This Pataki comes from OSA it is a pataki criollo... I am repeating it from the mind so bear with me ..

A father died leaving nothing to his son . The young man single and alone , some times sick and not having nothing to eat , and asking what new trick fate had in his destiny for him today. That day from the other world his dead father sent him a message with a messenge r . "you who is going down to the earth , Tell my son That I always think of him for he is always passing without food, alone and sick . Tell him I also need to eat , I want to help him and to send with you on your return two coconuts." The messenger arrived and told of his message, and the son being of bad temperam ent replied .. "ask him where he left the two coconuts to send him". And the messenger returned to tell the father his sons reply ...the father asked the messenger to return and this time to ask for a rooster . "where did my father have a the chicken coop in life, That I could send him a ro oster?" On his return the messenger replied to the old man ... "Your son is heartless , do not expect nothing from him." The Spirit of the old man deeply hurt, but a father loving to the end, insisted a few days later that the messenger return to his son and ask him for a ram. The messenger reluctantly stopped by the door of the young man and told him his fathers request to which he replied angerly " TO heck , with my father he did no t leave me a coconut nor a rooster and now he asks for a ram?" A idea crossed his mind.. Hold on ... Hold on a minute.. He took a sack that he had laying around he got i nside tied it up and called for the messenger to come fetch it. And take it to h is father , it was all he had . The messenger carried the sack to the good father who was happy to see his son s ent his wish. Thanks to Olofi I will now have something to give to my son. All the Iworo had come together to do a rogation and ebo for the mans son , all they waited for was the Ram for the ebo. When they opened the sack they waited on seeing the ram and there before them wa s a man . The father recognized his son said .."Are you crazy??" the AWO said to the bad son ... "Leave in this very moment , Open the door and look ..!" Look at all we had to do for you a rogation with the ram that is all we needed f or your ebo and save you . "Open the other door" They told him again. And see all the great riches that cou ld of been yours if we had made the ebo for you ... all those riches and gold co uld of been yours..

I am so sorry .! The father replied back .... he knelt at the feet of his father .Ashamed..... I will send you all that you asked for father ..." I am sorry to my son because now you can never leav e this place and never see the world again . I am sorry ..YOU have now lost e verything ." .

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