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2/8/9TrvthForeclosures[wide].doc AIB RADIO at recording at 40:15 In Michigan its a judicial state.

When they send you a notice from the court its imperative that you do a counter claim and you rebut their presumptions and assumptions. In a non-judicial state its imperative that you initiate a federal law suit. And you also file a 3949 A because they've stolen your identity. When they sign that check electronically that was identity theft. When they securitized that promissory note on the open market, again, that was identity theft, and they paid no taxes. And the best friend you can have right now is the IRS because they will enforce that for you. I learned about Title 18 USC Section 656, its called bank embezzlement which is a one million dollar fine and 30 years in prison. So when you're starting off your claim you want to start with a figure. That's the figure you should start with. Its called the million dollar baby. On the 3949 A make sure you check the boxes that they're _______ , that they're dangerous because they're hurting people. They're causing you a commercial _____ and damage and you're the victim. So in the space where you're allowed to write you put down that they're guilty of bank embezzlement. They're guilty of swindling you. They're guilty of fraud. Fraud pays treble damages. So if there's a million dollar fine on the bank embezzlement times the treble damages for fraud you have one million dollars times 3 which is 3 million dollars which one plus 3 is 4 and for every fraud that you can add to it, how about actual fraud, constructive fraud, fraud by conversion, fraud in the factum, fraud by inducement. You want it 3 times that 4 that's 12, three times the 12 that's 36, 3 times 36 is 108, and so on and so forth. You would end up with a multi billion dollar law suit. Not million, multi billion dollar law suit. They will gladly call and settle with you and ask can we come to an agreement? Do not take these people's money. You're accusing them of fraud. They have property, take their assets. The true wealth of the country is in the land. Take the property. That's the first thing we want to do. We want to do a multi billion dollar lawsuit and you want them to pay up in fines and guess what? You've just committed an act of fraud. Just what you've accused them of doing. 44:02 So you would ask to be paid in a lawful species of the united states which is gold or silver coin. You do not have to take Federal Reserve notes. You have to know what you're doing because they're going to try to trick you. They're going to try to cheat you. They're going to try to re-contract with you. But you must stay on point. Whenever you go to federal court it should be like a bank. You should be going to make a withdrawal. And all you Feds listening to this conversation, you're dog gone right. When I go to federal court I go to get paid. They're not gonna show up because they can not afford to pay. 44:58 They can not afford the exposure. They will call and settle. And that's the position you want to put them in because you are right, they operate in fraud. They operate in fraud of necessity. They've been doing it for over 200 years. Caller: And you begin this action with that 3949 A form. No, you begin the action with a counter claim if you're in a judicial state or you initiate your federal law suit because mortgages are federally regulated. Banks are federally regulated. Credit unions are federally regulated. They have no business in a district or superior court in the first place. Insurance is federally regulated. Caller: They operate in fraud so they have to insure their fraud. Exactly. They have to be bonded against causing you a commercial injury, harm or damage. And you don't have to be paid in federal reserve notes. Don't fall for the trick. Don't fall for the check. Don't fall for the electronic funds transfer. Ask for gold or silver coin. That's the lawful money of the united states. Caller: What about a simple settlement like; The house is mine leave me alone? You could do that. Its your decision not mine. I would do that because if they have to pay you a lot of money you could look forward to a 90 cent airmail which is a sniper's ____. Just because they pay you don't mean they're going to allow you to enjoy it. And they have a proclivity for burning people's houses, you have automobile accidents, they poison people. They don't like you.