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as well 100% Pinoy Garments . their preference is to buy their clothes on what we've called "Ukay Ukay(UK)" which exported from different countries outside the Philippines. a product of group of companies from the field of Men's and Ladies Apparel . We proud to produce the latest friends from the fashion industry exclusively for Men's And Ladies. that it serves as apronoun for women .I . This business is establish to serve the consumers an affordable clothes they want to satisfy thier needs . So we. are entitled to produce the best quality of clothing for men and women of all ages all around the country . Come from the name itself "BEN" that comes from men's and she . Introduction Nowadays. We are also helping our dear netizens to patronize the clothing that are PHILIPPINE MADE . BenShe Republic . different garment factories are scattered here in our country . . Most of their products are high quality but too expensive that it can't be afford by our citizens .

. Vision BenShe Republic is envisioned as the best garment producer and to produce the most attractive and fashionable clothing all around the country.Mission To give our dear customers the best quality the best quality products to value their money and give them the latest trend for Men And Women and for all ages.  Create a solid concept in the industry and track performance in order to begin expanding to other markets within six months. Objectives  Make BenShe Republic the number one destination for 100% Pinoy ad affordable clothing .  Achieve a 15% net profit margin within the first year and 80% on the next respectively.

Skirts and Dresses for ladies. Polos . . Our company is engaged to manucfucture the clothing that will be sold in the whole-wide industry . Mandaluyong City beside Etude House Philippines and the National book Store . Jackets for men Market The said products were distributed by means of online selling and can be directly avail at our store .Business Description The BenShe Republic has the best of bests quality products . We would like to hold everyone's assurrance that our business has  The best and a high quality control towards its products . Skirts .  the most efficient workers who are undeniably capable to meet the damends of the consumers . It can be easily reached by any means of land transportation . Business Location The BenShe Republic is located at #75 2nd Floor SM MegaMall . Jeans. located at #75 2nd Floor .  The heart to maintain the essence of filipino products and for the consumers to patronize our own. Pants . Philippines . Mandaluyong City . SM MegaMall . Products to be Sold Blouses.

.  A significantly higher quality .ph) will include sales of the garments to be sold .Competitors Edge  Bench / HerBench  Jag  Penshoppe  Candies  Guess  Lee Competetive Edge  Our competetive edge .com. compared to the other dress and cloting shops and manufactures in the BenShe Republic area includes the following .bensherepublic.  Our current location can arguably be considered the best in a catchy refreshing ambiance that BenShe Republic Offer . and fashionable product  Our internet website (http://www.

000 3.000 13.000 16.000 13. equipments or tools and also for the head owner that holding the business. Benshe Republic financial objectives are:   To secure financing from our investor.500x4 . To be able to know.  I.500x4 12. what and how much money will be lend for the employer.000x4 25. paving the way for new investments or loans.Financial Plan: Benshe Republic. financial plan has the potential of providing expansion of the business. of Manpower Salary Bonuses 13th month fee (Each person (In a year) in a month) SHOP Manager Supervisor Saleslady 1 1 4 25. Employee Charts : The Benshe Republic is responsible to take hold and give the right amount of money each employee of the business that make them satisfied according to their services.000 5. or changing the way in which the company conducts business.000 16. POSITION No. To reinvest profits for market share growth in the clothing industry.

000x4 15 Manpower 214.500x2 13.000 13. Important Assumptions Benshe Republic main assumptions and projected forecasts are based upon similar products and on the operational history of its competitors. Interest rates.000 Sewer/ Costomizer/ Repairer Total 4 13. and personnel burden are based on conservative assumptions.000x2 2. That there are no unforeseen changes in the apparel industry that would make the company's products immediately obsolete or uneconomical to produce.000x4 2.500x2 3. tax rates.000 Is the total amout for bonuses 214. without major recession.000x4 13.000 is the total 13th month payment for employees II.000x2 13.000 total salary of all employees 49.500x2 13.500x2 Security guard Janitor 2(alternate) 1 13.000 2. . The more important underlying assumptions are:   A strong economy.Cashier 2 13.

debt. Access to equity capital and financing options sufficient to maintain the company's financial plan as outlined in this Business Plan. and investment strategies.  All assumptions made about the company's market are supported by industry standards. relevant market research. and personal interviews. surveys. market trends. . That first round funding will be obtained through a combination of equity.