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Branch CS/IT/EC/CE/ME . Semester 3rd ... Subject Code & Name.CS/IT/EC/CE/ME- 306 Java Programming Lec No.
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Topic to be Taught
C++ VS Java, Front end and Back end , J2ME, J2SE, J2EE, Platform independence

Remarks (Ref)
Book 2(pg 1-90) Book 2(pg 1-90) Book1(pg 41-71) Book 2(pg 1-90) Book 1(pg 99-126) Book 1(pg 249-271, 313-324) Book1(pg 145-150) Book 1(pg 208-215) Book 1(pg 176-178, 189-220, 235-246) Book 4(pg 161-240) Book 4(pg 161-240) Book 4(pg 161-240) Book 4(pg 161-240) Book 4(pg 161-240) Book 4(pg 161-240) Book 1(pg 273-311) Book 1(pg 273-311) Book 1(pg 587-626) Book 1(pg 587-626) Book 1(pg 869-874)

Java Development Kit (JDK) , Java Run Time Environment, Java virtual machine Java programming environment Data Types, Classes, Methods, Objects, Strings and Arrays Java Applications Programming Interface (API), Type Casting, operators, Precedence Relations Control Statements Exception Handling, Files and Streams Constructors, why they are used, Parameterized Constructors. this and super in Constructors Visibility, Operators, and Method Overloading Static Members and Inheritance, Polymorphism Abstract Methods and Classes Data Structures Type Wrapper classes for Primitive types, Dynamic memory allocation. Linked list, Stack, Queues, Trees, Generics, Overloading Generic Methods, Generic Classes,. Lists, ArrayList and Iterator, Linked List and Vector. Collections Algorithm sort algorithms, Algorithm shuffles, Algorithms reverse fill, copy, max, min Binary Search Algorithm, Add all Algorithm, Stack class of Package java.util, Priority Queues, and Interface Queue, Maps, Properties Class, Un-modifiable Collections Multithreading, Thread States, Priority and Thread scheduling, Life Cycle of Thread, thread synchronization Creating and Executing Thread, Multithreading with GUI, Monitors and Monitor locks. Networking, Manipulating URLs, Reading a file on a Web Server Socket Programming, Security and Network RMI

Lec No.
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Topic to be Taught
Access Database using JDBC, Relational Database SQL, MySQL, Oracle. HTML Advanced Java Technologies - Servlets: Overview and Architecture Setup of Apache Tomcat Server, Handling HTTP get Request Deploying Web application Multitier applications, Using JDBC from a Servlet Java Server Pages: Overview and First JSP Example Implicit Objects, scripting, Standard Actions, Directives Difference between Applets and applications, Loading Displaying and Scaling Images. Animating series of Images, Loading and playing audio clips Advanced Web/ internet Programming(Overview) J2ME J2EE EJB XML

Remarks (Ref)
Book 3(Chapter 4) Book 3(Chapter 4) Book 5(Chapter 1) Book 5(Chapter 1) Book 5(Chapter 2) Book 5(Chapter 3) Book 5(Chapter 10) Book 5(Chapter 11) Book 1(pg 627-652) Book1(pg 799-840) Book 1(pg 949-979) Book 6(Chapter1) Book 7(Chapter1) Book 9(Chapter1) Book 8(Chapter1)

References 1. Complete Reference Java 2. Core Java Vol -1 Horstmann Cornell 3. Core Java Vol-2 Horstmann Cornell 4. Java CookBook Herb Schidth 5. Core Servlets and Java Server Pages 6. J2ME Complete Reference 7. Beginning Java EE 5: From Novice to Professional 8. Xml for Dummies 9. EJB in Action PREPAID BY SIGNATURE DESIGNATION H. O. D. PRINCIPAL APPROVED BY ISSUED BY SEAL