Seattle Scream

28 January 2069 Ë Issue 38

New BTL Chips Command High Prices, Ruin Lives
A new generation of BetterThan-Life (BTL) chip produced in South-East Asia using new technology has finally started appearing in the Seattle Metroplex, a month after first being identified in Hong Kong and Yangon. Formally identified as Generation 17 BTL, these new chips use advanced neurofeedback and adaptive VR architecture to build an immersive and addictive experience to the user. These new G17 BTLs are an increase in addictiveness over the previous generation as well as have a lower signature making them harder to detect on network sweeps. Once activated they have proven very difficult to deactivate and safely remove. Dr. Augustino Remo of DocWagon advises, “If you find anyone under the influence of any BTL please contact the proper authorities. Do not try and remove it yourself, it could cause permanent harm to the user.”
The G17 BTL chips are also able to override older lock-out security protocol on datajacks and simsense rigs for the Metroplex is advising all parents to make sure that the latest security patches are in place on their systems.

Body Lottery-Seattle for the week of 21-27 January 2069, the winning number is:

Vice President Martin to Visit Seattle
The Seattle Metroplex welcomes US Vice President Michaela Martin to the Metroplex. VP Martin is visiting Seattle ahead of the meeting of the League of Pacific Rim States that will take place in the Metroplex. VP Martin will be quite busy during her time here and is scheduled to meet with the Metroplex administration, a delegation from the NAN and attend several political events before the LPRS meeting begins next Saturday. The VP has expressed an interest in meeting with the people of the Metroplex and several town hall meetings are expected to be organized before the LPRS meeting begins. VP Martin last visited Seattle during the campaign when she participated in the Seattle University hosted debate.

Congratulations to the lucky winners! Condolences to the relatives
of the victims.

Knight Errant Transition Team in Place
In preparation for taking over the Metroplex policing contract in July, Knight Errant has moved a transition team into place with more than 150 personnel working downtown to oversee the legal and network transition while a further 600 personnel are working throughout the Metroplex. KE is aggressively recruiting from Lone Star - Seattle veterans and seeking new recruits who are local to Seattle. “We intend to build an integrated and effective force that will be ready to serve on protect the moment our contract begins,” said Captain Tanya Quest. “While we are disappointed at the loss of our contract here,” said Ron Kwock of LS-S, “we will work closely with the professionals of Knight Errant to ensure a smooth and safe transition for the people of Seattle.”

John Stuart Mills School System Win National Award
The John Stuart Mills School system that has branches throughout the Metroplex has scored one of the coveted Smart Apple awards from the International Educational Federation for community education and outreach.
The JS Mills Schools in the Metroplex are concentrated in the Redmond and Puyallup districts where they have been very successful in improving educational outcomes for student coming out of the poorest of the Metroplex districts. “We are proud that the hard work and achievements of our students, parents and staff are being recognized at an international level,” said Mariah Diamond, Metroplex JS Mills Director.

Storm Drain Expansion
Following problems with the storm drain and sewer systems in the Metroplex, a 71.9 million project to repair and expand the older parts of the system.
Teams will be repairing and expanding the storm drain system working from the South of the city North over the next two years. The construction and maintenance work is expected to employ up to 2,100 people over the duration of the project.

Seattle Stress to play the Havana Hurricane
The Seattle Stress Premier Combat Soccer League team plays the World Division Havana Hurricane in a friendly game at the Omnidome. The Hurricane have had an excellent year but are not expected to advance to the Premier League this season. The Hurricane manager Vik Salazar played for the Stress as a Striker back in ‘55-57.

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