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LIMA INDEPENDIENTE - FILM FESTIVAL is a space of appreciation and dialogue that it contributes to be possible to watch in Peru the best films produced in the world. 1.- DATE OF EVENT: LIMA INDEPENDIENTE FILM FESTIVAL will make its third edition from 14 to 23 June 2013, in Lima and in nine other cities in Peru. 2.- CATEGORIES a) International Competition: includes fiction, animation, documentary, experimental films made in any country (no term limits). b) National Competition: includes fiction, animation, documentary, experimental films made in Peruvian territory (no term limits). 3.- APPLICATION:
a) Registration for the competencies and expositions of LIMA INDEPENDIENTE - FILM FESTIVAL are open to fiction, animation, documentary, experimental, national and international films. Shall be considered those works produced during year 2011 till deadline of reception of works of our third edition. b) For the official selection, directors with first works and premieres, both national and international, will have priority over other contestants. c) To participate in each of the categories, filmmakers must submit two copies DCP and/or DVD and/or Bluray format in accordance with the provisions of these rules, spoken or subtitled in Spanish, for the pre-selection. They must include the following: a CD with photos of the work at 300 dpi, synopsis, artistic/technical information, full details of the director and producer and the registration form (attached document) with the conditions signed by the owner of the work in consent thereof. This may include a trailer, if you have it. d) Films for the pre-selection must come in a box or case, cover must containing the following information: film title, name of the director and/or producer, email, phone, year of production, length and country of origin. e) Registration must be made via email to the address listed in item 4. f) After accepting an invitation for one of the competition sections, the films cannot be removed from the festival's program or be displayed on any other event in the Republic of Peru before its official presentation at LIMA INDEPENDIENTE - FILM FESTIVAL. The films that have been previously exhibited in Peru may not be in competition but will be shown as part of parallel expositions.

4.- SENDING MATERIAL AND REGISTRATION DATE For more information you can write to: Or call the following numbers: (+51) 981 541 012 (Marco Ramos) (+51) 989 405 194 (Mario Castro) (+51) 971 328 730 (Alonso Izaguirre) Materials must be sent to the following address: LIMA INDEPENDIENTE - FILM FESTIVAL THIRD EDITION 2013 Calle La Pera 494, Urbanizacin Los Sauces- Surquillo L34 Lima, Per.

The registration form, the material in DCP and/or DVD and/or Blu-ray format, and all required information for preselection, these terms and conditions signed, must be received by Tuesday 30 April 2013. 5.- JURY a) The Jury will consist media, arts and culture, nationally and/or internationally personalities. The decision taken will be adopted by a simple majority. b) Are disabled to be part of the jury who are directly linked to the works in competition. c) The jury's decision is final. 6.- AWARDS The Festival will grant the following awards: International Award for Best Film in the International Competition Film Innovation Award Best First Work Honourable Mention National Award for Best Film in the National Competition Honourable Mention 7.- ABOUT THE COPIES a) Shipping costs of DCP and/or DVD and/or Bluray to select, will run by the participant (payment made in advance by the sender). b) The submission package must record the phrase in spanish SIN VALOR COMERCIAL. EXCLUSIVO PARA FINES CULTURALES - (NO COMMERCIAL VALUE. CULTURAL PURPOSES ONLY) to avoid Customs problems. c) The Festival is not responsible for loss, damage or other material injury during shipment. d) The material received will be part of the audiovisual heritage archive of the LIMA INDEPENDIENTE - FILM FESTIVAL, which may be used for promotional purposes, nonprofit samples, forums, festivals, among other activities, previous notice to its makers. e) No material presented in the selection process will be returned. f) The shipper must inform LIMA INDEPENDIENTE - FILM FESTIVAL the date of shipment and tracking number of the package sent. 8.- INFRINGEMENT OF REQUIREMENTS Received Films that do not meet the conditions of participation and screening requirements will not be registered.

9.- ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS - TRANSFER OF RIGHTS Registration in LIMA INDEPENDIENTE - FILM FESTIVAL implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions and the transfer of the rights of projection of the material presented to the effects of diffusion during this edition and for future editions from the date of material selection. People associated with the selected films undertake not to disclose its participation until the Festival program will be announced by the Organization in official press conference. Also, together with the signing of these terms and conditions, holders of the work accept transfer the rights of projection and reproducing for exhibition in nonprofit activities related to the festival, as well as promotional diffusion of the same. 10.- RIGHTS OF PARTICIPANTS WORKS a) Participants state be the only and real holders of audiovisual works presented at the Festival, therefore, should be authors, as being assignees thereof. In case of false affidavit, not be holding the same, the liability against any claims of third parties are solely of the participants which present the works, without the Festival no answer against third parties. b) Participants say they have all the rights involved in the work. c) Participants manifest hold harmless the Festival for any claims regarding the ownership of the work and/or lack of authorization to the rights contained therein.


Please read Rules of Participation before registration 1. FILM INFORMATION ORIGINAL TITLE: TITLE IN SPANISH (IF THERE: DIRECTOR(S): COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: PRODUCTOR: LENGTH: PRODUCTION DATE: ORIGINAL LANGAUGE: THECNICAL INFORMATION: SINOPSIS: CATEGORY TO WHICH APPLIES: A) International Competition: Fiction / Documentary / Animation / no length limit. B) National Competition: Fiction / Documentary / Animation / no length limit. 2. PARTICIPANT INFORMATION NAME: PHONE(S): E-MAIL: POSTAL ADDRESS: PROMOTIONAL PHOTOS: BRIEF BIOFILMOGRAPHY: LINKS: 3. SWORD DECLARATION Iidentified with ID by the present, I declare to know and accept the participation rules of "LIMA INDEPENDIENTE - FILM FESTIVAL" in order to be recorded for the purpose they required.

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