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Apostles Lutheran School

Junior Kindergarten
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Mrs. Crofts Classroom Newsletter

We Love School in February!
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Zoo-Phonics News
Queenie quail and her babies too will be the focus in Zoo-phonics this week. You may hear your child talk about Queenies quality friend Umber umbrella bird. The concept of the letter /q/ and /u/ almost always being seen together is introduced in the form of a story about Umber helping Queenie and her babies in a storm, becoming quality friends, and spending lots of time together ever since.

small box

(such as a shoe box) you

could send in for your child to decorate for valentines? Please

Wednesday, February 6, so we can decorate them soon. Please wrap your childs box in construction paper with either the box and
lid wrapped separately, or with an opening flap cut into the box to allow for the retrieval of valentine mail. If you have extra boxes please send them toothey dont need to be wrapped.

Please let me know if you need construction paper or a box. A list of the children in the class was sent home today on a pink sheet of paper. The

Other Classroom News

Pajama Drive ends Thursday, February New books


Pajamas in any size that you donate will benefit children in are also accepted. Please

This week we will see Jesus miraculous healing power as He heals ten sick men. His care and desire to save each person despite their list of sins will be revealed in the story of Zacchaeus. Only Jesus can truly heal us both inside and out!
In math well have fun with pattern blocks and graphing. We

foster homes and/or shelters in Santa Clara County and Northern California. bring donations by Thursday. If you know of anyone looking for a kindergarten or Jr. K program for next school year, please welcome them to attend our free kindergarten screening on Saturday,

are also working on memorizing our addresses in math, but I could use your help at home. Time constraints at school do not allow us to go over each students address with as much frequency as I would like. Will you work with your child to memorize your address? Thank you for your help!

Feb. 11. Interested

parents can call the school office (578-

4800) for more details. Your child will not need to attend since he or she completed the kindergarten assessment prior to the start of this school year.

Upcoming Events
Feb. 7: Pajama Drive Ends Feb. 8: Collaboration DayNo hot lunch Feb. 9: Kindergarten Screening 9 AM-12:00 PM Feb. 13: Ash Wednesday Services 5/7PM; Soup Supper 5:30 PM Feb. 14: Valentines Day Party

General Mills Box Tops? Our class is competing for a pizza party. See the flyer sent home today for more details. All
Have you been collecting those Box Tops are due no later than 2/15/13.

February 25-March 1 is

Spirit Week.


really hoping to regain the traveling K-3 classroom trophy in Jr. K again this year by having the greatest percentage of students participating each day. The five dress-up days are: Monday 2/25: Crazy Dayany mismatched combination of clothing will work Tuesday 2/26: Wednesday 2/27: Favorite Sports Team Day Dress Up Fancy Day

Feb. 15: Last Day to Turn in General Mills Box Tops!

Midterm Progress Reports Feb. 18-22: No School Presidents Day & Teachers Conference Feb. 26: Parent Group Meeting Feb. 25-Mar. 1: Spirit Week

Thursday 2/28: Pirate Day Friday 3/1:

Green and Gold (Yellow) Day

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