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16-Irete [Meridiloggun] It is with deep respect, love, and devotion that I refrain from explaining in detail the readings

under the sign sixteen cowries facing up, Irete Meridiloggun. According to the elders, it is the sign where Olordumare Himself appears. When the advisor throws the cowries and they all settle face up, no further reading is allowed. A genuinely dedicated advisor will retrieve the shells. He will bless himself with your money before returning it to you. The advisor may then continue to offer spiritual guidance but not through the cowries readings. You should be immediately referred to the High Priest [Babalao], whose interpretations of the secrets are represented through the Tablets of Ifa, in Orunmila s house. The elders caution that only a few chosen individuals have been initiated to read the higher numbers because they proved themselves worthy to be called Babalao . They have willingly sacrificed, both physically and spiritually, to learn the most precious, mysterious, and profound secrets that Olordumare has endowed on mankind. Be aware, it is recorded that advisors who had defied the advice and continued with the readings because of greed for the client s money, have become completely blind. This sign is one of defiance; the advisor must realize it, and never seek to know further then what is allowed. There will be tears, downfall, corruption, damning, tragedies, and physical destruction due to disobedience, disrespect, and disbelief. Everyone involved must realize that if you had the sixteen cowries appear face up you need a very profound reading. You are on such a complicated course that your chaos will affect the advisor as well as everyone else who are in the house. This is precisely the reason you must be referred to Orunmila s house. There and only there will you discover your true reading, whether it is that of goodness or complete evil. You will be asked to obey Olordumare, your guardian angel, your parents, older siblings, and the elders whose spiritual guidance will give you protection. A sacrifice to the Orisha who is your protector must also be offered. This is to insure that everything that has been spoiled in your life will turn good for your salvation and not your damnation. Olordumare s love for his children is infinite. You are cautioned to never desire to be as knowledgeable as your Creator. If you do, you will become like the angel Olordumare loved dearly but who turned against Him. This angel has been roaming the world trying to turn away as many people from Olordumare as possible. Corruption is all around! Remain faithful and strong. NEVER GIVE UP YOUR SOUL! Listen to what the elders say. They have experience with life that they have earned because they suffered, struggled, and sacrificed realizing it would benefit them. You must do the same, because it is now your time to set the example for your offspring. Keep in mind that your path to virtue must be in the Eternal Light that descends from the Powerful Source of the entire universe. This journey begins when the brilliance of the world penetrates the mother s womb and directly enlightens the mind, heart, and soul of the baby within. The birth process is a struggle for the inexperienced baby as well as for his mother. The struggle will continue for all his days but will be tolerable and joyful if he listens, respects, and complies with the advice of how to live a virtuous life.