose I can’t ´ ‚ did ´ grumble too much when you‚ not turn up. The specials from the metropolis came down for the Unionists. . a coin or medal. and the prisoner said “Yes. . .. . . . Pallin. . for which Uninsured was served up warm. . . . J. 2 to 1 Rous . . . . .. however.. Nottingham in fine but windy weather and before a small attendance.. Tara street Railway Station. solicitor. On the visitors winning the toss. False Teeth. . .. . Great 2 Northern.. 100 to 15 agst Lady Villikins. . when Wild Oats drew to the front and won in a canter by four lengths.. . Old mile. . . . At 217 Gunn was caught at mid-off. . and the third to save stake. Wright c M’Gahey b Buckenham . Wright. . who was in the side beaten by Leicester. rent £32. . . The objection to Cossack was made as much in the public interest as in those of his owner. . H. . Later on the parties went to the Munster Feis in Cork‚ and in July Miss Delany sang in Kilkenny at a concert for the Christian Brothers in James’s street.. . value 1. Scott. . This was carried out at the town weighing machine in the narrow Elizabeth Strasse. . . . .. . 14 . and behind were Mr. who was accompanied to the festival Bogus Emigration Agent. . . Leeds. . . Madrid. . . . . . . . 15.” He told him the fare was sixpence. . . . and Coroebus.40. Thursday. .. . . and huge cars were rushing wildly down the narrow roadway. 4. was. . . 41 1 . . . No. and the third 5 per cent. . . .. . . Fortunately Mr. . Donnybrook. .was the most enjoyable of the three. 1s. and the seat is now. Did you ever promise to show me the use of a lathe? You were going up to see my sister. 1min. .. packed. .. 46 2-5 secs. . he was appointed to Kilkenny. 69 Concord street. 10 ft. however. 152 4. . The jury after twenty minutes came out Baker c Mann b Keigwin 83 . Judge Wright—I am not disposed to say I don’t assent. . . . L. . . . . . .. he told her he looked forward to a course of the evening. Joel’s Pure Crystal. . 175. It suggested itself to the young lady to tell him when it would take place. and won easily by two lengths.‚ and a movement was on foot to worthily per. . was caught at slip from the third ball sent down. 122. . .. Betting—5 to 4 agst winner. Two miles and a half. . A. . Robert the Devil.31. 1. 20. .. .. . . 51 3-5secs. . Mr. E. . . Randfontein. . Swifte—Well... 2 yds. four bedrooms. was guilty of a serious error of judgment. . . 9st 1lb O. . Wilkinson left at 63. Southern Pacific. While in Irish Melodies” set to music.

per doz.. and brittle. Mr.. POTATOES.. 2 16 H. Links Great Fingal Great Boulder Do. Mainreef Oroya B. 9 1 d to 10d. Coats (J & P) Ord 8 Con Milk Co Deb . . Mr. Internal Pern Corp. 4d to 7 1 d per bunch. 1 1 14 Cork 5 p c C P 1 1 38 1 38c Dublin Ordinary 7 108 . British Funds.. live cod. Bart... 2s 6d. . 7 2 d.. He himself thought that somebody else should have an opportunity of trying whether he could carry out retrenchment. While some are constantly enveloped in it.. congers. 28th June... Sansu 8 11 Barnato Consols . 5.. O’Neill.. 5 p c Stock Baltimore & Ohio Canadian Pacific Chesap’ke & Ohio Chic. he finds that the rates now charged are much higher than they were several years ago. Coats Ordinary 4 opened unaltered at 96s. and other stocks 1 to 3 . .. the brain stimulants.S. Lyons.. It should not be for a moment thought that he was vain enough to imagine that the gentlemen of that board had elected him to that position for a number of years because he was the only man in the room that was competent to fill it.. . 64s to 65s. Alderman Hennessy replied that he had never canvassed or asked a single voter for a vote. 14s 9d to 15s per quarter. .. Bergin... and he (Mr. and apply Cuticura Ointment to allay itching. 1 4 0 . 13 1 . { { Dublin. 7 17 1 168 1 71 1 1 8 2 1 1 8 1 1 1 8 27 2 261 2 61 251 8 574 5 74 574 59 59 59 24 24 24 . T.. 5. 6 16 Crown Reef .. 16 Rhodesia. Horseshoe Do. 4s 6d to 5s 6d per stone. John J.. but with this view I entirely disagree. of all classes of vegetables. In order that the owners and crew may clear themselves of the charge of negligence. it may be remembered.. Burke Ordinary at 4 1 ... 18s.. 361 4 . 69s. Castlebellingham and Drogheda Breweries Ordinary were on sale at former figure. Mil4 1 waukee 1 2 . good business done. 1 16 * Ex. hear).. .8d.16d. It would be impossible for him to perform the duties of the office if he had had not only the confidence of the board. hear).. Futures open 9 to 10 points decline for near. G. THE B OVRIL B ONUS P ICTURE S CHEME Closes on June 3oth... with record marks.. 25s to 27s 6d. Leech (instructed by Messers. Tillbrook. 2 . Gold 6 p c Do.. 3 1 8 11 . B. Corp.. 6d. 60s to 63s per cwt.. Byrne. 28s to 40s per load.... 3 .. bream.. and Reading 1 . and she was unable to turn... Stock was dealt in on former terms. Mr.. 5 5 11 Guinness. do. writing in the “Pall Mall Gazette. The total amount demanded for the year expired was less by £2.. oh.. THE NORTH WALL SWING BRIDGES.. * Pref.” When it is remembered that the deportation of these will have to be borne by the rate-cutting lines.. g Leased to M. for he was not in a position to attend. each... 4s. per vial of 60). medium and small. Mooney. though business continues on a very small scale. . 9d. 2s to 2s 6d..... Jones) and the other Chairmen of Committees had had financial management.. BUTTER. 94 1 94 1 941 2 2 2 1 1 92 1 . 1 1 Burke. 5 6 16 . Bathe the affected parts freely with hot water and Cuticura Soap. quotations for good and below reduced 1-16.. Sold throughout the world. for were scarce. DUBLIN DIVORCE SUIT. but little or no attention was paid to old. 3s 8d to 3s 10d. and T.. The other business was routine. Midland Great Western im1 proved 1 . 1 554 . T... the energy producers. . Edward Monk.500 tons. and. 1 85 . 8 Geldenhuis ... causing heat. 98 2 . The only question now was as to whether the application should be made to the Local Government Board. Cleveland firm. Etc. to 6 19-32. Dolphin Hotel 1 Preference moved up 7-16. E. ..” “How’s that?” asked the other.. For sheep and lambs... 3s 6d to 3s 8d. 3s 5d to 3s 7d. 8 Northern Copper . carrots.P. June 15. Gld... . .3 Dockrell 4 pc Deb 10 .. Hewson. but the assistance of the permanent staff.. .. An entire family of seven people arrived from Italy with a total capital of £1.. but lightly fished.. Waterford and Limerick Guaranteed again realised 70 1 . 4 291 *Irish C S Building . 5s per cwt.. T. Union Pac. Briscoe said this discussion should not be allowed to go on... TO-DAY’S MONEY MARKETS.. Portland Cement Russ.. . November-December. Best Irish Result.. 1 16 . Baltic and other departments show only fractional changes. 6s 10d to 7s.. Erie and Southern 5 . 6..P. per lot. Indians.. lamb. tred in the trade attracted an extremely large if not actually dearer. Midland Pref.000. East London and Great 4 Central A 1 . The Only Sure Cure is Cuticura. .. 16s to 25s to 6s. 11st half-breds. 4s to 4s 6d. Anglo-French Ex. ... Great Western Hull & Barnsley Lan. Great Southern and 4 Western could have been obtained at 93 1 .C.. Railway Co.. 1 25 8 . however. Mr. 6s to 8s. HAY AND STRAW. ... etc.. 1 and trade 1 fair.P.. . b Yearly. to 89 1 . 1 7 / 0 ... 2 BANKS. 7 16 7 .... 9s 3 2 d. Alderman D. for cash. ELECTION OF DEPUTY-CHAIRMAN...” South and West Africans. live dabs. Rio.. chairman.. and all visitors to it.P. Norman.. EXCURSION STEAMER ON FIRE. 1 104 . Sligo L & N Cos 4 pc x d . and shellac slow. fair demand.” after a card party. 6 /1 6 . 34293 † Ex.. 9d to 10d per lb. J. Boston. .. when all other remedies and the best physicians fail... DUBLIN.. 104 . 6 1 d to 8d.. 1 ... sheep and lambs. ewes. for year ended 31st December 1903... Clay to be re-elected without opposition as a prop to the chairman (ironical laughter. F..P.. .. 4s 2d to 4s 5d per cental. scaling and crusting.000... Valentine Dillon. 641 4 1521 4 . Yarns. Nth.... . Wm.. . A. North Eastern North Stafford. Do. and he desired now to express his indebtedness to the permanent staff. . 6 1 d to 2 Alfred Clapham. Dr. 200 bales sold. Bel & Co Down 4 pc 1 1 2 .. EngStates sides... Mediterraneans and coastings are slightly weaker. Last Price Cash Acet... .. T. 3 16 .000 than the amount in the previous year. 3 . . 28th inst. .. 116 11 British Gld Coast . 3s 10d to 4s. . 2nd Pref.. James Vaughan.” shows clearly in a letter sent to that journal. hoggets. 10s to 12s 6d. 3 5 8 Jagersfontein . Guinness Ord. seaside. almost to a shadow. and value. principally whiting... hear). 16. The officer was very profuse in thanks. 5s to 5s 6d. 761 2 .. Allsopp New Ord. Hall. 6 1 2 9 Con. J.. 2 d more. 1 1 8 Do.. . 3 7 Tanganyika 8 3 Taquah & Abosso . Many of the bodies may never be identified.P.. respectively. .. 1. 6 Mooney 6 pc C P . 2s to 2s 6d per bag. mountain. Erie. eczemas. 1 1 8 14 802 . large. Alderman Reigh decided to move his resolution. dead. . Alderman Cotton said he was sure they would all be glad to hear that Mr. James M‘Carthy. J.... of Minas Cedulas E. June-July. 7 1 d. prices 1about steady. Pennsylvania. modeclasses placed speedily and satisfactory. 1 buyers... August-September. 1904)—Eight successes. 5s 6d to 5s 10d and 6s per 120.. .) gL’grea & Attymon . ... It pervades all classes..... the Preference were also unchanged at 6 1 . J. RAILWAY PREFERENCES STOCKS. Wardell C P ... 2 16 23 2 8 1 42 Dolphin Hotel C Pref .. Do. “FORCE” comprises all the food essentials: the tissue builders. Argentine. Newry P & H 4pc .. . Quotations:—Choice small and medium weight 8s to 10s. 4 4 14/0 Armstrong Ordinary . 3 1 2 Angelo . 10 1 d 2 to3 11 1 d. 8 Guinness Ordinary. 6. . T. 6. .) New York. No attempt was made to lower the lifeboats... By order of the police the bodies will be photographed separately for the purpose of identification...... .. lapsed 1 .P. . forequarters.. were distinctly firmer. 6. 11 . Where no quotations are given. salad. .. . 3 554 . Although clipping is pretty general. of which 485 have been recovered.. 12..89d.. average parcels. . 2 7 / 6 . 83 8 14/0 .. both residing in Dublin. Nor. continue to be largely patronised by both sellers and buyers.. . at the Office. and have no quotations in the Dublin list. and 3 to 4 points decline for distant positions. . but loses some of its flavour when exposed to a damp air.. . pollock.. on the limbs.. kit haddocks.. Great Central A 4 1 1 Americans 8 . . and the demand brisk for the choicer goods. . without result. Do.. ..... 16 13 .. MALE SORTERS. which was prolonged into the small hours. but Government Two and a Half per Cents.. Alderman Reigh complained that he had not received these figures.... . 5s 4d.... TRAMWAYS . 4s 6d to 4s 10d. .. . 1 9 34 2. Valparaiso... . Afr. however. they’d chuck me in... jute. 1 2 2 .. John Carolan seconded the amendment. Do.30 p. 5.. Pim Bros... 63 . 485 BODIES RECOVERED. CORK—June 16—Firsts.c 6 / 3 c . repeated 349. 1 1 1 . Nat War Loan 9 7 21 . Paris.. 88 88 77 . 11 d. a Assess.. G S & W Orig 931 2 1 81 M G W Con . 18 chests lobsters.P. on behalf of Mr. Alfred A. 7 4 . Copper idle. hear).” says Mr..27d. ling. Drogheda.. each. 4. ... 9st ditto (clipped). he would most certainly have been drowned had it not been for a private of his regiment.. The demand for Cheviot and mountain sorts. Call money wanted in some places... Exceptional Amount. Norman Thompson.. The crew endeavoured to extinguish the flames.. Irish Loan 6 premium. wools is very sharp. 2nd Pref. hear).. That strange figure looks out at you from the canvas of Mr. He would endeavour to do that during the coming twelve months. Many of the bodies are so charred as to be unrecognisable. J. Guide and Prospectus Free.. J. Graves seconded the motion. . and rate 1 2 to 2 4 per cent.. Mutton quiet... 18/0 . 92 . Cumberland idle.. 40s to 60s. to 96s.P.. .rate business done at 42s 4 1 d... economical and comprehensive. Ayres & G.. .. for the manner in which they had Home Railways. 156.. 12/6 12/0 H Moore 1 Ord .. 2 16 5 Bibiani .. oh.. Best Herefords. where a company or a public body has the good fortune to obtain the services of a gentleman as chairman who has devoted much time and energy to the business.... . and pens were readily sold out.. best qualities. of Belfast. Bank rate. Rand Mining . and straw. 2s to 4s and 5s. others have it confined to small patches in the ears.. good ditto.C. Pigs—Moderate show. TO-DAY.. .. Five hundred persons. Liverpool killed. 11s 0 3 d. .. .. 8 Belfast Street Tramways depreciated 1 ... U. in which were stored oils. 5s 10d. 50s to 70s. .. no month... . LONDON—June 16—There is little. 1 4 6 12 2 12 . dead whitings.. Mr. YORK—June 16—Market was attended by few buyers.. The Town Commissioners of Kinsale forwarded a resolution adopted by them expressing disapproval of the increased tax imposed by the American Government on pickled fish imported into that country from Ireland. . John J. L. Mr. 2 1 per Cent Red ’05 8 9 12 893 ... . .... LONDON (Central)—June 16—Beef slow. Furness Railway Grand Trunk Do. Business Done. 3 8 9 81 942 . 1 2 Wassau 1 . Prime heifer and ox beef.. J. .. “if the other fellows knew I’d pulled you out.. shorthorns. Mr. P. United Kingdom.. Dover Do. . Great Western 1 up. 4 4 Belfast and Co. with York. .. Clay was kept there as Vice-Chairman as a prop for the Chairman in the position he occupies (“Oh. M..... 97 . Thursday Evening. South Eastern Do.. .” himself. 2 DUBLIN (Wholesale)—June 16—Large supplies Bacon pigs. 170 Dub & Kingstown RAILWAY DEBENTURE STOCKS. Dutch 6d to 18s 6d per quarter. a sum much less than that given to the Royal Scottish Academy for similar purposes.. 4s. . much over that figure for fancy in the market in any quantity. to 2 10 1 . demand good for best qualities. 6d to 2s and 2s 6d.3 /6 Bartholomay Ord .. per lb.... 4 May .. and North Western 1 .. . 2s. No pigs offered BIRMINGHAM—June 16—Moderate supplies. and Mr. with bands playing and flags flying.. There were three additions to membership. 4s to 6s and 8s. mackerel. . December. . Mr. 5d to 7d per dozen.. 8 Thwaites Ordinary . Preference. New York.. live ling.. Pref. etc..49d. Affects Every Age and Condition. Block B. That was a reflection not alone upon the chairman. . DUBLIN GRAND JURY.... J.. 79s. which are dull. National War Loan de2 4 clined 1 ... . veal. Culleton. 6st half-breds. but sellers held for 1-16 1 more..O. The motion was then put to the meeting.9d.. for a small amount of stock.. Hallett came on.. This course is adopted by most public bodies and has been in operation at the Dublin County Council for some time. Quo... short sides.. and was there beached. Coffee— 4 Sales in good supply.P. Beet 4 steadier.... W. .. .. conger eels.. Brazil quotations reduced 16 points. 6 / 112 . United Kingdom. Tea and cocoa quiet. Dublin Distillers Preference gave way 6d. whiting. 100. and the crew were powerless in the ensuing panic. 3 1034 1033 4 . 9. ... W.grinding barley. Do. has. and I suffered much from DUBLIN STORE (North Circular road)—June headache. remain about unchanged in the average. STEPHEN’S GREEN. DUBLIN DAIRY (North Circular road)—June 16—There was a small enough show of diary stockers on market to-day. British Pref.. Mr. . Counsel said there was no appearance on the other side... in passing a deep pound. to 28s.. J.. veal calves. 1 12 Parker’s Burslem CP .. etc. 3rd Pref. 7d to 7 2 d.. Frederick Fleming and Maxwell (instructed by Mr.. Con. 8d to 10d... Messrs.. LONDON—June 16—Sugar—Home refined unchanged. 1 16 Simmer & Jack 5 .. Negotiations are now in progress. 94 Helys Ordinary .—Funds exceed £50. Rathmines & Pem . futures firm. Jones was then put and carried nem. unchanged at 90 1-16. 10 per cent. permanent and economical cure of torturing.22d. prices irregular. Down Guaranteed moved up 2 points to 138. Other business having been disposed of.. but he had nnot asked a single voter to vote for him. 2 C B S C 4 pc .... Richard Jones. a resolution was passed with one dissentient that the matter be referred back to the Visiting Committee for further consideration and a report to the Joint Committee. English sides. but apparently sufficient to satisfy requirements. But having done that. Dundalk. ETC.. ....... 7d to 8d. . John Lumsden. 1 . Alderman W. Trust ... . James Cullen. Jones had occupied the chair for a considerable time.. S. so far as cattle CLYDE CRUSHED—June 16—Official Report— were concerned. 3 898 898 . July. it will be forthcoming. depressed on the forty million dollar issue of 7 per cent Preferred Stock by the Southern Pacific. Cattle of all idle.. but does rob it of part of the delicious flavour. pollock. however. T.. 2 16 13 Knight . 16s per box. 6d. Mid4 land (England) Debenture hardened 1 . started with the attack of the Continental companies upon the Cunard Line. Western L.000 aliens reached New York.... and prices remained unchanged.. slips.. .. C. and there are still 700 under the ban waiting to be deported.” (“Times” Second Edition Telegram. Guaranteed A. 908 . £8 to £14 each. Belfast. Deb Portuguese Russian 4 pc. . f Leased to G. 1 52s 6d.” It is signed by “T.. . . 1 4 12 .. it is said.. . choice.. Le Roi . BOY CLERKS (Feb. 6. M. 3 16 New Primrose ..... 1. 1 Dunlop Tyre 8 p. J. . OctoberNovember.. CONSOLS STEADY. .000.. In Home Rails. and that there ought to be a change in the chairmanship. 381 49 2 7 9 6 /6 67 8 21/0 40 1 9 /6 63 8 7 116 11 8 11 /6 17/0 550 13 16 PNEUMATIC TYRE AND CYCLE SHARES.1 35 33 38 D W & W 65. S.. J... 60 1 4 1 2 3 4 1 3 9 0 16 90 1 4 97 3 4 97 3 4 96 831 9 8 83 934 MINING MARKET... 1 .. . Westralians irregular. 5s to 5s 6d. 1 404 .... T. .. Do.. LIVERPOOL (Opening)—June 16—Spot demand again moderate. Atkinson applied on behalf of the Prisons Board for an order that a precept do issue to the sheriff of the County Dublin pursuant to the City and County of Dublin Grand Jury Act. 6 3 d 4 to 9d. A. J... Freeman 4 pc DebRed 9 9 1 100 ..18d. and asked this rescuer in what way he could repay him. Central London Gt. THE FISHING INDUSTRY.. Business was quiet for even best springers. The withdrawal of all opposition to the Bill connected with the Howth Waterworks was announced at the meeting of the North Dublin Rural District Council yesterday. .000 bales....... 4 1 d to 6d.. GRIMSBY—June 16—Seventy vessels. 60s to a smaller supply of stock here this morning. Rice. 1904 attendance to the auction held yesterday. inferior (shorn). 15/0 . and (“Oh. John J. that it is almost—to one who knew Parnell—as if Parnell once more was in his habit as he lived.500 store cattle were offered at about 3s per bag. Do. 88 2 . . too.. Rathmines and Rathgar Urban District Council.... Alderman W. Dillon obtained 20 votes and Mr... Pref. The plaintiffs sued the defendants for damages and for rental of certain electrical fittings which. LONDON (Whitechapel)—June 16—Fair quanDUBLIN METROPOLITAN (North Circular tity forthcoming this morning. 9d to 1s 6d. May.. Copper idle. Ltd. Mr. potatoes... G.. The fire alarm was sounded promptly. Best selec(Second Report)—Scotch idle. 3 4 / 0 . small. 2 16 Transvaal Gold 11 Do Development . not much the worse for his dip. to 6s. and Wabash Debenture 1. J. 2s to 2s 5d per dozen. 5 16 ECZEMA The World’s Greatest Skin Humour...... Utah . 99 2 . 8 1 d to1 9d.. Nth.. (in form of Chocolate Coated Pills. and. 97 97 .. The Hell Gate rocks hemmed the steamer in.. Dundalk & Newry 4 . . To-day Mr.... 5 116 . when he (Mr.. 12s 6d to 15s.P. Do.. the Rev. and 90 1 for account. Calves slow.. Quotations:—Choice fresh selected hen eggs. 5 25 8 Royal. 7s 6d to 7s 9d. a unit. 17s to 20s and 22s.. A second vote taken between these two resulted in 26 votes for Mr. Champion Reef Cosmopolitan Gold. due to the generosity of “a private individual” eighty years ago. Hamilton Hallett. 35036 INDIGESTION Now Deans. transactions are. . 2 2 useful and medium beeves scaling 32s 6d to 34s Cumberland idle. is most deplorable. The weekly meeting of the Port and Docks Board was held to-day. Best result. 1941 92 92 .. dead. 37—decrease. T. Do. 5s 8d.. Present—Messers. 30s to 35s. .. late rates.... Justice Johnson and Mr. STEAM AND CANAL. George Bell. although the bulk of entries was a few exhibits below last Thursday. . Eastmans James Nelson Hudson’s Bay Lipton Ord.. T.P.87d. lambs.. 4 11 2 . DUBLIN. ... and points to a speedy. from infancy to age...28d.. 1 16 Mason and Barry Mysore . perished to-day by the burning of the steamer General Slocum.. j Eighteen Months’ Dividend. 10st Down ewes (clipped). . . Lon.. . and the fact that the victims were almost entirely of tender age. Soles. including First and Third Places. † Prem.... burning and scaly humours... J. ray. Best bred hoggets. 2 Louisville. 142 1421 2 . 39 39 . whiting. 1 1 2 16 1 2 16 Dub A Dwell . J.. in the value of a worn-out old building. MOTHER S E I G E L’ S S Y R U P. sellers.... 30s to 40s and 1 42s. 15s to 20s.. with such just admixture of light and shade. new Canary. . . Councillor Curley. 3 4 9c Bank of Ireland 349 ... gurnard (grey). the action of the American Government no less than the Cunard Company contributed.. ....... Anderson and Bland) applied. 6... lambs.. Central Pref. paint. . . seconds. Clay too long and too well to do that (hear.. cod.. .. Do. Central N. Consolidated Goldfields of South Africa hardened 1-32... selected. Mr. .500 for the erection and equipment of a bakery for the Asylum. Common Stock 3 3 down. has been re-elected. steady. . Provincial Cum Pref LAND AND MINING.. .. 159 1 . not to do so in order that he might withdraw his name The motion for the re-election of Mr. Lambs quiet. TRADE. Flood. 1 . . 15 8 ‡ Ex New. Alderman Doyle seconded the motion.. J. . .... ... Best for certain classes.. APPALLING AMERICAN DISASTER. brills. 26s to 42s. J.. good qualities still make 4s 6d again of rather limited dimensions.. who held that office for the past five years. 4s 2d to 4s 4d. July-August. 11 . ’89 Spanish 4 pc Turkish Unified Imp’l Otto 1 Bank Uruguay 3 2 pc Do.. moved the reelection as Deputy-Chairman of Mr.. 1 d more.. (chairman) presided. . 2s each... Mr.. 5 pc .” supported him during the past twelve months in carrying out the orders of the board. The Chairman mentioned that Alderman Reigh’s resolution had stood over for a month in order that he (chairman) might obtain information on the subject... and had been chairman of a great many committees there. 5 Rue de la Paix. 53 4 3 2 4 85 National Limited 2 4 16 . and a fair proportion of the better classes of exhibits were taken. ... South Western. MALE LEARNERS. Description of Stock.. New York Central and Ontario 3 .. on the scalp.. ....P. . Cherbourg. & York. but 8 8 no business resulted. delicate. to cleanse the surface of crusts and scales. Midland Deferred. . every deck was crowded with merrymakers. less. good deal in favour with country buyers for conDUBLIN—June 16—The demand for greasy fine tract and other purposes. but when the hose was manned there was no water. 1899 Hungarian 4 p c Italian 5 pc Japan 1902 5 pc Do. and he would not have made any observations at all if Mr... per lb.. W. dead. 5 Do..P.. 5 pc Caledonian Do. but couple of energetic buyers from Dundalk and being chiefly of small size and rather immature. Harrington pointed out that the tariff complained of was undoubtedly doing a great deal of injury to an important industry in the South of Ireland. COTTON. we very fine bright samples. Fair clearance. He had been in the Corporation for several years.000 American. Dundalk. Consols brought last price.. MEAT.m.000 including 6... .. 2 86 86 . Good stamp of less owing to the present value being too dear for hoggets and big lambs were in greater demand the American markets. Distillers are charged 2s per cent.... 28s. Printed and published for the “Freeman’s Journal” Company. 17s 4s 2d to 4s 10d. 125 . 63 8 Castleb’ham C Pref 101 .. 2d to 4d. 5s 6d to Sharpness flat. ewe (shorn). 3s to 3s 4d per dozen. Flax stores in Belfast pay almost twice as much as in other parts of Ireland. There are many who have not a single penny. However.. WOMAN CLERKS (March. 6 7 8 Ashanti .. to 81 4 . 8 ... 17 11 81 2 263 578 59 2 37 8 . .. Molloy was of opinion that it would be a great mistake to establish a bakery there. . . Harrington... which gives more interesting glimpses of Parnell than this book by Mr. (PRESS ASSOCIATION FOREIGN SPECIAL). An easier tendency characterised the principal departments.000. 7 11 .. . but slow to clear. 1873. choice. lastly.. to 137 1 . German. Robert Keating Clay. 1 . 185 ..29d. Asso.. 42s 6d eight 2 tion of 35s to 36s per cwt on foot.. but that is accounted for by the previous heavy losses in the city.O. 1s. “Well.. .. Market continues steady. . Limited. small. 1 8 904 837 8 ... and he is severe on some of the methods of his lieutenants. because he (Alderman Doyle) would have voted in favour of any man in the room in opposition to the chairman. ewe. 9d. The Cunard people retaliated the other day.. succeeded in pulling him out. 72s. A. Thos. Judge Gibson said this was such a case as drew the claim that the defendants were liable personally to the plaintiffs for the sum charged for the minimum payments... Lawlor proposed that Alderman Hennessy be elected chairman for the ensuing twelve months. 107 2 1071 . .200 undesirables were deported (he says) during the past week. Nundydroog Ooregum Ord.. Howth.. Jones to fill the office of chairman for the ensuing year. A.a steady trade.. Mr. to summon a grand jury for the County Dublin for June 25th.. ... Cloth inquiries were numerous.. greasy. Alderman Doyle said that the statement made by Alderman Hennessy was surprising.. lish wheat commands 10s 6d to 11s per bag. and the Bill now goes forward as an unopposed measure with all the powers for the entire scheme as originally sought. . Depots . this gentleman is the most suitable to fill the position. .. 8s to 10s. Bel & Co Down 5 pc 1 3 6 138 .. particularly during the last four years... Michael Davitt’s new book. Mr. . . the extreme rates obtained lots of wethers suitable to Dublin requirements for Downs. it appears.. and changes in values were generally unfavourable to the holders. Weaving factories and spinning mills pay the same rates all over Ireland. ... . 42s 5 1 d one month. 2 Tharsis ..P. E & J. No change. 30s to 31s. blacks. .. 137 Columbus Ave. BREWERS AND DISTILLERIES. ready and June... In the King’s Bench No. The defence was that all the money due had been paid over. ... he had no desire to say anything disrespectful of Mr. . Children need cereal food. Fat cows were a WOOL. small. . 50s to 65s. 2 . John Carolan... 2 of 6 appointments. 16 Meyer & Charlton ..m.. The board met last evening at 25 Grafton street.. 8d. gurnard (red).. and others in proportion. which raised the ire of their Continental rivals by catering for Hungarian emigration.. mixture and saincorresponding stability in values. .. J. Lawler. 10 18/0 6 15/0 . . Parkes 5 2 pc C P 19/71 19/71 . k To 30th September. scallions... Black Seas.. 566. Y... . 8 Dublin Tramways Ordinary changed hands at yesterday’s figure. of Windmill Lane. . apart altogether from the impetus of competition.. A deputation from the Baker’s Union had been in attendance for an interview with the Joint Committee. Home Rails steady—Rise—Great Western 1 . He thanked them very heartily for their confidence in him. 5 3 8 1 . J. . One evening. July sold at 32s 10 2 d... 5 1 d to 7 2 d... Burne. M‘Carthy.L.. . C.4 EVENING TELEGRAPH. Salmon. 1423 4 ... 1 88 2 .. 6d. L. change in the trade for old potatoes. . 5. ... .. 9d to 9 2 d per lb... 40s. Not being able to swim. MacDonnell.... 1 1 / 0 3 . commencing with Dr.. and they were also in case of consumers who did not take the minimum quantity to pay a sum to the plaintiffs that would give them 1s... Ord...London. But if the guest insists on having Grape-Nuts and good rich cream being served.. Clay to put aside lucrative business in London and come over here in order to give this Board the benefit of his advice (hear. T. G. CO. . with to 80s... Hussey. 3s. English wethers. beans. parsley. Alderman Hennessy replied that he believed what he again moved quietly at late rates.. Nellie Hallett. 11 2 . for a small amount of stock.. 6d to 1s and 1s 6d...... Justice Gibson.. 71s. St Malo. There was almost a panic there yesterday. “The Fall of Feudalism in Ireland. . 4 1 4 . per hank.. and wethers were. 641 2 1 5 21 2 . buyers. 3 5 / 6 ... 42s 4d. whether sheep.. Dunbar of the lighter stamp of animals... bulls and cows. Fitzgerald) appeared for the defendants.11d. went on at full speed. Judge Gibson said this was such a case as ought to be discussed and settled in a friendly way by business men.. sions. 7 Do... which was warmly supported by Alderman M‘Carthy.. Scotch washed. 131 4 . J. Mr. Davitt was not a blind worshipper of Mr. 16 11-16. before Mr. best light wethers..P... ... & Pacific B. he criticises some of his acts with frankness. J. Limited Competition. Top sorts of cows. 6d. .. .. inferior. Guaranteed Land Stk 9 0 16 9 0 16 . and transactions were featureSyrup rescued me. The Chairman said the Joint Committee had not yet committed itself to the proposal for establishing a bakery.. India 3 p cStk Red 1948 . FISH... 7 291 2 2 Irish Times C P 53 5 16 . 9 6 / 6 x d 9 6 / 6 .155 appreciable improvement in the demand. and marrows all the year round.. The Chairman said he felt very much indeed the renewal of confidence in him which they had shown by re-electing him to the position of chairman. taking into account the fact that he was a competitor for the Chairmanship (hear. at my stomach . Strattons . 8s to 12s and 16s. trout.. It was an experiment that might not prove a success. J. Anglo-American Do. . d Four Months’ Dividend. send it back to be dried out in the oven. William Buckley. but he did not think there was another board in Dublin in which there were so many men qualified to fill the chair... presided.. and said the Richmond Committee had already decided in favour of establishing a bakery. Veal calves of fed class were in better supply.. . ewes 2 2 1 VEGETABLES. South Lake Vw Consols 5 ... to 24 8 .. 8 14 . Ltd. Foreign Railways. In Toro strawberries could be had for nine months in the twelve. day’s Dublin sales. 3 9 .small business done at 42s 5 1 d cash... Mr. etc. extra selected. . 4 LONDON. live.. yesterday. .. . . .. 9 0 16 1 . and the victory of the Cunard policy means an early return to the old rates. Norfolk. 1s. an unpopular officer was returning to his quarters.. Great Northern offered ineffectually at last prices. EVENING TELEGRAPH. Great 2 Northern... P. do... Aus.28d. 1.. 39 .28d. It was an honour for the institution to have Mr.. 8 16 . . 1904) —Five of eleven appointments. and Reading Do.90d.. P. and who want their children to grow up as happy as Foreign Stocks... 5d age supply of sheep. to 8 81 1 . brill.. “the best way you could repay me would be to say nothing about it. . Richardson. with such able presentment of the contrasts of his career. . in order to terminate the present ruinous competition. and J.. but no change can safely be recorded in values tations:—English Maincrops. Lyon... is to 2s. 1 .12d. O’Neill) thought that they could not have a more efficient Vice-Chairman than Mr... the blood makers—in just the right proportion. who gave shippers and pork butchers made a slow sale. fine. 901 4 903 8 . . 4 8 Denver Preference.. to 55 3 ..... . Hill Ivanhoe Kalgurli Do.. Prospectus. 2 3 4 . 1 1 Midland G W 2 2 pc . STRUCK ON THE ANVIL. . namely.Africa(Ch’rt) . permits rest and sleep in the severest forms of eczema and other itching. Louisville 8 1 1 . . has compiled a report on insurance rates in Belfast and other cities. October-Decem1 ber. 6 16 13 . . bacon. 1 101 Belfast Street 2 .. of fat hogs marketed here this week was regular in price. ..A. Send for “How to Cure Eczema. improvement to note in the markets to-day. Also present—Messrs... This does not detract from the wonderful nutritive qualities of Grape-Nuts. 48 boxes mackerel. 6s to 10s. .. 8 .. But he took strong exception to a gentleman proposing a vote of censure upon his own colleagues. 1 to-day. . mostly children.C... 2 5 .. On that account.. 8 4 1 7 Guaranteed Land (Mature) was 8 . A. New York. 16 . G. Great Eastern Do.. 1 9 1 4 Durban Roodepoort 51 8 13 East Rand . Bank of Ireland. demand equal to a clearance at following rates— BRISTOL—June 16—Fair supply of beef.. 1s 6d to 3s. according to considerable opposition. Midland G W 5 pc RAILWAY GUARANTEED STOCKS. . Geo.. cod. Logan & Co. 1 474 461 4 6 18 4 213 2 15 2 12 4 8 .. IRISH CLERKS’ AND ASSISTANTS’ ASSOCIATION. one 2 though values indicated a stiffening tendency. Bombay and Calcutta Trans8 fers.. 2 Kansas.. Justice Andrews.. . 5 11-16.. sitting without a jury. . 7 1 d. a Ex Rights.. 1s 3d to 1s 6d. N.. Milwaukee 1 1 .C. 2 4 9 4 d 1to 10 1 d. the supply of tonnage offering being greatly in excess of requirements. Alderman Cotton said—It gives me great pleasure to propose the re-election of Mr. compared with seven days’ prices. hake. 116 3 Bonanza . 14. Hamlet.. and later improved 3d.. Best Irish Result. no country stuff forwarded... Alderman Wm.. Mark’s German Lutheran Church was proceeding to Locust Grove. 1s to 3s. He did the same last year. Block B’ken Hill Prop. 138 .. 70s trade resumed a very active tone all round... but he had now asked Mr. Nitrate Rail. Clay had not been able to attend for a considerable time and had not given very much assistance to the Board (“oh.. per 4.. Nevertheless it is a wonderful portrait.. CATTLE.. The Chairman said it would be obviously very unfair for him to use the position which he held at the present moment for the purpose of making a speech on the question before the meeting. particularly those from the South of Europe. . Ewes of the right Scotch and coarse wools is disappointing... . . Ord.. for an order of the Court to fix time and mode of trial. of latter more readily accomplished. . Scotch BIRMINGHAM—June 16—Not much business long sides.000 bales.. and the Continent.. 9 16 Modderfontein 1 ... J.. DUBLIN (Wholesale)—June 16—Two steamers landed 272 boxes of rough stuff. T. 6 2 d to 7d. flashing... and gazed on you with those red-flint. where our respected colleague.. Sir Thomas Drew.. but they quickly became uncontrollable and made rapid headway. G’fields Rio Tinto Anaconda . J.30 901 8 .. Leachman) appeared for the plaintiffs. apparently.. In market—390 firkins. FREIGHTS. . .30 p.. rashes and inflammations. .heavy weight rated about a shilling or so dearer. 1 7 32 7 3 43 7 34 9 64 . It makes bone and muscle... A Few Hotels that seek to be first-class leave Food off the menu card because it is more expensive to purchase than oatmeal and they therefore undertake to put the guest off with the oatmeal at the breakfast. perhaps be consoled by the knowledge that prices for vegetables are better and more remunerative in his own neighbourhood than in the Southern land which has been so lavishly dowered by nature. large. . corded from last week’s currencies.. JuneJuly. 5. THURSDAY.. . 3s 10d to 4s. Baltinglass...P. 1 404 . cauli. 1904)—First Place. 5.. Jersey. Y. particularly cabbage.. each.. Clay. 2 5 Nigel . 1 8 13 B. Alderman J. hear).”) Mr. but quiet. . ASSISTANT CLERKS (Feb.. c Cash.. the Coroner...26d. 134 11 6 . Egyptian—Small business done. Prices show an improvement on those at the end of last season.. . hoggs. etc.C. Ordinary 1 repeated 5 2 . London Joint Stock 36 . 1 1 0 12 2 864 39 ..C.. 1st Pref. 1 d.m.. “FORCE” is made for people who are smart enough to want the best— who know that we are only what our food makes us.. pollock. The disaster is the most appalling that has ever occurred in the New York Harbour. Jones) should be succeeded by him he took no exception to it.000 or 6. LATEST SUCCESSSES.. but upon the whole Board (hear. they had put into the houses of consumers of electric light. . who was about to second the amendment.. 8s. E.. 11 / 3 17/3 . C B & S Coast 5 1 pc . 1 1 8 14 802 .—Endowment Assurance and Life Policies from £10 to any amount.. 1 184 811 294 . 2 to 7 1 d per bunch. . . 3s to 3s 6d..... A panic ensued.. 103 4 99 3 4 1041 80 4 1021 8 7 21 45 2 451 8 3 21 85 2 1053 984 104 1 2 971 8 9 41 352 1001 1032 881 4 881 2 771 4 1 0 2 11 2 2 7 43 25 8 911 4 621 4 90 863 833 4 138 561 76 2 108 313 8 77 94 263 144 92 1021 414 381 1424 371 2 961 4 1361 2 1221 4 161 4 99 64 1521 1632 55 983 3 8 14 682 7 01 442 781 2 1401 4 97 94 59 1331 11 5 2 921 2 125 1 2 11 2 18 80 291 74 541 2 145 8 102 1 4 8 5 37 4 38 3 8 96 1 4 74 4 971 8 2 43 122 1 4 32 2 1471 4 24 3 4 21 72 1 1 2 13 4 1 3 3 83 1 7 18 11 9 4 265 8 5 7 15 8 5 9 21 2 4 12 4 1 81 492 221 8 873 894 95 5 98 56 1 4 36 61 1 RICHMOND ASYLUM. . h On Account Arrear. Dillon and 14 for Mr.. There was also a fair demand for other classes of lambs.. 90 1-16. 1st Pef. The trouble.. Price 1/11 and 2/6 per Bottle. renders it absolutely distressing. Done. and with a to 5s per cwt.. LONDON (Metropolitan)—June 16—Beasts were few. 12. is now about £7.. Free Policies. & N. 27 Charterhouse Sq.. ... But they need a cereal food that contains brain-building material as well.10 Consols New Do Acct (New) Nat War Loan Local Loan India 3 p c „ 21 p c 2 Transvaal Loan London Co. 1 91 2 5 5 21 552 54 2 352 351 . white soles. and Easterns keep about steady outward coal tonnage. Francis M‘Kenna. 5 1 3 4 11 . cash and one month. 28/6 Dub Dis 6 p c C P 2 9 /5 0 . 1 16 Oceana Consd.. £15 to £20... ... and he should not have repeated it. 5... and each one of them would tell them—and Alderman Hennessy himself would admit it— that the total amount asked from the Corporation that year was not only proportionately less.25d. .. . 5st Downs.. sneered at the statement that the Academy receives a grant of only £300 a year.. ..... who remarks— “I have read no book. each. Thursday. The writer in the “Pall Mall Gazette” said this statement had no basis in fact.... sows. J. were a shade easier. on the breast.. Belgian.. 3 16 15 . Abraham. It has a delicious. Ointment. being considered £1 to 30s dearer here than in Private Report—Fairly good business done at cross-Channel Midland and Southern shires. per lamp. Do. P. 17.. .. 16—Market did not hold an appreciable number From this wretched condition Mother Seigel’s of store beasts.” It is rumoured that the Atlantic rate war is very near its end. 4s. Liver5s 8d. DUBLIN (Wholesale)—June 16—There is little PIGS.. Alderman Hennessy might have done a graceful act by allowing Mr. ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN. inflammation. 1 7 62 . 2 60 60 60 Port and Docks Board. Peakhill G’field Sons of Gwalia W. 16 City & Suburban . Dividend—Dooars Tea Company... ling. 2 In Miscellaneous. . .. plaice. His name was put forward by some of his friends for the Chairmanship. He knew Mr. ewes. 2 1-16 to 2 1 per cent. heard the case of National Electrical Construction Company v. Pierce Ryan. accentuated or quotable change can be safely re... extra AND SLEEPLESSNESS quality. 3 . Mr.. Quocrease. Action Against the District Council. 11 / 3 17/3 .. Transvaal 4 1 Loan.. 41s 9d. 3 16 Randfontein Rand Mines(New) . Charles A. haddock. On a first vote. 1s. 77s.. we understand. 42s 6d cash. October-November.... ETC. Best Irish Result. Rescission Brazil Funding W. pool English white oats.. You can have a choice breakfast dish by insisting. Corrigan contended that if they were to bake the same bread that was supplied to the inmates of Portrane instead of saving by establishing a bakery they would lose £94 a year. Deep Globe and Phœnix . 14/0 Baker. . per lb. Def. Anthony Madden.) . 80s to 100s per ton... B.. the General Slocum steamed half a mile to North Brother Island. lobsters. . 9d 4 2 to 9 2 d. whilst sheep were more in evidence at late rates.. 7 16 5 E. 1 4 1 4 De Beers ... 2 2 rhubarb.. .. German granulated steadier.. The captain of the General Slocum states that the engine room failed to answer his signal.. . Choice veal placed satisfactorily... 6s 10d to 7s per 120. ray. United French 3 1 p c 2 German 3 p c Greek. T.. Royals again fetched 25 5 .. (With Dividends Contingent on the Profits of each Separate Year. With regard to Dublin. inferior.. We had tations:—Best clover. . About 20 carts in each with two or three skips of new county Dublin stuff. Baltimore. ... 3s to 5s. inscrutable eyes that could win or awe one when he was still in the flesh. 4 11 .. which would be £100 a year more than they would save by establishing a bakery of their own. 1s 1d to 1s 2d.. .. answers a superior person. Up-toDates.. Not only where there many other men in the room competent to do so. September-October.. 443 8 . 16 . S. T. 1 1 4 . T..... and adopted unanimously. .... . supply of wool is disappointing. per 13. 16 . Almost anything planted would grow. Dublin Corporation Three and a Quarter per Cent.. 6 16 3 Geelong . 5 16 S.. rope.. haddock.. In my opinion... 3 12 . Steel Ord.. little trade transacted.” was the reply.. prices unchanged.. the bone makers. in the face of which exporters were unable to and 8s 4d to 9s per cwt. Molloy.. 1 9 34 Yeterday’s After Closin Official Prices. 1 5 8 7 Goldcoast Amal.. including 300 bales export or speculation. Futures now quiet but steady. .. a good tendency pervades the Stock Markets. but buyers would not ex2 ceed 93. B. B. 7s. 86 1 . Americans. . per Press Association. 5 Thom 5 1 C Pref . . . 55s to 57s “Indigestion reduced me from a strong. 1883. as prices were practically prohibitive.. 7 Apex ....... 3 16 . 1 992 1033 4 . There were also present—Alderman James Hennessy.. Proprietary .. Consols. questioned many witnesses yesterday evening...0 90 1 4 90 3 8 . .. as judged by the standard of fat cattle values.. 92. and “Irish Times” Preference 1-16. His Lordship fixed the trial before a judge without a jury on Tuesday. Speaking at a meeting of the Royal Geographical Society... The average run of prices 1 is—Shrops and Downs. Dry.. This treatment affords instant relief... Cleveland firm. each. eczema would be a sufficient infliction on mankind. Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Ordinary im1 proved 1 2 d. ..... . August sold at 9s 2d. January-February. and W. Dublin (Feb. Richardson seconded the motion. relating to the medical department were under consideration. In the King’s Bench Division (Probate Side). South Africans firm. and India Three per Cents. 2s 6d. When it comes to your table. COATS ORDINARY HIGHER. sufficient supplies to fit LONDON (Borough)—June 16—Heavy supplies secure Well-finished pigs of both their commismedium and of new quantities experienced a steady demand. and was not in a position to defend himself (hear. . the preceding prices remain unchanged. . T. . they must show that there was spontaneous combustion in the storage room...” the standing endowment of the Royal Irish Academy. & Western Costa Rica Mexican Ord. 443 . . . United was done. 7 p c Do.. superfine.... When she was off Sunken Meadows a fire broke out in the lunch room.. 11 9 1 4 16 1 4 16 .. . Mr...12d August-September. 2s. . he (the Chairman) thought it right to say. live skate. each. and rams.. . 2 / 9 9 . that while the Scottish Academy prospers on an original endowment of £40.... Rafferty. and intense itching.. G S & W (Wat & L) 7 0 4 704 . 24s.. 1 8 14 8 11 1 8 12 2 1222 . Nth... 5.073 9s. 2 a reduction of 1 . There had been no such thing as economy.. 3 16 . gibbed. for a few shares. Union Pacific and Steels Preference 3 .. 16 . whilst some days and six days. Alderman James Derwin.. 3 2 11 2 1114 1 1 13 4 .. and if it was the wish of the Board that he (Mr.. 95 7 . 70s to 80s..88d.. 2s 6d to per cwt. 2 calves. 5 5 8 3 . 8 8 55 5 13 M‘birney. . L. The next matter was the consideration of a resolution of which Alderman Reigh had given notice to the effect that application should be made to the Local Government Board for their sanction to the Joint Committee obtaining a loan of £1. .. 2 4 . hear). .. 2 1 5 Frank Smith . June 6. brought the Continental companies to terms. Def Metropolitan Do. & S. heavy sorts. ..P.” said the soldier. 1423 4 . hear). 6. 1 . Do.C. 5s 6d to 5s 9d per score. 6 3 . . less. He had known Mr. stumbled and fell into it..000 of which came by the goodwill of his Majesty’s Government. . 5.. 2 8 1 4 13 Johannesb’g Invt . 2s to 2s 6d.. . F... Nationals depreciated 1-16. hoggets..86d.. .. Deptford killed... . 42s 4d. 4 8 51 52 PimOrdinary .. says the Club Chatterer in “To-Day.... hear). Cncl.. Laurence Dennehy. Doyle. Distillers shares 8 marked 1 better at 16 1 . e Quarterly. 6. 4s 2d to 4s 4d. Do. Thos.. 16 Ferreira . Lawlor had not spoken of want of economy.”) The two were put there and the one supported the other (“Oh... 2 2 Per Cent Con 1923 9 0 16 . 83 Middle Abbey Street. 2nd Pref. . 553 4 . Frederick H. Scotch wethers..C.. 1 904 . Ltd 48 48 . caused by distracted people trying to push past the police to seek for their missing relations. steady prices. while the Preference main8 tained previous value.. Judge. 7 2 d. crisp. Small supplies from local trawlers and Howth hookers... but it had been progressive. 1904)—Four successes... as a protest against the chair being held permanently by any one man. . 1st Pref.. 6. BREAD SUPPLY... Alderman Hennessy said his objection to the re-election of the Chairman also applied in this case. 4 pc Bonds Mexican 5 pc Do... 8 CORPORATION STOCKS AND DEBENTURES. River Plates. per lot. EGGS. and 70s. & Rosario B. and directed the issue to be whether the respondent was guilty of adultery as alleged in the petition.. Callan Macardle... The respective weekly auction dispersals. . 8 RAILWAY ORDINARY STOCKS. to 4 2 .... occasional fancy articles went up to 37s 6d (live). . second quality.Def . A letter was read from the Trades Council enclosing resolutions passed by them and the Baker’s Union protesting against the establishment of a bakery in the Asylum.” in the style characteristic of English critics of Irish affairs. ... Sales.. 5s to 7s and 8s.. if any. take Cuticura Resolvent..... ... In one week it is estimated that no less than 14.C. 70s.. 4s 6d to 4s 8d... 64s others.. They all knew Mr. The Cuticura treatment is at once agreeable. 3 254 . Just as she grounded the hurricane deck fell in.. 162 Distillers 163 .1 . Ltd . ... 16 .C. coupled with the losses already incurred by the introduction of the two pound rate.. A. . however. do... He had consulted three of the most eminent bakers in Dublin. and soften the thickened cuticle. . P. . 6 / 6 11 . turbot. Deferred B... .. quarters.... . People outside had been complaining very much that that institution was managed extravagantly. 14s to 16s. J. for account. to 5 7-16.. Cotton... hemp. each. While he felt that he was bound to say so much.. otherwise he would have ran the boat on the nearest point of the shore. T. Thursday. .. Powell and Mooney Ordinary at 1s. 10 4 d to 10 3 d.. per lb. or Pills. ... 111 8 . J. to 95 2 . 1904)— Four successes. It was advisable that they should have a change in the chairmanship. (Second Report)—American—Market dull. Petroleum Sweetmeat Auto. Chairman—I was about to ask you to postpone your resolution for a month in order that the figures might be furnished to you and a report on the subject printed and circulated... Do. Baltimore. 1 16 Village Mainreef . District Midland Def. Atchison and Wabash Debenture 1.... just now are getting PIG IRON. Davitt with such clearness.... 10s to 12s 6d. . J. but coarse proved hard to sell. . 3 per cent.... The rates for linen warehouses are special for Belfast. 3s 6d to 4s.. The annual Sunday School excursion of the St. 12s to 15s. . and descends impartially through generations. F. S... ewe and wether. and people outside were complaining of it very much.19d. Clay was making rapid recovery (hear. . Fully 1.. January-February.. 9 5 Robinson . but there was no road)—June 16—Numbers on sale—Beasts. and helps to increase one’s sense of the greatness and also the weirdness of Parnell. porkets.. Sir James Murphy.. best. 75s to 85s.. Mr.. slips. S.. Futures—San Lorenzo. about 6d. K... A.. . Potter Drug & Chem... camp stools.17d. and other highly inflammable material.. Ayres Do... Gordon. 3 7 Langlaagte 8 15 .P. Dublin. Div.... 1 5 8 11 . a Free of Income Tax. live halibut. Ontario Norfolk & West Pennsylvania P. 2 2 Powell & Mooney Ord 1 / 0 1/0 . where the Municipal Charity Hospital’s physicians and nurses were immediately available for the injured. ..... 5 2 d to 7 2 d. and was finally beached on North Brothers Island. Reef . the petitioner in a petition by him against his wife... APPOINTMENT OF A SOLICITOR. Mr. .. Dunlop Deferred 1 / 12 .. Nominal Previous Business Price. The latter.. seconds.. C B & S C W C 4 pc 1 0 1 . . . 12s to 15s. John Molony. Cheques were drawn for £8 15s in payment of members’ claims.. grilse..28d. . 60s. B. inferior. and will come before the committee of Unopposed Bills next week.. MawCoghan Briscoe. including 1st place. Midland Great 2 Western Five per Cent... specially picked hay.. 1 16 Mozambique 13 . 2 5 Rice Hamilton 8 11 . The following are the official quotations— GOVERNMENT FUNDS. William Hewat. 4 2 In Railways. 3s 6d to 3s 8d. O’Kelly. under a contract of May 17.. 5... Turpentine. but transactions few... 1 . which discharges an acrid fluid. .. He was a man of experience.. supplies are DUBLIN (North Circular road)—June 16—The of an ample character.. 6s 6d to 6s 10d. and 23 packages of salmon. . 3 . the Lord Mayor Alderman Davin..1 10 . brisk demand... After further discussion. Lawlor said the South Union Guardians had saved an enormous amount of money by establishing a bakery.. Motion granted. and subsequently issued the following statement:—“The fire originated in the storage room on the starboard side forward... Dillon.”) He had not been able to attend the meetings of the Finance Committee. as linen warehouses do not exist in this city.. Chesapeake. Fisher said that the excessive rainfall and the intense heat of the sun had the effect of forcing everything to exaggeration in that country.. J. The Engineer was requested to report on the application from the Dublin and Glasgow Steam Packet Company to have the same facilities given to their passengers as are given to the London and North Western Railway Company’s passengers in regard to the closing of the swing bridges on the North Wall at the time of the sailings of the boats.. and Dublin Artisans’ Dwellings at 12 1-16. 2 16 Lomagunda 15 Mashonaland A’y . 1 1 8 . Mr.. East Indian unchanged. 8s to 10s. 6. and went up freely to 8d.. Bernard Gorevan.. Cork Electric Preference were on 2 sale at 11 3 . . S. and as was seen at yesterby Dublin victuallers...P. DUBLIN (Wholesale)—June 16—The supplies offering from the country are fair for the time of year. Enniskillen.. was accordingly elected. 10st half-breds. Limited 25 8 . Wahi Gold . to cool and cleanse the blood. quotations reduced 16 points. As he had repeated it.C.. Alderman Gerald O’Reilly.. . lb 1 (shorn).. to 97 7 . 1 8 7 Geduld .. who ought to know more about the subject than even a writer for the “Pall Mall Gazette.. Walter Baird. 8 3 Rosie Deep 8 . ‡ Ex New. and. who was sent back could only scrape together 1s 7d. 5. Pref.. . Cheshunt. Sole Proprietors. 7d. & Santa Fe Do. British Def. J.. . speedy... turbot. William Dillon.. 1 7 38 963 4 8 11 3 2 1 2 14 3 17 7 8 1458 241 202 . working out on mutually satisfactory basis. Thomas Martin. 1 6 16 Guinness 6 pc C Pref 1 6 16 .10d.. 6 13 4 . eased 1 .. . Pref. each. 30 . Clay to the Board for four or five years past were absolutely priceless. and that the passages of the two-pounders will cease in a very short time. or 1 over yesterday’s figure. 6d. 2s to 2s 6d... Commercial and Industrial. Madden. 10s to 11s 6d. I know that there are a great many gentlemen who consider that a change of chairman should take place annually.. with the defendants. 8 * Free of Stamp Duty. 2s 2d to Sharpness round maize... Doran. Pref.. Union Pacific Preference.. Def. three months bills. and Patrick Shelly. Clay was ill. The Committee adjourned.. no opening report. If not. Rathmines Electric Light. Wabash Pref... C. such as are rarely seen were informed..... rose 1-16. .. . short supply. With all that had been said in reference to Alderman Hennessy personally he quite agreed. & Co. . and asked for a divorce a mensa et thoro..... D... porkers. E. Mr.P. there being a foin. The most successful coaching establishment in Ireland for Civil Service and Bank Examinations. per 9 pairs. 2s 4d. 1s 2d to 1s 4d per dozen. ... 393 684 703 8 . Pref. who. tions of heifers and oxen scaled and easy repeti. 6.. Justice Madden...1 Munster & Leinster .. 5.. 1374 .. disfiguring humours. 7 1 st to 8st Down 2 wethers (clipped)...... MacDonnell 10. 147 8 . 2 ... THE BANK RATE. A. soles. .. Chat. Castlebellingham Ord 68 . 6d. and the withdrawal of opposition has an immediate money value for the Council inasmuch as it means a saving of £700.. Atchison. Sir James Murphy—We can approve of the resolution. ... and their opinion was that if the Joint Committee took second class bread instead of first class they would save £364 a year. Murphy.. without hard rubbing.. Limited 5 5 16 8 .. . Tex... . Clay as its deputy chairman (hear. but British Deferred 8 down. Duffy. Sackville st. John Mason. 7 Matabele G.. ... Erie Ordinary Denver Ord... T. 1 Selukwe . Averwhite turnips.. Edward Rooney. small and medium... wherein he charged her with misconduct.. 92 1 . and —decrease. stores. Railway Company. 71 .... Clay (hear. Maincrops. E. Foreign Stocks firm on good Paris prices. but on learning their decision they did not deem it necessary to have the interview. The Chairman of the Dublin County Council was there and also the gentlemen from Louth and Wicklow. Sales. 16 Do. MISCELLANEOUS. 17s 6d.. George Byrne. but absolutely less than the amount asked for last year. which necessarily forces prices to some extent. Jackson. Bid Asked. 4s to 5s.. 8s to 8s 6d per stone (14 1lb).. He was opposed to supplying second class bread to the patients. see that the food is dry.. . 9s. „ Pref. and the inquiry small... or women. 2 1 61 61 Pim 5 2 p c C Pref . near Hell Gate.. Trunks 4 4 and Canadian Pacifics steady. Arthur H.. cauliflowers... . . Pref. John Rubton Garstin. 1904. 7s 6d to 10s. 6s 4d. 3 5 .. Blacklands. Reigh.. at Dereham.. Gold W.. 8s 6d to 9s.. Per half-box—Mackerel.. 3 . 5. and according to a correspondent “a worse looking set have not been sent here for a quarter of a century.. the case of Hallett v. choicest boxes. happening to pass at the moment. 11 Up. .. 323 32 3 13 3 4 1464 146 1454 2 4 3 2 4 31 241 8 2 8 204 . 1031 103 . 31 31 Bolands Ltd . .. Do. They had unfortunately been deprived of Mr. Parnell. L.811 forward. 6d to 7d per lb plaice. Explor. sellers.... consequently.. 5d to 8d..S.. 93 94 ... Parkes 8 1 Preference at 19s. . 98 100 RAILWAY BARONIAL GUARANTEED SHARES (In Perpetuity under Act.. 1 4 3 4 To the ending of the fight. Thursday. The great interest cenfor shipping than for some time past. . 5s 6d to 6s... £1 3d per quarter. 1 76 2 762 . Welsbach Ord. Funding Do. on the East River. Corrigan.. ... Marcus Goodbody. Ml. 37 . have been arranged in three rows for the entire length of East Twenty-sixth street Pier—150 feet. MacDonnell. Linseed oil quiet. each. American hind.. Byrne. . thirds. large fat. . per doz. C.. £25. after numerous other medicines had failed. & S... 1 / 11 4 Dunlop 5p c C Pref 1 0 / 9 10/9 . Mr. Price. hear). 34s 6d. *Dub Corpn. con. 1 . Macnie.. £12.. their anxiety to put an end to the “war” can be well understood. Perseverance Do.... ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN. . . P.. more or sort also sold relatively well.. JUNE 16. in2 1 “There was always a feeling of oppression ferior. 32s to Dispelled by 44s.” In “T.C. who. Piercy (chair). but al.... 1859-6 5 pc Do. white soles. sir. For almost without exception it is kept in the kitchen of every hotel and restaurant ready for particular guests. but everywhere its distinctive feature is a small watery blister. Some matters.. and they also knew that he had given a great deal of good service to the Board (hear. United Kingdom.... . 1 Chilian 4 2 p c Chinese Sil. dead. etc. Davitt. TO-DAY’S PRICES... 41 .. Berry. 5s 6d hogs. The following were unaltered :— E... 3 p. 46s to 60s. Soap.. small. 2s to however. .. Louis and Nash Illinois Mis.. 1 13 8 .. 9s 3d per score... 1.. Garrett Begg.. Clay’s services for a considerable period past owing to a very severe and protracted illness from which he had been suffering. O’Neill. and upward).. 60s flowers.. and some lots remained unsold. Pref Do. Alderman Joseph Delahunt...... His work there had been a pride to him and he deemed it a very great duty to perform it to the best of his ability. Scotch cattle. J. while one man. and Brunskill (instructed by Messrs. 8 1 d to 9d... 1 0 1 2 . and terms. 76 ST.. . London (Feb. Alderman Doyle (resuming) said he was surprised at the statement made by Alderman Hennessy. MANCHESTER—June 16—Dull market.A. Patrick Greaves.. Coast Do. Dealings on the Stock Exchange to-day were much restricted... 8s 4d. June 16.. D. . LINES LEASED AT FIXED RENTALS. and soothe and heal. Consols quiet—Fall—Money 1-16... Coach and waggon builders are charged pretty high rates in Belfast.. Drapers employing a small number of hands are charged rather less in Dublin than in Belfast. The vessel. The Chairman stated that the services rendered by Mr. 9 Con Gold Flds Ord 6 16 6 19-32 . No. PRUDENTIAL ASSURANCE CO. 911 8 for money. Grain stores pay more in Belfast than in other parts of the country.. . 18s. 5. Thursday.P. The case was adjourned with a view to a settlement. inferior. cash. hear).... when crisp.. Mr..18d. a pleasure resort on Long Island Sound.. The agreement provided that for every unit of electricity sold by the defendants to consumers they should pay the plaintiffs 1d. had to return with few investments. Alderman Patrick Dowd.. 3d. congers. 5 16 11 Lace Diamond .. . and this move on their part.. 1021 .644—de. and 10s. 6s to 12s and 15s to 20s. 1 . . and green peas. 1 . . old crops 6 to 7 and new 3 to 4 points decline.. and he asked that the trial be before a judge without a jury on Tuesday.. TO-DAY’S PRODUCE MARKETS. 7 2 d to 8 2 d.. and although to a novice mind terms appear very dear. sweet taste.. Alderman Hennessy said that he had allowed his name to be put forward as a protest against one man being allowed to occupy the position of chairman for several years. ray... Def. sir. Not only had there been a very strong exercise of economy there.. The bodies of the victims of the General Slocum disaster. 2. ewes. Union Pac. and this fact gave a couple of exporters for the North of England some encouragement GLASGOW (First Report)—June 16—Scotch with regard to their commissions. import since Friday. . 1s to 1s 4d.. 1902.18d.. fourths. He was a man well known to them all.’s Weekly” this week there is a very interesting notice of Mr. 97 .. The King was a very successful exhibitor at the Norfolk Agricultural Show. . 4 1 . can be congratulated on this.... In banks. as he said he was surprised when Alderman Hennessy withdrew his name.. Market gardeners in these latitudes must regard with envy the conditions that prevail in Western Uganda.. who is nephew of the late Mr.. . 44s to 45s and 46s per cwt.. Do. competition for the best quality and varied anywhere between 5s and 6s lots of swine proved of a particularly keen nature.. 1 1 84 81 .. President of the Royal Hibernian Academy.. M. do. Donegal Irred Pref ... Mesers.. Cuticura Resolvent... 24682 SKERRY’S CIVIL SERVICE COLLEGE. 6d to 1s. Financial statement showed credit balance of £1. Six gentlemen were candidates for this office... Cane slow.. “Well..sellers. 11.. Do. prices rule exceptionally high the market was equally active and firm..C.. . the Deferred and Preference brought last prices. . . .”) The Chairman stated that Alderman Doyle had made that observation before.... Culbane.. 7 4 Welgedacht Zambesi Explor.. where it absorbs moisture.. Victims Charred and Unrecognisable.. 20s to 28s. “Free1 man’s Journal” Debenture advanced to 2 .... . suggested a conference. distinctly larger following of country and EngSUGAR lish buyers. . 1 254 931 6 2 21 90 4 86 1 8 . Do. Americans weak—Fall—Sou8 3 thern Pacific 3 8 .. without noticing the personal reference to himself.. lemon soles. wethers. Apart from Americans. To-day at twelve o’clock the monthly meeting of the Joint Committee of Management of the Richmond District Asylum was held. Sir Thomas Drew. Australians. dead.. 2s 6d to 8s and 11s 6d per load... Do. „ Deb. for cash. John F.. & St..P. 84s. want of appetite... only about 22 sheets being pitched..9 6 / 9 ... BANKS AND RAILWAYS DULL.. selected. etc. June. and there is no fixed rate outside Belfast. 42s 4d one month. before Mr. M.. 5... 4 PRODUCE. The board adopted this course. 5.. Coupon and particulars with every bottle of Bovril (1 oz.. As it was. per healthy man.. Southern Pacific Southern Rail. and it was a source of pleasure and gratification to all his friends to learn that his health was much improved (hear. As the steamer made its way up East River.. 1 11 2 2 .. . 641 642 2 .. 683 4 . The Continental companies which began the cutting have. and sleeplessness. neighbouring markets. Pref.... 8 In the following TABLE will be found a comparison between to-day’s prices and the closing prices of yesterday. Deferred Coats ord. .. 147 15 8 . M’Cormick.. Chairman—Is it likely that our adoption of this resolution will break down the fiscal arrangements of the United States.. . The portrait is not the less interesting because Mr.... 6..... and decided to send an intimation of the fact to the American Consul in Dublin.. 1 prime wether mutton. and ir. . Annusi Bonuses. and from long experience has acquired a thorough knowledge of same. Kan.. 18s to £1. Div. ling. . that he considered it very unfair to say what Alderman Doyle had said in reference to a gentleman who was absent (hear. 78s. 8 18 ... The condition of some of these aliens.. T..... If there were not another external skin disease known. mediums. 1896 5 p c Egypt. July-August. hake... 1886 Do. G... . . the home gardener may. irritation and inflammation. GRAIN..... 6 3 4 11 .. scarce.. Michael J. S. 4 16 7 Fanti Consols . and P. W. on the palms of the hands.. . . 1 9 34 103 99 103 ..... and in most sections a considerable falling off in the number of transactions was noticeable. Munster and Leinsters were in request at last price. 1889. Mr.

Edited by 6 is p a u s M a r yi r s p r o p d . SplitePeasPress will keep y list oflallcsuch goodk m a l i n d s . The original idea which was to reprint the 16 June 1904 edition of the Dublin Evening Telegraph had to be abandoned when we discovered the condition of the surviving originals. We d d t i o n a r y m A . rcial B a Prin1423 s e n d O W B l iE a r l s t r e o x e s . February 1991).r ee a t e M es .co. We b b g o o d e a s u r e a e i p t o f wo is ra work d a n d Press. C l e a n i f e c t i v e M E 2 k p T. ICES . a w e s t d e s e treet requ . S t e e p200 rbed l Fe ted. m us stree orde . t h e d et. mo ft-of r Lad e . i l d r e document . M nt ord E a r l n g y o u r n s h i pGunn. an 0 In Principle. U r i nW9512899 4 r2.D u Telegraph software isIthe E N of Split Pea C o . t o t e Ap c . Vi c u o 2 lm L d rISBN r0 9512899 e 4. Newspaper presses of BrunHI page o of . shes Ne 4 S t o F i s h a m b n c e Wi S t r a n d . c ed f o fictionalised version y M front s t s i r o ff w . ere. F r ee m l o y e re m n t Pea t q u a l Also or p i t y a Tu r p s imme eman Whit and rices r eq u i . A f W pp l y a c c us I N T M a t c h m a c a l l e d fr o m hines anted to 13 or ker E at t h to amount l t o Although a large w o r k of workphas gone into r e projecta r e N T S o fwe . new. m read nd c swi INS.eedited by Danis h e l o r t c . The e r y w s ng h e e O’Hanlon. W 2. c a d l ip. d o w e of Ulysses by CharlesL E S Joyce’s lost e n d e ledition. l i n . D nd In sig nds. the years t h 1 1 2 C a p p t sell t e i r h but o u d y wtoh e theasoftwareo m insteadrto create a newaconceptrwhich fwe call ‘Barterware’. . incidental.html . witheAdobe’s Acrobat ipublic i f W s not m a n this year w I y. NOT 1904 . Hard a p a i t t re n w a your own. r e m e o w. F r. e s four e re n of the s t a t e w problem – with a p 2 1 8 that We t ofsall 2 2 7pagesc e s . Addr ef 48 RS. orton. n f r 9512899 i n S anag e r . w i t r e d a n d S t o p p i Succ h n s s e s Pea Press are on the E s t r e e t . i m .rISBN 0 e als. nor may you modify. AY. 6 scholarship M a r k a y. s h f oc k s t r e e tWa r d e i s L 1 . s m e n now have before you. 1 Friedhelm Rathjen. r 9512899 1 8. p n a l p W i modern . s e r n s s n d y. wa g e rscanningt a original artwork I have been ableu Ecreaterthe document you p D u n n m to t nbasedntext and £ 1p ec myl e . es G l a s n . f i e l d . work of Joycean orLY aliterary 1 s . a r hardware or software. Edinburgh. decompile. BRI EF P R E PA M N O O SPLIT P E A PRESS P S T T W W W 45 57 Morningside Drive Edinburgh EH10 5NF Scotland — Europe . d d r e e d r o mw o r l d .format O f f i saw another possibility. s p 2 0 5 1 r t h p r i c e sr e©1996.of7 o r souls. get ers pr p1732a n le t t be es f rs el AINT t. onl 3 to ei copy of the Evening Telegraph. drafts e m o t h er Works p 1Progress by James d C iAtboxed set ofaseven earlyH u d dforr t h u r L T s e x in e fi e T in or wh i cu l a m e n t s . PRE JUN AKE ant RS and g o o this An r k . a n Joyce. . 5 en d Rosed&rJohn o r M aISBN 0 e e . A full-size posteruof the frontapage of Bloom’s originalt r 4 Ulysses r e s s e The E O G r e r .demon. S h e e p t t i n g . 2325 ID S nt e d Bac ces s. C – Ian a n d e d . ef eq O p184 Ltd. b e r t h i sr d o n .Split2Pea Press a recenteor forthcoming. may p r e y. p 1 7 4 n B disassemble i n g w i dg . o r i sending n y t -d e .It3was r e euntil g et h e r when p lhappened T be Te e t h .completed and we now have full-sized negatives ork. d 9512899 7 7. ate fo or lease the software or printouts from the e t t software. evidence s nthe e l t i e of Ulysses. . C a t l o w e s t S t a i n e re L e r e d . m ra p i d o r rules of ss no n n c e . 0 ine M s wo the Lion. T h e e a r n e d . Then we realised8 we now had anotherG G a g e scould print this as a paper. o c e od 8 4 2 k g e . b e s t w n d o w B n d C o o s t . m a n s hmay m sell. c a2 r6. 21 ash pri LEN e s & d i l McCleery. A n a s . o d mo x w riif e find the o ex p euseful and wish to retain I LB owillsreciprocate by g iw n e d n C o that t you o software r i e n c it you e .G O back that I c e . V s A Addr c Ulysses Pagefinder. J e email splitpea@harenet. the k . i d . ISBN 0D s wa Gunn s Alistair y 9512899 0 X. w oearly spin-offdof M a work was the publication of the ‘Ulysses Telegraph’ poster – a A p p l of the h i n page including additional references from the novel.N e t t i n or the Split c Press.iadapt. F r650mmtwho on earth .harenet.G a tlimitedxedition t f500. ple orth IND ne ne.Dublin EVENING TELEGRAPH 16 June 1904 As was reported in a note in the James Joyce Broadsheet. e C o size 1 over e e e c . 6 d . b ewritten consent ofi t e d . B as a n arising v a n i use of L i m i h t consequental or indirectlyd m e from the s e d this program. d o r s s e Feeding r k o ca Text andaa c h e l lby Owenof s ISBN Michel Sauer.eSplit . Edinburgh. r s o n ’compiled by Ian s .. reverse r ploy yL m lead in a engineer. then Since r the reproduction work hass c h .d back y c a to s s 2 2h ar a c t eare notaeasy d . It was then decided to investigate recreating the paper using computer based typographic and graphic software. ro m r s e w ho u r ERS r e s s o m la s t o m s t e a r r i ed . v i t a t i o e n t Split Pea Press m c e p81 o f t h n d f o r t r T D u b l i n. . paper. S e r g e t h s .at:o r t i o n a t e 1 2 m o n t h r o u g h g Internet D u r e e n . t h s 3 N . H if an ice w i r beena n t e d . t h w ag h A es . C (20).a paginationP guide for Ulysses readers s. b s be etiring evi . (number 34. n C o r both 3made available “as is”a k eSplit Pea Press s t G a l rig h t and s This software is m . Am S 1 an t e d2 7 7 3availablepfromnTheeSplit fb e s Press: e r i c a n u p p l i e d . No et. G o g u a r a n t r in alor’ h e s WWW. Co. w i to working clean t i a r i n g’ .uk ing .uk/splitpea/splitpea. d i at e l y a O f fi c e . (FinneganspWake. H i g e p a s .iISBN 0r a k n The Adventures school l . .an O f ftheeprojectvwas put r e n ’on ice. 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