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LampedusaInFestival / July 19th to 23rd 2013, Lampedusa

The cultural association Askavusa presents

Lampedusa In Festival - V Edition

The encounter with the Other" - Festival of migration and recovery of oral history A competition for lmmakers in Lampedusa from July 19th to 23rd 2013

The main objective of the event is to stimulate the discussion on migration. The backbone of the LampedusaInFestival is both to promote values such as acceptance, dialogue, and diversity, and to critique the issues that force thousands of people to leave their homeland. We decided to use cinema as it's a powerful instrument that can cast light on other cultures; a tool that can raise awareness and help improve society. Film can preserve memories, and tell the stories through which human beings analyze, decode and understand global phenomena.

2. INTRODUCTION The theme of the festival is Migrate: the reasons behind a 'choice'
This year the LampedusaInFestival would like to explore the reasons that force millions of human beings to leave their own countries and move somewhere else. What are the motivations Western countries attribute to this phenomenon? Is it due to life conditions, cultural factors, or unstable political situations? The objective is to reduce the gap between the point of view of migrants, and the perspectives western countries adopt about the issue. Immigrants are new-comers in our society, and as any other inhabitant of a developed country, they live in and move alongside societies affected by a global crisis. Exploring migrants' living conditions in our wealthy society can expose contradictions embedded in it, and help our society to acknowledge ways of living often ignored by the establishment: often rich communities are excluding people with different backgrounds to the point that they are denied access to what they need to have adequate living standards. Causes of migration may range from economic insecurity and political instability, to personal situations. People may run away from war zones, from compulsory enlistment, or from multinational corporations which are destroying the environment that was providing livelihood to their communities. People migrate to look for a job or better living conditions, to join their partners, or for the simple desire to discover new places. The festival invites everyone to contribute to the debate with their documentaries exploring: how immigrants are perceived by the receiving countries, the rhetoric that contributes to shaping ideas of migration, and the reality behind the myth perpetuated within the dominant political discourse . Sometimes the dreams of better life conditions, that led these people to travel, clash with the reality of conditions of life and work which migrants nd in developed countries. Sometimes dreams turn in to nightmares of exploitation, exclusion and subordination.
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Lampedusa In Festival / 19-23 luglio 2013, Lampedusa

1st prize: 650,00 2nd prize: 350,00

The Application is free. We only accept movies on DVD. Authors must ll in the application form with their personal details legibly, and must sign a consent to the processing of personal data. Application form and consent form to the processing of personal data are available online on the ofcial website of the Festival: Important: It will not be accepted the submission of more than one lm per DVD. 4a. How to send your lm by post and by email The competition is open to all lms. Authors are recommended to send their work together with the application form and the form for the processing of personal data by postal letter or courier not later than June 10th 2013 to: LampedusaInFestival Association ASKAVUSA c/o Giacomo Sferlazzo Via Cala Pisana 66 92010 Lampedusa (AG) Italy The video may be sent by email through Once you are on the page, upload the video, and send it to the following email address: The formats accepted in this case are: MOV, MPG2, MPG4, AVI DV (we do not recommend the use of other avi codecs because we may not be able to read them). Each le must not exceed the size of 2 gigabytes. Authors must send a photo of the lm with a resolution of 300 dpi via email at: We will not accept movies on the evening of the projection. The lms must be subsequent to January 1st 2010. Postage has to be paid by the author. Films must be subtitled in Italian or in English as often the festival participate to international events, collaborations and / or projections abroad. The lms selected will not be returned and will remain in the archives of the festival. The authors authorise the LampedusaInFestival to project their works for cultural purposes or study, and during not for prot events. The selection of those works admitted to the competition is managed by the festival's artistic direction. After preselection, the authors will be notied by phone or email. Their names and works will also be published on the ofcial website of the Festival. For further information write to

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LampedusaInFestival / July 19th to 23rd 2013, Lampedusa

This event is in collaboration with:

Re.Co.Sol. - Rete dei comuni solidali ASGI - Associazione per gli studi giuridici sullimmigrazione AMM - Archivio delle memorie migranti Legambiente Onlus BSA - Brigata di solidariet attiva eGlob web agency Associazione culturale Archivio Storico Lampedusa Rete del Caff Sospeso - Rete di festival, rassegne e associazioni culturali in mutuo soccorso borderline-europe

The LampedusaInFestival is organised with the suport of Lampedusa and Linosa Council. In 2012 the event was awarded by the Ufcio Nazionale Antidiscriminazioni Raziali (UNAR, Antidiscrimination National Bureau) as 'engaging event against racism', and by the President of the Italian Republic with a medal in 2011 and 2012.

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