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Pet Medicine Animals As Healers

All pet owners have had, at one time or another, an experience in which their pet, whether golden ret

iguana, recognized their suffering and offered comfort. Animals, both wild and domesticated, have the ab remind us of the need to nurture both ourselves and others. They can even affect profound physical of healing, and all animals, even those in the wild, are

the body and mind and can positively influence humans in many ways. They can inspire playful thoughts i

lowering our blood pressure and reducing stress. The gentle purring of a cat or a friendly nuzzle from a wa

A house pet can tell you many things, if you observe. Your pet will choose to sleep in the places in your h smooth, scaly back, or downy feathers can enhance memory, shorten recovery time after an injury, hel

energy and, when you're ill, may concentrate its attention on the area of your body that needs heali

lines of communication, and even increase a person's chance of survival after a heart attack. For many calms and cheers people. With the elderly, the love of an animal can

homes, and even prisons have let their charges visit with specially trained animals periodically because


movement, and quality of life. Wild animals, too, have their own healing powers. The antics of a silly sq

while the industrious ant is an inspiration. A chance encounter with a dolphin or manatee c

In mythology, the centaur was the keeper of the art of healing and the Egyptian god Anubis was the hea modes of healing are as natural as they are.

surprising that so many people keep pets or enjoy watching animals in nature. Animals transform us and th

Location of Animal Chakras The Chakras and Their

Chakras are the focal point of energy manifestation which makes up the subtle body. There are seven m

centrally located along the front of the animal body. The chakras are related to the endocrine system, th of imbalanced

body. Chakras also affect and influence the area of the body where they are located. Many physical imbal

injury.) transcendental or beyond that of the physica the chakras is as a transformer of higher energy into a form that is able to be used by the animal body. manifests as dysfunction in the related areas of the physical animal body.**Although this chakra diagram is of a dog. and the thymus gland. This is the chakra from which the animal's po 4.) physical. They are 1. This fourth chakra is located in the center of the ch 6. lungs and breathing. it is possible to see A balance within the chakras results in optimal health and vitality.) m and effect). This is the chakra of 5. the purpose of using healing crystals is to restore the balance of subtle energies and return the ph healthy Chakras and Healing .) The Base Chakra: (red spot on the diagram) This first chakra is located at the base of the animal spine associated with the anus. the animal body is composed of many crystalline substances. This fifth chakra is located in the throat and is hearing. It esoterically known as the third eye.) The Eye Chakra: (dark blue spot on the diagram) This sixth chakra is located between the eyes.) The Mid-Abdominal Chakra: (yellow spot on the diagram). Th relate to potential areas of energy by distributing the energies to it's major glands. Therefore. Thus. emo Lastly. and spirit interacts as one holistic system. and 7.) The Sacral Chakra: (orange spot on the diagram).) The Heart Chakra: (green spot on the diagram).) intuitive and/or psychic. with that of the heart. organs. Damage to one of the chakras through trauma. and nerve centers. This is the Chakra chakra of animal creativity Main chakra is associated with the organs related to digestion. given the relationship the animal body has with cr Each of the seven main chakras is comprised of seven levels. animals are partly crystalline in nature.) The Crown Chakra: (purple spot on the diagram). From their bones to the liquid-co they play an essentially beneficial role in altering the brain.) emotional. Therefore. This third chakra is located in the middle originates. 2. please note that it is univers 1. 3. It is through the chakra network that means. Back and the thyroid To gland. It controls every aspect of the animal body and mind. The Base chakra is in keeping with the adrenal glands and is associated pertains to organs related to animal sexuality as well as related 2. This is the chakra of animal think 7. Crystals and Animal How the power of healing crystals can greatly influence the brightness and vitality of animal chakras is wel our own.) spiritual. This second chakra is located in the lower abdominal rep 3. 6. 5.) The Throat Chakra: (sky blue spot on the diagram). This seventh chakra is located on the top of the hea the crown center.

constipation. ated with blue paws. abnormal weight gain or loss. and any related problems associated wi pancreas. balanc Throat lungs. insecurity. spot back Ruby.) Healing The Sacral Crystal: Chakra: (orange Moonstone. Amber. large and small intestines. thy mentioned 6. impotence. dysfunctions. urinary incontinence. Mid-Abdominal gallbladder.) Influences: Healing hyperactivity. an Healing Benefits: Use of the healing crystal on the Mid-Abdominal Chakra helps to clear digestive disor increase energy. pelvis. and anger. Energizes the blood and circulation. (red (marrow). on colon. relieve sexual d under Influences. 3. with other problems Chakra: respiratory Blue system.) Influences: Healing The Stomach. Smoky Healing Benefits: Use of the healing crystal on the Base Chakra helps to balance the physical animal bo associated with the areas mentioned under Influences. paws. nose.) Influences: Healing The Heart. Tiger (yellow diaphragm. 5. spot thoracic Jade. emotional instability. problems associated under blue ears.1. Instills harmony.) Influences: Healing The Left brain Eye Crystal: jumpiness as well as Chakra: side Blue any related of (dark head. legs. Sapphire. Heart blood Crystal: Chakra: circulation.) Influences: Healing Helps The Thyroid. Amethyst. Clear with spot cortex. kidneys. problems with metabolism. spot nervous on system. Crystal: spine. Crystal: Chakra: liver. on vertebrae. 7. stomach. an Influences: Genitals. and any related problems associated with areas mentioned under Influe 4. spot left eye. Healing Benefits: Use of the healing crystal on the Sacral Chakra helps to release tension. anger. Ro Healing Benefits: Use of the healing crystal on the Heart Chakra helps to alleviate heart and circulatory pr happiness. Topaz. anus. Crystal: mout Healing Benefits: Use of the healing crystal on the Throat Chakra helps to alleviate depression. anemias. (violet cerebral Quart . lower (green lungs. problems. forehead. Clear the areas on side of on base of Quartz.) Influences: Healing The Adrenal Base glands. areas mentioned on throat. problems mentio The Cranium. Emerald. Eye. Green chest. hair loss. Helps to relieve spinal tension. 2. associ(sky forelegs. sacrum. eliminate fatigue. heal problems with the uterus or bladder. spot on Topaz. potency. s Healing Benefits: Use of the healing crystal on the Eye Chakra helps to alleviate headaches. reproductive organs. and any related problems a hemisphere. Crown right Crystal: Chakra: brain hemisphere. Chakra: bones Garnet. Turquoise.

by holding your hands over the anim "distant healing" by sending healing thoughts. such as fish or a pet in pain. compassion and love from the healer is absorbed freely by them and the r By bringing together the laws of nature and the divine. the healer is able to channel restorative energies to Pet Hands On Healing For One of the perks of having a pet is being able to "pet" your animal family member. your hands become stronger in their healing ability the more you use th unc You can even help pets you can't touch. and most importantly. the wonderful thing about hands on healing is that anyone ca several courses you can take to enhance your healing power. like building up your muscles. Even our reptile friends. like humans. sometimes need our assistance t especially when the illness is severe. Like humans. In both instances the patient is firstly put at their ease and made to feel comfortable and wel conditions are also experienced by our animals. and reiki are all schools of hands on healing. complementary methods of healing are being sought. Depending on the condition involved sessions and each time progress and changes are carefully monitored. from medical problems such as cancer. such as turtles and lizards. administration alone are not meeting patient's needs. to w Obviously when an animal is ill. body and spirit of the healer to intuit the condition of the patient from all aspects of their energy field.Healing Benefits: Use of the healing crystal on the Crown Chakra helps to alleviate confusion. Natural and spiritual ways are not invasive and supp It is important that a proper veterinary/medical diagnosis is made. animals need to be balanced in all three areas to be truly healthy. One should consider depression. And. its owner too feels anxious and uneasy. Spiritual healing takes a totally holistic approach. When working with animals. focus. It reaches them on an emo as well. everyone already possesses the ability to he intent to help. senilit convulsions. We encourage a holistic approach ye veterinary/medical profession. in these circumstances their well takes place. rheumatism a The work of the healer is to channel healing energies to the patient. touch can as important to their healing as medical attenti Hands on healing goes beyond just attending to the physical needs of your pet. loneliness and lack of self -esteem. Distant healing may even be used to send positive energy . The laying of quantum touch. Touch is beneficial to b rub to its chubby tummy. when pets are ill. giving consideration to the mind. And. the healing. and animals. An Introduction to Spiritual Healing i More and more in recent times. Animals. and any related problems associated with area mentioned under Influences. enjoy cat will reward us with an appreciative purr when we stroke its sleek fur and a puppy will delight us with w their heads scratched. It's all about connecting to the universal life e own natural ability to heal ourselves and others. where tradi spirit.

It will also keep them strong and h So. the next time you're "petting" your "pet. or pigs.witchschool.magicmoonhealer." send them some healing thoughts and notice the look of ap They may even send some healing energy your way.groups of domesticated animals. http://www. Hands on healing can also be used preven accidents.evocationmagic.html http://www. chickens. such as http://www. pet's energy field even before an illness or disease presents symptoms.php?f=5&t=1174 .ro/book/9781580910057/The-Big-Little-Book-of-Magick.books-express.