Simple Shoe Pattern

Design by: Daniel Tyack
Feel free to use this pattern for personal or professional production. You may re-post this PDF, as is, on any website as long as there is a posted credit to Daniel Tyack @

to prolong the life of the shoe. Use a stitch spacer to lay out the stitching and punched holes ahead of time. once the main sole is stitched on. Sew the back sides of body together to form the heel 5. Cut out pattern 2. The pattern printed on an 8. Punch holes for laces and stitching 3.5x11 page will render a size 7-8 toddler shoe. Upper: 6oz Oil Tanned Leather Sole: 8oz Veg Tanned Adult Shoes: Glue on an additional 8-12oz sole. Sew sole onto the outside of main body 4. If you have a sewing machine you already know what to do :) . Directions: 1. Larger sizes must be laid out by hand.Simple Shoe Pattern Toddler Shoes or Adult Moccasins. Lace em up! Notes: If you do not lay out and punch the stitch holes ahead of time you will either need to punch the holes as you go which takes a bit of skill and can get messy. Sew in the tongue 6.

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