Episode Two

Written By Liam Jacobs

Based on, School, Horror, Drama.

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PREVIOUSLY ON TOTAL ECLIPSE Stanley knocks on the door, Alice answer's it. ALICE Oh it's you STANLEY What is it? ALICE I'm sorry. It's not working. STANLEY Fine, but when i see you again you'll be sorry!! FLASH OF BLACK: Stanley places the explosive on the table, and sets it. FLASH OF BLACK: The school explodes, Screams mix with it. Inside the prom hall a light falls from the sealing. And Eric, Owen and Mike fall the floor, Eric's phone smashes. FLASH OF BLACK: Eric screams out "MIKE WATCH OUT!!" Mike looks up into the sky, the school sign falls from the sky swinging closer and closer to him, His scream echos as it goes closer. FLASH OF BLACK: Eric and Stanley are in the hallway. ERIC What do you want? STANLEY (evil smile) You don't know me?..Explosion. ERIC You did it, Mike's dead because of you. Stay away from me!!. Eric runs up the stairs away from him, He turns around to see if he's following, he turns around, Stanley is standing infront of him. Stanley pushes him down the stairs.


FRONT GATES A car parks. FLASH OF BLACK: Owen smiles evilly. Eric slides out of the back seat. FLASH OF BLACK: ERIC WAKES UP. His eyes open fast as. Stanley's face shape shifts to Owen. TAKING A BIG DEEP BREATH. CUT TO: *off sealing* CLOSE UP . Suddenly. A little tear goes down his face. ALICE (from living room) Eric you'll be late. He closes the door. ERIC'S ROOM .Eric slams flat on the floor.IN ERIC'S MIND-Mike looks up into the sky and sees the school sign swinging closer and closer. He walks through the gates.ALICE'S HOUSE .MORNING FEELING GOOD BY MUSE FADES IN Eric is laying on his bed. CUT TO: INT. As he thinks it projects to the sealing he stares at it. His hand wipes across his face as he wipes the tear of his face. ALICE (from inside car) (MORE) 00:02:47 00:01:32 . 00:01:10 The Title flash onto the screen. EXT. LAS VEGAS COLLAGE .. thinking. ON SEALING .. "TOTAL ECLIPSE" IT ZOOMS CLOSER TO THE SCREEN.Eric's eyes close slowly. THE SCREEN IMMEDIATELY TURNS TO BLACK.

ERIC What. and drives away. OWEN Eric are you ready. ERIC I'm OK. he opens them quickly as he turns around and walks back to the car. ALICE Are you going to be ok? You dont have to come to school today. OK (To herself) Stop worrying!! ERIC Don't pick me up tonight ok.Eric. because some did try to kill you. ERIC OK Don't be worrying. ALICE I have a reason. Alice's starts the car. ERIC What! Owen stands behind him. ALICE You'll be fine. because i'm going over to Owen's tonight. Closes his eyes. ERIC (to Owen) Yes. Just Ok ok. ALICE (to Owen. Eric stops. .Eric) Bye guys (smiles) ERIC Bye mum. ALICE OK but be back by 11.

Luckily me and Owen weren't hurt just minor cuts. OWEN Listen. leaving Owen. There's just one thing i think my mom is keeping something from me and i don't like it. ERIC'S ROOM Alice is tiding his room. CUT TO: 00:03:29 00:03:19 .Dear Diary it's been five weeks since the explosion at my school and it's very hard to get on with life when your best friend fell victim of the disaster. Let's hope i can get through today without it being a drama. Are you OK? ERIC (shouts) Will everyone just stop asking me how i'm feeling!! Eric walks away. INT. KITCHEN . She folds his bedsheets. ALICE (reads from the notebookto herself) January.. She closes the Diary.Owen and Eric walk through the gates.CONTINUOUS Alice grabs a cloth and cleans the dinner table IN THE LIVING ROOM-The TV is on and a news report stating about Stanley. A diary falls onto the floor. She walks over and opens it. My mum Alice was very kind to help me in anyway she could. She stands and puts the diary the bed. 31 2014. CUT TO: INT.

His picture comes up onto the screen. 00:04:03 NEWS REPORTER (on TV) One of the most violent murders in the city has escaped from a prison here in Los Vegas.TOWN . LAS VEGAS .AFTERNOON Stanley walks down the streets. Stanley Leggin was previously brought to Jail after planting an explosive in Las Vegas High school. KITCHEN Alice's keeps cleaning as she doesn't notice. EXT.LATER Alice and Bestfriend Zoe are sitting having coffee.TOWN . but i (MORE) 00:05:21 00:04:13 . ZOE How's Eric? ALICE He's putting on a brave face. INT. CAFE . the hoodie covers his face. ON THE TV SCREEN . He looks behind him and infront. ClOSE UP: News Reporter's face NEWS REPORTER We ask anyone to come forward if they have seen him and his whereabouts But if you are to see him please phone 09214 29138 1921 and stay clear of him. Killing 5 people. wearing a zipped up black hoodie. 5 students and 3 Staff at the school.IN LIVING ROOM-The camera zooms closer to the TV Screen.INT. CUT TO: CLOSE UP: Stanley's dark and angry face is now abit seeable under the black hoodie as he lifts his head up.

give it time. ZOE Maybe he is. ALICE Thanks. I'll get us another cup of coffee. Stanley is standing right outside looking at her. because one of his friends died in the accident. ZOE It will be fine in the end don't worry. ZOE AND what is it? ALICE The person who started it. Alice looks out the window.know he still worried. I want to tell him but i'm afraid of hurting him. She gets up. Alice sits back down. And i'm just afraid he won't forgive me for not telling him. ZOE What is it? ALICE Oh nothing. Don't let it get you down. i through i seen someone. Jenny walks over with the coffee's. ZOE I know it's not my place to say but i think you should. ALICE I read his diary this morning and he knows i know something that's involved with the Explosion at his old school. . ZOE Ask him. ALICE I did but he just says he is fine.

INT.HALLWAY Owen walks down the hallway. ERIC It was no accident. and yes it shows me alot of things. Alot of them i don't think are real. OWEN So you can't remember the guys name?. ERIC I'm sorry about before it's just so overwhelming and unreal. ERIC It's just since Mike died. I've been having these nightmares and flashbacks of the explosion. ERIC Well theirs one that i had last-night. Owen stops beside him.I mean anything that could be related to the accident. LAS VEGAS COLLAGE . Because he could be connected.. OWEN Tell me. He sees Eric looking at the memorial picture on the wall beside his locker for Mike and the Old Principle. OWEN And do these nightmares show you anything?. 00:07:03 . OWEN What's wrong? Tell me.you were in it and where i'm here in the school everything is normal then suddenly a man i couldn't remember his name and he said "Does explosion ring a bell?" He smiles and then i run but then when i turn around to run and i run up the stairs i turn around to see if he's behind me then when i turn around he's standing in front of me and thats when he kills me by pushing me down the stairs and when his face somehow shapeshifts to your face then you start smiling then i woke up.

INT.LAS VEGAS POLICE DEPARTMENT .DAY SHERIFF DAVID STATS. Lets just get through today and see what happens tomorrow. CUT TO: 00:07:20 .ERIC It's just a nightmare nothing more. They both walk into his office. ERIC (smiles) Oh ye where did you get that from? The Psycho club.40 talks to DEPUTY LACEY BAILEY. OWEN The what? ERIC Nothing. They both walk into the Bullpen holding papers. BULLPEN . OWEN Where's Jenny? Is she OK? ERIC It's been five weeks shes still very upset i visited her last night. What class do we have next? OWEN PE In Gymnasium. SHERIFF STATS What's the problem Deputy? DEPUTY BAILEY The problem is no one has seen him. as i see shes still not in today. OWEN I know i'm not a person relaxer but nightmares and dreams represent reallife events by make them be connected in a way.30.

ERIC (to himself) Come.You can do this. The Camera pans to the pictures on the desk. And grabs his IPHONE 5.. STAT'S OFFICE . SHERIFF STATS We need to find him and keep him behind bars forever before he hurts someone else...LAS VEGAS COLLAGE Eric looks into the mirror infront. TOILETS . ERIC Hello? 00:07:44 00:08:44 .CONTINUOUS Stats opens a draw full of pictures. ERIC (to himself) Stop it!!! please. HE TURNS AROUND VERY QUICKLY WITH A BIG DEEP BREATH. . there's no connection. SHERIFF STATS What about these? DEPUTY BAILEY No i checked them.INT. His Phone rings!! He looks at his bag pack. And zips it open. and shows them two Bailey. Stats puts them on his desk. The camera zooms closer..... FLASH OF LIGHTING: IN THE MIRROR-ERIC SPOTS SOMEONE STANDING IN A BLACK HOODIE BEHIND HIM.. INT. NO ONE IS THERE?.. He answers it.

Are you ok? ERIC I'm fine.ALICE (on phone) Hello Eric. ALICE It will go away soon enough.. The classroom is deserted.LATER Eric enters the classroom. CLICK. He sees two male students entering the room. He hangs up. ERIC Speak later bye. STUDENT #1 Friend? 00:09:54 .but i'm still having these nightmares of the accident. He Takes out his school diary. STUDENT #2 Don't be so harsh on him he just lost is best friend. He's such a twat sometimes i would love to knock in brains out. Eric walks to his desk and opens the tub underneath. CLASSROOM . Eric quickly steps into the closet in the class room. Be safe.. Oh and mom i'm not coming home tonight i'm staying at Owen's house for the week ok. ALICE OK Babe. He tosses the phone back into his Bagpack. STUDENT #1 Sometimes i hate Eric Henson. ERIC Oh Hi ALICE I'm just calling to see if you ok. And puts the bag onto his bag. CUT TO: INT.

He wipes the tears off his face. STUDENT #1 So i don't care. STUDENT #2 Why the hell would he do that? killing his best friend Mike. STUDENT #1 Maybe Mike seduced Eric's girlfriend Jenny and felt sorry for himself. BANG.AFTERNOON The Gymnasium is half filled with students. STUDENT #2 Where is Eric anyway? STUDENT #1 (Laughing) I don't know? probably feeling sorry for himself. The PE Teacher is standing at the front speaking.STUDENT #2 Yes Mike his best friend got killed in the accident. he grabs his bagpack from inside the closet. IN THE CLASSROOM-STUDENT #1 I bet he did what if Eric caused the explosion. The door closes. INT. Eric opens the closet door and steps out. The two Male students exit the room. unlike his stupid bubble but best friend Owen i hate him has well. TEACHER As you all have heard me and (MORE) 00:10:24 . and planted the explosive in the school to kill them both. GYMNASIUM . INSIDE THE CLOSET-Eric slowly steps back to the back of the closet as he sobs a little. Eric and Owen are there.

OWEN I can't wait!! ERIC I know I can't wait! EXT. LAS VEGAS COLLAGE . Suddenly. Two Girls walk over named.17. Eric's Phone vibrates. QUINN EEE why are you even in this rock climbing thing anyway Eric! ERIC I just want to alright. Everyone Stands and begin to walk out. Stacey.15 and Quinn. He takes it out of his pocket. (to Owen) you'll end up coming out in a body bag i wouldn't be surprised if you both were. It's a message on his phone ON PHONE SCREEN-"COME OUTSIDE THE GATES NOW!!" 00:11:09 . Everyone cheers. OWEN Just go away.AFTERNOON Students come and go. Eric and Owen are sitting on a bench.YARD . QUINN (to Eric) No it's not alright you mop head.Principle Bimary have organized a rock climbing challenge tomorrow you will be brought to a rock climbing learning centre where you will learn how to rock climb and the next day which is Thursday you will all be enjoying a little ride above earth.

face is unseen. STANLEY It's all her fault. ERIC Who's fault. BUT. CUT TO: EXT. 00:12:07 .DARK MUSIC STARTS TO PLAY! ERIC I'll be right back. facing him wearing a black hoodie. Eric lifts himself off the bench. ERIC What do you want? STANLEY Do you know who i am? ERIC NO. OWEN Look at what? Eric turns to Stanley... ERIC Hello? STANLEY Eric. Owen joins Eric. He stops and looks. ERIC Look. GATES Eric walks around the corner.. Eric stands unsure who it is. CUT TO: Stanley is standing. He walks towards the gates. OWEN OK.

AFTERNOON Stanley is watching Jenny from the bushes. (smiles) Casey puts the plate and soup on Jenny's Desk. JENNY Come in. CASEY I've brought you some food and a cup of soup babe. CUT TO: INT. 00:12:54 00:12:12 .V . ERIC He was there. JENNY Thanks. Her Mum Casey knocks on the door.Jenny is standing by the window. OWEN Lets go. EXT. She comes in with a plate full of food and a drink. STANLEY'S P. JENNY Mom. She looks at a photo of Mike on his facebook page.O. JENNY'S MOTHER'S HOUSE . JENNY'S MOTHER'S HOUSE . She slowly rubs the picture once downwards. OWEN Who. They walk back into the school. ERIC I don't know? OWEN Are you feeling ok? ERIC I'm fine.JENNY'S ROOM Jenny stands by her window.He's not there.

ERIC What? (Smiles) OWEN Really.NIGHT Owen and Eric are sitting on his bed. ERIC Will you stop flickering through the channels like that. Oh and the PE teacher just phoned and he said there doing rock climbing lessons are you going to go?. Owen is flickering through the channel on the TV. ERIC What. i know it's your house and your mum and dad own it but please stop it. Eric is reading a book about Nightmares. OWEN What are you reading? ERIC A book about nightmares.OWEN'S HOUSE . Owen looks at him. OOH Freddy Kruger's going to kill you in your nightmares. BED ROOM . JENNY NO it's ok CASEY OK Hun (smiles) INT. OWEN (laughs) Your reading books about nightmares. JENNY I miss him. 00:13:35 . CASEY I know you do hun.CASEY Yes Hun.

CUT TO: INT. BATHROOM She turns the tap on and washes her face. He smiles evilly. She awakes and grabs the remote to switch the TV Off. CRACK. She leans back up.ERIC Shut up i'm concerned.. Stanley grabs her head and squeezes. She falls to the floor. CLOSE UP: Stanley's face. 00:13:59 00:13:42 EXT. and walks into the Bathroom.Alice's face as she leans down to wash her face. INT. He pretends to be Alice. STANLEY (in Alice's voice) Hi hun are you ok..THE NEXT DAY Eric is standing innocently by the wall waiting for Owen. Alice's gets out of bed. His eyes turn red. 00:14:48 . 00:14:10 INT. HE ANSWERS IT. When His IPHONE Rings. ERIC HI Mom. GATES .LAS VEGAS COLLAGE . He takes a look at the screen. The TV is blaring. Alice screams as Stanley attacks from behind.CONTINUOUS Stanley is holding Alice's Phone in his left hand holding it up to his ear.. APARTMENT ROOM . she keeps screaming until. CLOSE UP .ALICE'S HOUSE .NIGHT She lays very still in her bed asleep. ALICE'S BEDROOM .

ERIC (on phone) Yes I'm fine. OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL-ERIC OK Fine. Bye The Phone goes dead. Oh and wish me luck on the rock climbing lessons today. ERIC Nothing. Oh Yea (smiles) They both run through the gates. and high five each other. GYMNASIUM 00:15:19 00:15:19 .. GATES . Stanley puts down the cell phone. CUT TO: EXT. BACK TO THE APARTMENT-STANLEY (In Alice's voice) Good luck honey.LAS VEGAS COLLAGE Owen Joins Eric on the wall. OWEN Are you ready?! (smiles) ERIC There was something off about that voice? (Smiles back) OWEN What.. STANLEY (in Alice's voice) I've just called to let you know i'm leaving town for a while ok hun. CUT TO: 00:15:08 INT.

TEACHER Calm it down guys! (smiles) EXT. everyone jumps out. Nice to meet you guys. Including the other group of students start to rock hard along with the music.LAUGHS . MUSIC FADES OUT SLOWLY.SCREAMS) CUT TO: INT. Today i will teaching you how to Rockclimb because you will be Rock climbing for real tomorrow. IN DRIVERS SEAT-The PE teacher is calmly driving. The van doors shut. VAN ROCK MUSIC PLAYS. A man waits by the entrances doors. ERIC I can't wait (laughs) 00:16:04 00:15:33 . ROCK CLIMBING COMPANY . Parking in the only available spot. He points. ROCK CLIMBING TEACHER Hi guys my name is Alex Willis. Everyone cheers. SLAM. TEACHER Are you ready!!! EVERYONE Yes!!!! (CHEERS . The doors open.LATER The Van drives through the gates.Every one stands. Eric and Owen. ROCK CLIMBING TEACHER In here is where we will be learning follow me.

IT'S STANLEY.ROCK CLIMBING CENTRE They hang there's bags and coats up on the hangers. CUT TO: HALLUCINATION: A man is standing. OWEN What find of ones. TEACHER Come one guys keep up. and benches. A big flash of light. CUT TO: A BIG! FLASH OF BLACK LIGHT. CUT TO: 00:16:44 INT. TEACHING CENTRE . LOBBY . ERIC I just had a flash back. 00:18:15 . Eric starts to have HALUCINATIONS!!.The group following the Rock Climbing Teacher. Stanley starts to smile.ROCK CLIMBING CENTRE . goes across his eyes. CUT TO: INT. His head starts to rise. BACK IN THE LOBBY OWEN Eric! Eric come on. facing him with a hoodie on. STANLEY HELLO Eric! ERIC Who are you? STANLEY You will fine out soon enough.LATER The centre is very big filled with rock climbing walls.

Eric has another flash back!! FLASH OF LIGHTING COVERS HIS FACE FOR A SEC AS HE GOES . Eric starts to climb the wall. OWEN Go on bud! ROCK CLIMBING TEACHER All you need to do is climb to the top and come back down again. ROCK CLIMBING TEACHER Now is doesn't matter if you let go of the wall because your strapped into a harness that lets you float down to the floor without hurting yourself just incase your scared of heights you don't need to go too far up. He doesn't fall he floats down. OWEN You mean there's a even bigger one. he grabs each one has he climb.The group are watching the rock climbing teacher climb the small wall. The Rock climbing teacher puts the harness around his waist. He ties the rope around him has well. Suddenly. The teacher lets go of the wall. ERIC OK. Half of the group puff. ROCK CLIMBING TEACHER (to Eric) Have a go. ROCK CLIMBING TEACHER Yep. ROCK CLIMBING TEACHER Hurry. OWEN Wow!. you'll have to be quicker than this when were outside tomorrow on the big rock wall.

Stanley sits by her. ERIC NO!!! His NO!!! Echos through the white fade as we.. I want him to suffer until. Eric turns around. Mike was a mistake. STANLEY (CONT'D) NOW. FLASHBACK: He's in the explosion at his old school inside the prom room. APARTMENT ROOM .APARTMENT BLOCK ..BLANK.. 00:18:19 INT. 00:19:59 . you was ment to die instead!. He sees himself on the floor. IT'S STANLEY STANLEY This is what ment to happen to you Eric. after i killed Eric's mother i have no one to threaten so i've got you the closest person by Eric.. speak to a girl sat on his bed. ERIC What do you mean? Stanley points behind him. STANLEY After i got caught i knew after i broken out of prison. STANLEY That is what was ment to happen to you.NIGHT Stanley walks around the room. The school explodes.i can't afford get caught again so. CUT TO: BACK IN THE ROCK CLIMBING LEARNING CENTRE: Eric continues climbing. with grit and dust over him. A person stands looking at him.

CUT TO: GIRL'S FACE. turns even eviller as his eyes turn red. CUT TO: Stanley's evil looking face as it. (FLASH ONTO THE SCREEN) . TO BE CONTINUTED.. JENNY Until he suffers into depression.... AND CRASH AND BURN.IT'S JENNY INNOCENT JENNY BUT NOT SO INNOCENT ANYMORE.

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