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My life as a teacher... A Short Reflection October 09, 2012 HERMAN BLAS ATIP, JR.

,MAED Basically, teaching is the noblest profession. A teacher is someone who educates the minds of every individual. Whenever we are inside the classroom, our students called us Maam or Sir. They pay respect to us because of our profession. After discussing our lessons and they have passed our exams, we are very happy because we know to ourselves that they have learned from us, as their teacher. Whenever our students are very noisy or not interested to our class, we usually get mad at them and sometimes out of our anger we uttered words that made them hurt. Let us admit that there were times that we just only mind our obligations and that is to attain our objectives in our learning plans and to give a grade to them. As the days passed by, I usually think my future as a teacher, what will happen to me after 5 years or 10 years, am I still a teacher or I am already in the field of law as what I am aspiring for. Are my former students still remember me as their teacher before or they have forgotten me already because I am no longer a part of their lives. In my 7 years of this profession, Ive realized that my role as a teacher is more than the definition. A teacher is not only a person who educates the minds of the young but being a part of their lives is the real essence of a teacher. I am telling this because of the testimonies of my students before who became successful. Their testimonies made me realized that the success of our students is our success too. I am very thankful that one day I have realized that I am not only a teacher but I am the person who touches the lives of my students. To inspire them, to guide them and show your care to them are the things that they will remember to you after how many years. I am not really sure that they will remember all the things we imparted to them but I am 100 percent sure that till the end they will always remember us and they will be forever thankful that one day in their journey, we are with them. To my students, in good and bad times I am with you. I am very happy that you have filled the missing part of my life. I am just an ordinary person. To see that my students who are happy of what they are doing is my happiness already. One day in my life, there is a student who says thank you sir!, tama lahat ng mga sinabi mo sa amin noon. A very inspiring phrase from my former student and that made me realized that now, teaching is not my real profession but its my vocation. I wrote this simple reflection after my deep conversation to my student, whom I considered as one of my closes friend in my journey as a teacher. He made me realized that I must continue the things that Im doing and most of all, being who you are and being true and sincere of what you are doing.