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FEBRUARY 2, 2013

Women priests: Rome says No; Archbishop Anil Couto of Delhi is in favour
John Paul II placed a total ban on women priests, which is also valid for future popes. He formulated it with the words of infallible proclamations, "ex cathedra." Source: The pope ruled then in his 1994 apostolic letter "Ordinatio Sacerdotalis" on reserving priestly ordination to men alone that the Church does not have the authority to ordain women as priests, and excluded the possibility of doing so in the future. Source: The 1994 Vatican document "Ordinatio Sacerdotalis" concentrates on three basic points, Pia de Solenni [director of Life and Women's Issues at the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C.] explained: "Christ, in ordaining only men, acted freely without constraints by cultural norms; non-admission to the priesthood is not a sign of lesser dignity; the Church does not have the faculty to ordain women." Source: Pope Benedict XVI made subtle references to the movement from the Church's extreme left wing to open the priesthood to women and to married men. Among the opening lines of his homily, Pope Benedict laid out the nature of the priesthood, saying it is not a matter of mere functionality but a sacramental reality derived from Christ himself. Source: Under the new rules, attempted ordination of women is in the same category as clerical sex abuse of minors, heresy and schism. The new rules state that those who attempt to ordain women and women who seek ordination will automatically be excommunicated. Source: Last year, this ministry published two detailed reports on the movement for the ordination of women in the Indian Church. The titles and links of the reports are VIRGINIA SALDANHA-ECCLESIA OF WOMEN IN ASIA AND CATHERINE OF SIENA VIRTUAL COLLEGE-FEMINIST THEOLOGY AND THE ORDINATION OF WOMEN PRIESTS MARCH/APRIL/MAY 2012 VIRGINIA SALDANHA-WOMENPRIESTS INFILTRATES THE INDIAN CHURCH-CATHERINE OF SIENA VIRTUAL COLLEGE MARCH/APRIL 2012 The following two related reports will also be of interest to the reader: NEW COMMUNITY BIBLE 15-DEMAND FOR ORDINATION OF WOMEN PRIESTS-FR SUBHASH ANAND AND OTHERS APRIL 2010/JULY 2010/APRIL 2012 COMPANION INDIA-WHY I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS MAGAZINE TO CATHOLICS APRIL 2012 The COMPANION INDIA report will soon be updated. The referred "movement for the ordination of women" in the Indian Church operates subtly and almost invisibly, except for those in the know or for those who sincerely want to accept the truth of its malevolent and heretical existence. It is definitely discernible to the Catholic prelate, priest or lay person who can see through the subterfuge and semantics that accompany its steady infiltration of the Body of Christ. For instance, in the liberal Mangalorean Catholics yahoo group there is an old Dominican priest, Fr. Claude Saldanha, who posts the articles of feminist nuns writing from the USA along with a lot of other anti-Catholic stuff. Then, theres journalist Allwyn Fernandes of Crisis Communications, also a member of Mangalorean Catholics and a Contributing Editor of Companion India who is a sympathizer of the "movement". Next, theres a bevy of feminist nuns, many of whom are the Indian Churchs first women theologians, whose writings appear with ever-increasing frequency in Catholic magazines like Bombay archdioceses The Examiner, Chennais The New Leader, etc. There is also a small coterie of religious brothers and priests who empathize with them and express their sentiments on the internet through "news items" from organizations like the Conference of Religious, India [CRI] and the Union of Catholic Asian News [UCAN] which espouse their cause. Others, like Fr. Subhash Anand, use group mailing to further the agenda. Last but not the least, there are two powerful and influential lay women whom the Church in Bombay has mysteriously accorded the status of "theologian". They are Virginia Saldanha and Astrid Lobo Gajiwala, who have "preached" to Cardinals and Bishops at the national as well as Asian level. While Gajiwala is virtually a non-Catholic, or at best a lapsed or non-practising Catholic, [the detailed report on Gajiwala which is overdue for release will substantiate those claims] Virginia Saldanha has served at very senior executive levels in the archdiocesan, national as well as Asian Bishops Conferences. Notwithstanding the exposure of their insidious programmes and heretical writings by this ministry in the above 2012 reports which were mailed to the Bishops concerned, Astrid Lobo Gajiwala is retained on the editorial board of The Examiner [she was inducted in November 2011], while Virginia Saldanha [Womens Issues since December 2010] and Fr. Subhash Anand [Indian Philosophy and Religions] are, like Allwyn Fernandes, Contributing Editors of Kochi-based Companion India. Virginia Saldanha and Astrid Lobo Gajiwala write for The Examiner as well as Companion India and ensure that the doors are open for the writings of their feminist-nun friends. Whats more, Virginia Saldanha is a member of the Board of Directors of UCAN!! Virginia Saldanha and Astrid Lobo Gajiwala write for The Examiner as well as Companion India. It therefore comes as no surprise that other feminist male theologians like Fr. Subhash Anand are on the same bandwagon. Fr. Jacob Parappally MSFS is a sympathiser of the feminists. He is one of several Indian theologians who critiqued the February 3, 2003 Vatican Document on the 'New Age'. He too is a Contributing Editor of Companion India as is Fr. Francis Gonsalves SJ whose writings glorify the New Age and tears down what the Church holds sacred. A number of articles from this pro-womens ordination lobby may be found on the internet in the web pages of the radical left-wing National Catholic Reporter [NCR] and its echo UCAN. This "movement for the ordination of women" in the Indian Church has several organizational faces that cannot be easily linked to the womens ordination agenda unless one is in the loop or informed or discerning. One such face is the Ecclesia of Women in Asia [EWA], while another is the Ecumenical Association of Third World Theologians [EATWOT]. Meanwhile, yet another front has emerged, the Catherine of Siena Virtual College. The Catherine of Siena Virtual College is none other than UK-based ex-priest John Wijngaards' international movement for women priests. The Catherine of Siena Virtual College has already become affiliated with several seminaries, philosophates and theologates. It purportedly conducts "gender studies". Similarly, the cover for EWA and EATWOT and all their deliberations, seminars, conferences and writings is either "gender studies" or concerns about gender violence, exploitation of women, empowerment of women, discrimination against women, "space for Catholic women to have their voices heard, thoughts and reflections articulated" [a favourite refrain], the use of gender-sensitive or inclusive language [in Scripture and the liturgy], the "'searching' and 'finding' of womens identity", and so on. But all of that is a smoke screen for their only true agenda: they want women to be ordained as priests. The reason for this report Less than a year ago, in my report VIRGINIA SALDANHA-ECCLESIA OF WOMEN IN ASIA AND CATHERINE OF SIENA VIRTUAL COLLEGE-FEMINIST THEOLOGY AND THE ORDINATION OF WOMEN PRIESTS MARCH 2012, on the basis of a very faint recall, I stuck my neck out and wrote, "THE EPISCOPAL ORDINATION OF BISHOP ANIL JOSEPH THOMAS COUTO OF THE ARCHDIOCESE OF DELHI WAS ON MARCH 11, 2001, WHEN HE WAS APPOINTED AS THE

AUXILIARY BISHOP OF DELHI ARCHDIOCESE. HE IS AN AVID PROMOTER OF ECUMENISM AND INTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE. HE IS PRESENTLY THE BISHOP OF THE JALANDHAR DIOCESE IN PUNJAB. I READ THE NEWS REPORT OF HIS CONSECRATION CEREMONY IN THE CATHOLIC MEDIA AND I DISTINCTLY REMEMBER IT SAYING THAT IN HIS INAUGURAL ADDRESS THE BISHOP EXPRESSED A FERVENT HOPE THAT THE CHURCH WOULD SOON WELCOME THE ORDINATION OF WOMEN AS PRIESTS. I AM UNABLE TO TRACE THAT REPORT FROM MY ARCHIVES DESPITE MY BEST EFFORTS. REQUESTS MADE IN 2010 TO THE BISHOP FOR A COPY OF HIS SPEECH HAVE PROVED TO BE FUTILE." Just recently, I wrote in another report about Archbishop Anil Couto's whole-hearted public support for false Greek Orthodox mystic Vassula Ryden against whom Rome has issued a Notification as well as other warnings, one reason for that being her erroneous ecumenical vision that Rome condemns: VASSULA RYDEN-PROBLEMS WITH ROME BUT WELCOME IN INDIA DECEMBER 2012/JANUARY 2013 In the report, I documented that the Archbishop, while officiating as the Bishop of Jalandhar, has accompanied Vassula Ryden on two all-expenses paid foreign pilgrimages in a period of seven years. I also wrote: I suspect that I am not going to be very popular with the new Delhi Archbishop Anil Couto who will be on my watch-list. He was my assistant parish-priest at St. Michaels church in New Delhi two-and-a-half decades ago. I liked him, and I remember vividly the day he informed me that he was being sent to Rome for higher studies. I am certain that he will recall that I asked him not to go, pleading that we need good pastors and not theologians. Since his appointment as auxiliary bishop in Delhi in March 2001, I have communicated with him on matters of faith and received a few responses. But, behind the amiable faade is the diplomacy of a shrewd politician, essential for operating the archdiocese of Delhi. I am unable to locate the hardcopy, but I read that he favours the ordination of women or looks forward to their soon breaking through the glass ceiling or something to that effect, according to one episcopal ordination speech press report. Another very disturbing issue is that he ensured that the Chennai Catholic fortnightly, the New Leader [NL] publish a retraction of a series on corruption in Catholic institutions in the Diocese of Jalandhar [authored by Delhi priest and his former colleague, canon lawyer Fr George Kureethra], immediately on the Bishops take-over of that diocese in April 2007 -- ONE YEAR AFTER THE FACT. Now why do I believe Fr. George Kureethras side of the story? NL had published the story Money, money, money! after a careful consideration of the issues involved [March 1-15, 2006]

[In the Editorial, (page 3), Fr. M.A. Joe Antony, S.J. writes: Read the article on page 33. It describes the sad, shocking experience of a senior priest who just wanted to help poor tribals working in Church-run educational institutions. If this could happen to a priest who has been the Delhi archdioceses chancellor, judicial vicar and a professor of canon law, you can imagine the plight of the poor.]

See the New Leader Editors forced "apology" in the issue of July 16-31, 2007, page 29, and the Letter to the Editor, page 6 in the NL issue of August 16-31, 2007. In that report, along with a lot of other information concerning Archbishop Anil Couto's close relationship with Vassula Ryden, I also reproduced an article of his expressing his support for the false mystic:

Article published in The Voice of Delhi, a magazine of the Catholic Church in India, on July 2005, right after the True Life in God pilgrimage. True Life in God - Vassula Rydens quest for Ecumenism By Bishop Anil Couto [ ] and I commented below that:
With and in the above published article, Bishop Anil Couto unilaterally supersedes the CDF 1995 Notification and subsequent warnings from Rome as well as the bans and disciplinary actions of his fellowBishops in other countries and of Vassula Rydens own Greek Orthodox church. In his letters to me, he is almost terse and impatient, as if wanting to terminate an unavoidable nuisance; but his writings in favour of the alleged mystic are effusive and lengthy. Even more serious is that he virtually certifies her genuineness as a seer and prophetess. Bishop Anil Couto has just been elevated as the Archbishop of Delhi. UNQUOTE In the year 2010, when I first began to discern the deeper infiltration of the women priests movement in the Indian Church, I decided to write to Most Rev. Anil Couto, then the Bishop of Jalandhar, concerning my faint recall that he had indeed made some public statement on women priests, but using an alternative yahoo email address -- confident that he would not respond if he knew who the real enquirer was,.

His initial silence to my letter and several reminders, and his eventual responses justify the apprehensions that I had:

From: My yahoo id Subject: YOUR EPISCOPAL ORDINATION SPEECH, MARCH 2001 To: Cc: Date: Tuesday, 30 March, 2010, 2:44 PM Your Lordship, We were searching for the reference to your episcopal ordination speech of March 2001 but could not find it. We will be greatly obliged if you could kindly send us a copy of the same. Thanking you in advance, Nn and friends From: My yahoo id Subject: Fw: YOUR EPISCOPAL ORDINATION SPEECH, MARCH 2001 To: Date: Tuesday, 30 March, 2010, 2:47 PM From: My yahoo id Subject: Fw: YOUR EPISCOPAL ORDINATION SPEECH, MARCH 2001. REMINDER PLEASE To: Date: Thursday, 1 April, 2010, 5:20 PM From: My yahoo id Subject: Fw: YOUR EPISCOPAL ORDINATION SPEECH, MARCH 2001. REMINDER PLEASE To: Date: Wednesday, 28 April, 2010, 1:42 AM From: My yahoo id Subject: Fw: YOUR EPISCOPAL ORDINATION SPEECH, MARCH 2001. FOURTH REMINDER To: Date: Sunday, 6 June, 2010, 5:06 PM Your Lordship, Even after so many letters and a telephone call to your office (you were not in Jalandhar at that time) to confirm that your email id is correct, you have still not taken a little time to respond to us. It is very sad. Nn and friends From: Subject: Re: YOUR EPISCOPAL ORDINATION SPEECH, MARCH 2001. FOURTH REMINDER To: My yahoo id Date: Monday, 7 June, 2010, 9:16 AM Dear Bro. Nn, I am sorry for not responding to you because, ever since I received your first e-mail requesting for the text of my Episcopal Ordination speech of 11.03.2001, I have been searching through my archives and my memory, despite my busy schedule, whether I could trace it somewhere but have been unsuccessful so far. In fact I had not written out the full speech; it was just a few hand-written notes which I had referred to whilst giving my speech. Nearly a decade has passed since that event and I have been transferred to Jalandhar since April 15, 2007. In the process of transfer to a new Diocese and a new situation I cannot remember where I could have placed those notes. Nevertheless I am a bit surprised that you have neither identified yourself nor mentioned the reason why you are requesting for the text of the speech. People will normally hesitate to respond to such kind of requests. In Christ +Anil Couto Bishop of Jalandhar From: My yahoo id Subject: YOUR EPISCOPAL ORDINATION SPEECH, MARCH 11, 2001. To: Date: Tuesday, 8 June, 2010, 3:37 AM Your Lordship Bishop Anil Couto, We thank you for replying. We are making a study of the works of Sr. Pauline Chakkalakal DSP, Mrs. Astrid Lobo Gajiwala, Fr. Suren Abreu, Fr. Subhash Anand and other Catholic writers on the subject of Women's Empowerment, Gender Equality, the ordination of women as priests, etc. in the light of recent statements, moves by the CBCI at a plenary meeting etc. in that direction. All of the above people and others too have filled up a questionnaire for us that has helped us to evaluate the issue. But we do not know of any Bishop who has said anything on the matter. Then, one of us was happily reminded that in your inaugural speech on 11.3.2001 you had expressed a desire to see the day when women might possibly also be ordained as priests. We had read this in a Catholic publication but are unable to find out which one it was. We were hoping to learn exactly what you said, and now we regret that we cannot unless you yourself are able to tell us. We are sorry for not explaining to you the reason for our writing. Nn From: Subject: Re: YOUR EPISCOPAL ORDINATION SPEECH, MARCH 11, 2001. To: My yahoo id Date: Wednesday, 9 June, 2010, 2:24 PM Dear Bro. Nn, Sorry, I had not said anything regarding the Ordination of women in my episcopal ordination speech of 11.03.2001. I may have said something regarding the role of women in the Church in a pre-ordination interview to one of the Catholic magazines - I forget which one it is and I don't have a copy. Kindly take this correspondence as closed. With regards, +Anil Couto Bishop of Jalandhar In the year 2012, I wrote [as also to a number of Cardinals and bishops] to Bishop Anil Couto of Jalandhar:


KIND ATTENTION Most Rev. Anil Joseph Thomas Couto, Bishop of Jalandhar For your kind attention and immediate action please. An acknowledgement would be greatly appreciated. Yours obediently, Michael Prabhu Catholic apologist, Chennai Your Lordship, A few minutes after I released my Maundy Thursday April 5, 2012 alert on women priests in the Indian Church to a select portion of my mailing list, I received information that the Pope denounced the women priests movement during his homily at the Chrism Mass. Then, on April 18, the women priests issue has taken centre-stage in the U.S. church as a result of the findings of the Apostolic Visitation of the Institutes of Women's Religious Orders in the United States instituted by Rome in January 2009 under the command of Cardinal Franc Rod, then head of the Congregation for Religious Life. The demand for women priests has already reared its hydra-headed specter in the Indian Church. The movement for women priests founded by ex-priest John Wijngaards has already infiltrated the Indian Church. It is at this very moment at work in houses of formation - seminaries, philosophates and theologates. Its ideologies are being subtly as well as overtly disseminated in the Catholic media. The foundation for women priests has already been laid. These are some faces of the hydra-headed women priests monster: 1. The Indian Women Theologians' Forum. 2. Ecclesia of Women in Asia. 3. The Conference of Religious, India [the senior-most leadership is compromised]. 4. Individual theologians, both women religious and priests; plenty of sympathizers biding their time. 5. The Catherine of Siena Virtual College [which is the exact same entity as Wijngaards']. 6. The "apostolates" of Ms. Virginia Saldanha and Mrs. Astrid Lobo Gajiwala, alleged lay theologians. This claim of mine must indeed sound preposterous, but my virtual team and I have been meticulously researching the issue for weeks, while I have been at it for at least a couple of years. The result of that research is a series of four reports, two of which are now in the public domain at my site, while two are incomplete. The two yet to be released concern the activities of Astrid Lobo Gajiwala and the Indian feminist theologians. The two that are available for your examination can be read at the links given below. Catholics look forward to your immediate and firm intervention in the matter. Depending on your corrective juridical actions and those of the bishops concerned, or the absence of them, we have considered taking the matter to Rome since we feel that nothing short of an Apostolic Visitation here will help. Yours obediently, Michael Prabhu, Catholic apologist, CHENNAI VIRGINIA SALDANHA-ECCLESIA OF WOMEN IN ASIA AND CATHERINE OF SIENA VIRTUAL COLLEGE-FEMINIST THEOLOGY AND THE ORDINATION OF WOMEN {with URL} VIRGINIA SALDANHA-WOMENPRIESTS INFILTRATES THE INDIAN CHURCH-CATHERINE OF SIENA VIRTUAL COLLEGE {with URL} You may also read VIRGINIA SALDANHA-BISHOP FATHERS CHILD BY NUN {with URL} Bishop Anil Couto did not respond. [I however received 18 responses from Bishops and CBCI Commissions]

Our team recently came across the information that we unsuccessfully searched for in 2010. It was an interview that the would-be auxiliary bishop of Delhi Anil Couto did with the pro-womens ordination UCAN agency: New Delhi auxiliary prioritizes permanent deacons and end to inter-rite rivalry India, February 12, 2001
The newly appointed auxiliary bishop of Delhi archdiocese says that resolving inter-rite problems and encouraging the permanent diaconate will be his top priorities in the nations capital. Father Anil T.J. Couto, 46, Delhis episcopal vicar, was appointed auxiliary bishop of Delhi Jan. 17 by Pope John Paul II. The bishop-designate, whose consecration is scheduled for March 11 at New Delhis Sacred Heart Cathedral, expressed "wonder" at the Indian hierarchys hesitancy to ordain permanent lay deacons. The Church could entrust so much of its work to these deacons, who would act as a "link" between the laity and the hierarchy, he told UCA News. While promising to form permanent deacons for Delhi archdiocese, he admitted to feeling at a loss in the absence of "clear directives" from the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India (CBCI). "My heart goes out to bring more laypeople in really running the Church," he said, adding that he would strengthen the laitys role in the local Church.

Bishop-designate Couto also said he "foresees" liturgical rite problems in Latin-rite Delhi archdiocese, which allows Masses in the Syro-Malabar and Syro-Malankara rites for Catholics from the southern state of Kerala. This practice, he said, has led

to the existence of "parallel Churches" within the archdiocese and several related concerns. People often do not know who gets the Mass collection and seem to hold divided loyalties, noted the bishop-designate, a native of the southwestern state of Goa. He bemoaned that Catholics stick to cultural, regional and linguistic "identities" but blamed priests and bishops for "instigating" such divisions. "I want reconciliation and not unnecessary tensions and fights," said the Church official, expressing hope that inter-rite rivalry in the archdiocese would be "finally settled." However, he wants the Oriental rites to preserve their identity, instead of being "absorbed or swamped" by the dominant Latin rite. He also voiced support for giving the Syrian-rite Churches all the help they need to develop. According to Bishop-designate Couto, the division of rites has led to "fanaticism" among Indian Catholics. The future auxiliary said he was "fully open" to womens increased role in Church affairs. The Church, he said, has "a good percentage of women" to take up functions now reserved for men should the magisterium endorse this. Ordaining women would be "a step forward in the full flowering of the Church," he added. Bishop-designate Couto called for Romes intervention to settle the tussle between the CBCI and the Conference of the Catholic Bishops of India (CCBI), but he cautioned against steps that "create more problems" than they solve. While the CBCI comprises bishops of all three rites, the CCBI represents the numerically larger Latin rite and claims itself as the only legal episcopal conference. The Oriental Churches have only synods. India has 143 dioceses and 115 of them follow the Latin rite. There are 24 Syro-Malabar and four Syro-Malankara dioceses. The bishop-designate said that as auxiliary he would introduce "creative ministries" for interreligious dialogue and social development through which the Church can really become a sign of the Kingdom in places not yet explored. The Goa native who joined Delhi archdiocese in 1977 as a seminarian said he opted to serve in Delhi as it had fewer priests and many challenges. He jokingly confessed to "grumbling as a priest" over "differences" with his previous archbishops, but promised to "define" his new status to unite, support and encourage priests "to true brotherhood." Delhi archdiocese is headed by Archbishop Vincent Concessao, who was Delhi auxiliary 1995-1998 before becoming archbishop of Agra. He was transferred back to Delhi last September after the death of Archbishop Alan de Lastic. A Google search also turned up the following, a link to a 2002 book by Dr. James Kottoor on the subject of womens ordination. The blurb seen on the Googled web page is reproduced in red color below: Woman , why are You Weeping?: A Discussion on Women 's Ordination in ... - Google Books Result id=LNT7DrcQiy8C&pg=PA52&lpg=PA52&dq=Ordain+women+UCAN&source=bl&ots=Lbl_wDVfBf&sig=HXuqxAIKIEQOwRHXpZS_JgTOlY&hl=en#v=onepage&q=Ordain%20women%20UCAN&f=false James Kottoor - 2002 - 223 pages

QUOTE Anil Couto, supporting women's ordination in an interview to UCAN prior to his Episcopal Ordination said, Ordaining women would be a step forward in the full in the full flowering of the Church. UNQUOTE
Dr. James Kottoor is pro-womens ordination. A prominent Indian "Catholic" journalist and former editor of the New Leader and Indian Currents, he attended the first Womens Ordination Worldwide [WOW] Conference in Dublin in 2001 at the personal invitation of ex-priest John Wijngaards, the founder of the leading women priests organization which is represented in India by Virginia Saldanha. The book in which he quotes Bishop Anil Couto is the outcome of that conference of heretics and his close association with leading feminists and women priests and their supporters, Bishop Anil Couto being portrayed as one of them.

I sent the following letter to Anil Couto who was installed just a few days earlier as the new Archbishop of Delhi, January 20: From: prabhu To: Bishop Anil Couto ; ; Cc: My yahoo id Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2013 9:43 AM Subject: WOMEN PRIESTS Dear Archbishop Anil Couto, In June 2010, our ministry had corresponded with you enquiring about your reported public statement on the ordination of women priests, as we could not find it in print or on the Internet. The correspondence is reproduced below. Following that, on April 24, 2012, I had written to you under the subject "MRS. VIRGINIA SALDANHA AND THE EMERGENT WOMEN PRIESTS MOVEMENT IN THE INDIAN CHURCH". You had declined to acknowledge that letter [also reproduced below]. This is to inform you, since you wrote us that you "said something regarding the role of women in the Church in a preordination interview to one of the Catholic magazines - I forget which one it is", that we have just located -- both in hard as well as soft copy -- a reference to a 2001 interview that you did with UCAN prior to your episcopal ordination which quotes you as saying, "Ordaining women would be a step forward in the full flowering of the Church." Can that be understood as your being in favour of women's ordination though Rome has virtually forbidden even discussion on the subject and has recently excommunicated priests who support it? Do you still maintain the belief that "Ordaining women would be a step forward in the full flowering of the Church"? Yours obediently, Michael Prabhu From: "Mail Delivery System" <> To: <> Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2013 9:44 AM Subject: Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender This is the mail system at host I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below. The mail system ""@set3.mss.mailhostbox.vsnl-mum.colo said: <> Quota exceeded (mailbox for user is full) The letter could not be delivered to the bishops personal vsnl id as his box had exceeded its quota, so I telephoned the Archbishops office at 4:00 pm to ask for an alternative personal email address. The lady at the other end informed me that I could write to which I have already done. The Archbishop has not replied.