Melissa Page Dramstad hey you. no, i wasn't trying to reach you. what is the google number? 
February 21, 2012


Jack Holland 678.653.0073 
December 12, 2012


Melissa Page Dramstad hey old friend i just heard the other day that you stopped by our free market & protest on black friday. so sorry i missed you. did you stay and talk with anyone or just stop by briefly? are you still in avondale or what? i understand ryan and them are going to boston soon. are you going with them? i'm still here in decatur, trying hard to be well. still at the same job but on leave til mid -january. been occupying again but trying to work with grown-ups and reliable folks. mixed results with that lol call me some time. my number's the same. would love to hear your voice and catch up! 
December 13, 2012


Melissa Page Dramstad psssst. i see you seeing my msg! not talking to me anymore? 
December 14, 2012


Jack Holland

Just thinking about what to say. I wasn't at the free market. Not going to Boston. I have a low opinion of anyone from C7. Which will change if Ryan returns my $1200 before he leaves. That is unlikely though. He comes first. Not in Avondale. My mother sold the house. I am in the West End. I like it there. Nice park across the street. 
December 14, 2012


Melissa Page Dramstad oh, ok. that's understandable. we ended a bit weirdly by just not talking to each other anymore. it took me this long to say something to you! but i do miss you and think of you and wonder and hope that you are well. i saw you are still doing the ormus--that's good! are you working anywhere besides for yourself? do you live with roomies or just you? are you still friends with alexis? i hope so. i always thought she was supercool. are your mom and "sister" doing ok? still at the clairmont place? you can feel free to call me or come see me at one of our events. we're actually getting some good shit done! i understand too if you don't want to be in touch with me. just let me know either way. no hard feelings. again, i hope that you are well! melissa 
December 16, 2012


Jack Holland Any gun control initiatives? 
December 17, 2012


Melissa Page Dramstad no, nothing specific. of course, some conversations happening and calls for actions like after every gun tragedy. at this point, if our group did anything "official" it would probably just be researching and developing a position statement and spreading it far and wide. what are you thinking should be done? did you hear obama speak at the funeral? it was quite moving. he is an awesome speaker, if nothing else!

ty how r u? you're in my hood. 2012  8:15am Melissa Page Dramstad hey you. Make sure its being shipped from Israel or is for sure from there.  4:21pm Melissa Page Dramstad ok.someone told me you and danger are roomies? if so. justin.  December 22. et al. are you in touch with any of them anymore? you should! good stuff happening on our side of town!  December 21. . hector. do you still have tons of dead sea salt? i'm thinking about making some yummy smelling bath salts to sell & make a lil extra money. Susy went back into Big Emory and am going to get some coffee with a friend. there was a really good housewarming party saturday night (and sunday morning lol) for jason. Should cost around a buck a pound. Ebay is the best bet. yay! lol i think she's a good influence on you and probably vice versa. 2012  4:17pm Jack Holland I do not. lyndsey. whatcha doing?  4:32pm Jack Holland Just goto my mothers.

gonna be partyhopping a bit. merry christmas. and her spine is deteriorating. no pre-dinner drinks then. Bursitis. i hope prob gonna go to justin and jason and hector and them's new place too. 2012  7:34pm Melissa Page Dramstad ok. . john.  12:10pm Jack Holland Susy is very sick. was gonna invite you to eat at michelle's with me tonight. in a mellow fashion. holler if you wanna meet up tonight. 4:33pm Melissa Page Dramstad is susy still very sick? you should pop over for a drink or sumpin if you have time. anyway. pancreatitis. steak! yummm! i think she'd love to see your face too.  December 23. i give up. 2012  11:11am Melissa Page Dramstad ok. i'm not going anywhere til much later i won't bite  December 22. you know how to find me if you'd ever like to talk and be friendly again.

 12:25pm Jack Holland Merry Christmas. where is she living when she's not in hospital? who's her caregiver? your ma? also. i'll be cool either way and i'm sorry to hear about susy. i miss her too. i guess. standoffish.  12:51pm Melissa Page Dramstad ok. whatever you feel.  12:53pm Melissa Page Dramstad in a good way? or no?  . As for Alexis is floating in the wind.  12:53pm Jack Holland She went to Emory yesterday. We can get some coffee sometime. I didn't realize i wasn't being friendly. which i would understand. you just seem kinda aloof. please send my love to alexis. I am not much interested in having a drink. just say so.

it is awwwesome!  1:00pm Jack Holland She says she isnt but she is living with an addict. Louis. So i say nothing and wait for the inevitable train wreck. no. Heroin and meth.  12:57pm Melissa Page Dramstad oh fuck. Its all our fault that she lied to us cause we are jealous. I am not talking to her. . that sounds no good at all. i thought she was still living with you. new bf. but from what little i have seen of him and his family. ihope she'll be ok she's not doing stupid drugs is she? check out this charlie brown vid dawn just posted on my wall. Says they are getting married. I don't know him. He was kicked out ofthe house for being a addict.  12:55pm Melissa Page Dramstad aha. drug dealer.12:54pm Jack Holland She thinks so. No one else does though. right? is he not a good one?  12:57pm Jack Holland Yeah. She moved to st.

i am proud to say i am part of that being the case. you know i get pissed too. 2012  5:16am Jack Holland I just read the OA post and comments from wes.  6:11am Melissa Page Dramstad lol perhaps. druid hills this time of day?  6:19am Jack Holland Any particular focus? The President got reelected so there is no need to worry about rocking the boat. even YOU could come back! you had better come to our really free holiday market next sunday. better for everyone. it's gonna be fun. that srsly sucks she will be ok. a street party on memorial what r u doing on no. we are insisting on it being better. she's a toughy and not dumb  December 26. think i'll send her a note just to say hi and check in with her. hard way or easy way. 1:01pm Melissa Page Dramstad oh fuck. You have more patience than I do. It all sounds familiar. The Mayor seems to think the state can go blue in 2016 . that celtic rage it is better.

i've gotten some amaaazing stuff so far  6:26am . I learned something very important. wrong ppl.It seems the forge is hot on gun control. One person with $10. money is irrelevant you come to my market though either way.  6:22am Melissa Page Dramstad haha riiiight! obama's got our backs. Hooking.000 accomplish more than 100 people with $100.  6:25am Melissa Page Dramstad eh. really bounce off the walls lol  6:25am Jack Holland Me come back? No way. mofo! get ya some free stuff. still feel like i know her you should borrow the car and meet me for breffist! i'm wide awake O. you're hooking on n.O need more coffee so i can really. At my mothers for the holidays. right? just let's not talk about the drones and war and domestic spying and police intimidation and violence and so on.druid? lmao how is your ma? tell her i said hi even though i never did meet her.

that it's as easy to love a rich man or woman than a poor one did you see my comment that i wanted to marry a rothschild?  6:27am Jack Holland The one doesnt have to get consensus to act.thats where the hot rich jewish ladies live..  6:26am Melissa Page Dramstad hahaha you know what they say. Me too. And no monkey wrenchers like Joe Diaz to eff thibgs up.Druid Hills..  6:27am Melissa Page Dramstad oh joe! did you hear he no-showed for court? just lol and all the anarchists who took plea deals! can't make up a better soap opera lol  6:28am Jack Holland .Jack Holland Of course on N..

 6:30am Melissa Page Dramstad yes. and someone else got dissmissed.they are gonna grow up and be lawyers and doctors and be the 1%  6:29am Melissa Page Dramstad *snort* yep any interest in joining a class-action civil suit kinda thing? for having your civil rights violated? i'm kind of agitating for taht to happen  6:30am Jack Holland Heard least by the law.. I am not aware that my rights got violated... jason fountain got one of his two charges dropped oh yeah.. . several ppl have. daniel san. leyla. we r also talking about foia requesting our records for each of us and submitting it as one fat stack lol  6:31am Jack Holland Im intrested in planning a jury nullification/ going to trial and overloading the system action.Of course they took deals..

some of this occupy shit needs to go all the way up the ladder. your constitutional rights were violated by kasim reed and the apd. a few. . 6:41am Melissa Page Dramstad that sounds good too. wth. i don't think it would be difficult to get a lawyer to take it on. let's sue! i'm actually thinking to see a shrink and get an official ptsd diagnosis and sue them for that too. plus others with a fair bit of legal knowledge. i'll let you know if anything develops. to the supreme court if necessary  6:59am Jack Holland I don't know if there is a case. they did. right?  6:48am Jack Holland Have you discussed this with a lawyer?  6:48am Melissa Page Dramstad yes. conspiracy by the govt to deny us our rights. obama and homeland security. seems like a no-brainer to me already have a few willing plaintiffs. they can't.

Putting protestors in free speech zones. All of those rights have limits. It might be that you are right. i believe yeah.nkw that to me is denying rights. should i go on? oh. and will change as interpretations of those rights and laws change. .  7:54am Jack Holland The city denied you those rights? They certainty didn't deny me those rights. right to assemble. right to be free from police intimidation and harassment.  7:47am Melissa Page Dramstad free speech.. right to petition government. of course. imo. the limits and case law over those limits change. just ripe for abuse. there's the right to not have your federal govt involved in states' issues. The 2nd amendment is a prime example. very dangerous dept. but occupy wasnt in those. HS just needs to die. that's conspiracy to deny these rights.. We were right in the heart of downtown. have changed. 7:00am Melissa Page Dramstad tell me why not  7:18am Jack Holland I am not sure which if any rights were violated. it already is.

I am sure a lawyer would like to test those limits..its what they do. 2012  7:15pm Melissa Page Dramstad psssst  7:16pm Jack Holland Psst  7:16pm Melissa Page Dramstad hiiiiiii what r u dooooing?  7:16pm Jack Holland Writing'  7:17pm ..  December 29.

About to take a bath and then yoga My outline  7:17pm Melissa Page Dramstad sounds nice.. you've become a bath whore haven'tyou? still have reminders of you around here lol salt stained glassware.u might need to scrub that tub. i'm no stinky dirty bachelor guy  . etc  7:37pm Jack Holland Damn. signs of your big feet in the tub.  7:59pm Melissa Page Dramstad lol it's been scrubbed a few times since you last used it.Melissa Page Dramstad writing what?  7:17pm Jack Holland .

mister?  1:43am Jack Holland Okay.  January 2  1:43am Jack Holland So private chat. Blancos an ass . Quite comfortable in bed. etc's place? might be able to come get you even or pick you up at marta  9:17pm Jack Holland No thank you.  1:43am Melissa Page Dramstad sheesh touchy ppl lol how you. justin.8:54pm Melissa Page Dramstad wanna go out? to copious jones or to hector.

Good. everyone has some asshole and idiot friends someone has to do it so how was the interview and where is this job?  1:45am Jack Holland 45 mins.  1:46am Melissa Page Dramstad was he any good?  1:46am Jack Holland Largest casual dining company in the world  . He could tell I was good. 1:44am Melissa Page Dramstad lol i noticed s'ok.

1:46am Melissa Page Dramstad which? olive garden? outback? red lobster? mcd's? idk lol  1:47am Jack Holland They own olive garden longhorn red lobster capital grille and three other places.. 2000 locations 20000 employees  1:56am Melissa Page Dramstad nice. should i expect discount dinners as a result of my connections? lol which place do you plan to work in?  2:21am Jack Holland Little Tell Aviv Why do I have a resume if I have to fill out a damn application  2:44am Melissa Page Dramstad little tel aviv? lol wth is taht? ...all of them.

.toco hill. and then noticed a warning to not write... nvm yeah..this Luke is only 19. it's like a test of your tolerance for bs.pisses me off... see resume. i fkn hate that... you don't want to work stupidly and inefficiently  January 2  4:48pm Jack Holland Candi Cunard just posted a link from the Black Cross about A Luke Patrick Donovan who stabbed some people New Years eve. Makes me not want to work... i think lol  3:00am Jack Holland I wrote See it the same Luke from C7? O'Donovan  4:56pm Jack Holland Gotta be a different Luke..  3:01am Melissa Page Dramstad lol you want to work..some sites can auto fill from your resume. .

Writing. got a lot of growing up ahead of them still what r u up to? may i come kidnap you?  5:07pm Jack Holland Doing research. U know his face if nothing else  4:58pm Jack Holland Yeah. That luke is hotchkiss or sumpn. Kidnap me where?  . Odonovan is an @ kid. Anarchist s never do anything wrong. They are always justified in their violence. remember a lot of these kids are still kids.  5:00pm Melissa Page Dramstad lol right. And of course the story is that he is innocent. 4:57pm Melissa Page Dramstad No.

but not a copy.5:08pm Melissa Page Dramstad if my travel buddy falls through i'm gonna take you to richmond and d. ok? do you still have a valid driver's license?  5:10pm Jack Holland DC? I have to think on that... And I have a licence. i can lend you the money or take it out in flesh or labor kidding^ sort of lol about the flesh part. I don't like going anywhere broke. i mean anyway!  5:11pm Jack Holland How long?  5:11pm Melissa Page Dramstad . get thinking lol if you're broke. at least legally.c. tonight or tomorrow morn.  5:11pm Melissa Page Dramstad well.

see some sights and places i haven't seen in ages. We need to go to the west end. gonna make some visits as is possible. just meeting and greeting some reps staff and offcies . va. back by next wed at latest  5:12pm Jack Holland Staying where? I can pay in trade. some friends in no.  5:14pm Melissa Page Dramstad gonna go visiting friends. I need to get some clothes. staying there won't cost much. my sister's and her husband in richmond. i have a ton of food i've packed up in bags and boxes too slightly less than a week.idc about the money as much as about having someone to keep me awake and entertained while driving. some camping maybe (got a tent?) and some motel/hotels lol whatcha got to trade?  5:13pm Jack Holland Come tonight. And see if I can borrow some boots.  5:13pm Melissa Page Dramstad different places. move to amend/citizen's united visits and also..

when would you be ready to leave.where r u now?  5:15pm Jack Holland Can probably score a tent at the house. My mothers. or what? i'm flexible. We probably should go to the west end tonight. obv  5:18pm Jack Holland I just woke up.  5:19pm Melissa Page Dramstad who's we? you and me? or your mom or someone else? lol i'm confused. either tonight or tomorrow morn?  5:21pm . Across from the VA  5:15pm Melissa Page Dramstad want to get over here then you and i can drive to your place on the way out of town? orrr you go home and i can get you there.

 5:22pm Melissa Page Dramstad do we really need a copy of it? i can do most of the driving anyway. .824. maybe i'll come get you there. just need to not do 100% of it and not get tired and hurting from it y'know well. 404. come here first  5:23pm Jack Holland No way to get there. so I can pack cold weather clothes and stuff. let me think. bb in about five or ten mins. No.  5:24pm Melissa Page Dramstad ok. We as in you and me. if you want a ride there. your phone number is the same.Jack Holland Tonight.1664 I think or 4043216383 my mothers. I am banned from driving my mothers car and on the way out of town at 730 we can stop and get me a copy of my DL I am putting clothes in a bag righg now. hold tight. yes?  5:25pm Jack Holland Who is your travel buddy anyway? Don't you need to wait to see if they flake.

He also won't miss a chance to go outta town. right ok.  5:29pm .  5:27pm Melissa Page Dramstad no. 5:25pm Melissa Page Dramstad it's big softy and he was supposed to be here at noon. haven't heard a peep even though i've put out msgs around town. read back. he will show up. fuck it. he was supposed to be here at NOON today! lol fkn occupiers  5:28pm Jack Holland Yeah. i'll call you in a few mins  5:26pm Jack Holland If its softy. he might still think he's going but idk. wait.

Just no boots or tenty stuff  7:00pm Melissa Page Dramstad No. Odonovan is an @ kid. he may have done just that. That luke is hotchkiss or sumpn.Melissa Page Dramstad well. I have enough clothes here. Call me when. U know his face if nothing else No prob. So take your time. can't wait around in the dark forever  5:31pm Jack Holland I'm cooking dinner. if ur done eating  7:06pm Jack Holland Que numero? Done eating.  .  6:48pm Jack Holland No need to go to the west end.

6924.7:09pm Melissa Page Dramstad same njumber 678. also save this # 6786636924  7:10pm Jack Holland What's the second one?  7:10pm Melissa Page Dramstad new second line on my old phone. . paying and volunteer/activisim we gonna have some bidnesses going on here in the next few months  January 5  7:03am Jack Holland http://www.infowars. conspiracy theories are just human Jonathan Elinoff | To many.663. What Every Person Should Know… www.infowars. for backup and for 33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True.

and phone charger are not worth any chance of a verbal altercation with you. January 8  2:22am Melissa Page Dramstad psssst well. come on in. . i will bring it to your mother's place. The things of mine that you say that you have: underwear. whenever it's convenient. waterbottle.  January 10  7:31am Jack Holland Do you have my things?  Today  10:24am Melissa Page Dramstad so am i to expect a letter via snail mail or what? just curious what's next. when do you plan to get your shit that i do have? if it's not soon. come on whenever you are ready. i was about to walk down there in my robe because the damned net wouldn't connect but then it did. Throw them away. so anyway. of course^  1:21pm Jack Holland Do not come anywhere near me or my family. I do not want to see you.

dude.653.As for any letter. I need a few more dollars.0073 . Those costs I will ask the judge to force you to repay.  2:17pm Jack Holland Let me guess for expenses for the trip you invited me on? Sleep Deprivation making you delusional? Ya you know you have to first ask me to may restitution before you can sue right? You can email me what you think I owe you at or text them to 678. It takes money to have a Dekalb County Sheriff to serve you. i look forward to seeing these charges. peace.  2:12pm Melissa Page Dramstad lol ok. stay cool. i will dispose of them as i see fit. not yours. I will also do that at my convenience. i am drafting my counter-suit as we speak. I have not filed yet.

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