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How  can  open  data  revolu0onise   your  rail  travel?


Jonathan  Raper   CEO,  Placr  

Revolu,onalising  your  rail  travel  means  answering   these  ques,ons  first…   •  Who  controls  the  railways?   •  How  is  the  industry  structured?   •  Who  pays  for  the  railways?   Then  we  can  drill  down  on  the  issues  that  ma@er…     •  How  do  we  monitor  punctuality?   •  How  do  we  get  the  cheapest  fare?   •  What  are  the  cool  new  apps/services?  

Your tax

Who  controls  the  railways?  

Your fares

Courtesy: Network Rail

How  is  the  industry  structured?  

How  are  the  railways  funded?  
•  “Network  Rail…  operates,  maintains,  renews  and   develops  the  infrastructure  to  deliver  the   outputs  that  governments..  wish  to  buy”  ORR   •  High  Level  Output  Spec  is  what  government  buys   •  “Delivering  a  Sustainable  Railway  2007”  specifies   service  levels  etc  that  will  be  funded  CP4  09-­‐14   •  Periodic  Review  08  by  ORR  matched  task  &  funds  
–  Next  PR  this  year  for  CP5  

•  NR  also  borrows  for  capital  investment  

The  governance  problem  for   railways  
•  •  •  •  •  •  •  DfT  only  buys  services  at  a  high  level   Almost  all  ToCs  are  monopolies  on  each  line   ORR  tolerates  self-­‐regula,on  by  ATOC   Passenger  Focus  have  influence  but  no  power   The  industry  is  fragmented  and  complex   Very  li@le  informa,on  escapes  the  industry   Passengers  are  nihilis,c  about  system  

Some  tweets  
•  Ahh  #firstcapitalconnect  -­‐  trains  appear  on  the   KingsX  board  but  it  doesn't  mean  the  train   exists  -­‐  silly  me  [@JerryMarwood]   •  @FirstCC  We  all  know  Ally  is  a  robot.   Automated  answers  heh  heh  [@penaltyfare]   •  @FirstCC  I  used  to  get  the  909  from   letchworth  and  it  always  arrived  at  912  so  FCC   cleverly  made  that  train  the  912  but  then   arrived  at  914  [@tumsguide]  

Role  of  Na,onal  Rail  Enquiries  
NRE  are  a  service  of  ATOC   Set  up  to  provide  phone  service  at  priva,sa,on   Funded  by  TOCs,  who  are  part-­‐funded  by  taxes   Developed  organically  to  run  a  web/API  service   Un,l  2012  a  monopoly  supplier  of  all  rail  data   Network  Rail  movement  data  now  #opendata   NRE  s,ll  exclusively  collect  opera,ng  data  from   TOCS  that  enhances  its  feeds   •  NRE  license  rail  data  @  £1.50/app   •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Role  of  NRE  in  passenger  info  
•  What  passengers  want  
–  Train  ,mes  for  free  on  web  and  good  value  apps   –  Fares  info  to  get  the  cheapest  ,cket(s)  for  journey   –  Integrated  transport  op,ons  

•  What  NRE  say  their  aims  are  (with  some  simplifica,on)  
–  “to  increase  ,cket  sales   –  to  grow  our  registered  customer  base   –  to  con,nue  our  dominance  as  the  #1  web  site  in  travel   –  Improving  speed,  accuracy  &availability  of  informa,on   –  keep  the  cost  of  informa,on  to  ToCs  down”  

What’s  the  solu,on?  
•  Informa,on.  Lots  of  it.  From  open  sources.   •  Arm  the  consumer…  and  open  up  the  industry:  
–  Timetables  to  analyse  service  pa@erns   –  Real  ,me  data  to  monitor  delays   –  Fares  data  to  iden,fy  savings  eg  fare  spliing   –  Integra,on  with  other  transport  data  eg  bus  

•  Developers  can  help  with  this…  can’t  they?   •  Placr  created  h@p://  for  this  

NR  train  movement  feeds  
•  003-­‐moves{"event_type":  "ARRIVAL”,"gb@_,mestamp”:   "1358780700000","original_loc_stanox":”   ","planned_,mestamp":"1358780700000",",metable_varia,on":"0","original_loc_,mestamp":"", "current_train_id":"","delay_monitoring_point":"false","next_report_run_,me":"1","repor,ng_st anox":"00000","actual_,mestamp":"1358780700000","correc,on_ind":"false","event_source":"A UTOMATIC","train_file_address":null,"planorm":"","division_code":"60","train_terminated":"false ","train_id":"072G54MP21","offroute_ind":"false","varia,on_status":"ONTIME","train_service_co de":"13569815","toc_id":"60","loc_stanox":"07132","auto_expected":"true","direc,on_ind":"UP", "route":"0","planned_event_type":"ARRIVAL","next_report_stanox":"07136","line_ind":""}  |   2013-­‐01-­‐21  15:04:09  |  2013-­‐01-­‐21  15:04:09   002-­‐cancella0ons  25739787  |  0002      |  561d0540-­‐ee1e-­‐012f-­‐9605-­‐00163e000001  |  632O31MY21   |   {"train_file_address":null,"train_service_code":"22710001","orig_loc_stanox":"","toc_id":"26","de p_,mestamp":"1358796120000","division_code":"26","loc_stanox":"63201","canx_,mestamp":"1 358849100000","canx_reason_code":"YI","train_id":"632O31MY21","orig_loc_,mestamp":"","can x_type":"AT  ORIGIN"}  |  2013-­‐01-­‐22  10:06:05  |  2013-­‐01-­‐22  10:06:05   001-­‐ac0va0ons  1679921  |  0001          |  C                              |                                        |  2013-­‐12-­‐06                |  321A42MO21  |   2013-­‐01-­‐21                    |  2013-­‐01-­‐21  11:05:15  |                                    |  2013-­‐01-­‐21  14:15:00    |  22108001                      |  65         |  00000                              |  MANUAL                    |  P50657        |  NORMAL                    |  O                          |  32000                              |  1A42M           |  2012-­‐12-­‐10                    |  1415                        |  38260220-­‐ee20-­‐012f-­‐9605-­‐00163e000001  |  MANCHESTER   PICCADILLY    |  LONDON  EUSTON                            |  VT                |  2013-­‐01-­‐21  11:05:19  |  2013-­‐01-­‐21  11:05:19  



•  Requires  high-­‐speed  consump,on  of  stream  and  cross-­‐

TransportAPI architecture
Raw   data   Feeds

Maps Cache Joins Data tables


Cloud servers

Lookups Keys API Stop/station data


Displays Content Processing `   App logic


transportapi  gallery  

What  do  we  want  now?  
•  Ini,al  data  releases  have  enabled   us  to  start  up  services  eg  feeds   for  CityMapper  >>>   •  Level  playing  field  for  businesses   •  Liberalised  data  market   •  Open  data  driven  innova,on   •  Open  fare  data  expected  soon  

Level  playing  field  
•  Access  to  the  rest  of  industry  data  streams:  
–  Short  term  cancella,ons  etc  Tyrell   –  Rolling  stock  forma,on  etc  Gemini   –  Cycle  policies  

•  Full  details  be@er  enable  us  to  launch   informa,ve  apps  about  your  travel  

Liberalised  market  
•  Open  up  commercial  interface  to  new   approaches  to  the  market  
–  “Liverpool-­‐London  by  train  on  a  Friday  night.  Fare   spliing.  Double  the  journey  ,me  at  a  third  of  the   price.  Not  an  op,on  on  Nat  Rail  Enqs  @Madprof  

•  Enable  innovators  to  find  the  best  deals  and   reliable  services  for  your  journey,  and  then   fulfill  their  order  without  onerous  T&Cs  

Open  data  innova,on    
•  Need  to  enable  new  insights,  build  confidence   e.g.  OpenTrainTimes  map  visualisa,on   •  New  ways  to  view  performance  measures  

Prototype  open  train  ,mes  


New  metrics  from  apps  
•  Apps  will  create   independent  streams  of   data  about  the  railway  
–  Typical  performance  cf   expected  performance  

•  Placr  already  been  asked  by   press  to  give  independent   view  of  performance  e.g.   h@p://tube-­‐  

Apps  as  probes  
•  Smartphones  can  use   apps  as  probes  for  
–  Train  progress   –  Accelera,on/decelera,on   via  phone  sensors  

•  Can  check  publicity   claims  

Train  lateness  map  

•  Fares  are  about  to  be   released  as  open  data  by   Rail  Se@lement  plan   •   Will  become  possible  to   mine  the  data   •  New  role  of  informa,on   facilitators  to  fare  portals  

In  summary  
•  Open  data  can  drive  
–  Accountability   –  Reduc,ons  in  cost   –  Disrup,ve  market  influences  

•  Placr  hope  to  play  a  key  role  with  
–  New  apps/services   –  Easy  data  distribu,on   –  New  value-­‐added  feeds  

h@p://   @Madprof