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LIC Assistant Exam Date - 17-02-2013 Paper Pattern English Language - 50 Questions Logical Reasoning - 50 Questions Numerical Ability

- 50 Questions General Awareness - 50 Questions Total 200 Questions 120 minutes 0.25 deducted for every wrong Answer SSC CGL 2013 Exam Date – CGL (Tier-I) Exam 14th & 21st April, 2013 Paper Pattern CGL (Tier-I) English Language - 50 Questions General Intelligence & Reasoning - 50 Questions Quantitative Aptitude - 50 Questions General Awareness - 50 Questions 200 Questions Total Marks - 200 Duration: 02 hours Negative marking of 0.25 marks wrong answer in Tier-I. Exam Date - CGL (Tier-II) Exam 21-July-13 (Paper-I & II) Paper Pattern CGL (Tier-II) 1. Quantitative Ability: 200 marks (100 Questions) Duration: 2 hours 2. English Language & Comprehension: 200 marks. Total Marks: 400 Duration: 2 hours In Tier-II, there will be negative marking of 0.25 marks in Paper-II and 0.50 marks in Paper-I

Physical. (6) Basic numeracy (numbers and their relations. graphs.(1) to (5) Degree level Topic No. objective type. Economic Geography of Maharashtra.Polity and Governance . Data interpretation(Charts. Social Sector initiatives.solving. Bio-diversity and Climate Change-that do not require subject specialization.07th April 2013 Paper No.. Inclusion.Class X level) (7) Marathi and English Language Comprehension skills (Class X/XII level). tables. India and World Geography . (4) Maharashtra and India . orders of magnitude. (3) Maharashtra. Panchayat Raj. etc.(200 marks) (1) Comprehension (2) Interpersonal skills including communication skills.Sustainable Development. Note 2 : The questions will be of multiple choice. (5) General mental ability. etc.MPSC State Service Commission Exam Exam Date . Public Policy. (7) General Science. Rights issues. India and the World. (5) Economic and Social Development . (3) Logical reasoning and analytical ability. Political System. etc.) (Class X level). (6) General issues on Environmental Ecology. national and international importance.Constitution. Note 3 : It is mandatory for the candidate to appear in both the Papers of State Services (Prelim)Examination for the purpose of evaluation.(6) class X level Topic No. Therefore a candidate will be disqualified in case he /she does not appear in both the papers of State Services (Prelim) Examination. (4) Decision .making and problem . Poverty. Marks Duration Standard Medium Nature of Paper Paper I(compulsory) 200 Two hours Degree Marathi & English Objective Paper II Type (compulsory) 200 Two hours Topic No. Social. Urban Governance. . Demographics. Paper II . (2) History of India (with special reference 2 MH) and Indian National Movement. Note 1 : Questions relating to Marathi and English Language Comprehension skill of Class X/XII level (last item in the Syllabus of Paper II) will be tested through passages from Marathi and English language without providing cross translation thereof in the question paper. data sufficiency etc.(7) X / XII level SYLLABUS Paper I .(200 marks) (1) Current events of state.

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