Now, according to all kinds of media coverage, the Illustrated have selected the 10 greatest players who are

from San Francisco 49ers in history. The super bowl is coming, more and more football jersey fans are paying attention to it. There list some. No.10, Bob St. Clair, offensive tackle, 1953 to 1963 His team players called him the Geek, he often assumed the work to run health open, he was the header of the football team from the 57 th season to 59th season. He also got into the political circle because of being injured. He was the mayor of Daly City. The No.9, Hugh McElhenny, running back,1952 to 1960 No.8, Bryant Young, defensive tackle, 1994 to 2007 He was considered to be the best defensive lineman in 49ers’ history. And in his rookie season he helped his team to win the super bowl trophy. Lots of NFL football jersey fans followed him. He was selected to be the best promising young person at first. He made two records. And he worked in Lions and Vikings before retired. He promoted the 11375 codes in his career totally. The No.7, Leo Nomellini, defensive tackle, 1950 to 1963 The Italians never absented any one match in 1950 season to 1963 season when he was in 49ers. He was selected to be one of the best team players in defensive team and offensive team. The No.6, Dave Wilcox, linebacker, 1964 to 1974 He was called the Intimidator, he was the hall of framer selected to be the professional bowl seven times. The No.5, Steve Young, quarterback, 1987 to 1999 He was the successor of Joe Montana. At first he was selected by Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1984, then he came into the 49ers to be the alternate of Joe. He took a chance to be a quarterback. Then his legend is coming. The No.4, Jimmy Johnson, corner back, 1961 to 1976 He was a dreaded defender. Fewer quarterbacks can pass the ball to his field. The No.3, Ronnie Lott, corner back, 1981 to 1990 He said he owned a capability about feeling the opponent’s attack direction. He got the copy cut the king twice. The No.2, Joe Montana, quarterback, 1979 to 1992 He was the master of reversal game at the last moment, Jon was selected in the third round raft in 1979. He led his team to get the super bowl trophy in 16th,19th, 23th, and 24th. The No.1, Jerry Rice, wide receiver, 1985 to 2000 He was considered to be the best wide receiver in NFL’s history. He was selected by 49ers in 1985, and spent 16 years of NFL career over there. Jerry kept many records in NFL. He had numerous honors, his career was longer than other wide receivers in NFL’s history. From now , we know this year there is not a well known valiant general. No one player can exceed the retired players. Maybe the team is low key. Some information is from Mary.

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