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) Colm ica slat apo RA romAcele ORL: life. For me, that is philosophy itself.” Eyaae clair} Photo: Giles Deleuze in Big Sur by Jean-Jacques Lebel a) Pret TV aid Pe) eer be ORC Alowander Hickox, ‘Chaosophy (NewYork eon Hume, Kant, and “tia Ferrel, Janet MeteaFe Desert Islands and Other Texts 1953-1974 Gilles Deleuze Edited by David Lapoujade Translated by Michael Taormina ‘SEMIOTEXT(E) FOREIGN AGENTS SERIES "7 Contents Introduction. Desert Islands Bergson, 1859-1941 Bergson’s Conception of Difference Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Precursor of Kafia, Céline, and Ponge ‘The Idea of Genesis in Kant's Esthetics Raymond Roussel, or the Abhorrent Vacuum How Jamny’s Pataphysics Opened the Way for Phenomenology “He Wes my Teacher” The Philosophy of Crime Novels On Gilbert Simondon Humans: A Dubious Existence The Method of Dramatization Conclusions on the Will to Power and the Etemal Retum Nietzsche's Burst of Laughter Mysticism and Masochism ‘On Nietzsche and the Image of Thought Gilles Deleuze Talks Philosophy Gueroult’s General Method for Spinoza The Fissure of Anaxagoras and the Local Fires of Heraclitus 162 170 193, 14 216 930 932 242 244 247 252 262 74 981 984 989 313 34 Hume How Do We Recognize Structuralism? Three Group-Related Problems “What Our Prisoners Want From Us...” Intellectuals and Power Remarks (on Jean-Francois Lyotard) Deleuze and Guattari Fight Back. Helene Cixous, or in Strobe Capitalism and Schizophrenia Your Special “Desiring-Machines”: What Are They? HM’ Letters Hot and Cool Nomadic Thought On Capitalism and Desire Five Propositions on Psychoanalysis Faces and Surfaces Preface to Hocquenghem's L’Aprés-Mai des faunes APlanter’s Art Notes List of Translators Index