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SW Florida Commercial Real Estate Market Newsletter
This Publication Presented by Paul Forsberg, Income Property Specialist and Broker for HG Real Estate Services. Welcome to the First edition of South West Florida’s One and Only Commercial Real Estate Market Watch Newsletter. Getting Open, Honest and Timely Information about the local Commercial Real Estate market can be a challenge. The purpose of this newsletter is to provide you with a quarterly update of the South West Florida Commercial Real Estate Market. If you would like to see anything added to it, or have suggestions, please give me a call. This newsletter is about providing useful, timely information YOU can use. If you have a Commercial Real Estate need, Please give me a call and I will be happy to assist you in any way I can.

Seven Mistakes To Avoid When You Sell A Commercial Property
Just   making   ONE   of   these   mistakes   could   cost  you   Tens   of  Thousands   of  Dollars  ... E v e n   t h o u g h   i n v e s t i n g   i n   commercial   property   is   becoming   more   and   more   popular,   selling   a   commercial   property   “correctly”   is   like  >inding  an  honest  politician.   Plus,   when   you   put   a   property   on   the   market   at   the   time   you   “Think”   may  be  “The  Right   Time”   you’re   still   subject   to   the   little   “SURPRISES”   that   can   reach   out   &   cost   you   thousands   of   dollars.   Here   is   the   short   version   of   the   seven   most   common  mistakes  sellers  make: For  FREE  detailed  information  on   the  Seven  Costly  Mistakes  Sellers   Make  Call  1-­‐800-­‐261-­‐0454   ID#7020

Commercial Real Estate Investment Outlook
The SW Florida Real Estate Market EXPLODES into action in 2013 with some very impressive numbers.

The latest results from the NREI Investor Sentiment Survey show that investor confidence is not only surging forward, but investors also are preparing to accelerate their commercial real estate buying in the coming months. After taking a slight step back in second quarter, the Investment Sentiment Index moved five points higher to 171 in third quarter. That is a significant milestone as it marks the highest level the index has achieved since the survey first began in 2004. The Investment Sentiment Index measures investor views on key fundamentals such as improving occupancies, rising property values and plans to increase commercial real estate holdings. The index and broader survey results reinforce views that investors are gaining confidence in both the economic and

commercial real estate recovery. Unless you have been living under a rock, you cannot help but notice a HUGE increase in traffic, and an increase in business everywhere. Even if you don’t actively follow the real estate statistics, you can’t help but notice the busy roads, congested traffic and long lines in grocery stores and restaurants. SW Florida Is Busy! More on Page 3

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Rental Properties: The (Real) Real Estate
I have been pounding the table for months: Real estate has bottomed out and it's time to take advantage. Yet, while prices are at or near historic lows, not everyone agrees. Many claim that we still have a ways to go before the rebound hits. They make the point that although foreclosures are dwindling, there are stragglers in the pipeline. They claim that while there's been some recovery in the economy, if it doesn't pan out, another wave of distressed homeowners is going to drag real estate prices down even further... I doubt it. But, that aside, there's no point in debating because as far as investing is concerned, the outcome is irrelevant. Why? Because Real estate in SW Florida is so ridiculously cheap at the moment that it doesn't matter one bit what happens with the market over the next couple of years. Now Is The Time To Buy Real Estate... Period Florida Real Estate is on Fire! HG Real Estate Services is a HYBRID type of real estate servicing company.

We do bank clean-outs, cash for keys, Short Sales, Broker Price Opinions, Property Maintenance, Property Management, etc. We manage and maintain a whole bunch of single family homes and have maintenance crews and licensed jobbers on call for just about anything. If Real Estate is involved and a service needs to be done, we can do it. We are approved with over 227 banks and asset management companies. (They have our number on “Speed-Dial.”) There are 77 MILLION Baby Boomers approaching retirement age. They are FLEEING high tax states - They are Retiring, and statistically, 22% of them move to Florida. Now, I know you what you’re thinking ..... “Yea - that’s all well and good, but I don’t want a thing to do with tenants, maintenance, and all that stuff.” Have no fear - I have a solution! HG Real Estate Services is a “One-Stop-Shop” and will do it for you. The only thing you’ll need to do is go out to the mail box and pick up the check .... (Our Clients call it “Mail-Box Money”) and, if that’s too much for you, we’ll transfer the funds right into your bank account while you travel or play golf!
Call 941-584-7400 for More Information

Florida Employment Positively Promising
It is important to look at year-over-year changes in the housing market due to seasonality. Employment is affected by seasons – so the only real way to measure employment in Florida is year over year. Florida’s total non-farm employment is the combination of private employment and government employment. Nonfarm employment is the main category we consider, though private employment is a key driver of economic growth. The graph shows the year-over-year change in Florida’s total non-farm and private employment from 2008 to

present. We felt the hurt from job losses in 2008 and although the turnaround isn’t as steep, we don’t want to digest the good news in employment.

It is clear that each month since August 2010 has experienced positive-growth in employment on a year-over-year basis. In May 2012, Florida employment was 8,506,000, about 200,000 more than in May 2011. As the jobs number have improved, so has Florida’s unemployment. EVERYONE should recognize the positive news in the job market. We know as Florida makes employment gains, the state’s real estate market will improve.

Florida is: ** #3 in the Country for Population growth (following CA
and TX)

** #2 in the Country for Job Growth!

Looking  for  someone  to  speak  to  your  Club  or  Rotary  group   about  the  Real  Estate  Market?   Paul  is  an  entertaining  and  informative  presenter,   and  an  EXPERT  in  the  local   Real  Estate  Market. Contact  Paul  at   © 2012 by Paul Forsberg CCIM Candidate All rights reserved ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Page 2

The  Real  Estate  Business  In   SW  Florida  Has  Been  Smokin’   Hot  And  My  OfLice  Has  Been   As  Busy  As  A  One-­‐Armed   Paper  Hanger!  
REGARDLESS of what the media message is, or what kind of Kool-Aid they are trying to make you drink, The Florida Real Estate Market is HOT. Unless some sort of financial catastrophe occurs,(usually  created  by  clueless   Washington  Bureaucrats), what happens in Arizona, California, or Maine, has little or no effect on the market in Florida. Prices  are  coming  up.  Offers  are   increasing  and  the  volume  increase   has  been  HUGE.    Money  in  Motion   has  increased  over  84  %  compared   to  last  year! Cash  buyers  from  all  over  the  world   are  here  buying  just  about  everything   in  site.    Many  have  had  their  eyes  on   foreclosures,  bank  owned  properties   and  handy-­‐man  properties.  

because  Nobody  is  buying  on   projected  numbers  in  this  phase  of  the   market  cycle  -­‐  period.   Banks  won’t  lend  on  projections,  and   there  are  plenty  of  properties  available   on  the  market.  It’s  all  about  the   numbers. I  believe  anyone  marketing  a  property   based  on  Pro-­‐forma  is  pretty-­‐much   wasting  everyones  time.  

If  you  are  interested  in  selling  a   property,  the  >irst  thing  you  need  to  do   is  get  the  numbers  right.  I  have  a  FREE   Special  Report  titled:  “Make  Sure  You   Are  Going  to  Get  Top  Dollar  When   You  Sell”  In  it  are  2  Strategies  and  6   Tips  you  need  to  know  and  do  before   putting  a  commercial  property  up  for   sale. If  you  would  like  a  copy  of  the  report,   simply  call  1-­‐800  261-­‐0454  ID  #  7022 Don’t  worry  -­‐  the  report  is  free  and  you   are  under  no  obligation  to  buy  anything.

on  an  almost  daily  basis.  When  it   comes  to  a  bank  REO  sale,  it  is  out  of   control  -­‐  smart  buyers  are  sticking   with  non-­‐bank  owned  homes  that   need  little  or  no  work.  They  are   getting  better  deals.   In  North  Port,  back  in  2011,  you  could   buy  a  single  family  home  built  after   2000  for  $50  -­‐  $70K.  The  same  homes   are  now  selling  for  $125  -­‐  $130k.   It’s  all  good  because  the  increase  in   volume  in  the  housing  sales  has  begun   to  bring  builders  back  into  the  market.   And  we  all  know  that  is  the  real  driver   of  the  Florida  economy.  Home  sales   have  been  so  brisk,  my  associate   Connie  Nowell  is  offering  her  sellers  an   almost  unheard  of   Home  Selling  Guarantee  -­‐   She  GUARANTEES  to  sell  their  home  in   121  days,  or   She’ll  Sell  It  For  FREE!

Personally  I  am  dealing  with  three   individual  investors.  1  German,  1   Canadian,  and  1  New  Yorker  with  deep   pockets,  loads  of  cash,  and  have  have  A+   credit.  They  are  buying  everything  they   Over  the  past  3  months,  we  have  closed   can  get  their  hands  on.   on  over  $4,000,000  of  commercial   property  and  have  over  $6,000,000  in   They  Are  Paying  Top  Dollar  as  long  as   offers  out.   the  properties  are  priced  properly.   Combined,  they  have  about  $18,000,000   Properties  need  to  be  occupied  with   (eighteen  million   good  leases.   dollars)  Leverage  up   Offering  prices  are  based  on  actual   at  75%  LTV,  we’re   >inancials  -­‐  NOT  Pro-­‐forma  numbers.     looking  at  Seventy   (They  won’t  even  look  at  a  pro-­‐forma).   Two  Million  Dollars.     If  you  are  even   One  of  the  biggest  challenges  I  am   thinking  of  selling  a   having  is  sifting  through  all  of  the   commercial  property,   deceptively  marketed  properties  with   give  me  a  call  for  a  no   pro-­‐forma  numbers  made  to  look  as   obligation   actuals.  A  complete  waste  of  time  as  far   conversation  about   as  I  am  concerned.   the  property.  Maybe   In  my  opinion,  those  brokering     we  can  put  something   properties  with  pro-­‐forma  numbers    are   together. doing  a  disservice  to  their  sellers  and   ought  to  have  their  head  examined   On  the  single  family  homes  front,  my   of>ice  is  seeing  multiple  offer  situations   © 2012 by Paul Forsberg CCIM Candidate All rights reserved ! ! ! !

The  same  investors  were  buying  single   family  homes  a  year  ago,  and  now  that   the  single  family  home  market  has   switched  to  a  sellers  market,  they  have   switched  strategies  and  only  want   commercial  income  properties.

Lot  sales,  in  general,   have  been  brisk.  six   (6)  months  ago,  you   could  buy  lots  all  over   the  place  for  $1,500  to   $2,500  each.  Now,   they  are  in  the  $3,500   to  $5,000  price  range. The  bottom  of  the   market  has  moved  up   60%  to  100%  over  the   past  6  months.  It  has   been  a  great  time  to   buy  at   the  

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bottom  and  many  investors  have  been   ! ! ! Page 3

Multi Family properties in the area seem to have turned the corner in 2012. The graph on the left above indicates the County is up 4.2%. FINALLY it looks as though the trend is beginning to make a coming back.

Industrial properties seem to be making a little bit of a comeback as far as leasing goes (chart on left), but sale price trends are still falling. I predict, as residential sales and construction continues on the upswing, sale prices of Industrial properties will also begin to increase.

Retail Sale trends have been bouncing around what looks like the bottom for quite some time. As you can see in the chart to the right, leases in the city fell off the cliff in 2011 it but looks like they are making a rapid comeback. As Lease rates increase, so will property values. If you’re thinking of buying retail space, now may be a good time.
Office Properties are still struggling a bit. It looks as though they are trying to establish a bottom. We recently closed on a fully-rented Medical Office building in great condition and within walking distance to a Hospital at a 10Cap. The seller was happy to sell, and the buyer was happy with the purchase. A True Win-Win transaction!

     Real  Estate  News  You  Can  Use (941)  584-­‐7400                                                      www.FL-­‐                                                            February  2013

Real  Estate  Business Continued  from  page  3
North  Port  is  BOOMING.   The  city  council  made  the  decision  to  make   North  Port  a  business  friendly  town,  and  the   results  are  astonishing!   The  main  drag  of  North  Port  on  RT  41  is   building  shopping  centers,  restaurants,   banks,  commercial  centers  and  more  like   crazy.  Benderson  Development  is  building   and  National  Big-­‐Box  Stores  have  moving  in! Major  employers  are  looking  at  the  area  and   are  negotiating  with  the  city.  All  good  signs   for  North  Port  and  it  shows. Long  story  short  ... ..........  The  SW  Florida  Real  Estate  Market  is   smokin’  hot!  We  are  back  in  the  upward   phase  of  the  business  cycle.   Our  of>ice  is  “Smack-­‐Dab”  in  the  middle  of   North  Port.     14385  Tamiami  Trail North  Port,  FL  34287 941-­‐584-­‐7400 Right  alongside  the   Olde’  World  Restaurant.   Next  time  you’re  in  town,  stop  by  and  say   hello!

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Real Estate Investors Corner Everyone knows investing in real estate is a “no-brainer”

way to financial independence and real - long term wealth. The problem is, land-lording can be a real hassle. ESPECIALLY for long distance landlords. The key to profitable real estate investing is having a reliable and dependable support team.
HG  Real  Estate  Services  is  a  HYBRID   property  management  company  -­‐  we   do  ALL  the  work  for  you.  Locating   tenants,  clean-­‐outs,  maintenance,  lease-­‐ups  and  more! Let  HG  Real  Estate  Services  do  the  work  for  you!  Now  is  the  time  to   buy,  for  cash  \low  and  appreciation.  Offset  your  retirement  income   with  rental  income  and  enjoy  numerous  tax  write-­‐offs  and  travel   bene\its!

FREE Information Corner
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~~  Vacant  Land  ~~
 “They’re  just  not  making  it  anymore”  
Sign-­‐up  for  the  “Best  Buy  Hot  List”  of  Vacant   Commercial  Land  investment  opportuniRes  in  South   West  Florida! FREE Computerized Printout of commercial Lots, Land and Acreage sent to you at No Cost or Obligation FREE List with pictures 1-­‐800-­‐261-­‐0454  ID  #  7049   for  more  info.
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“I have known Paul for over seven years. He is a very energetic, detailed orientated and very hardworking. He is a man of his word. He has been and always will be very successful. I HIGHLY recommend him.” Kristine McMahon, Sr. Loan Consultant, The Manhattan Mortgage Company “Hi highly recommend Paul to anyone interested in making money. Paul has proven time and time again to be a highly successful and ethical businessman in the field of real estate and marketing!”Michael Thompson, Co-Founder, S.W. Florida Real Estate Investors Assoc.

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