Chi Cultivation and the Dan Tiens

Ch. 8 Pg. 115

116 . Chi Cultivation & Dan Tiens Ch. a space with irrigation channels or conduits. Dan is the red cinnabar (Mercury) found in a mine. 8 Pg. I have used the term in earlier exercises so you have experienced your lower dan tien. Your higher self. Your creativity. their individual issness. So what are Dan Tiens? Dan Tiens. Tien is a field. It is associated with the collecting and transforming of energy. Like I have said before. Dan Tien Dan Tien literally means field of Elixir. In cultural terms it means to improve the conditions of self expression by training and refinement in our relation with one another.Collecting the Energy Collecting the energy is called Chi Cultivation. When the concept is taking place in the lower Dan Tien it is considered Internal Alchemy. Who you really are. We could say become the totality of their expression of self. at times you need to learn three or four things at the same time yet we can only teach them one at a time. thus external Alchemy. training to bring out the totality of your own individualized issness. In Internal Alchemy it represents the flow through the meridians (Rivers) and Channels (lakes) of Chi. it represents Taoist Alchemy. In an individuals case it is self improvement. Cultivation in reference to crops is the caring and improving the conditions of the plants that they may grow to their fullness. When the red cinnabar is heated it changes to Mercury.Chi Cultivation . Cultivation takes place in you energy centers that is known in Chinese Qi Gong as the dan tiens. Now we can take time to learn about them.

Mental/Emotional issues are connected to sexuality and the will to live. The translation is by Zhou Chi Cultivation & Dan Tiens Ch. The physical functions of the lower Dan Tien is of digestion. The Chinese call this the place of the Higher Spirit mind. (Cave of Brahma?) It corresponds to the physical energy functioning of the brain. (Shen/Yi) When the energy isn’t balanced it creates confused thinking and action. 117 . It corresponds to the physical functions of the lungs in respiration and the heart in blood Circulation. The Middle Dan Tien is located the area of the solar plexus and heart.The location of the three Dan Tiens.Start the Fire When you begin to collect and build up the Chi in the lower Dan Tien in QI Gong training it is called “Chii Huoo” . The upper Dan Tien.Start the fire.D. according to the Book of Changes. One of the Qi Gong Masters recommended the book. “The Kinship of the three. elimination and reproduction. Spiritual Contemplation and meditation takes place here. (Hisin Mind) When the energy is out of balance one is emotionally driven and becomes very reactive. The lower Dan Tien is located in the lower abdomen about two inches below the nave and in several inches depending on you girth.” It was written by an alchemist named Wei Po-Yang in about 142 A. The mental processes of thinking take place here along with the processing of emotions. mentally and emotionally. 8 Pg. I purchased a translation of this manuscript when traveling in China. The Chinese call this the place of the Emotional mind. This diagram of Chinese double acting Bellows is from an early book on Chinese Alchemy. The Chi flows with both respiration and blood flow. the pineal. located in the center of the forehead. When this center is out of balance one is off balance physically. pituitary and all those important places of processing information and sending electro chemical messages to all parts of the body. Chii Huoo . Spiritual concepts are extreme or totally lacking. Mental/Emotional/Physical and Spiritual concepts are connected to this center and give us our sense of balance and stability.

Yi The pictograph for Yi represents the Lizard. The Lower Dan Tien is the energy and balance point of the body. When you were doing the Four Breathing Spaces . The lizard represents longevity and selfhealing. you Chi Cultivation & Dan Tiens Ch. 8 Pg. When these come into a moving balance in the microcosm of the small circulation in the body of man Yi is present. The lizard loses his tail and grows another one. “The Book of changes. Normally when you move. You have already started the bellows. When Yin and yang are combined in movement. The I-Ching in Chinese is Yi Jing. 118 . Yi meaning transformation energy.Yang and Earth -Yin. In simplicity you was activating this principle when doing the Water Path. Remember words are at times very limiting and at times they can have very complex meanings. you were breathing in the lower Dan tien. The author uses some trigrams from the “Book of Changes” to explain the theme of physiological alchemy.” Yi with the lizard pictograph means change.Shiyi. Li means Water The action of Kan and Li represents the two states of Yin\Yang in that yang is present in Yin and Yin is present in Yang.Pelvic Breathing (lower abdomen) you were starting the fire. They represent an alchemical action. Most people are aware of the most famous book from the Chinese called the I-Ching. When you were doing the Kiemotion Relaxation exercise you were activating the lower Dan tien. one of the activators of Li.. The result of that movement of Kan and Li creates Yi. The movement of the bellows is likened to the microcosm of mans body. (Change) The Fire movement Kan symbolizes that yang comes in while yin goes out. The bellows represent the breathing pattern that moves Kan and Li in to mutual transmutation. When doing the Fire path you was activating Kan. When you were doing the Kiemotion Breath and Balance Response exercise you were instructed to inhale and exhale in the lower Dan Tien. The two valves in the bellows are the gates that work with the movement and Yin\Yang. the movement exchange creates Kan and Li. Heaven . Kan means The movement Li Symbolizes that yang goes out while yin comes in. This is one of the many reasons I keep putting emphasis on the breath.

119 . Then shift your attention and awareness in your elbow. Sense how much power it takes to give them a good pull. unlike using your hand. The hand is used more then the elbow at chores that don’t need that much power so it isn’t connected to your center. The elbow is connected to your center so you move from the lower Dan tien. Do standing. Take a hold of your partner's arm and then pull them with your attention and awareness in your hand. Energy Cultivation Opens the Door to Good Health. but your attention goes to that center. Some points about Lower Dan tien breathing and collecting the energy. but for producing effect. Chi Cultivation & Dan Tiens Ch. The Qi Gong Masters discovered that certain energy flows energized certain body functions and the energy balancing brought good health Energy Cultivation Opens the Door to Emotional Balance. When you learn to move from that energy point you can use 20 to 30 times your maximum muscular potential! Literally! Not for lifting a straight weight. They would push and pull to no avail and then he would simply exhale the energy and they would go flying away with out him touching them. I am putting my awareness in my hand and then the elbow. Every time you move your elbow the whole body tends to move. There was a young American studying with him and he said it would take him a few years to master the energy technique. We will start a new chapter for the upper Dan tien. Give another pull and sense how much power it takes now to give them a good pull. is activating the upper Dan tien. Why did the elbow work? You're not used to articulating your elbow like your hand. How about that! Thinking. One of the Bill Moyer specials on TV showed five or six men trying to push an older man in a park in Beijing. The next exercise comes from the martial arts part of Qi Gong. Qi Gong energy balances the mind/body/emotions. Awarenessing You need a pardner to do this. 8 Pg.don't realize it.

brings one into harmony within oneself and harmony in ones relationship with the world. One becomes balanced (Yin/Yang) within and balanced with all that is outside self. He lived 250 years. This is such an interesting planet that a long life could be very interesting. In a book titled “Muscle/Tendon Changing and Morrow/Brain Washing Chi Kung -The Secret of Youth” by Dr. 120 . Spiritual understanding (Enlightenment). Maybe it is possible. Li Ching-Yuen was born in 1678 and died in 1928. 8 Pg. Energy Cultivation Opens the Door to Spiritual Understanding. Yang Jwing-Ming there is a picture of Li Ching-Yuen. This really challenges your belief system doesn’t it.Energy Cultivation Opens the Door to longevity. Chi Cultivation & Dan Tiens Ch. The Qi Gong masters when working with Qi discovered that their were certain energy paths in the body that accelerate one towards Spiritual Enlightenment. Qi Gong Masters remain active and healthy even when over a hundred years old. The difference between a master and a normal person has to do with conscious awareness of the movement of the life force and the knowledge of where the energy flows.