Introduction In language, a conjunction is a way to combine 2 or more phrases into one sentence.

This chapter will cover the basic conjunctions such as 'and', 'or', and 'but'. [edit]~지만 (but) 김치는 맵지만 맛있어요. Kimchi is spicy but delicious.  한국어는 어렵지만 재미있어요. The Korean language is difficult but interesting.

[edit]와/과 (and) This is used for combining 2 nouns. If the end of the first noun has no consonant, use '와'. If the noun has a consonant, use '과'.
 

김치와 단무지는 맛있어요. Kimchi and yellow radishes are delicious. 나는 텔레비전과 영화를 보아요. I watch TV and movies.

[edit](이)나 (or) This is for choosing between 2 nouns, pronouns, or adverbs.
 

맥주나 막걸리를 마셔요. I drink beer or makkoli. 지하철이나 버스를 타요. I ride the subway or the bus.

[edit]~고 (and) This form is for combining 2 or more verb sentences 날마다 나는 한국말을 공부하고 운동해요. Every day I study Korean and exercise.  그 남자가 부산에 갔고 미술관을 방문했어요. That man went to Busan and visited the museum.

[edit]~거나 (or) This form is used for choosing between 2 or more actions. 더우면 나는 수영하거나 PC 방에 가요. If it's hot, I swim or go to the PC room.  나는 주말에 운동하거나 공부해요. On the weekend, I exercise or study.

인 때에는 or 또는 [ttoneun] than ...보다 until 까지 whenever 언제나 (eonjena) and 그리고 so 그래서 because 왜냐하면 or ~때문에 besides 게다가 although ~이긴 하지만 그리고 [and] 그리고 can only be used between sentences.Conjunctions English and but but but so because Hangul 그리고 그러나 Pronunciation geurigo geureona 그렇지만 geureochiman 하지만 그래서 때문에 hajiman geuraeseo ttaemune ttaeraseo ieoseo amuri in accordance with 따라서 following however 이어서 아무리 and 그리고 [geurigo] because -이기 때문에 for 왜냐하면 [waenyahamyeon] if ... Yesterday = 어제 Book = 책 Banana = 바나나 read = 읽다 read[past] = 읽었다 sleep = 자다 slept = 잤다 .

To link two or more sentences into one sentence. • • 어제 책을 읽었다.Eg. pencil and paper . Eg. and 과 for nouns with a final consonant. 과/와 is only used to join nouns. please refer to Verbs Connective. 그리고 달다.] The two sentences are linked by 그리고 but they are still separate. 와/과 ['and' for nouns] 와/과 is used for nouns. Use 와 after nouns without a final consonant. read book. And sweet. • • • • 바다와 산 = Sea and Mountain 너와 나 = You and I 밥과 빵 = rice and bread 책과 연필과 종이 = book.] 바나나는 맛있다. And slept. [Banana is delicious. 그리고 잤다. [Yesterday.

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