The story of Samrat Namkeen is sweet and simple. It began as a small home-made eatables unit at SwaminarayanTemple,NarayaGhat, Ahmedabad,Gujarat, INDIA Wafers Sevs, Bhujias, Daals, Chavana, Cheevda .made in ancient gastronomic traditions of Gujarat. The tastes were irresistible, the products are fresh, and the packing is hygienic. Customers responded enthusiastically. And in the following years, the company evolved continuously, dictated by customer demands and market trends. 1979. Mr. Jayshankar S. Vaid was young, and his mind was brimming with ideas of enterprise.Through the week, he gathers information around for an entrepreneurial break. He visited and studied various industries weigh pros and cons. On weekends, Jayshankar indulge in what most of his friends thought was an unusual hobby making Namkeens. On those days, he had turned his kitchen into a virtual R&D lab for his experiments in Namkeens. Later, he relish (enjoy) these with his family and friends. Then one day, in a moment dictated by destiny, the thought struck him: why not turn the hobby into a business? After all, everyone likes to eat good things.Thus began Jayshankar's life as a Namkeen manufacturer. He was a modest man, but named his product 'Samrat', meaning 'King / Emperor’, because he was confident of its taste value.He himself prepared the Namkeens, packs them and supplied to homes nearby. There was no way that such conviction could lose. Today, he employs more than 210 people and more than 28 sumptuous food items are marketed under the Samrat brand. Today, he has taste experts, foods scientists, management veterans (long experience), and a network of marketing channels, to take the Samrat brand far and wide. But there is one aspect of his business that he still directly controls -- QUALITY. And this is the reason why Samrat products still retain their home-like crunchy taste and freshness. & that’s why it has given a tag name as a GHAR JASIE HIENAMKEEN. And this is the reason of Jayshankar S. Vaid's success.

NAME OF THE UNIT Vimal Flexsol Pvt. Ltd

ADDDRESS OF THE UNIT Motap Char Rasta, Mehsana-Modhera Road At & Post: Motap.

REGISTRED OFFICE “Vimal House”, 31 G.I.D.C. Estates, State Highway, Mehsana-384 002.

YEAR OF ESTABLISHMENT Vimal Flexsol Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1994 in Mehsana.

FORM OF ORGANIZATION Vimal Flexsol Ltd is the partnership firm.

AUDITORS M/S HARESH S.KANSARA & CO. Chartered Accountants S/22, 23 Palika Bazaars, Opp. Nagarpalika Office, Mehsana-384 001. BANKERS The Mehsana Urban Co-operative Limited Bank of Baroda.

management team is as follows. Bhavin.g.M. D. A person who do not required to decision are called unskilled they Labour 150 has to single monotonous work in production department . Shiv Kumar Taneja Mr. Vaid Mr. Skilled 301. Manager Unskilled 302.PROMOTER & EXISTING BODY Samrat Namkeen ltd. A person who required to take decision e. Name Mr. j. JayshankarVaid Mr. Purohit Designation CMD Director CFO Group Manager Marketing Incharge EMPLOYMENT Samrat Namkeen has employees 210 people. PravinBhavsar Mr.

Gujarat International Trade Promotion Council. it’s today one of India's best known snack foods brand. In fact. Samrat was the first of its kind to receive official permission of the Indian Railways to supply its products inside railway stations. a total of 2.00. and reaches the length and breadth of India through a network of more than 200Distributors and 35. and the undoubted market leader in Western India. India. Today. . Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI). Today. etc.00 kg of Samrat Namkeen were consumed by taste-lovers around the world. the domestic sales of Samrat Namkeen register a steady rise. the Samrat brand reaches the length and breadth of India.000 Retailers. it is successfully exported to the US. It also has export approvals from the Reserve Bank of India. our turnover has risen eight-fold in the last five years (1992-1998) alone. year after year. It has obtained memberships of the Snack Foods Association. USA. During this period. and the Import Export Code. the Samrat brand posts a turnover of more than Rs15 crore. For instance. South Africa and many other countries.PROGRESS OF COMPANY Today. Today. Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA).00. the Middle East. Ahmedabad Mithai & Farsan Association.

and the Import Export Code.ACHIEVEMENTS (1) 100% VEGETERIAN MARK (2) MEMBER OF SANCK FOOD ASSOSIATION VIRGINIA (USA) (here you stick the logo of SFA) (3) AGRICULTURAL & PROCESSED FOOD PRODUCTS EXPORT DEVELOPMENT AUTORITY (APEDA) (4) GUJARAT CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY (GCCI) (5) SAMRAT STAND AT 8TH RANK ACCORDING TO ORG MARG (here you stick the logo of org marg). It also has export approvals from the Reserve Bank of India. .





And the capacity of production per day is nearly about 16000 kg in it general shift.ltd is intelligent and hard workers as well as other department. Production department of Samrat namkeen pvt. So the output of day to day the Samrat namkeen pvt ltd goes very high and high. Samrat namkeen ltd has a two very good hygienic production process. (1) Semi automatic. .INTRODUCTION Samrat Namkeen Pvt Ltd is produced different types of food products in the company. (2) Manual.

ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE Managing director Production manager In charge Accountant In charge Purchase & Store In charge Technical Store Assistant Supervisor Worker .

Dal Moth. Ganthia. ChanaJorgaram. BikaneriSev. Alu Wafers (salted) Alu Wafers (masala). Sing Bhujia. Tum Tum. RatlamiSev. Bundi-moli A whole range of spicy. scrumptious taste experiences that satisfy connoisseurs and common people alike. . FarariChevda-mola.NAME OF THE PRODUCT Today more than 25 lip smacking products come out under the Samrat brand. Kela Wafers (Masala). Chavana-tikha. Kela Wafers (Mari). Mung Dal. Bundi-tikhi. AluSev. LasanSev. Chana Dal.

SadaSev. Kela Wafers (Mari). BikaneriSev. a whole range of spicy. Chana Dal. What is more.Alu Wafers (salted). Bundi-moli. Sing Bhujia. Ganthia. These innovative recipes were developed in consultation with chefs and gourmets from around the country. ChanaJorgaram. Kela Wafers (Masala). FarariChevda-mola. if you are a restaurateur. scrumptious taste experiences that satisfy connoisseurs and common people alike. and add more spice to your home life. Nylon Sev. . AluSev. we have gone a step ahead. Chavana-tikha. Bundi-tikhi. Mung Dal. Tum Tum.PRODUCT’S Today more than 24 lip smacking products come out under the Samrat brand. though Samrat Namkeens are eaten and relished as they are by hundreds of thousands of people. you can use these imaginative blends to attract more customers. You can replicate these blend recipes at home. Dal Moth. KhattaMitha Mix. Chavana-mola. FarariChevda-thika. Alu Wafers (masala). and created a whole range of blend recipes (where Samrat Namkeens are blended with other popular recipes to create new dishes). RatlamiSev. LasanSev. Or.

SAMRAT AS A PRODUCT Samrat brand initiative extends to four A’s that are indispensable for achieving business success  Awareness: samrat namkeen has it brand awareness all over the India and also in the country like USA.   Acceptance: There is one more reason behind it popularity is that because of it continues delivering quality content has made the consumers accepting samrat product without any hesitation. Because it is available on each and every corner of our country through its strong marketing channel about 200 distributors 35000 retailers. And samrat always believe in the philosophy that quantity always flows quality. .   Affordability: Food is being one of the basic need of human been .   Availability: This is one of the strongest beams of samrat popularity in market. Just because of it wide network of marketing and available in wide variety choice of product in different taste.And being food processing company it keep such a price of product which are affordable to consumer pockets and easily satisfy there need in different taste.

Manufacturing process of potato chips Cleaning Raw material Cutting of potato’s Drying Frying of potato chips Dispatch Packing Spreading of Masala Fried chips keep open for cooling .PRODUCTION PROCESS    Existing: Samrat namkeen ltd has a two very good hygienic production process. And the capacity of production per day is nearly about 16000 kg in it general shift. (1) Semi automatic. which is. (2) Manual. performs by the company to convert the row material into finished product. Purpose: Production is the process.

price. Samrat Namkeen Pvt Ltd adopted purchasing policy for its raw materials from various middleman and agents. Company puts orders of raw material in the required quantity. Samrat Namkeen greater emphasis on the quality of products of raw materials. quality is maintained strictly. The top management is responsible to lie down or formulate certain principles on which purchasing action is based. The raw material may be purchased from outside resources or company its self manufactures it.RAW MATERIAL Raw material is the basic thing for carrying and way production function. After the completion of inspection of raw material it is to be used for the production. When the company receives the raw material it first of all makes the inspection of the raw material. terms of delivery suppliers reputation are perform great role in purchasing decisions of any company. LIST OF RAW MATERIAL Rice (Soaked) Oil Jeera Onions (Chopped) Carrots French beans (Cubes) Green peas Potatoes (cubes) Lime juice Salt Green chilies (Chopped) . quality. Quantities.


which is achieved by. 2. Continuously improving up on the quality system. It is an aim of every individual to contribute towards achievement of objectives.QUALITY POLICY The management and staff of Samrat Namkeen Pvt Ltd is committed to increase its market share by manufacturing food products of international quality. . 1. Studying market trends and customer needs. set by the management each year. Manufacturing a cost effective products. consistently. 3.


INTRODUCTION Samrat Namkeen Pvt. Personnel department performs factions such as manpower planning. Employees are given proper training and also fair wages. and provided cordial environment to workers for working. main training discipline action and also training programs. selection. Personnel head always remain aware necessaries of employees. All the decisions regarding employees are taken very effectively. recruitment. They give more important to employee’s efficiency. try very much to fulfill them. Ltd. .

Representative General Manager (Personal) In charge Maintenan ce In charge Mechanic Shop In charge Planning Production In charge Personnel & Administrator Workers .ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE Managing Director Mgt.

 Diwali bonus  Medical facility  Sanitary facility  Loan  Instinctive facility  Uniform  Shoes caps  Overtime facility  1 hour break .s of employes 215 No. gives the different facilities and also gives the monetary incentives. of Employes  Un skilled  Semi skilled  Skilled --------------------125 ---------------------50 ---------------------40 FACILITY TO THE WORKER The GokulRefoil & solvent ltd.NUMBER OF WORKER  Total no.

Manual entry is done. has just the single shift per day which we called a general shift 9:30 am to 5:00pm.TIME KEEPING SYSTEM Recording attendance of each and every employee within the organization is known as time keeping records. . Samrat Namkeen ltd. The time system should be maintained for proper function of administration.

Most of times. SELECTION PROCESS  RECRUITMENT The company has been recruiting employees by recommendations and referrals from close friends and relatives of employees or directors. Do not have any specific selection procedure within the selection procedure of company includes (1) Collection of application (2) Interview Company collects the application & calls all the people for interview & if the higher authority feels that a person have those skills & ability to do the work & helpful in achieving the organization objective. But samrat namkeen ltd.RECRUITMENT. The employees are hired as and when the need arises.The final selection is based on the personal interview and the past experiences. Then they hire the person. . The organization does not gives any formal advertisement in the newspaper or magazines . the recruitment of worker is done through the advertisement on company – gate.  SELECTION Selection procedure is different to different organization.

gives transfer rarely to the workers. they do not consider seniority basis but consider merit basis means the company involves the performance review of the employee for promotion procedure.. . PROMOTION & TRANSFER  Promotion In GokulRefoils and Solvent Ltd.. while giving promotion to the employees. It referees to instruction in technical and mechanical operation like operation of various machines.  Transfer Samrat namkeen Ltd.TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT Samrat Namkeen Pvt Ltd has provided technical training to the new Workers to introduction jobs.


as are of the top public sector manufacture export in all india. Samrat namkeen ltd. Normally the company is arranging to export its product through export its product through the export house & solvent extraction association. has emigrated. is following up the modern marketing system for its all products separately. CHANNEL OF DISTRIBUSTION Producer Department Carrying Forwarding Department Dealers/ Distribution Dealers/ Distribution Whole Seller Whole Seller Retailer .INTRODUCTION Samrat namkeen ltd.

discount coupons. GokulRefoils& Solvent Ltd. T. MARKET RESEARCH Samrat Namkeen ltd also conducts market research for finding out new taste in market & for new product planning. goods or services by an identified sponsor. video. etc.” The main purpose of advertising is to give information to the customers about the availability of new products in the market.cangive advertising by channel. .SALES PROMOTION Samrat namkeen ltd. Film. In short advertising is paid form of publicity. window display & sponsoring samples. prizes & contents. product warranties. wallpainting.V. And to know the changing environment in the snack food market. News paper.. has given following tools for the sales and promotion. ADVERTISING “Advertising is any paid form of none personnel communication to promote ideas. radio.

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