Schizophrenia and Physics A Tract Book Essay By Anthony J. Fejfar, J.D., Esq., Coif © Copyright 2007 by Anthony J.


Most psychiatrists seem to think that mental illness occurs primarily at the neurological level where biochemistry reigns supreme. I would like to present a different hyphothesis. I would like to argue that at least some mental activity takes place on the subatomic Quantum level of Reality. Both Plato and Aristotle asserted that there is a soul-mind distinct from the body-mind. I argue that the soul-mind is the Quantum mind of the individual person. While the soul-mind can affect the body-mind and the body-mind can affect the soul-mind, the two are not the same. I would like to explore the hypothesis, for example, that one type of schizophrenia which afflicts persons is caused at the Quantum level of interaction. In order for ordinary logic to function, that is, in order for reason to function, the mind must be able to function causally. The mind, at least symbolically, must be able to order meaningful symbols in such a way as to think causally. For example, there is the syllogism, “If A, then B, A


therefore B.” In one’s mind one must be able to order the symbols in such a way that one considers A first, then B, not the other way around. I would like to hypothesize that in some persons, the mind has developed the ability to “think” faster than the speed of light. When this happens, the person ends up considering B first and then A. The person cannot think logically and causally. The person is schizophrenic. The cure for such schizophrenia will be found at the Quantum level of mind. If one can learn to think non-locally at the Quantum level, then one should be able to reappropriate the ability to think logically. In the future, much of psychiatry will involve the use of Quantum therapy to heal mental illness on the soul-mind level first, and then the biological body-mind level next.