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DCUFI Course Introduction Overview Implementing Cico Data Center Unified Fabric (DCU) ¥4. 0 Sive-y insictor-ed course. tis designed fer systems and ld engines, consulting ystems engineers, echnical solutions aehteds and Cisco integrators and partners who instal an implement the Cisco ‘Nerar 7000 and S000 Sere Switees andthe Cisco Nexos 2000 Furie Extender. The curse cavers the key eunponents ad procedures needed onal, configure, manage, and troubleshoot the Cisco Nene 7000 and S000 Series Switches nthe network and SAN Learner Skills and Knowledge ‘This subtopic iss the sills and knowledge that eamers must posses to Benefit fly fom the course. Te subpic ao neues recommended Cc lesming offerings that ears shold first complet fo ene ly from this cure Learner Skills and Knowledge. The kncwledge and skis that a leamer must have before ztending this course are as folows: + Good inderstaning of ratwoking pretzels ~ Cio CCNA Cerifeaton is reeammended + Good understanding ofthe Fide Channel tocol andthe SAN erwronment [Atonsance af bra Chanel protocol aes or ‘uuvalentoxporience i recommends ~ Atndance of the mlerenting Cisco Storage Network Solitons (CSNS) dass or eulvaiont experece is resmmmendes ‘Before ateaing this course lamers shoud be false wih networking protools nd technologies, the SAN enviroment, andthe Fibre Chanel protec Cisco Cenified Network Associate (CCNA®) loveLofsinowledge ic ecommanded fr sudente attending he DCUFI course ‘Now Th ecormardd aurea or OONA wt Irtconecing Gao Network Deve Part 7 1CN01) ans rteomoaing Cisco Network Dances Pot 2 VCND2) cua. In order tania the appopiate evel of knowledge af the Fibre Channel protacnl and SAN ‘nvreamet, is commended tha he lear has attended Fibee Chanel protocol eure andthe Implementing Cisco Storage NeovorkSoltions ((CSNS) course. ‘npr Cos Dt Can Ue Fare DCU tb ‘S21 Gayo ne Course Goal and Objectives ‘This top: dseribes the course goa and objectives. Sie rane ee teneatn ieee Cereus Nexus t {Upon completing thiscouse, you wil beable to meet hese objectives 1 coy the Cisco Nexus prodect family, peal he Cisco Nexus 7000 Switch chasis and components, he Cinco Nexus S000 Swich, pd the Cico Nexus 2000 Fabric Exterder 1» Install the Cisco exus prot in a Cisco Data Center Business Advantage environment 1 Givena requirement, dentfy how 1 plan and implement viral device contexsnto th solution f= Evalue the security features availble o the Cisco Nexus 7000 switch identity which features shouldbe implemented in oa solution 1 Evaluate and congue the Connectivity Management Pracesor on he Cisco Nexus 7000 svc a wen the management options avaiable 1 Evaluate the serve level and networkleve igh aaa ofthe Cisco Nexus switches nd how to we the Cisco 10S l-Servie Software Upgrade fexure 1 Discuss he Fire Channel protocol inching Fibre Channel dessins, Now cota, ad zoning 1 Translate given design ito a implementation plan fr configuring Fibre Chanel ove themet onthe Co Nexis switch "= Understand the processes, tos and resourees for troubleshooting he datacenter infact inreannetsvt, and operations ai cae Sana ne ‘Sane non