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Teaching the Teacher - 2

Joey gently lay Birdie on the bed and knelt on the floor
alongside her. Draping one arm across her waist, he lowered his
lips to hers and very tenderly kissed her, his tongue moving in
slow motion, softly and languorously probing Birdie's mouth. In
concert with the kiss, Joey stroked Birdie's waist with his hand,
trailing it with a feathery fluttering motion across the soft
little curve of the area below her waist. He crept his hand
slowly upward and gently stroked across the underside of Birdie's
up thrust breasts. Capturing one of the mounds in his hand, Joey
cupped and squeezed it with just a gentle pressure. Birdie moved
her hand up to Joey's shoulder and returned his caresses by
stroking and kneading the muscles across his back.

While caressing Birdie's fabric-clad breast, Joey moved his

other hand to the buttons on the front of Birdie's dress, and
starting at her neck, he unbuttoned each one, not stopping until
he had reached the last one at her waist. He folded back the
dress, revealing Birdie's black bra containing those marvelously
caressable breasts. Birdie's nipples were very evident, pressing
points out at the center of each cup. Using both his hands, Joey
unfastened the center clasp that held the bra together and lifted
the loosened cups, pushing them away to Birdie's sides. Standing
straight up and firm, Birdie's breasts emerged into view. They
were like creamy white little half-melons, their only motion a
slight quivering and the up-and-down movement of her now rapid

The hard nubbins of Birdie's nipples stood erect at the center of

the heaving mounds. Each was surrounded by a light tan circle of
areola, flecked with little goose bumps so that they had the
texture of crepe paper. Joey ran his thumbs lightly across the
projections, just brushing across each of them, and almost
imperceptibly, Birdie arched her back up to the stroking hands.
Seeing her response, Joey increased the pressure, gently
squeezing each nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Birdie
emitted low "uummnnn" sounds from deep within her throat and
arched her back upward even further than before.

Joey cupped Birdie's breasts in his hands and kneaded them with a
slow gentle pressure, his palm caressing the hard little points
of her nipples. He lowered his mouth back to hers and using his
lips spread their mouths to their widest. His tongue circled
around the inside of her lips and then delved into her mouth to
its full length, engaging her tongue in a passionate mock-battle.

Softly licking all around her mouth as the connection broke, Joey
separated his lips from Birdie's. He moved the kiss down to her
throat and then to the indentation between her breasts. From
there he moved outward and took one of the nipples in his mouth,
sucking gently and rubbing his tongue in a circle around the
erect hard nipple. He moved to the other breast and repeated his
ministrations. Birdie arched her back again, this time completely
off the bed, thrusting her breasts toward their source of
pleasure. "Oh, good, so gooodddd...," she murmured softly.
Joey extended a hand down to Birdie's thighs and lightly traced a
trail on their inner parts from her knees all the way to their
tops. The satiny material of Birdie's dress was exotic feeling
to Joey's fingers, but he knew the soft skin of her inner thighs
would be even more satiny, more exotic. His hand found the hem
of her dress and he gently pulled it up, exposing her thighs to
the point that only their juncture was still hidden. The straps
of her garter belt were laid bare and Joey could feel where they
clasped the tops of her hose. Above the hose tops there was only
bare flesh: the soft, unblemished baby's skin of Birdie's inner
thighs. Using just the lightest of finger-tip touches, Joey
caressed that sensitive area. Birdie's thighs quivered with each
touch, and she once again sighed, "Oh, Joey, Joey."

Joey's fingers crept upwards until they met the edge of Birdie's
panties. Joey felt their lace trim and wondered if they were the
same pair he had glimpsed in English class. He moved the flat of
his palm on top of her slightly rounded belly, rubbing it lightly
in a circle. He could feel the muscles of her stomach quiver in
little tremors as she responded to Joey's loving touches. His
fingers then moved into the recess formed by the joining of
Birdie's thighs, the vee of her legs that formed the entrance to
her font of femininity. Joey knew that just under his fingers,
under the silken fabric of Birdie's panties, lay the entrance to
her secret sexual center. Her tunnel of delight, the receptacle
for the inanimate cock with which she had pleasured herself
the night before, was waiting there for him to lovingly explore.

The pressure of Joey's throbbing rigidity against the front of

his trousers was a mixture of agony and ecstasy. He could not
remember ever having been so sexually aroused as he was then, and
each throb of his cock against the bindings of his trousers
brought both pleasure and discomfort. He looked down at his
groin area and was not surprised to see the wet circle at its
center. He had felt the pre-cum flowing and soaking his shorts,
and now it had soaked all the way through and dampened his
trousers with the obvious evidence of his desire.

Joey moved his fingers down into the vee of Birdie's thighs,
probing her hidden recess. She moved her legs apart, allowing
room for Joey to explore. He cupped his hand over her whole
vulva and lovingly squeezed the area. His palm encountered
dampness, and Joey realized that the whole crotch of Birdie's
panties were soaked. There was even a little moisture seeping
out from the lace edging--slick, slippery moisture that allowed
his fingertips to glide over and around the dew-soaked edge. One
finger moved into the very center of Birdie's leg juncture and he
could feel the indentation of her hidden womanly furrow. He
traced its length, running his finger tip up and down the
dampened channel. As he neared the top, he felt a little bump,
and he moved his finger back and forward over it, stroking and
caressing. Birdie's moved her hips in little gyrations, making
miniature bump-and-grind motions. The nubbin was obviously her
swollen clitoris, and Birdie's reaction to touching it made it
evident that it was one of her prime erogenous spots.

Two of Joey's fingers insinuated themselves under the elastic

edge of Birdie's panties. They were met by soft ringlets of
soaking pubic fur. The fingers moved through the curls and down
to the area they had just explored from the other side of the
pantie fabric. They found what they were seeking--Birdie's
soaking labial lips. One finger moved into the furrow and inched
its way downward until it found the clitoral nubbin, it's surface
slickened with the flow of Birdie's sexual arousal. The finger
tip pulled back the hood that protected the clitoris and touched
the exposed flesh with just the lightest of touches. Birdie's
reaction was almost convulsive--she squeezed her thighs together,
clamping down on Joey's hand, and wailed, "Oh, God! Joey!

Joey withdrew his hand and moved up and kissed Birdie with just
light brush of their lips. He looked down at her and said,
"Birdie, that's a beautiful dress, but don't you think it's time
for it to come off?"

Birdie nodded her head and Joey reached down for the dress's hem,
pulling it upward. Birdie lifted her buttocks to allow the dress
to slip past. She sat up and Joey lifted it off over her head.
Her loosened bra had gotten caught up in the dress and it too was
removed. Birdie was now almost completely nude.

Birdie lay back down and looked up at Joey. "Joey, here I am

almost completely naked and you still have on all your clothes."

"A problem easily solved," Joey said, sitting down and removing
his shoes and socks. He stood again and took off his shirt and
dropped it to the floor. Then he unbuckled his belt and the top
button of his trousers. The other trouser buttons followed and
his trousers were completely loosened. He let go of them and
they fell to the floor. Stepping out of his trousers, clad only
in his white boxer shorts, Joey turned and directly faced Birdie.
An indisputable sign of Joey's arousal, the front of his shorts
bulged out, his rigid penis making a tent of the white cotton
fabric. A circle of dampness radiated outward from the high
point in the bulge, the result of Joey's abundant pre-cum flow.
"That better?" Joey asked.

Nodding her head, Birdie said, "Yes, that makes us about even."
Even though she was smiling, Joey could sense Birdie's
fascination as her eyes fell to Joey's bulging shorts.

After performing his semi-strip tease, Joey returned his

attention to Birdie. Looking down at her, his breath almost
caught in his throat. There she lay, a vision of sexuality--her
breasts standing proud and firm, her waist narrow and then
widening into the spread of her hips. Birdie's hips weren't wide
by normal standards--they could almost be called boyish--but they
were smoothly curved, their flare far from boyish. Her panties
were indeed black with lace edging. They were either the same
ones she had worn before or others just like them. Birdie's
waist was encircled by a black garter belt, with straps extending
downward and locking into the tops of her hose. It was as an
erotic sight as Joey had ever seen, better even than the visions
of his teenage wet dreams.

"Birdie, I don't know why you put yourself down. You're really
beautiful," Joey said in almost a whisper.

"Well, if I could go around dressed like this all the time, I

probably could get a boy," she said with a rueful smile.

"You've got me," Joey said softly, and once again knelt down
beside her and kissed her.

Joey placed his hand on the inside of Birdie's thighs and

caressed the soft skin of that area. While doing so, he took his
mouth away from her lips and moved downward and kissed each of
her breasts, licking and gently nibbling on each of her nipples.
His mouth moved from there down to the juncture of her thighs.
As he approached Birdie's sexual center he inhaled the near-
intoxicating aroma of her femininity. It was a pleasant aroma,
with just a hint of muskiness, the fragrance of a woman in full
sexual arousal. He ran his tongue along the lace-trimmed edges
of her panties, tasting the slick vaginal secretions that had
crept out from under the silken fabric. Joey's senses were
almost overpowered, and he realized there could be no greater
aphrodisiac than the one that came from tasting and inhaling the
sexual outpouring of a woman in heat.

Joey lowered his mouth and licked the fabric stretching across
Birdie's vulva, his tongue tracing the furrow that separated her
thighs. He applied pressure, causing his tongue to force the
fabric into Birdie's sexual channel, and her hips arched upward,
seeking even greater pleasure. Joey lifted his head and placed
his hands on Birdie's feet and gently pulled her until her
buttocks reached the edge of the bed and her legs hung off its
side. He took hold of the top of Birdie's panties and slowly
pulled them downwards. Birdie's pubic fur was exposed, a mass of
dark, wet curls plastered to her skin by the hot juices of her
vaginal secretions. He tugged the backs of the panties down to
her buttocks, and Birdie lifted herself to allow their passage.
Swiftly, Joey completed their removal, and Birdie fell back on
the bed, her thighs spread wide, her sexual core fully and
completely exposed to Joey's hungry eyes.

Kneeling there between Birdie's thighs, Joey gazed at her exposed

vulva, its labial lips pouting slightly apart. There was no sign
of the recent penetration by Birdie's wooden pleasure rod, no
sign that she had experienced the moaning ecstasy he had
overheard outside her window. Joey placed his hands on the
inside of Birdie's thighs and spread the lips apart even more,
exposing the moist inner lips. At their top was a triangle of
wet pink flesh, centered by the sensitive little protrusion of
Birdie's clitoris. It appeared swollen, its thin hood of
protection slightly drawn back and exposing the very nexus of her
sexual pleasure. Joey ran a finger tip up and down between the
spread lips, tracing the line from the slit's beginning up in her
pubic hair down to the little brown rosebud of her anal opening.
Her hips squirmed in little motions in reaction to his

Joey placed each of Birdie's legs over one of his shoulders and
moved his hands under her buttocks, lifting her wide-spread pussy
up for his inspection. With just a tentative small lick, Joey
extended his tongue and licked the insides of Birdie's thighs,
tracing the lines that creased the juncture between thigh and
vulva. At the bottom of each stroke, Joey found an abundance of
Birdie's heated sexual flow. It seemed the more he licked it
away, the more came to replace it. There seemed to be an
unending supply of the hot slick starch of Birdie's vaginal flow.
Joey loved the taste of it and its smooth slick texture as it
coated his lips and tongue.

Birdie's labial lips, swollen and gaping open from her arousal,
drew Joey's attention. He lowered his mouth and ran his tongue
up and down the inside of one lip and then the other. As he
neared their tops, he lightly brushed his lips across the swollen
clitoris. Moving downward, Joey extended his tongue to its full
length and sought out Birdie's inner depths. Using his tongue as
a probe, he found the entrance to her hot hole, the channel into
her inner sexual recesses. He drove his tongue into the hole,
plumbing its depths as far as his tongue could extend. He pushed
the tongue in and out, acting out the motion that his throbbing
penis was aching to perform.

By this time, Birdie could stay neither still nor quiet. Her
buttocks were squirming in Joey's hands and she was lifting them
even higher, pushing them to greater contact with his pleasuring
tongue. "Ooohhh, so gooooddd. I had no idea anything could feel
so good. I've read about this, but no description could match

Birdie's words drove Joey to even more intense action. He pulled

her against his mouth and sucked on her cuntal lips. He then
used the flat of his tongue and ran it up and down the gaping
slash. He paid particular attention to the bottom, running his
tongue in a circle all around the sensitive area of Birdie's
rosebud. Her hips jerked upon this contact, and she murmured,
"Ummmmnnnnn, yesssss, yessssss."

Joey's mouth moved up to the top of Birdie's furrow where it

found Birdie's swollen throbbing clitoris. He took it between
his lips and sucked the whole area into his mouth, moving his
tongue in circles over and around her most sensitive part.
Birdie's thighs clamped down on Joey's ears and she wrapped her
legs around his head, pressing herself harder and harder against
his mouth. Her hips moved up and down, in rapid little
copulative movements, and her breath came in gasps. Birdie's
hips jerked from side to side and she arched herself completely
off the bed so that only her head and shoulders remained. "Oh,
God, Joey!" Birdie shouted, "Oooohhh, oooooohhhhhhhh.....yessssss
......YESSSSSSSS.....yessssss.....yess ...yes...yes...." The
sounds were similar to what Joey had heard outside Birdie's
window, but they were more prolonged, more intense. Joey knew
from that that the pleasure she had just experienced was far
better than what she had the previous night, and he was pleased
that he was the instrument of her ecstasy.

Birdie's legs gradually relaxed and she limply fell back on the
bed, her whole back once again in contact with it. She was still
breathing hard, little gasps as tremors still ran through her
pelvis. Joey kept his mouth on her pussy, but made just little
motions, allowing Birdie to come down from the sexual high of her
orgasm. Finally, he stopped his oral ministrations and took her
legs and put them back on the bed. He simply continued to kneel
at her feet, waiting for her to recover from the rapture that had
overwhelmed her.

Birdie's eyes fluttered open and she looked at Joey. She gave
him a weak little smile and said, "Are you still here, Joey? I
thought I was in heaven."

Birdie lifted herself up on her elbows and then sat up, pushing
herself against Joey. He looked up into her face, and it was
almost beatific. She took his face between her hands and
whispered, "Thank you, Joey. That was so good there's no way I
can describe it in words. I have never experienced rapture such
as that. Thank you, thank you." Birdie leaned her head over and
kissed Joey, parting her lips and probing gently with her tongue.
Her juice was still all over Joey's face and she was able to
taste its tangy favor. Birdie broke the kiss and licked her
lips. "So, that's what I taste like," she said. "That's not so

"To me, it's nectar," Joey said. "It's like honey from a hive."

Birdie gave Joey a little peck of a kiss and said, "Stand up,
Joey. You've seen all of me, now I get to see all of you. I'm
naked and I want you naked."

Joey stood up in front of Birdie and she reached out her hands
and took hold of the top of his shorts. She tugged them down
to his hips, but they refused to go any farther, caught by the
bulging obstruction of Joey's ramrod-hard penis. She saw the
damp circle on the front of the fabric and asked, "Did you have
an orgasm already?"

"No, not yet. I'm awfully close, though. That's just pre-cum
that's leaked out. When a guy gets sexually excited, pre-cum
starts to come out of his prick. I've been that way ever since
I've been here, so a lot has come out already. Seeing you like
this has gotten me so excited that I've just soaked the whole
front of my shorts."

Birdie seemed pleased that Joey had reacted in that way. No boy
had ever paid much attention to her before and having Joey
standing before her, his penis tenting out and soaking his
shorts because of his reaction to her thrilled her like she had
never been before. Even though she had just experienced the most
profound orgasm of her life, her desire was rekindled and began
to build once again.

With hands that trembled slightly, Birdie reached out and undid
the gripper that held the top of Joey's shorts. She spread the
short's waist and once again tugged them down. With more room
now, the shorts slipped past Joey's pulsating penis and exposed
all of his groin area to Birdie's view. She breathed in deeply
and held her breath upon sight of Joey's turgid cock standing
straight out from his body, its head swollen and shining from the
pre-seminal flow that coated it. "Oh, God!" Birdie whispered,
exhaling and speaking almost under her breath. "I've never seen
a real penis before. All I've ever seen is pictures, and none of
them looked like this." She reached out a hand and almost
fearfully touched a finger to the throbbing shaft. "It's so big
and hard," she murmured.

Her passion growing, Birdie stood up and kissed Joey. He wrapped

his arms around her and held her tight, his cock pressed between
their bodies. She broke the kiss and said, "Stretch out on the
bed. You gave me pleasure, now I get to return it."

Joey lay down on his back and stretched out full length on the
bed. Birdie sat on the edge of the bed beside him. She put her
hand on his stomach and stroked it lightly. Joey's muscles
quivered and tremors ran through his torso in reaction. Her hand
moved down into his pubic hair, and she combed it with her
fingers. As she touched the base of Joey's rigid cock, it jerked
and a drop of clear fluid dribbled from its slit. Birdie put her
finger in the little puddle and spread the fluid all around the
head, soaking it even more than it was. Just as Birdie did when
Joey was touching her, he raised his hips up to Birdie's hand.
He gasped at the touch and an almost guttural "Oooohhh!" escaped
his mouth. Her finger moved down to the underside of Joey's
shaft and he jerked his hips upward, muttering, "Oh, God, Birdie,
I'm so close, so close."

Moving on her hands and knees, Birdie crawled down to the foot of
the bed at Joey's feet. Taking a leg in each hand, she spread
them apart, and then scooted up into the vee. Kneeling before
Joey, she wrapped a hand around his shaft and stroked him very
gently up and down. She seemed almost mesmerized by Joey's
rampant rigidity, unable to take her eyes off the throbbing organ
of his masculinity. Birdie moved her other hand under Joey's
hanging scrotum and lifted it, weighing and measuring it, almost
as if she was trying to determine how much of his sperm it
contained. She moved her finger tips over the wrinkled scrotum
skin, caressing it with light loving touches. Joey's buttocks
clenched in response, and he gasped at each little movement.

Birdie's face moved closer and closer to Joey's sex, her eyes
glittering. She licked her lips and breathed deeply. Suddenly,
she lowered her mouth down to Joey's cock and with tongue
extended, brushed its tip across the dripping wet head. Joey
could see her evaluating the taste, trying to determine whether
she like it or not. It must have passed the test, because Birdie
lowered her mouth and engulfed the whole head, licking all over
it, lapping up Joey's male lubrication. Joey gasped and arched
his back upwards. Two more inches of cock disappeared in
Birdie's mouth, and she laved all of it with a tongue bath.
Birdie pulled her head up and looked at Joey, saying, "I've read
about this, and I've always wondered what it would be like. Now
I've found out. Does it feel good? Am I doing it right?"

Joey remembered the time outside Birdie's window when she had
sucked on the head of her wooden cock and how he had longed for
it to be his cock in her mouth. Now it was his, and she was
sucking on it like a popsicle, just as she had done then. Joey
answered and said, "Oooh, yes. You're doing it just right. But
I told you I'm awful close to coming. If you keep that up,
you're going to end up with a mouthful of come."

Birdie grinned a little crooked grin and whispered, "I told you I
wanted to learn EVERYTHING, didn't I?" Without waiting for an
answer, she moved her mouth back down and filled it with cock.

Birdie was a natural-born fellatrix, and she was giving Joey the
best blow job he had ever had. It was hard for him to believe
she had never even seen a real cock before. He decided that she
must have practiced a lot on that wooden cock of hers to be able
to give him the kind of pleasure he was experiencing.

Birdie bobbed her head up and down on Joey's shaft, sucking hard
and lapping her tongue over and around the head. Joey groaned in
pleasure, moving his hips up and down, perfectly matching
Birdie's head movement. Her mouth was a hot, wet suction pump,
drawing on Joey's organ. Birdie moved her hands between Joey's
thighs and stroked his smooth skin and caressed his scrotum,
gently cupping and massaging the treasures it contained. She
moved one hand up to Joey's belly and rubbed it, each of her
hands now working in unison with the motions of her mouth and

Joey's stomach muscles tightened and his balls drew up into a

tight knot. He raised his hips up off the bed, driving more of
his cock into Birdie's suctioning mouth. Driven my Joey's
nearing orgasm, Birdie gulped down even more of his cock, taking
it almost to its base. He pushed his hips and back high in the
air and held them there. "Oh, God, Birdie! Here it comes! Don't
stop! Don't stop!"

Birdie increased her mouth action on Joey's throbbing shaft and

took a hand and stroked it up and down. That was the final straw
for Joey, and he exploded into Birdie's mouth. The shaft jerked
and lunged as Joey's semen jetted out in hot spurts. Birdie took
them fully into her mouth, swallowing and gulping. Having been
pent up for so long, though, the flow was too copious for her,
and come flowed over her lips and covered her hand and Joey's

Joey felt he had never come so much before in his life. It just
kept spurting and spurting. Birdie continued to swallow, trying
to take as much of the flow as possible. Gradually, the spurts
grew weaker. Then they stopped completely. Joey slowly lowered
himself back down to the bed, spent, completely satiated. Birdie
followed him downward, holding his cock in her mouth, gently
sucking on it. It grew less rigid, subsiding to only a half-
erection. Birdie slowly released Joey's cock from her mouth, and
then licked along the length of it, licking up the semen that
flowed over it. Her tongue delved down into the pubic hair and
sought out the come that soaked that area. Birdie took her hand
from Joey's shaft and like a cat licking its fur, she licked off
the come that flowed over its surface. Finally, with a finger
she took a little rivulet of come that had dribbled down her chin
and pushed it into her mouth.

Joey lay there, completely relaxed, and watched Birdie in awe.

He could hardly believe her sensuality, her capacity for sexual
pleasure. With feelings mixed of both lust and tenderness, Joey
held out his arms to Birdie. She lay down beside him and
snuggled up close to him. They lay nestled in each others arms,
pleased and satisfied, each knowing they had given of self for
the other's pleasure. Totally relaxed, they drifted off to

The End!

Writen by TF�

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