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Bible: For Bible time we went back to
finish up our theme from before Christmas and the early life of Christ- the founding family. We are talking about Isaac and Rebekah and will move on to Jacob and Esau next week.

February 1, 2013

De la Seora:
This evening we invite you to come to the basketball game at the High School for a time of fellowship and fun with other Locust Grove families. Your child received a ticket to the game and we encourage families to come. When I was gone, Mrs. Morales used a bead system to encourage good behavior and the reward was a promised pizza party. I would like to have that party on Thursday, Feb. 14. If you want to contribute anything to the lunch, please let me know. A veggie tray, fruit, drinks, or dessert could all be helpful. Please make sure your child doesnt pack or buy that day. Finally, please note the school schedule below! Upcoming Events: Early Dismissal, 12:30 Open House, 6:00pm No School School - Hurricane make-up day

Bible Memory: John 8:12

Due: 2/8

* Equivalent names and math boxes * Fact families * Fact triangles * Using the facts table for subtraction

Language Arts:
Phonics Skill: hard g {like hard g in English}, soft g and j {like English h} Sight words: quieren, hacer, juntos, canta Language Concept: nouns and agreement Theme: Our themes these past two weeks were on family and neighbors. We read a story about finding places on a map and then began practice of maps by creating a layout of our rooms. Next week we will continue and expand out to house layouts and then town maps. This week we also read about having fun in the neighborhood by making a band. With the help of Mrs. Morales we are now getting more small group reading time!

Feb. 4 Feb. 4 Feb. 15 Feb. 18

REMINDERS: * We really need PENCILS. Also, our snack supply is getting low. * PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD HAS A HAT AND GLOVES!!!

Spelling words come from the letter and syllable combinations we are studying for the week. This coming week will be ll, x, and w combinations. The ll is considered one letter in Spanish and makes the sound like the English y. Depending on the accent of the speaker, it could also sound like a j. The x is not a very common letter, but it usually makes the same sound as the English x. In some words it has an h sound (like in Mexico). The w is an import from English and is only used in English words adopted by Spanish (like windsurfing). The ll will be our main focus.

lla (ya)

lle (yeah)

lli (ye)

llo (yo)

llu (you)

Spelling Words: taxi (tah ksee) NOUN: taxi llave (ya bay) NOUN: key sello (say yo) NOUN: stamp lleno (yeah no) ADJ: full, VERB: I fill llama (ya ma) NOUN: llama, VERB: to be called or call Sight Words: otros (oh-tros) NOUN: the other ones, ADJ: other veinte (bayeen-tay) NOUN: twenty usted (oo-steth) NOUN: formal you (Spanish has a formal you usted, also abbreviated Ud. and an informal you t. For example, if the students refer to me as you they would use Ud. while I would use t with them.) Unit 2 Theme: Families and Neighbors Week 5 Theme: In families