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February 2013 - Vol. 2, Issue 2

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Its the time of year where all of us are not feeling our best. Many of us are just lumping along, going from day to day, grateful to just get home, into our sweatpants and get a bit of dinner on the table. Why are we like this? The issue is that there are many wonderful things going on around these parts and despite needing a jacket, they are not worth missing. We only have a small window of time before the tourist season starts again (not to mention that we LIVE in a tourist hotspot how lucky is THAT?!?). February offers a perfect chance to have a romantic weekend for two, theres a bunch of boating and sport shows where you can get that awesome piece of equipment for the summer of 2013 and if you are planning on tying the knot in 2013, we have a lot of help to get you on the path to spending your wedding budget wisely. Lets not forget the list of ideas we all have in our minds to clean out that junk drawer, the closet of crime or the room of refuse. Even if your list is as long as your arm, it might not hurt to at least get a start on some of those jobs youve been putting off. The idea is to spend your indoor time wisely in the hopes that you will be richly rewarded with that special day (or weekend) away until the warmth returns to these parts. Dont let another winter expire without your being out and a part of it. Even if all you manage to do is get out with your spouse for a romantic dinner for two, the point is to just do it. The smallest gesture will help you on your way to feeling more like your summery self. Besides, the build-up to a special outing is often all we need to get back to our fun side (think Christmas). Next thing you know, the birds will be building nests, the trees will be blooming, the bees will be pollinating the flowers and we will be well on our way to another hot summer where we will all be complaining about how hot it is. All you have to do is keep the faith and keep smiling. It will all be here before you know it. Dont forget to tell your loved ones that you love them! Happy Valentines Day Green Country!

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10 Muskogee merriment and more 12 Tulsa County offers variety 13 More fun than you will know what to do with yourself in Creek County 14 Exploring Rogers County 15 Romance finds its way into Mayes County, Sequoyah is going to the birds again 16 Washington County get aways 18 Alotta Ottawa 19 Delaware doins for February 20 Wagoners fiddlin good time 21 Vinita Vyin for Valentines Junes is jumpin in McIntosh County 22 Cheers for Cherokee County 24 Okmulgee originals 25 Pawnees history is still alive, Nowata Knows what to do to celebrate winter 26 Adair County is the place to be and shop Osage County Historical Museum worth it 28 Its outdoors season indoors

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Plan your


In February love is in the air. From the sweet older couple holding hands in the aisle of your local grocery store, to the young lovers full of starry eyed passion and newfound bliss, Cupids aim is perfect this month. What could be more romantic then than planning your wedding for spring or even some undetermined date years from now during the month of February? We are here to show you the steps. Youve found the ring, popped (or answered) the question. Now what? There are as many answers to that question as there are brides and grooms. It really is all up to you on how traditional, contemporary, or eclectic you would like your wedding to be. Your wedding should be a reflection of your union and a celebration of the beginning of your life together. At this point, you can call in an expert who will help guide you to the wedding of your dreams, you can take the first few steps yourself and then call in the wedding calvary for help, or you can do-ityourself from start to finish; it all depends on your budget, time and preferences. Thats why setting your budget is the first step. Set the Budget Plan out the wedding you would like to have and the costs associated with it and then prioritize the things vital to you versus the places you can compromise to hit the target amount for spending on your wedding. This step is vital to keep everyone happy and is important as a first step in your future. Dont overspend on little things you didnt account for or spend all your money on things that dont match the overall tone because you didnt have a plan and set a budget. Researching all the following steps first, and then starting again with the budget step (with all your notes and research) before you proceed is the best plan of action. Hiring an expert from the beginning may be another bill to pay, but can save you valuable time, energy, frustration and money in the long run. Hiring an expert can cost money,


dreamed about. The venue that you choose will determine the date chosen, the quantity of guests, and the STYLE the rest of the day dictates. The style of your dress and the room the dress will be in dictate the style of the wedding. The flowers, the food, the decorations and the attire worn by the rest of the wedding party can correspond to those two things. Another word or two about setting the date: So youve picked your venue and you know these are the dates available to use the facility/facilities. Do NOT forget to look at a calendar too. If you want the wedding of the century to be attended well, dont forget about things like football schedules, holidays, and anticipated weather. If you schedule an outdoor wedding in the rainy days of March, have a back-up plan (for an indoor venue at the same location for example). If you schedule your event during the weekend of Bedlam in Oklahoma, dont be surprised if it isnt well attended or if guests leave early to watch the game at home. Choosing the date is as important a decision as setting the budget, the dress and venue. Most other things from here on out are more flexible and can adapt to your chosen style and tastes. Now Comes the Fun Part-Choosing your Colors, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and Decorations So you have your dress, venue and style chosen. You know your budget and how you want to spend it. Now you can start filling in the details on the wedding of your dreams. This is the time to choose the colors youd like to use to compliment the style of wedding. If youve built in a budget for the expert now might be a good time for a consultation if you planned on bringing them in later. If youre doing it yourself, talking to a florist might be the next item in your action plan. Remember your budget and stick with it - and know your style. An expert can only help you if you know what you want. Is the color most important to you? There are a range of flowers, decorations, etc. in various color schemes available at dramatic cost differences. Lilies, roses and carnations all come in white. Let your preference, your style and your budget be your guide and dont be afraid to ask questions. Prioritize the things most important to you so the expert can help you most efficiently plan your day. Your budget, venue and style will determine how many bridesmaids and groomsmen you have. Who you choose is of course, all up to you. Ten bridesmaids in a tiny venue will look strange, so keep those things in mind as you approach this step (you have our permission to use that as an excuse if you have a big family too!). Youve already set your style and chances are your friends are excited for you and want to make your day wonderful and want to be accommodating, but they also want to avoid wearing that stereo-typical ugly bridesmaid dress. Keep in mind the style of the wedding, nature of relationships, harmony amongst the wedding party and various other factors when choosing. Choosing a dress that can be worn to another event or occasion will be a popular decision, but remember also that its your day, your pictures and your memories and style and YOUR preference should also be a determining factor in these decisions.

but sometimes hiring an expert can save you money on the other line items because of their expertise, network of vendors, and knowledge of the wedding landscape itself. You can hire an expert now or do some of the groundwork yourself and let an expert guide you through the details in later steps to save a little more money but still have expert guidance to save time and frustration.

It Really Is All About the Dress Weve all heard that expression, but when it comes to a wedding, no statement could ring more true. Before you proceed with determining the style of your wedding (which all other choices depend on) the style of your dress is paramount. If you want a beach style tropical wedding theme then your grandmothers lace covered, floor length, traditional dress might not be best suited to your tastes. Pick the dress that you want and build the rest of your wedding around the style that compliments the dress. Choosing Your Style, Setting Your Venue and Choosing the Date These three items go together. Youve chosen your dress, now choosing your venue is the most crucial item left for picking your wedding style. If its important to you to marry the love of your life in the same church that mom and dad exchanged vows, but the church holds only 50 people and has orange shag carpet, then you have some decisions to make about your style, your guest list and more. It is your big day and breaking the rules is allowed. How about having a small ceremony in the sentimental church (with the hideous carpet) but keeping the theme traditional with neutral colors and an intimate guest list, but then choose a venue for the reception that will hold 200 more of your closest friends and family members that will reflect the style wedding (country, formal, rustic, contemporary, etc.) that is the wedding youve always

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If you want a small wedding party but worry about damaging a valued friendship, look to friends who are dependable and good organizers to help you prepare and plan the wedding. Delegate tasks to a friend of finding bakery or catering choices, then the ultimate decisions are up to you but the friend sees the trust and value placed in them and youve saved yourself the footwork of narrowing hundreds of caterers to five of the best for your price range and tastes. Remember too that you will need someone at the guest book, ushers, etc. in the wedding besides the friends/ family that are standing with you at the altar. Dont forget to include parents, grandparents and other important family into your plans too. Decide what they will wear, how they will be honored and how to include them in your master plans. They love you and want to be included in your big day. Getting Organized, Setting Appointments, Working the Plan Youve got your dress, now you have to fit the rest of your wedding party. To rent or buy the tux is a personal and largely budget driven choice but it is customary to buy the dresses for the bridesmaids in most weddings. Find a great dress and tuxedo store that specializes in weddings to help you. Chain stores have salesclerks, but on this important day, using a store with experts on hand who help with hundreds of weddings will be a better choice. Many will even have alteration services on site. Coburns Tuxedoes in Muskogee, alters their tuxedos and will even make other alterations for others in your wedding party if asked as well. A well planned wedding will account for these fittings and schedule them in advance with the input of both the stores and the friend being fitted. Dont leave these things to chance or the last minute. Get them in the planner.

Hair Appointments, Make-up and Consultations should be scheduled in advance too. If you wait until the last minute to schedule your appointments you might be dealing with a hairdresser youve never been to before. Schedule these appointments well in advance and ask for a consultation/dry run to experiment and try various looks before the big day. When asked, many beauticians will include this in their bid for services. They want your business on your big day and the business of the wedding party that you bring with you. Weddings can be great marketing opportunities so get a good deal on the best hairdresser you can find. Schedule caterers, photographers, videographers, bands/entertainment for reception and other service providers well in advance. We have a more in-depth planning guide for you on our website with checklists, time lines and suggested resources in Green Country for all these types of providers. So be sure to check out that article if you are planning your big day right away. Other Resources Visit wedding shows, websites, blogs and other places for inspiration and ideas. Muskogee will have a wedding show on June 9 if youre just getting started on your planning. Kilharens Lodge presents Muskogee Wedding Show Sunday, June 9 from 1-5 pm. At a wedding show you can see area bakeries, florists, caterers, hairdressers, photographers and more all right in the same room, get their cards, see photographs or examples of their work and schedule follow

up appointments if the match is right. Wedding shows can be an invaluable resource to a bride in the planning stages and they are fun to go to if you arent planning a wedding but thinking about a daughter, grand-daughter or friend who has love in the air! The modern bride has all kinds of resources for inspiration at her fingertips. As we said on our website, we will have an expansion of this article with much more detail and links to our favorite blogs, websites and more. If you havent heard of Pinterest and you are a bride to be, get an account and start pinning, for goodness sakes! The binders of ideas of the past have been replaced with online photo albums (and pinned albums) digitally pinned on your computer. Although you can print out things you like to keep in a hand-held binder, the ease of saving ideas with the flick of a mouse makes planning the big day digitally so easy. On our website, we will get you started with some of our favorite pinners of wedding boards and some that weve pinned ourselves. Pinterest can be a great help in planning ideas for decorating tables, gifts for your wedding party, unique favors and more. We highly recommend getting an account and searching weddings, but plan on sitting at your computer - if you do, the ideas are infinite! Good luck with your wedding, this spring, this fall or just someday in the future. Be sure to set a budget, remember that you are in charge and you make the rules and customize your day for the couple this day is really about and have fun. This is the first step towards a new future and we wish you all the best.

Writers Note & Dedication

Youll know when its right is an expression people use throughout the ages about finding that perfect soul-mate and that sentiment is true. When its right that perfect match is felt not only by the couple but by those who love them too. This article is dedicated to an inspiring new bride & groom who became engaged recently. My father is sixty-seven years old next month and has been a comfortable bachelor for nearly half of that time. Our family is thrilled that he proposed to his girlfriend over Christmas and we are excited to celebrate this perfect match with them. The Pulse sends our congratulations to this bride and groom. We are all inspired by this Love worth waiting for. Do you know an inspirational couple? Is there a couple in your life that let you know that true love still exists? Tell us about it on Facebook.

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Muskogee merriment and more for February

By Jennifer Smith
As per usual, Muskogee isnt letting up on their events and while we expected things would slow for February, we were pleasantly surprised at all this town has lined-up. Now all you have to do is figure out which events work for you. Are you a veteran or do you know one who is in search of a job? Well, worry no longer because on Feb. 7, the Military Order of the Purple Heart along with the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, United States Department of Veteran Affairs, Oklahoma Small Business Development and Northeastern State University to host a job and career fair for veterans and military find meaningful work now that theyve served their country. Its happening at the Muskogee Civic Center from 10:30 am - 3 pm. Get your details by calling Patty Garner at (918) 682-3364. Speaking of A Few Good Men, Muskogee Little Theatre is celebrating their existence with the play by the same name Feb. 15-23. Tickets are $14 ($10 for students) and you can find them at Soundworld at 123 E. Okmulgee (918-683-4901). For more info on the play, MLT and ticket availability, logon to or e-mail Lets dig a bit deeper and give a little more with the Valentines for Veterans Concert going on Feb. 14 at the Muskogee Civic Center at 7:30 pm. Its free for veterans and their families to attend but what makes this pretty spectacular is that Aaron Tippin will be the headlining act. The concert is one of 17 concerts being held at VA medical centers nationwide as part of VAs annual National Salute to Veteran Patients. The purpose of the National Salute is to pay tribute and express appreciation to Veterans,

we happen to know that they wont have any broccoli or carrot sticks anywhere, so maybe you should leave the chocolate tasting to us. Well tell you all about it afterwards, we promise. With over 30 vendors of the best food known to man, who wouldnt want to go? Just think, you can taste, sample and indulge that need for the rich, gooey goodness that only chocolate can provide. Think endorphin release. Its all happening at the Muskogee Civic Center (do those people ever sleep?) on Feb. 9. Find out more by calling (918) 681-7949. Save a few bits of chocolate for us! Chances are that many of us have a family member who served in WWII and the folks at the War Memorial Park are not letting their contributions be forgotten. The USS Batfish is having a Living History Event Feb. 15-16 at 3500 Batfish Road where you can tour the Batfish, talk to the men and women who were there and watch live demonstrations. What a great way to get a little history lesson in without having to crack a book. Find out more at or call organizers at (918) 682-6294 and have your questions answered. One more thing we felt was worth your time (especially if you are an artist local to Muskogee area) is the Muskogee Paradigm: Echoes of the Past & Visions for the Future Photo and Art Contest that wraps up in early March. The Muskogee Area Arts Council is looking for images of positive new developments in Muskogee that show our community moving forward into a brighter future. The photos or art must be taken or painted in the Muskogee city limits between Nov.

1, 2012 and Mar. 1, 2013. Photos and art will be exhibited on May 4, 2013. There is no limit on the number of entries & there is no entry fee. Entries must be received by Mar. 1, 2013. Images can be emailed to Jonita Mullins at muskogeemainstreet@gmail. com. Images also must be printed. 8 x 10 prints and can be mailed or taken to Jonita Mullins at Downtown Muskogee Inc. at 216 W. Okmulgee Ave. For more information you can call (918) 683-2400. This just in! It appears that the folks in Muskogee are still at it and anyone sitting home doing nothing should look to the folks at the Kiwanis and Civic Center for some inspiration. We found two more events that will warm up your winter, but the best part is that they are both all about FOOD! First - we get down to our favorite food of all DESSERT! Namely, cupcakes. When we first heard of this, we thought it might be throwing cupcakes (which made us very sad), but alas, no, its all about who can make the cupcake to end all cupcakes. On Feb. 2, bring your best recipe made to perfection and make sure it looks yummy too. Theres no end to what you can do with a cupcake to make it yummy and appetizing. Feb. 2, 1 pm 4 pm is the audition, but you will want to make sure you have personality to back up the recipe because on Mar. 28, the real battle begins. This is no joke, folks. They are offering cash and prizes for the top three cupcakes. Get your ingredients and get baking! Find out more at (918) 684-6363 or just pop in to the Muskogee Civic Center (located at 425 Boston Street) and grab your registration form. Dont dally because only eight teams get the honor of participation, so this is serious cupcaking. We thought about asking to be judges but everyone would win so maybe its for the best. Next is from the Muskogee Kiwanis; a chili luncheon where for only $5 per person (or grab a bunch of your friends and get 10 tickets for only $40) you can get your hands on some yummy hot chili to warm you from the inside out. They call it the K. C. Jones Memorial Kiwanis Chili Day and you cant get lunch at the fast food joints for $5 anymore, so you wont want to miss it. Get your tickets at BancFirst on the Muskogee Bypass (on Shawnee near Lowes) and grab your favorite spoon. The luncheon will be served from 11 am 2 pm at the Muskogee Civic Center. Best part of all is that you will be doing your part to help great people who work tirelessly for our communities.


increase community awareness of the role of the VA medical center and encourage citizens to visit hospitalized Veterans and to become involved as volunteers. Get your info at or call Greg Sorenson at (918) 577-3621. Okay, we were thinking about keeping this one to ourselves (so we could have more for us), but decided it best to share what we know. There is a chocolate festival happening in Muskogee, but

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Tulsa has a nice variety for a cold winters day

By Amy Addams
We are never disappointed by all Tulsa has to offer; however, we were pleasantly surprised by the variety of fun things to do. With this assortment, you are sure to find something to warm the cockles of your heart (whatever cockles are). Lets get to it. First, we want to let you know that there are many outdoor shows and the fact they are in February is no accident. If you are in the market for a boat, new fishing gear or if you are simply longing for warmer days ahead, you might want to consider one of the boat, sport and travel shows happening in Tulsa (and elsewhere). All you need to do is check to see which one(s) work with your calendar. The Tulsa Boat, Sport & Travel Show is winding down at Tulsas Expo Square and while we covered it in January, it warrants a recap. Its happening until Feb. 3, so time is not your friend. You might want to just Kids 12 and under get in FREE every day of the Tulsa Boat, Sport & Travel Show thanks to COMMUNICATION FEDERAL CREDIT UNION

free gear and fish in the trout pond while you go find that boat of your dreams (lick it to claim it!). Find out the details on our Outdoor Shows pages or online at Check out our Delaware page on where to take that new gear to get some good fishin in before the tourists take over. While we have you focused on Tulsa, some other ideas to get you out and about are happening at the BOK and SpiritBank Event Centers. First, there are too many hockey (BOK) and basketball (SpiritBank) games to cover here, but sufficed to say, you are sure to find a team you want to see battle our local ones. Be sure to wear our team colors and get ready to yell. If sports arent your thing, how about Brantley Gilberts Hell on Wheels Tour happening Feb. 22 at 7:30 pm at SpiritBank Event Center? No ticket is priced over $35 and you can have a really nice date night for around $50. Find out more at or order your tix via (918) 369-9360. What about celebrating one of Oklahomas Own Mr. Bob Wills with his annual birthday bash happening Mar. 2 at Cains Ballroom? While Bob Wills is no longer here, his legend is alive and well, thank you very much, and we owe him a great debt of gratitude. Show your love by attending his B-day celebration. Get your tickets or learn more about Mr. Wills at or at (918) 584-2306.

Attention all women! Get ready for the Womens Expo! Yep, the Womens Expo is making the rounds and is coming this way Feb. 8-10 at Expo Square. With the variety of fun things to do, you wont have any trouble filling your day. They will have cooking, demonstrations, beauty tips, fitness ideas, home dcor tips, spa treatments, giveaways and the search for Tulsas hottest firefighter is all going on under one roof (or more, but you can walk to the different buildings). It is sure to be a cant-miss day for you and your gal pals to participate in. Get your details at What a great way to get away without going far.



One more thing there are so many live theatre events in Tulsa, youll have your pick, so be sure to check out our Theater page (page 38) for many great shows worth your time to see and hear (think Valentines Day gift ideas!).


head on over for an evening of pretty new boats or grab some new lures or fishing advice. They have it all. Find out more at Have you been looking for a fun evening for the clan without the hassle of driving far? How about some MAGIC? A Night of Magic with Rob Lake happens at SpiritBank Event Center on Feb. 8 at 7 pm. Tickets are still available at the time of writing this, but hes pretty cool, so dont dilly around long or youll be sorry. Hes quite the magician and its sure to be a fun night for all the kids; even the adult ones. Find out more at www.spiritbankeventcenter. com or order by phone at (918) 369-9360. Something we thought might be nice to shake off those winter doldrums is the Mardi Gras Parade happening Feb. 12 in the Blue Dome District right near downtown. Get your Lent promises made and come on out for some pretty beads to carry you through the 40 days ahead. Need to know more? Then call (918) 582-2035 for more info. One of the biggest outdoor shows to hit these parts is slated For Feb. 15-17 at SpiritBank Event Center where just the sheer size of the Center tells you that this is a show worth your time. Three days of retail hunting and fishing supplies, camping gear, lures and boating accessories along with all the expert knowledge youll need to make your next expedition the one you talk about for years to come. The Landry boys (from Swamp People) will be there along with Jason Reynolds and his jumping dog show and Friday night is kids night where the little ones can score

More fun than you will know what to do with yourself

By Deb Bayton
Junior Bull Riding February 23 Creek County Fairgrounds, Junction of Hwy. 66 & Hwy. 33 -Kellyville In 2004, a group of individuals put together the JBR, an organization that offers Bull Riding & Bareback Riding for youths. Run by volunteers, this organization gives young people an opportunity to compete in a drug-free, family environment, with an emphasis on sportsmanship, hard work and good attitudes. Please come out and support this wonderful group of people, and see some young talent! For more information call Kenneth Kern (918) 770-5495 Creek County Livestock Show February 26th March 5th Creek County Fairgrounds, Junction of Hwy. 66 & Hwy. 33 -Kellyville Spring is lurking around the corner in Oklahoma, and that means its time for the Creek County Livestock show. Steers, heifers, lambs, goats and swine, there will be a vast array of livestock competing for awards and also for sale. For spectators it is a great opportunity to see these lovely creatures up close, and for the family to spend some time away from the television! For more information go to or call (918) 224-2192 Glenpool Spring Market March 2nd Glenpool Conference Center, Hwy 75 & 121st Street Glenpool Spring Market features many hand-crafted items from a variety of independent and home-based businesses from Tulsa and its surrounding areas. Bring the family and come out to explore the craftsmanship of your neighbors. Gifts, jewelry, homebaked goods are a few of the tempting items you will discover inside Glenpools new conference center. Admission is free, but donations at the door are always welcome! For more information call (918) 291-2005




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Exploring Rogers County

By Julie Wenger Watson

Romance finds its way to Mayes County

By Amy Addams
Did you know that we have a poetry museum right here in Green Country? We didnt either, but we are very excited to be able to tell you about it as well as entice you further with a very Valentines Day poetry event: Dog From Hell: V-Day Poetry ROMP. Its not just a poetry reading. There is an interactive component, a workshop where you are encouraged to create your own VDay message or card for that special someone as well as check out the unusual non-traditional poets that will be converging for this special event. Bring someone special and make an afternoon of it. They are promising hot chocolate, coffee and snacks to sweeten the deal. With a name like Dog from Hell you know this wont be the usual Roses are red; Violets are blue poetry gathering, but we expect something completely fun and unique. Our good friend, Shaun Perkins is in charge and that was all we needed to hear to excite us about this fantastic event. The museum is located two miles west of Locust Grove just off 438 Road. For directions, more data or just to go ahead and sign up for this rare opportunity, check out or call Shaun at (918) 864-9152 where all your questions will be answered, your fears alleviated and your curiosity piqued; you know we couldnt help but be geeked. There, we started your poetry future for you. Now you can go fill in the rest.



Beautiful Rogers County offers plenty to do this February. The J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum in the County Seat of Claremore makes an interesting visit any time of year. In addition to its enormous collection of firearms and knives, the museum also exhibits saddles, spurs, ranch brands and even German drinking steins from the second half of the 19th century. On Feb. 11 - 12, the Davis Museum will host a special Valentine Arts & Craft Show, featuring rows of vendors offering homemade jewelry, candles and crafts for purchase. Later in the month, the Museum will host the annual Daisy BB Gun Days with marksmen contests. The kids shoot is at 9 a.m. on Feb. 23, followed by the celebrity shoot at 5 p.m. on Feb. 25. Details at On Feb. 1 & 2, thrill seekers can check out the American Arenacross series at the Claremore Expo Center. Motorbike riders from kids to the pros will compete, some soaring over 60 feet in the air as they fly off the indoor jumps. More information and ticket links can be found at www.motorheadevents. com At the fairgrounds on Feb. 9 - 10, the Rogers County 4H and FFA chapters will compete at the Rogers County Spring Livestock Show. Animal lovers may also enjoy the Quarter Horse Shows on Feb. 22 & 23. If youre an outdoorsman, you wont want to miss the Outdoor Sporting Expo at the Claremore Expo Center March 1-3. Outdoor enthusiast young and old will enjoy this event which features exhibitors from a full range of outdoor activities, from hunting and fishing to camping, hiking and mountain biking. Celebrity guests include Jimmy Riffle of the Gator Boys from Animal Planet, an alligator trapper who captures gators by hand that have wondered into the backyards, pools garages and bedrooms of unsuspecting residents in the Florida Everglades. Professional fisherman, Tommy Biffle, will also be on hand to pass on angling tips. While traveling in Rogers County, consider a stop in the city of Catoosa. The D.W. Correll Museum houses a collection of restored antique automobiles, an extensive assortment of bottles and decanters, and rocks, gems, minerals and seashells from around the world. If youre looking for more to do in Rogers County, a day spent learning about one of Oklahomas favorite sons, Will Rogers, may be just the thing. The city of Oologah is the birthplace of this humorist, actor, and social commentator, whose quotes continue to amuse us today, almost 80 years after his death. Dog Iron Ranch, Will Rogers birthplace, is located one mile north of Oologah. On the shores of Lake Oologah, the ranch home dates

Gator Boys Jimmy Riffle will be at the Outdoor Sporting Expo in Claremore

from 1875 and is one of the few surviving examples of buildings on the former Indian Territory frontier. The house is open to visitors every day of the year between 8 am and 5 pm and makes an interesting day trip. The barn on the ranch contains the original surrey with the fringe on top prop from the Broadway musical Oklahoma!, and the Ranch grounds are full of farm animals. If the weather is nice, you might even catch the ranch manager practicing his trick roping. At the Will Rogers Memorial Museum in Claremore, visitors can view artifacts and memorabilia from Rogers multiple careers as a trick roper, Vaudeville and Ziegfeld Follies performer, movie star, author and more. The Museum also has a lovely art collection that features work by Charles Russell, Charles Banks Wilson and other masters of Western Art. For more information, visit www.

Sequoyah is going to the birds AGAIN

By Jennifer Smith


We covered this for January, but its so good, it bears repeating, so forgive our rerun, but once you find out what we are excited about, youll hopefully agree. Despite the fact that many people are snuggled down until March, there are others who see the value of getting out this time of year to see some of the incredible wildlife to be found in these parts and the good folks at Tenkiller State Park and Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge are ready to help you find them. On any given Saturday, you can see real southern bald eagles nesting at Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in the morning, have a nice lunch and a hot beverage then spend the afternoon checking out the various loon breeds we have here in NE Oklahoma at Tenkiller in the afternoon. There are four kinds of loons who move in for the winter: the common, red-throated, Pacific and the yellow-billed loons all make this are home for their winter retreat. Dress warm, wear sensible shoes and bring your binoculars, camera and a thermos

of coffee to see the majestic birds that migrate here every year. The show will go on every Saturday through March 2 unless travel advisories are happening, but we cant imagine a better way to spend a Saturday with the family. They will have a 25 person bus to take you to the refuge so RSVP is strongly suggested. There is even a webcam at the eagles nest. Their schedule is listed as Feb. 2, 9, 16, 23; Mar. 2 with eagle tours going on 9 am noon and loon watches at 2 pm with a two-hour break for lunch and refreshments in Vian in between. Remember, its only Saturdays! Want to know more? Then call (918) 489-5641 or (918) 489-5025 for details and to RSVP. We suggest that you plan ahead because this is one trip that will fill up fast. Happy birding.

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Get away to Bartlesville

By Julie Wenger Watson
While Washington County may be the smallest county in total area in the state of Oklahoma, it looms large in history and culture. The first commercial oil well in the state, the Nellie Johnstone Number One, was drilled near the present day city of Bartlesville in 1897. Bartlesville went on to become a booming oil town after 1900 and the headquarters of Phillips Petroleum Company until its merger with Conoco in 2001. The oil business shaped this town, leaving behind a legacy of architecture, culture and art that continues to be enjoyed today. This month in Bartlesville, there are several opportunities to enjoy both music and theater. On Feb. 15 - 16, Theater Bartlesville presents The Big Five-Oh, its second show of the season. More information on this comedy about a middle-aged man coming to terms with age, his relationship with his son and his future can be found at Jazz lovers can enjoy a concert with Eldredge Jackson at the West Side Community Center on Feb. 16. Jackson, a jazz saxophonist, will perform his blend of traditional and smooth jazz. For details about the concert, visit Shrek the Musical visits Bartlesville on Feb. 18. This Broadway in Bartlesville event takes place at the Bartlesville Community Center and is based on the book by New Yorker cartoonist William Steig and the Oscar-winning film. Visit for tickets. While in Bartlesville, plan a visit to the Price Tower, designed by revered architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The Tower is the only skyscraper Wright created, and it was named a National Historic Landmark in 2007. Tours of the Price Tower are available Tuesday through Sunday at 11 am. The Tower has several art galleries, and the Inn at Price Tower offers 19 intimate hotel rooms for visitors wishing to spend the night in this architectural gem. On exhibit through May 5 in the Price Tower is Christo and Jeanne Claude: The Tom Golden Collection, a unique collection of images straight from Californias wine country. This exhibit highlights the career of artists Christo and Jeanne Claude, whose massive pieces are created from photographs of landscapes from around the world. For more information, see The Copper Bar on the 15th floor of the Price Tower boasts stunning views out its grand wrap around windows. The bar serves a pub menu, and features a variety of music, including First Fridays - Taste of Oklahoma with live performances from Oklahoma musicians and Third Thursday - Picnic in the Sky with a live performance from Bartlesville musicians Ayngel and Jarrod Elmore. Additional information on all Price Tower events can be found at For the latest listing of Bartlesville events, go to Christo and Jeanne-Claude The Golden Collection The Copper Bar at the Price Tower


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Alotta Ottawa
By Amy Addams

Delaware doins for February

By Amy Addams



If you are close to Ottawa County, you need to check out the goings-on for February and if you arent near, youll want to gas-up the car and take a trip. With the variety of fun things to do, you just cant miss. We start with the fun at Buffalo Run Casino. They have so many acts lined-up you have to try at least one. Feb. 1 brings Jason Boland & the Stragglers, Stoney LaRue appears Feb. 15, The Casey Donahew Band stops in Feb. 22 and Reckless Kelly starts off March on the 8th. Find out more at or call (918) 542-7140 for ticket info and times. Miami Public Library is staying busy in February with lots of events for the whole family to enjoy. They have a Preschool Hour every Tuesday from 10:30-11:30 am for kids ages 3-6. There will be games, activities, snacks and more. Sign-up at the library or call (918) 541-2202. The Miami Library is hosting Family Reading Night Feb. 27 at 5:30 pm with a very special guest, Dianne de Las Casas, an award-winning storyteller and childrens author. They will be giving away books and having refreshments too, so get your kids in the reading habit without them suspecting a thing. Reserve a spot by calling (918) 541-2292. We cant talk about Ottawa County without giving a nod to the Coleman Theatre where they are ramping up quite a month of events to entertain and delight. First, we have a Chocolate and Wine Tasting Festival (think YUM) at the Ballroom on Feb. 7 from 6-9 pm. For $25 you will also be helping the American Red Cross Disaster Services but you have to buy your tix in advance. Just think how romantic a few tickets to the Coleman to eat chocolate and drink wine will be! Call (918) 542-5072 with your questions. The Casey Donahew Band will be at the Buffalo Run Casino on Feb. 22. The Coleman is finishing off February with August in Osage County Feb. 21-24. We have info on our theater page and it sounds like a good way to get out of the house for a great evening. Give a call to (918) 540-2425 to get more info. Okay, we decided to step a bit into March and tell you about the Peoria Stomp Dance happening Mar. 2 at the Ottawa-Peoria Cultural Center (114 Eight Tribes Trail). This cultural dance event of the Peoria Tribe is an exciting display of slow, stomping steps set to rhythm. The traditional stomp dance ceremony contains both religious and social meaning. How prophetic. We think you will love this rare opportunity to see a wonderful dance chock full of meaning. Find out more at or at (918) 540-2535.

Even though this is not technically the hot time of year for Delaware County, namely Grove, where their wild time of year isnt supposed to get going until late March or early April, but they have yet again, proved that theory wrong. Way wrong. They get started with the Home & Garden Show happening Feb. 8-10 at the Grove Civic Center (located at 1720 S. Main). Over 100 vendors are anticipated to be there to give you new ideas and demonstrate new products designed to help you live a more carefree life where your meals will be cuisine and your house will be the envy of Better Homes & Gardens. Contractors, remodelers and chefs will be there to show you how its done or you can hire them to do it all for you. Get specifics at or call (918) 786-9079 to ask questions. The big Kahuna, the B.A.S.S. Bassmaster Classic is peeling into Grove Feb. 22-24 and if you are a fan of fishing, you cant miss this. Better yet, save some time for the Grand Lake Boat & Sport show happening over the same three days and sign up to

compete for the one million dollar payout next year. The Classic launches at Wolf Creek Park and the Boat Show is happening at the Grove Civic Center, but you have to check out both of these exciting events. They even have lodging information so you can stay all three days and have a blast. Be sure to check out the food choices Grove has while you are there. They have it all. GRDA has a big role in making this happen, so you know it will all be top-notch. Find out more about both the show and the Bassmaster Classic at www.grandlakefun. com or call (918) 786-2289 with your questions. Arrowhead Yacht Club is welcoming spring with their annual Welcome Back Weekend happening Mar. 2 at the club. If you are ready to say goodbye to winter (and who isnt?), then come on out to Arrowhead and have a nice afternoon of boat watching. If you are a boat owner, you might want to take a look around and make Arrowhead your boat dock and launch site. Find out more at (918) 782-3292. Stay tuned to The Pulse for March in Grove because we will have all kinds of info on the upcoming Antiques and Guns Show at the Grove Civic Center. If you need more now, we do know that you can call (918) 786-9109 with any questions.

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Wagoners fiddln good time

By Alexis Greybird
Wagoner has definitely proven itself a great little place to have a good old-fashioned hoedown and the Lodge at Sequoyah State Park (previously known as Western Hills) is getting ready to throw down. Were talking about the State Fiddlers Winter Convention going on Feb. 21-23. As in January, there will be picking jam sessions all over, including the lobby, but each evening, they will also have daily and evening dances for all you boot scooters. No matter what your specialty, there will be someone there who can help you take your skills to the next level. Its all about the jamming, picking, grinning and dancing, so if you like American folk, bluegrass or Western swing, this is the place to be.

Vinita vying for Valentines

By Amy Addams



We warned you. There are many events gearing up for Valentines and Vinita has something you just have to check out or youll be sorry for another 363 days until next year. Its time for their Chocolate Affair going on Feb. 13 at the Craig County Fairgrounds in Vinita Hall. For only $10 in advance ($15 at the door), you can check out many local businesses offering samples of delectables from places like Clantons Caf, Lucilles Flowers and more. Best part is that you are helping a worthwhile charity, namely Home of Hope. Just think of all the times youve spent $10 and wondered where it went. This is a grand time for you to spend $10 and be glad to share it with a cause that needs your help. Best part is that theyll be there to fatten you up a little and you can go home with your endorphins dancing around in your brain, knowing you helped others who really need you. We already have 15 vendors lined up for this years event, which is the most that have ever participated in the Chocolate Affair. Cookies, cakes, specialty desserts, a fondue fountain, hot chocolate bar, chocolate martinis and a variety of wines will all

be showcased at this years event. The silent auction will include gift baskets, weekend getaways, artwork and other fabulous items. Again, we are so excited and look forward to seeing everyone there. Said Kendra Montana, Director of Planning and Development at Home of Hope. If you cant make the fundraiser, they will have two more over the course of 2013, but this is one where you can take that special someone to sample yummies from 6-8 pm on Feb. 13. What better way to spend a Wednesday than snacking on chocolate and goodies from numerous local merchants? They are offering cookies, cakes, specialty desserts, a fondue fountain, hot chocolate bar, chocolate martinis and a variety of wines as well as holding a silent auction where you can bid on gift baskets, weekend getaways, artwork and more. Want to know more? Then give a call to (918) 256-7825, Ext. 135 or call Kendra Montana at (918) 244-7704. Have a happy Valentines Day!

Junes Restaurant is good any month of the year

By Alexis Greybird
We heard a lot of fanfare about Junes Restaurant in Checotah so we decided to find out what the fuss was all about. One bite of Junes Chicken and all of our questions were answered. Junes is a great place to have a very affordable lunch (with plenty to take home for leftovers), but what really gives Junes big thumbs up is the cleanliness. Many people commented on the cleanliness of the kitchen and the rest of the restaurant doesnt look bad either. We are big fans of clean places to eat and Junes did not disappoint. Every table is bussed quickly and the floors were pretty dang spotless. That makes a restaurant worth returning to. We also give big props to the clean bathrooms. Nothing worse than a gross bathroom in an otherwise nice restaurant. They had it all. Located just a mile off Hwy 69/75, Junes is easily accessible if you are in the area or headed elsewhere and they are a great place to stop with the kids. The service is good and friendly, which can make or break your restaurant happiness. If you are looking for the specialty meal, their boneless chicken is a big hit as are the Pickleos (fried pickles that have that little kick to keep you eating them). No matter what you crave, as long as it is good old fashioned Americana, Junes will fit the bill. With well-made food from a very clean restaurant located in Checotah, you cant ask for much more than that. You can find out more about Junes on Facebook or just take a chance and check them out at 123 Broadway Street in Checotah. They can be reached at (918) 473-2356.


Its indoors, so no need to watch the weather for this event. Folks from all over the region will converge on Western Hills for this weekend. Youll want to show up to learn from all the specialists in the field and bring comfy shoes so you can get up there and shake a tail feather. The Lodge is located at 17131 Park 10 in Wagoner. Learn more by calling (918) 772-2545.

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Cheers for Cherokee

By Alexis Greybird
It appears that Cherokee County, with Tahlequah in particular, have really ramped-up the romance for February and we hope you can find something to make a memorable evening. We start the month with Wines of Winter going on in downtown Tahlequah Feb. 7. For only a small amount of money, you get a large amount of wine and fun for all (as long as you are over 21) and plenty of shopping and eating opportunities. Sponsored by the Tahlequah Main Street Association, the Wines of Winter party has been a huge hit in years past and this year, theyve taken things up a notch. Find out more at www.tmsaok. com or give Drew Haley a call at (918) 431-1655. NSU is offering a special evening where you can enjoy a romantic time while donating to a worthwhile cause. Their Jazz Lab is gearing up for a Jam-Balaya on Feb. 8. For $35 per couple (or $20 per person), you can enjoy a dinner of, you guessed it, Jambalaya along with a wonderful concert and silent auction, making this an affair to remember. If you want to come for the music, they also have tickets for the concert at $12 each, but youll want the whole package, trust
u Remember Yo ter At... Always do Bet

9918) 444-4602 or e-mail him at If you need some more information, check them out on Facebook (/ nsumusic) or on their Website at What better way to romance than to attend a play? On Feb. 26, Neil Simons hit play Biloxi Blues will be at NSUs Performing Arts Center at 7:30 and 9:30 pm. It follows the trail of Eugene, Morris and Jerome as they survive their basic training at the Biloxi, Mississippi Army training camp in 1943. You cant miss with Neil Simons witty humor and ability to bring characters to life and draw you into the story. We are certain

that NSUs performers will draw you in and make you forget that you are sitting in a theater in Tahlequah. Find out more at March brings in the lions with the newly revamped Dream Theaters Oscar party. We are awaiting the details, but rest assured, from what weve seen, the new and improved Dream Theater has made a big impact and youll want to be a part of the festivities. Stay tuned to The Pulses March issue for all the details and well see you there!



us on this. Dinner starts at 6:30 and the concert starts at 8 pm. Reservations are strongly recommended because this is a big event. The Jazz Lab is conveniently located on North Muskogee Avenue right in the heart of Tahlequah and if you want to make your reservations now, then contact Tommy Poole at

Want a free Tshirt?

Eastern Oklahoma District Library System and The Pulse Magazine have partnered up to bring you SEEK THE GEEK every month in 2013. Look through the issue every month to find a winning poster from one of the EODLS libraries each month. This months winner is below, but we wont always tell you where it is, so just look for the poster. Then go to YOUR local EODLS library and tell them you found the Geek! The first person to report that they found the Geek poster in each library will win a FREE tshirt! While youre there, make your own Geek Poster and enter the Geek Contest. Our readers will vote for the best poster at the end of the year and well feature the overall winner as our cover! Head to your library and tell them you found the geek!


235 N. Muskogee Tahlequah, OK


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Okmulgee originals
By Amy Addams

Visit Pawnee and experience the Wild West

By Julie Wenger Watson
During winter, opportunities for outdoor adventure are often limited, as the colder temperatures keep us indoors. Inclement weather, however, doesnt have to mean endless hours of boring television reruns and mindless video games. Located near the city of Pawnee, The Pawnee Bill Ranch, with its historical home and museum, is a great chance to explore the state and its fascinating history while keeping warm and dry. The Ranch was the showplace of Gordon W. Pawnee Bill Lillie, entertainer and creator of the Wild West Show, a live production originally touring in the late 1800s, full of trick shooters, trick riders, battle reenactments and animals. Visitors can tour Pawnee Bill and his wife Mays 14-room mansion. It was completed in 1910 and is still fully furnished with many of their belongings, including memorabilia, photographs and artwork reflecting life before and during the early years of statehood. The museum has exhibits relating to Pawnee Bill and his Wild West Shows and to the Pawnees themselves. A blacksmith shop, 1903 log cabin, a barn dating to 1926 and an Indian Flower Shrine are also on the grounds and open for public tours. If weather permits, a tram ride into the exhibit pastures offers views of bison, Texas longhorn cattle and draft horses, along with educational information on conservation and ecology. Dont forget to return in June to witness a thrill-filled recreation of the Wild West Show. For more information about the Pawnee Bill Ranch and the City of Pawnee, visit



Okay, Okmulgee, you got us. We were ready for a quiet, nonhappening month of February and you threw us a curve ball. There is plenty of good times, free stuff and excitement to be had. Strap in and get ready for some serious fun. First, we want to tell you about their Sweetheart of a Deal event where local businesses are donating goodies to create three baskets of items for a giveaway for three lucky winners. They are great Valentines gifts for that special someone. All you need to do is a bit of shopping in Okmulgee where you can find out the details. If you want to know more, contact the Okmulgee Main Street Association at (918) 758-1015. Another thing we found that sounds like it will be the cats pajamas is the Backwoods and Bling Country Auction fundraiser

scheduled for Feb. 23 at the Okmulgee Country Club. Tickets are still available at the time of this writing and it might be in your best interest to attend and see what kinds of goodies can be had at a great price. There is also the chance that you will find that once-in-a-lifetime thing that you didnt get for Christmas but you just cant live without it. All proceeds go to helping the Okmulgee Service League and you can contact Maggie Bailey OSL President Elect at (918) 758-6359 if you need some more info. While you are visiting Okmulgee, make sure you check out some of their awesome food and shopping opportunities. There are some real good BBQ joints, a bakery we hear is pretty spectacular and Ikes is a grand stand for a nice romantic dinner stop (see our Dining Out pages for more). Find out more about Okmulgee at

Richard Heinrich as Chester Byers, Champion Roper

Nowata knows what to do to celebrate winter

By Trent McDaniel
While Nowata is relatively quiet (and they like it like that), they do have a bit of a need for a little fun and boot scootin, so on the first and third Saturdays of the month, they have a little throw down complete with snacks and music with Hooter Creek and a special guest. Its the Nowata Country Jubilee held at 116 N. Maple Street and for only $10, you can be a part of the fun. Dont bother with dinner before you go because they have burgers, hot dogs, Frito Chili Pie, onion rings, fries and desserts all for sale as well as sodas and coffee. We also heard that the desserts are homemade. YUM! You can attend the Jubilee for only $10 which is a great price for a nice Saturday evening where the kids are welcome and you can get bit of dancing in as well. Better still, you get to hang with the sweet folks of Nowata where the good old days are alive and well. Want to know more? Then call (918) 619-3567 with your questions. The Jubilee is held in downtown Nowata and you can dress casual or do a bit of dressing up, but cowboy hats and boots are not only welcome but expected.


Jim Reynolds will be performing at the Nowata Country Jubilee

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Adair County is the place to be and shop

By Ronnie Hopkins & Edna (Fields) Hopkins
For quite a few years, I have been going to the Big Yellow Store where Ronnie Dyer is the sole owner and employee. He stocks everything and knows where everything is inside his store. If you cant find things, just ask Ron, he is always ready to help and he has a great personality. Once you check it out the first time, youll want to go back again and again. He has run the store going on 24 years where he carries Tandy leather products, a complete line of beads, huge selections of fabrics and hosier, tools, country and western dcor, wallpapers, audio and video hook-ups, novelty cake pans and wedding supplies, 100,000 yards of lace, embroidery supplies, hunting clothes, plastic model car kits and thread. Its a great place for redecorating, adding to a hobby or just starting a new one. I shop for Christmas and birthday gifts for my family and friends there and my husband is always warning me not to get lost due to lots of divided rooms. You really should check out the Big Yellow Building youll be glad you did. The store is located on 714 N. 2nd Street in Stilwell and it is open seven days a week, 9 am 5 pm and 1 pm 5 pm on Sunday.

Celebrating Black History Month

Many people who are not part of the African-American community realize that Black History Month exists but do little or nothing to honor the legacy and contributions the black community has made to make our country what it is today. Instead of telling you about events being held, we did a bit of research on ways you can enlighten yourself and others. Part of understanding our future involves understanding our past. So how did Black History Month begin? Theres not enough space here to cover the entire history, but it began in 1915 when an alumnus of the University of Chicago, Carter G. Woodson traveled from Chicago to Washington D.C. to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation (sponsored by the state of Illinois in 1865). An exhibit showing the progress that had been made was set-up in D.C. and Woodson attended with thousands of other Americans to see the exhibit. Woodson was so inspired by the exhibit and excitement of other attendees; he decided to form an organization to promote the scientific study of black life and history before leaving the Capitol. On September 9, 1915, Woodson met with A. L. Jackson and three others at the Wabash YMCA to create the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History (ASNLH). February was selected as the month for Black History because two key figures in shaping black history, Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass both have their birthdays in February, but it only started as a week-long celebration. Woodson was a bit discouraged by the ignorance of many peoples thinking towards Douglass and Lincoln. One of his biggest complaints was that Lincoln did not free the slaves, but rather the Union soldiers sacrifices were the true reason for the demise of slavery. Hence, Negro History Week was born. Over time, teachers began to teach black history as a supplement to U.S. history, but there were still many who could not openly teach students about the plight of blacks in America. One teacher in Alabama had to hide Woodsons book under his desk so he would not be fired by the school principal. The south was still a bit behind the north where black history was concerned. The 1960s were a tumultuous time for the U.S.; with Vietnam and racial issues at the forefront, it subsequently became a time to revolutionize many Americans views on the black community and their history. Black History Month, while long-since celebrated in West Virginia, still had not caught on in many states, but it was always Woodsons hope that we would no longer need Black History Month at some point in our countrys development. We are clearly not there yet. So how do we evolve? The biggest way to change perceptions is with education. To change peoples perceptions, we have to start with our own family. Educating your children is key to ensuring that future generations might not need Black History Month, so let it begin at home. One of the biggest things we can all do is read books written by black authors and books about blacks who effected change in the U.S. Understanding goes a long way to enlightenment and through the magic of books you can become a better-rounded individual. To make an even bigger impact, host a read-in. The 24th National African American Read-In will be going on all month long. To find out how you can host a read-in, check out To create a better future for our children, you dont have to host a read-in, but you can find books that will better educate your children about the African American culture. The Farrell J. Chiles Collection of Biographies and Autobiographies will provide a list of great books to help you choose: aari/packetinfo has booklists for children, young adults, adults and a wonderful list of biographies to help you choose a topic or person to excite you to read more. Another Website that can help you find the topics for Black History Month by year is www. This years theme is At the Crossroads of Freedom and Equality: the Emancipation Proclamation and the March on Washington. To participate in local events celebrating Black History, a great place to start is at the University of Central Oklahomas Website. There you can find many events happening all month long: www., (405) 974-3588.


FREE is a good thing

Do you dread this time of year? Does the whole idea of tax paperwork make you run for the Advil? Well, fret no more, because the good people at the Cherokee Nation have partnered up with some of your VITA sites to make sure you do your paperwork and get all you have coming to you with free tax help at the John F. Henderson Westville Public Library Feb. 12-26 and Mar. 12-26, 9 am - 3:30 pm, weather permitting. Theyll even file electronically and ensure you get that big fat refund deposited in your bank account in 10 days or less. Dont do your taxes by yourself. The IRS is not accountable for your tax information; dont give your money away, get help. (Also: dont wait until the last minute, it only results in unnecessary stress). Find out more at (918) 453-5536 or gather your paperwork and walk in. There are new tax laws that could give you a nice little refund, so dont wait around. Get on over to Westville Library (at 116 North Williams) and get those taxes done!

Pawhuskas Osage County Historical Museum worth a visit

By Julie Wenger Watson
Osage County, Oklahomas largest, is even bigger than the states of Delaware or Rhode Island and is home to gorgeous natural scenery that includes stretches of prairie, timbered hills and crystalline lakes. The Countys history reflects the story of the state, a story full of oil barons, Native American culture, agriculture and even outlaws. Modern day Osage County is home to the Osage Nation, and Pawhuska is the county seat. A visit to the Osage County Historical Museum in Pawhuska is a good way to learn about this part of the state. A western life exhibit, with branding irons, saddles, photographs and memorabilia, offers a taste of the bygone days of the Wild West, while the pioneer exhibit shows what life might have been like for the early settlers. The museums Native American collection includes examples of beautiful bead work, clothing and blankets, along with a collection of unique photographs. If you happen to visit on a warmer winter day, the museum grounds contain a Cultural Park with old rail cars from the Santa Fe line that used to travel between Pawhuska and Kansas, as well as a one-room school house with a playground and picnic facilities. Of course, even in Oklahoma, picnics in February are a rare thing, but no need to worry. Pawhuska has plenty of restaurants offering everything from Mexican, Chinese and Greek food to BBQ. For more information, visit

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Its outdoors season indoors

But Wait! Theres more! Much more! Claremore has a wonderful start to March with the Outdoor Sporting Expo happening Mar. 1-3 at the Claremore Expo Center (400 Veterans Hwy). With exhibits to help improve your fishing, hunting and travel skills, you wont want to miss this. They also have activities like archery, horseback riding and all kinds of other activities you might need to get better at. It doesnt matter your skill set, they have someone there who can make you better. Find out more at www. or (918) 341-8688. Looking ahead further into March, we also heard tell of the Tulsa Home & Garden Show returning to the QuikTrip Center Mar. 7-10 and if you need some home updates (and who doesnt?), they have it. With over 450 vendors, you cannot miss this opportunity to make some changes. You can also peruse the sand sculptures of Tulsa icons while you are there. With organizers, bathroom and kitchen remodelers, landscapers, crafters and all kinds of home improvement contractors on-hand, heres your chance to make changes once and for all (or pay someone else to do it for you and take a nap while they work). Get more at Weve given you lots of choices of where to go to improve your angling, hunting and home improvement skills or where to go to get someone else to do it for you, all you need to do is decide which one works best for your specific needs. Spring is almost here, so theres no time like the present to get going.

What? How can it be outdoors indoors? Well, many of the local promoters are in the know that this is the time of year to host shows to tempt your wallet with new boats, fishing and camping gear and the promise of warmer weather ahead. They are also ensuring that when the time comes, youll have all that you need to make your outdoor adventures the best they can be. All you need to do is see how much is available to spend from your budget. You also want to include the family because many of these shows have made sure your kids are safely entertained while you drool over the big bad boats and RVs. We covered it in January, but it bears repeating that the Tulsa Boat, Sport & Travel Show is winding down in early February Feb. 3 to be exact. Boats, RVs, camping and survival gear, along with experts, outdoor show celebrities and plenty of advice to get your 2013 outdoor life started is all in the Muscogee Creek Nation Center at Expo Square. Get more info at www. Dont wait too long, time is short just like February. Grove is counting on this being a great year for the outdoor types and we start with their Home & Garden Show Feb. 8-10 at the Grove Civic Center (located at 1720 S. Main) where over 100 vendors will be on hand to help you plan that new landscape, re-do that tired living room dcor or just update your cooking skills. All kinds of products will be demonstrated to help you take the first step into revamping your abode or around it. Get your info at or call (918) 786-9079. Attention all anglers and hunters! There is a show that is just for you. Without all those other bits you dont care about. The Green Country Midsouth Hunting, Fishing & Tackle Show is coming to the SpiritBank Event Center (10441 S. Regal Blvd.) Feb. 15-17. Demos, seminars, live music, food and catfish noodling/rattlesnake shows are only the beginning. Friday night is kids night with all kinds of kid-friendly activities and the guys from Swamp People will be making a show over the next few days as well as dog tricks and a bass tub (like shooting fish in a barrel). For

hours, tickets and more, logon to or call (918) 343-4868/520-3474. B.A.S.S. Bassmaster Classic is taking over multiple locations all over Green Country and this is truly a big to-do. We should all be honored that we are a part of this national event. It starts on Grand Lake O the Cherokees where professional anglers go out to get the catch of their lives. The biggest weigh-in (held at BOK Center) nets a sweet one million dollars in prize money. Not bad for a day spent fishing, eh? They start at Wolf Creek Launch and wind out each day at the weigh-in at BOK Center Feb. 22-24. If you arent ready to compete with the big dogs yet, then head over to the Tulsa Convention Center to check out what youll need to be a competitor for next years Classic. Vendors include Bass Pro Shops, Dicks Sporting Goods, Triton, Toyota, Yamaha, Academy Sports and Outdoors, and more; this is serious shopping for serious fishermen and women. If you prefer to stick closer to Grove for all your boating and sporting fun, then check out the Grand Lake Boat and Sports Show at Groves Civic Center Feb. 22-24; corresponding with the Bassmaster Classic along with the one in Tulsa. Vendors include - GRDA, Jerrys Dock Service, Wet Steps, Southern Journey, Signs by Sikorski, OK Boat Lift, Gallup Map, Serenity Point, John Cox - General Ladies Merchandise, Ellas Dip, KGVE, Eagle Med, Hydrohoist, Grand Lake Sail and Power Squadron, We Luv Trees, LMC Handcrafts, Leather crafts by Jim, Wax Bucket, Tera Miranda, Scentsy, Wood Renew, Remax, Stephanies, Ocean Canyon, USCG, Green Country Synthetics, So Kal, Pratt Pest Control, Pine Island Resort, Pampered Chef, Body by VI, Past Impressions, Grand Lake Boat Towing, Green Country Squares. If you want more info, check out or call (918) 786-2289. There are more details on their website along with lodging and maps to get you where you want to go. Get more info on the event in Tulsa, check out www.tulsasports. org or call (918) 560-0293 with specific questions.

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Pulse Pro penny pincher stocking your pantry

By Larraine Larimar
Weve all been to the grocery store recently and the prices of food are going, up, up up. You might be wishing you had stocked up when they were lower, but the truth is that its not too late. We have some helpful tips to keep money in your pocket while your pantry grows. Proper storage of your pantry goods is key to getting the most for your money. Buying nearly expired food is what some people recommend to save a buck, however we disagree. The idea is to feed your family for the long term, not kill them with disease. You might want to repackage items that are bagged. Even putting these items in another bigger bag can go a long way to protecting them. Saving Cool Whip containers and other plastic lidded ware is good for pantry storage. Make sure you label the items, keep similar ones together and write the date you bought it. Keeping containers, storage bags and a permanent marker on hand are very helpful to keeping your pantry even more organized. As you are shopping, remember that you are doing this for the long term, so stocking your pantry properly will take a bit of time. If you spend $10-20/ grocery run, you can have your pantry stocked in no time. Here are some Websites we found to help you make the most of your pantry: is a great site for not only stocking your pantry, but they also offer some great healthy menus, recipes and ideas. has a good site for meal planning, saving money and organizing more than just your pantry. is a great site for money saving for families and stay-at-home moms. has all kinds of ideas and anyone who knows who Paula Deen is will lover site as much as the woman herself. is a great site for anything home related. Be warned: youll be there a while. They have so much info, youre likely to lose track of time, but youll come away with a lot of great ideas for your home and life. Stay tuned to The Pulse for more tips on how to keep more money in your pocket.

Pulse Pro penny pincher How to save on your grocery bill

By Amy Addams
Many of us are looking for ways to cut our bills and our waistlines. Many of us made New Years resolutions to do better by our health and our wallets, but many of us (myself included) neglected to devise a game plan to make it happen. Wishing wont make it so - so weve decided to help our readers make a game plan to save a few bills at the grocer. Lets dive in. First, I hate clipping and organizing coupons and the only times I did it, I felt like it was a colossal waste of my time. I didnt know what I was doing and I was clipping every single coupon I found and then I tried to use them all. I ended up spending a lot more than I would have if I would have just stuck to a list. I found out that many of the coupons are for packaged food and many of the foods that are not good for you. Thats not to say that all of them arent good, but many are packaged meals and snacks. If you are trying to eat healthier, that presents a problem. So where do we go from here? First, generic labeled products can save you a heap of money. You save on the fact that they dont have fancy labels or a marketing department so you reap the rewards. Many offer money-back guarantees. Dont stock-up if youve never had them before. Give them a try and decide which ones you like. Next, cut back on how much you eat. Many of us eat every meal on dinner plates and we feel it necessary to fill those plates. Cut back on how much you eat by going to salad or dessert plates and put some food back. Next, stop wasting food. Many of us (Im guilty too) spend the night before the trash man comes throwing out the food we didnt eat. Make one or two nights a week leftover night. Go through the refrigerator and offer leftovers as tonights dinner. Even if everyone eats something different, you are saving big. Leftovers also make for good lunches to take to work. Many of us have microwaves at the office and you can make chicken salad or cold meatloaf sandwiches. We tied this and cut our meat consumption by almost 50 percent. Cook your own food. Many of us buy packaged foods like meatloaf, beef tips and the like and unless you have a small family, this gets pricey quick. Making your own food from scratch is a big money saver. You are buying the ingredients, not the meals themselves. Once you have 14 or so meal plans, you can actually get into the habit of buying exactly what you need when you grocery shop. Much of our overspending comes from the items we dont need and buying ready-made meals. If you need to have ready-made on-hand, make extra and freeze the other half, thus making your own. Afraid to cook? Check out www. for ideas. Save on sodas (AKA pop) and bottled water by making iced tea, Kool-aid and using a Brita pitcher. I am very guilty of being a diet soda addict. My addiction is deep, so I dont buy when I need sodas but I shop around. Many times, Walgreens and Reasors run sales that make buying sodas worth it and I do a big stock-up: then and only then. I also have a rule on what the price has to be to buy sodas. If your whole family is drinking pop like water, you have a dilemma so youll have to figure out what you can get away with and what you cant. You might make a rule that no one can drink sodas until after evening and everyone can only consume one or two per day. That rule is yours to make (and enforce). When you shop, take a look at what the big ticket items are and see where you can cut costs. Red meat often runs three to four times as much as chicken but I always see people hovering around the red meat. Thats not to say that you need to cut red meat out, but make it less of a priority. You can also save on organics. Organic milk is not much of a money saver as milk is heavily regulated by the FDA, so decide whats most important. Dont buy produce out of season and see if you can get your hands on generic organic items. You want to select the organics that are most susceptible to pesticides or buy frozen organics. Doing a bit of research goes a long way to saving you money (Google The dirty dozen for the list). Cheese can really get you and many of us are big cheese eaters. Buying the more costly cheeses like brie, gouda and the like cost much more than cheddar for instance. See if you can find replacements for your expensive cheeses. Use what you have and augment these items with what you buy. If you have ground beef, chili seasoning and beans, then all you need is some canned tomatoes to make a big pot of chili. If you have a big family, add more beans to make the chili cheaper and maybe serve it with corn bread to keep the cost per family member down. When you shop, check the items lower on the shelves. They are usually much cheaper than the ones at eye level. This is especially true of canned goods and cereal. You also might consider buying in bulk for nuts, cereal and anything that is dry and stores well for long periods of time. You want to have containers at home to store them in, so think about that when you buy. Avoid items like shampoo, deodorant and the like from the grocery store. Youll want to get them at the drugstore or dollar store. Most importantly, plan ahead. Make lists to take to the store and organize by where youll find them. A good place to get a grocery list for your smart phone can be found at You also want to make your new shopping habit a real habit. If you like a certain food for breakfast, make a few ahead to reheat and set-up your coffee the night before so you can turn on the coffee maker and it does all the work in the morning. If you are still feeling the pinch, take a look at how much you eat out and do the math. A family of four eating at a buffet costs around $30-40 for one meal. Thats some serious cash! Instead, take a look around the internet and find recipes for your favorite eat-out meals or appetizers. Your wallet and waistline will thank you.



First, get what you have organized. I recently organized my pantry and found that I had multiples of many things while others were either down to the last can or out completely. If you can, organize your stock and put the oldest items out in front. Next, make an assessment of what you use the most. Make a running list that will help you to buy at the grocery store. If you eat a lot of potatoes, rice or pasta, buy it, but if you dont eat canned carrots, dont buy them. Some folks think they need to buy food they dont like and many of us have packages of uneaten food that have been around since God-only-knows-when. Get rid of these items. Donate them to a shelter, a neighbor or throw them out if they are old. Consider new items to add to your list: canned meats, powdered or condensed cans of milk, powdered eggs, rice, instant mashed potatoes, canned fruit and anything that doesnt need to take up valuable real estate in the freezer are all good to have on hand. If youve never bought it before, buy a small box to try it before you go for more. These items are also good for the inevitable power outage we are prone to around these parts. Now, you need to look through your local store circular to see what they have on sale this week. Do not be lured into buying items that are on sale simply because they are on sale. You have a list. You also might want to do a bit of couponing, but if that idea makes you hyperventilate just thinking about it (I avoid them like the Plague), then just go with the store circular. Anything you use but that is not one sale, make it a priority to wait for it to go on sale before you buy in bulk. If you are a warehouse club member, check to see that you are truly saving money. Just because you get three tubes of toothpaste for $7 doesnt always mean its a deal. I found the same toothpaste elsewhere on sale for $1.79/tube and I didnt have to stock two other tubes. Its easy to get caught up in the excitement of samples, cheap underwear, big packs of batteries and the like, but you have to keep your head when grocery shopping at big box stores. Keep your list in your hand and stay away from the items you did not come for. Do a bit of price research before you buy. Write down what the item costs, how many ounces/pounds you get and what the expiration date is. You dont have to buy it today. You can come back later if its a good deal. As you buy items, it helps some people to hang a list somewhere to check off what they use as they use it, others like to take stock right before they go to the store and others have laminated lists where they edit the list as they buy and use items. What you do is up to you.

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The Heart of the Matter

By Karen Brown
This month we celebrate Valentines Day with those we love. February is also Heart Month. The American Heart Association and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are among the organizations leading the way to educate and empower Americans to reduce their risk of heart disease. Heart disease attributes to a lot of deaths every year. More than two million heart attacks and strokes occur in our nation every year. One out of every three deaths in the United States is related to cardiovascular disease. That is over 800,000 deaths a year or about one death every second. Oklahoma, unfortunately, is among the states with the highest concentration of heart disease. Factors that contribute to heart disease include: smoking, having inherited genetic traits, being overweight or obese, having high cholesterol or high blood pressure, having previous heart attack or stroke history, increased stress levels, improper diet, and lack of exercise. Of course you cannot change your genes, but many of the factors that contribute to cardiovascular disease you do control. Exercise fits into this category and it is completely your decision. Regular exercise can add years to your life and life to your years. In fact, some studies suggest that regular exercise can extend your life literally 1 -2 minutes per every mile walked. The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week, or 75 minutes of more vigorous activity (they recommend beginning slowly and building up to the 150 or 75 minutes). Keep in mind that people with high blood pressure or other chronic health problems and those who are at high risk should consult their physician before beginning an exercise program. In addition, healthy men over 40 and healthy women over 50 should also consult their physician before beginning a rigorous exercise program. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states exercise need not be strenuous to obtain many of the health related benefits. In fact, people who are inactive can see improvements in their health by becoming moderately active on a regular basis. So sounds like consistency is the key! But dont worry, you dont have to go to the gym or pop in an exercise DVD to get the benefits. Below is a list of suggestions by the CDC to increase your overall daily activity: Washing/Waxing car 45-60 minutes Washing windows/floors 45-60 minutes Playing touch football or basketball 30-45 minutes Gardening 30-45 minutes Pushing a stroller/water aerobics 30 minutes Swimming laps 20 minutes Jumping rope/ stair walking/shoveling snow 15 minutes One way exercise helps us reduce our cardiovascular risk is by improving our blood circulation. The heart is a muscle and just like other muscles, it becomes stronger when it is exercised. The heart muscle is responsible for pumping blood continuously throughout our body. This blood carries the nutrients and vital oxygen to every cell in our body. As a pump, the volume or amount of blood delivered with each and every beat of our heart depends greatly on the strength and overall condition of our heart muscle. The stronger and more conditioned your heart is, the more nutrients and oxygen enriched blood gets sent out to your cells with each beat. This means that a healthy heart is more efficient and has to beat less per day, (per hour, per minute) to deliver the same amount of blood as an unconditioned heart many more beats to deliver. In this way, your heart can conserve its energy, possibly contributing to extending its life and yours! Participating in a regular exercise program contributes to a person avoiding heart disease in many other ways as well. Exercise can also help to increase the levels of HDL (the healthy cholesterol), reduce the level of the unhealthy cholesterol (LDL), reduce stress and help you maintain a healthy weight. So this February 14th think about celebrating Valentines Day in a way that makes a difference for your own heart as well as those you love. Commit to learn more and develop habits that will keep you from adding to the growing statistic of heart related deaths in our state. Start by visiting the following websites for more information: and Karen Brown is a certified fitness instructor living in Verdigris OK. Her experience in the fitness industry includes training adults and seniors, and teaching and developing physical education programs for children of all ages (including home school children). For additional information about adult fitness or home school consulting programs call 918-2609236 or email

Keeping sickness away

It seems like everyone at The Pulse caught a little something in January. Maybe it was the warm then cold weather, maybe it was just one of those things, but either way, it was a tough month for everyone. Getting sick is just a bite and theres no nice way to put it. But it got us thinking how can it be avoided? We did a bit of research and heres what we found: First, while there are many ways sickness can be transmitted through the air, the way many of us contract the flu, stomach viruses and colds is through touching things that have been contaminated and then touching our faces. Having said that, the best thing you can do is not touch your face and wash your hands with soapy water frequently. You must wash your hands for at least two rounds of Happy Birthday to ensure youve done the trick. Kissing others, even on the cheek, can spread sickness, so maybe until spring, it might be advisable to not kiss anyone. So much for Valentines Day, huh? Keeping your house immaculately clean doesnt really do much for sickness transmission, but some of the most often-transmitted spots are light switches and door handles. While you are wiping down other areas, wiping off these spots with a disposable rag coated in Lysol cleaner or bleach is advised. Keeping yourself healthy is of ultimate importance. Eating right, getting proper rest and exercise (outdoors is even better) can go


a long way to keeping you healthy. Make sure you eat enough fruits and vegetables as well as fiber and plenty of water. Getting the right amount of sleep can help you restore your immunity, so now is not the time to let rest get away from you. You also want to air out the house as much as you can. A big reason we get sick in the winter is that we are enclosed in the house and germs are just lingering about, waiting to attack. Be sure to air out the house as much and as often as you can. Do you need a flu shot? If you have compromised immunity, a flu shot is recommended. Similarly, if you are over the age of 65 or under the age of 5, a flu shot might also be a must. Ask your doctor what he or she thinks. Chances are that your doctor will recommend one. You can bypass the doctor and get flu shots at your local pharmacy as well. Remember, flu shots are not a guarantee that you wont get sick (they consist of last years strain), but they are a good defense for most. Starting to feel a bit funky? If you feel like the flu is about to rear its ugly head, then by all means STAY HOME!!! Playing the hero at your job is the absolute worst thing you can do. The first 24-48 hours are when you are the most contagious (actually, you were most contagious when you felt the sickness starting, but you are still a danger to others), so stay away from others until you are less so. Get plenty of rest, eat healthy foods and most importantly, make sure you drink lots of fluids, namely water. You need to flush out your system as best you can and as much as you can. Same goes for family and loved ones. You need to stay away from those closest to you until you are a bit better so it doesnt make the rounds. If it happens, youll need to air out the house for a bit and spray some air cleaner (Lysol is best) as well as change out the heat filters and wipe down anything youve touched. You cant be overly cautious. How do you know if its the flu or something else? If you are running a fever for more than 12 hours, chances are that you have the flu, but if you are vomiting or you have diarrhea, you have a virus. The virus should run its course in one to two days. If it doesnt, youll need to see the doctor to avoid dehydration. If you do have the flu, your doctor can prescribe medications to shorten the duration but youll need to catch it early. If you are stuffy, coughing, sneezing and just feel yuck, but you do not have a fever, then its a cold (or it could be winter allergies). Zicam is a great OTC remedy for a cold. If you work in a place where there are good chances of developing the flu, be sure to keep your hands away from your face, wash your hands often and take care of your health. Stay healthy Green Country!

N early M e
Trained and Certified Mastectomy Fitter




DeAnn Garrison
(918) 686-0010 (888) 686-0010
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Mastectomy and Fashion Products

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Rodeo Round-up
Many of our readers have asked where the Powwows and rodeos went, so we wanted to tell you that there isnt a lot to talk about for February, but what is around deserves our attention. If you know of a rodeo or powwow we missed, we apologize and would be happy to put your event on our website and Facebook page. Many of the rodeos are not within Green Country, but you die-hard rodeo goers have never let that stop you, so here goes: Feb. 2, 9, 16, 23: SCRA/IPRA Stockyards Championship Rodeo, Fort Worth, TX, (254) 371-7343 Held at the Cowtown Colliseum (at 121 E. Exchange Ave), it might be a drive, but like Oklahoma, Texas is serious rodeo country. Plenty of events ensure its worth the drive. All events are held at 8 pm and the Double R Rodeo Company is putting on the show. Feb. 9, 23, 24: CRRA Rodeo, Clarksville, AR, (479) 530-6532 Plenty of events to keep you glued to your seat, this CRRA Rodeo is being held at the Foothills Arena and its not too far to get your rodeo fix until Oklahoma gets rolling. They will also have more info on the CRRA Queen. Could make for a fun day of horses, racing, barrels and pretty girls. Theres nothing better than that! Find out more at Feb. 9-10: Central 4D Barrel Racers, Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center, Shawnee, (405) 275-7020, Let the season begin! With a jackpot and a spot in the year-end championships, this is barrel racing at its best. Shawnee isnt too far to go for the excitement you are bound to witness. Feb. 16: Tulsa Heritage Rodeo, Tulsa, (918) 402-5208, www. We tried to find the website for this rodeo, but had no luck. We decided to cover it anyway. What a great way for you cowboys and cowgirls have a romantic day of what you love to do with the one you love to be with. If you find info, wed love to know about it. Junior Bull Riding February 23 Creek County Fairgrounds, Junction of Hwy. 66 & Hwy. 33 -Kellyville In 2004, a group of individuals put together the JBR, an organization that offers Bull Riding & Bareback Riding for youths. Run by volunteers, this organization gives young people an opportunity to compete in a drug-free, family environment, with an emphasis on sportsmanship, hard work and good attitudes! Please come out and support this wonderful group of people, and see some young talent! For more information call Kenneth Kern (918) 770-5495 (Source: Deb Bayton) Mar. 1-3: Timed Event Championship, Lazy E Arena, Guthrie, (405) 282-3004, The top 20 PRCA cowboys in the world are headed to Lazy E Arena for this Timed Event Championship, so theres a lot on the line and youll get the chance to say you saw it all. This is pretty prestigious so if you call yourself a rodeo fan, you need to check this one out. Get your ropes, load up the clan and check it out before you make the drive, but who knows where it could lead?

Couples Retreat


Native Dancing in February

February 9 - 10 23rd Annual World Championship Hoop Dance Contest The Heard Museum Arizona Contact: Darian Begay Phone: (602) 252-8840 Email: Website: February 9 Mid-America All-Indian Centers Valentine Powwow Mid-America All-Indian Center Kansas 650 N Seneca St. Wichita, KS February 16 Texas Gulf Coast Tia-Piah Benefit Pow-wow St. Pius V Catholic Church Gym Texas Contact: Jan Hacket Phone: (919) 475-3150 Email: February 16 - 17 16th Annual United San Antonio Powwow Alzafar Shrine Temple Texas Email: February 23 18th Annual UT-Arlington Powwow Arlington Powwow TX Contact: Dr. Les Riding-In Phone: (817) 272-9081 Email: Website: February 23 18th Annual Benefit Powwow University of Texas Bluebonnet Ballroom University Center TX Contact: Les Ridingin Phone: (817) 272 5319 Email: March 2 Peoria Stomp Dance Ottawa-Peoria Cultural Center 114 S. Eight Tribes Trail Miami, OK Phone: (918) 540-2535 Ottawa-Peoria Cultural Center, Miami, OK 74354 The annual Peoria Stomp Dance in Miami is a festival of American Indian dance. This cultural dance event of the Peoria Tribe is an exciting display of slow, stomping steps set to rhythm. The traditional stomp dance ceremony contains both religious and social meaning. The Peoria Stomp Dance is held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Peoria Council and other special events.

With Valentines Day mid-month, February is a perfect time to think about staying in an area Bed and Breakfast. Bed and Breakfasts have a reputation for being romantic couple getaways with private, intimate settings and gourmet food. Couples go to B&Bs to be pampered or have quiet time alone. Northeast Oklahoma has many B&Bs that fit this description. We also have many that offer a different kind of getaway. Take Meadowlake Ranch Inn and Dude Ranch, for instance. Meadowlake offers cozy lake side cabins for two and huge country breakfasts. But it is also a working dude ranch with a lodge, horseback riding, tomahawk throwing lessons, shooting range, plenty of trails and more. You can even choose to stay in an authentic Indian ti pi. If you live in the city and want a true getaway, but do not want to have to go far away to have it; you may want to try Cedar Rock Inn on Redberry Farm. Cedar Rock Inn is right outside of Tulsa and offers rustic luxury in a peaceful setting. The main home was built in 1890 and has been beautifully transformed into a modern Bed and Breakfast. The grounds are breathtaking and each room showcases the view. For a trip back in time, book a stay at the Hayes House Bed and Breakfast in Muskogee. Victorian era style sets the romantic mood in this lovely historical home. The food is amazing. Breakfast at the Hayes House is a vacation in itself. For the outdoorsy couple, The Anniversary Cottage on the Grand Lake of the Cherokees might be a good choice. The Cottage has beautiful views of the lake and access to it also.

By Angel Waldo

Terrapin Peak Bed and Breakfast in the Cookson area offers a secluded, peaceful setting. Gourmet food by Chef Whats His Name (no really, thats his name) makes this a retreat to never forget. Northeast Oklahoma has so many choices. Staying in a B&B can be a wonderful experience. However, due to the often secluded, intimate nature, many couples are reluctant to try it. Looking up a B&B in the phone book is not a suggested way to locate one. Try going online to a site designed to showcase area B&Bs. Oklahoma Bed and Breakfast Associations site showcases members who meet their qualifications to be certified and approved Guest Worthy inns. BBOnline lists B&Bs across the nation and international choices as well. You can narrow your search down to state and region. Any Bed and Breakfast can pay to be added to this site. The Oklahoma Tourism site also lists area choices. Here is some advice for picking out a bed and breakfast: choose a B&B that shows online both inside and outside photos of their properties. A B&B that has plenty of personal stories from satisfied visitors is a plus also. Word of mouth or advice from friends is always the easiest way to find out about a good B&B. Check travel sites, such as Yahoo travel, for reviews that are sometimes more objective than the reviews on the B&Bs own site. Once you have picked your bed and breakfast check out their list of added amenities. Many offer a gourmet dinner for two for a fee or champagne and roses. Some area B&Bs offer couples massages and other spa style treatments. Enjoy your getaway, you deserve it!

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How did Valentines Day come to be?

Weve wondered where the idea for Valentines Day came from and who decided that February 14 would be synonymous with love, but apparently, its more than a day devised by greeting card companies. The notion of Valentines Day goes way back. It is believed that at least three Saint Valentines existed and all were martyrs. One of the Valentines was thought to be killed for helping Christians escape the horrible Roman prisons when Christianity was in its infancy. One story is that he was caught and fell in love with a jailors daughter. He sent her a missive of his love and signed it From your Valentine and the rest became ingrained in our history. There is another thought that Valentine was marrying Christian couples without the authority of the Roman government and he was jailed for this. He later met one of the officials responsible for his incarceration who was impressed with Valentines demeanor. He asked Valentine to help his blind daughter and it is believed that Valentine actually helped the girl to regain her sight through his religious conviction. Others believe that it replaced a Pagan celebration of Lupercalia which was celebrated Feb. 15 as a fertility celebration of Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture. Around 500 AD, Lupercalia was outlawed but Valentines Day didnt take hold until the Middle Ages when it was believed that Feb. 14 was the start of bird mating season in France and England. The first Valentine dates back to 1415 while Charles, Duke of Orleans was imprisoned in the Tower of London as a result of being captured at the Battle of Agincourt. He wrote it to his wife and it still lives today in the manuscript collection at the British Library. Americans began celebrating Valentines Day as early as the early 1700s, but the mass-producing of Valentines started with Esther A. Howland who made Valentines greetings with real lace, ribbons and colorful pictures. She was nicknamed the Mother of the Valentine. Before she made Valentine greetings for others, people would exchange hand-written notes declaring their love for another and many would also give small tokens of affection. That is how the exchange of chocolate and red roses gained such popularity. Today, Valentines Day is the second biggest day for card buying after Christmas, but did you know that women buy 85% of all Valentines cards? Whats up with you guys?!? Valentines Day is celebrated in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia and France. Be sure to tell someone you love that you love them this Valentines Day. And gentlemen, get your woman a nice card for Heavens sake! The love you save may be your own!

Valentines Day

Make your

Many of us spend little or no thought on Valentines Day until it is upon us, and when you stop to think about it, its pretty sad. We take for granted those we love until tragedy happens. Make 2013 the year you do something special for those you love. Now, this goes out to all the men in Green Country you may not think its a big deal, but even a handwritten note telling your special someone how you really feel goes a long way in making for a happy relationship. Do not assume she knows, tell her. A piece of paper is pretty cheap. Even printing it on your computer is a good way to make your special ladys day. If you are really into the holiday, we salute you! Valentines Day is not just a silly day full of starry-eyed lovers. It is a day to tell everyone you love how you feel children, neighbors, teachers, parents, friends, they are all important. Stuck for ideas? We have ideas to help you celebrate. First, if you are thinking some chocolates might be nice, we have the perfect place. Glacier Confections in Tulsa (on Brady Street) has chocolates that are unbelievable. One bite and youll be hooked. Youve been warned that these are serious chocolates for serious chocolate lovers. They also have sugar-free and all kinds of boxes to make a real gift from the heart. If you want to go the flowers route, we applaud you. You dont have to go the red roses route. White, pink, multiple colors are all good options as are other flowers and live plants. Orchids, African violets or anything you think she might like will work. Cut flowers or an arrangement are always nice ideas. Want to buy her something longer lasting? What about a nice little piece of jewelry, new pajamas, a gift certificate or handbag? Even a love song CD, chick flick (along with some popcorn and candy) or anything you think she might like are welcome gifts. Let your conscience be your guide. Make a budget and stick to it, though. You

dont need to go deep in debt for a nice Valentines gift. Want to really surprise? Plan a little get-away. A vacation, weekend or even overnight getaway can do wonders for your love life. Dallas, Oklahoma City, Little Rock and others are all within half a days drive from Green Country. Reserve a nice hotel (check out for ideas) and surprise her/him with a nice dinner and night away from the every day. Hire a sitter or leave the kids with Grandma and get away from it all. You can also work out a system with a friend where you exchange baby sitting for each of you to get away while the other family baby sits a sleep-over. You gals arent off the hook either. Gift certificates to Bass Pro, a new pair of shoes, accessories for his gun collection, something hell enjoy are all good ideas. And girls can plan romantic getaways too! Romantic dinners made by your own little hands can make you her hero. Even if all you know is grilled cheese and soup. Thats okay. The fact that you put effort into giving her a break is a sweet thought (and she might have some energy left over for romance!). Want to pick and choose something yourself but stuck for ideas? Then here are some websites to inspire you. Just make sure to make the idea your own. has ideas for as little as $1. is a site for 101 Valentines Ideas for items you can buy. has all kinds of cards, crafts and printables to help you on your way. is a great place to buy a gift for the person who has it all and they are all fair trade. Happy Valentines Day Green Country. Be sure to tell everyone you love how you really feel!

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Fantastic Theatre for February

With all of the great theatre coming this way in February, youd be crazy to ignore it. Just think: a romantic dinner and a great show to follow, you cant go wrong. All you need to do is decide which show will make you feel the most romantic. We covered this in January, but Lady of the Camellias is worth repeating. If you are looking to win the affections of someone special, you cant lose with this show. Youll be immersed in 19th century Paris where star-crossed lovers cant seem to catch a break. Bring your tissues for this show that inspired greats such as Moulin Rouge and La Traviata. Its at the Tulsa PAC Chapman Hall Feb. 1-3, so dont waste time. Find out more at www. or (918) 749-6030. Calling all golfers! What would you say to a story about the comedic value of golfing? The Grove Playmakers have found it with The Fox on the Fairway starting Feb. 8-19 for eight performances. Plenty of (tame) bawdy jokes, lots of slapstick and plenty of betting make this farce one you just cant afford to miss. Tickets are $15 but they have lots of options available if money is tight, so check out or call (918) 786-8950 for details on times and to make reservations. Are you disgusted with the current state of politics? Then let Bill Maher bring back your sense of humor on Feb. 9 at the Brady Theater. Sure to be a comedic good time. Find out more at (918) 582-7239. What about finding A Few Good Men? Muskogee Little Theatre has found them and Feb. 15-23 you can find them too. Tickets are $14/$10 for students and can be purchased at SoundWorld on Okmulgee Ave. Check out www.muskogeelittle or call (918) 683-4901 for complete details. Are you approaching the Big Five-OH or are you dragging it The Fox on the Fairway will be performed by the Grove Playmakers starting Feb. 8.

tionships are exposed and dissected with this drama that won numerous awards over the years. We suggest you leave the kids at home for this one, but dont miss it. Tickets are $13 and $10 for seniors and students, so you just cant miss for that little bit of money, which is still cheaper than a movie ticket. Find out more at or call (918) 540-2425. Tulsa Opera is bringing in The Most Happy Fella Feb. 23, Mar.1, 3 to 1610 S. Boulder Ave. and it looks to be a story worth your time and attention. Exhausted waitress Rosabella has been carrying on a long distance romance with Tony, an Italian grape farmer, for months. Little does she know that the photo she received from him was actually taken of the handsome foreman, Joe. Tony is really a large, older man who fears rejection. Rosabella decides to visit Tony only to find that he has tricked her. She attempts to leave, only to learn that Tony has been injured in a car accident. After confiding in Joe, the foreman, Rosabella admits her feelings for him and decides to stay. She has also grown closer to Tony de-

spite his trickery. Sounds like a romantic evening, doesnt it? Call (918) 587-4811 or (918) 582-4035 for more information. On Feb. 26, Neil Simons hit play Biloxi Blues will be at NSUs Performing Arts Center at 7:30 and 9:30 pm. It follows the trail of Eugene, Morris and Jerome as they survive their basic training at the Biloxi, Mississippi Army training camp in 1943. You cant miss with Neil Simons witty humor and ability to bring characters to life and draw you into the story. We are certain that NSUs performers will draw you in and make you forget that you are sitting in a theater in Tahlequah. Find out more on our Cherokee County pages. Get ready for a big celebrity to start your March with Cathy Rigby as she revisits her role as Peter Pan in none other than Peter Pan Mar. 5-10 at Tulsa PAC (110 E. 2nd St.). Its all there; Wendy, Peter and evil Hook will make this s magical evening to remember. Get more information at or call (918) 596-7109.



Shrek the Musical is a must see for the young and the young at heart, at the Bartlesville Community Center on Feb. 18 along behind you (Ty)? Either way, youll love The Big Five-OH coming to the Bartlesville Theater (at 312 S. Dewey) Feb. 15-24. Its funny and sometimes touching account of a man who is making his peace with his age and his relationship with his son, but it mostly deals with a full-grown man growing up finally. Get more info at or by calling (918) 336-1900. Broadway in Bartlesville brings Shrek the Musical to the Bartlesville Community Center on Feb. 18. Part romance, part twisted fairy tale and lots of fun, Shrek is a cant-miss for a family night out. Get more info and your tickets at or by calling (918) 336-2787. The Coleman Theatre in Miami is jumpin all through February with their events and shows, but we found August, Osage County going on Feb. 21-24. Its based on a couple living just outside of Pawhuska, where all kinds of issues are put out there for the world to see. Addiction, drinking and love-hate rela-

This Just In - Legislation Filed to Eliminate Arts Council Funding

A bill has been filed by a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives to eliminate all funding to the Oklahoma Arts Council by 2017 at a rate of at least 25 percent a year. Oklahomans for the Arts is prepared to advocate against HB 1895. They will aggressively advocate for the nearly $4 million that more than 400 Oklahoma arts and cultural organizations receive every year via grants from the Oklahoma Arts Council. For more information please go to

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FEBRUARY A Good Day to Die Hard

February 14, R
Bruce Willis is back in the defining role of John McClane. In the newest installmaent of the Die Hard series, John heads to Russia to aid his son Jack McCalne (Jai Courtney) only to find out that Jack is a CIA operative working to thwart a nuclear weapons heist. Joining forces they battle the Russian underground to stop a terrorist plot. Also returning is Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Johns daughter Lucy McClane. Taking the villain role this time round is Sebastian Koch as Komorov. This sixth part in the series is said to be the last for Willis, which hopefully translates into an action packed thriller for the audiences.


Escape from Planet Earth

February 14, NYR
Scorch Supernove (Brendan Fraser) is planet Baabs greatest hero and he sets off to a notoriously dangerous planet to pull off yet another daring rescue mission. Accompanied by his not so adventurous by the rules brother Gary (Rob Corddry) they get ensnared by Area 51s General Shanker (James Gandolfini) and must rescue themselves first. Additional voices talents include Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jane Lynch and Paul Reubens. This animated adventure looks like fun for the whole family.

While the art circuit is a bit quiet this time of year, its still alive; you just need to do your part to show our local artists that you support them. What better way to say I Love You than to give a work of art made right here in Oklahoma! Please make the time to show up for at least one art show in February (and support the Oklahoma Arts Council - see page 39). Your local artist community thanks you. The Tulsa Indian Art Festival is guaranteed to make your list of cant miss shows if you are a collector of Native American artworks or if you love quality art: you can find them at the Glenpool Conference Center Feb. 8-10. They are planning to have pottery, jewelry and original works to adorn your walls along with all kinds of unique pieces that are sure to impress the snobbiest art critic. Its not just about selling wares, its also about students, culture, food and music. All you need to do is get on over to Glenpool Conference Center and the rest will take care of itself. They have all kinds of things for the entire family to enjoy. . Get more information on their Website: or by calling (918) 298-2300. The Valentines Art & Craft Show is being held at the JM Davis


in these parts

Arms and Historical Museum Feb. 11-12 and it looks like a great place to be to find that perfect gift for one you love (or even like) for a good price. It doesnt end with a show; they have all kinds of neat things for the guys to look at while the gals are doing a bit of bling shopping. They have an oddities gallery, a bunch of Native American artifacts, western memorabilia, musical instruments and 1,200 steins from all over the world along with weapons. Its all there and everyone can leave feeling like they had a good day. Find out more at or call (918) 341-5707.


Also in Theaters in February

February 1
Bullet to the Head (R); The Haunting in Connecticut 2 (R); Sound City (NR); Stand Up Guys (R); Warm Bodies (PG-13)

February 15
Beautiful Creatures (PG-13); A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III (R); Safe Haven (NYR)

February 8

Identity Thief (NYR); Side Effects (NYR)

February 22

Dark Skies (NYR); Snitch (PG-13)



February 5
Alex Cross (PG-13); Celeste & Jesse Forever (R); Deadfall (R); Flight (R); Here Comes the Boom (PG); A Late Quartet (R)

Haudenosaunee Family (Members of the Longhouse Family) by Kimberly GreeneBugg, Oneida Six-Nations

February 12

Bully (PG-13); The Man with the Iron Fists (R); Perks of Being a Wallflower (PG-13; Robot & Frank (PG-13); The Sessions (R); Silent Hill: Revelation (R)

Skipping ahead into March, we were happy to see that the Glenpool Spring Market is happening Mar. 2 and we really like that local artisans are going to be the emphasis. You can peruse some unique one-of-a-kind wares all made by Okies for Okies. Check out the jewelry, candles, home-baked goods and more. All you need is a $1 donation at the door and you can spend many hours looking at all our friends and neighbors have been doing over the long winter and contribute to the local economy while you are at it. They will be promoting local independent businesses, so it is a great way to keep our Okie economy alive. Get more information at and search for Glenpool Spring Market or call (918) 291-2005 with questions. Stay tuned to The Pulse for Marchs art community line-up. Were headed into the busy season, so start gathering up that spare change and do your part for the local artists who are doing their part to keep art alive here in Green Country.

February 19
Anna Karenina (R); Argo (R); Fun Size (PG-13); Sinister (R)

February 26
Chasing Mavericks (PG); Holy Motors (NR); The Master (R)

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Fine Dining for

Valentines Day
It is a long-held belief that Valentines Day should be wine, good food and red roses, but we here at The Pulse disagree. Valentines is all about the thought and care put into the one(s) we love. If you have a special someone who loves good beer and pizza, all the fine dining in the world wont change that (and youll waste a lot of money). Weve done a bit of research on places to go where the ambiance makes it the place to be. Weve considered your tastes and your checkbook, so no matter which place you choose, youll come out feeling fat and happy and ready for love. The Pink house, 210 W. FourTh sTreeT, Claremore, (918) 3422544, WWW.PinkhouseoFClaremore.Com How can you miss with a Valentines dinner in a pink house? Best part is that there is one located right in the smack-dab center of Green Country in Claremore. They are notorious for their fine lunches that will make you feel like a princess at a tea party and they also have dinner on Friday night as well as a plethora of desserts sure to make you drool all over them. Wraps, sandwiches, tummy-warming soups and all kinds of salads and quiches make this a fab place for the girls to get away for an afternoon of chatting or a special place for you to take your significant other, but we cannot emphasize enough that you must save room for a piece of pie, a cinnamon roll or a chunk of fudge. Get it to go if you have to, but dont leave it behind! They also have an extensive tea selection and a kids menu if finding a sitter is an issue. Stop by the gift shop for that special gift for your special someone on your way out. You can even wear your tiara and no one will think less of you for it. La Villa (inside the Philbrook Museum), 2727 South Rockford Road, Tulsa (918) 748-5367 What a great place to spend not just a meal, but the entire day. You can peruse the wonderful art then top it all off with a fabulous meal. Most art museums are notorious for their fabulous food and La Villa wont disappoint. Quiet, quaint and casual makes this a fabulous place to visit. They have a great brunch on Sundays complete with carving station, cheeses, desserts and salad for those who arent egg crazy. Much of what they serve is fresh from their own gardens. Top it off with half-price admission to the galleries afterwards and be the hero you always could be. If this is your destination, make reservations because this place fills fast. Villa Ravenna, 6526 A East 51st Street (Farm Shopping Center), Tulsa, (918) 270-2666, Romance is key to Villa Ravenna and if you really want to impress,

you cant miss with Villa Ravenna. They have a menu that will satisfy the harshest of critics, including pasta, seafood, meats and its all accompanied by a great wine selection. They have a fantastic selection for a surf and turf combo that will melt in your mouth as well as many vegetarian selections that are all well planned and delicious. Summerside Vineyards Bistro, 441251 E. Historic Route 66, Vinita, (918) 256-3000, Dont discount Summerside just because its February. This is one of the best times of year to head over to Summerside for a romantic light lunch with plenty of ambiance and a bottle of vino to make it complete. They have great appetizers, soups of the day and salads, but save room for a piece of their Molten Chocolate Cake with a cup of coffee to top off the meal. While you are there, stop by the wine shop and grab a few bottles of wine to take home for a romantic evening and keep the date going. Ikes Downtown Pub and Eatery, 104 South Morton Avenue, Okmulgee, (918) 756-1400, Facebook Weve heard a lot about Ikes and none of it was negative, but what made us want to write about it is the fact that it has atmosphere and lots of it (not to mention their food is dang yummy). With dark corners for a romantic dinner for two, they are open late for a few drinks afterwards. Weve heard that their clam chowder is to die for, but we loved the Davids Famous Chili too. A great spot for a lunchtime tryst or go for a special dinner, but their food is pretty special, so your someone special will thank you. We found that there are many things on the menu that get raves, so you cant go wrong no matter what you select. The service and staff are both good but if you are an onion ring snob, then you need Ikes more than they need you. The Artichoke, North of Langley on Hwy 82, Langley, (918) 782-9855, Of course they have spinach artichoke dip, but thats only the beginning. With fresh asparagus from their garden, steak soup and plenty of chicken and seafood options, youll love The Artichoke. Going there this time of year gives you a nice evening of ambiance and romance without the crowds found over the summer. Located in a farmhouse, its cozy and inviting with a relaxing atmosphere where jeans and boots are as welcome as ties and jackets. We highly recommend the crab cake (as former residents of the East Coast, we know our crab cakes and these didnt disappoint) and the grilled salmon is dang tasty too. If you want to be sure to get a spot, make reservations and ensure that your special evening goes off without a hitch. Napolis Italian Restaurant, 901 S. Muskogee Avenue, Tahlequah, (918) 207-0870, Enjoy yourself at The Artichoke in Lanley

As you may have figured out, we are big fans of Napolis - one visit will make you a fan too. Two visits and theyve remembered your previous order, drinks and likes. Weve been there so many times, we hardly have to speak to the wait staff any more. What impresses us most is that Napolis has a staff that gives 100% and they have dishes for all price ranges, but theres nothing over $15 on the menu. You can bring the whole family for a sit-down dinner or just snuggle up in a booth just the two of you. Either way, itll be a great meal, great atmosphere and great service at a fantastic price. Weve never left there wishing we had ordered something else (but we have left wishing we had on bigger pants). Their lunch special is divine: bread, salad and entre for $5.95 with some others at $7.95 available Mon - Sat 11 am-3 pm. They also have wines and beer, but save room for the limoncello cake dessert or a piece of tiramisu because their desserts are spectacular. If you ate too much, grab a dessert to take home and share it on the couch while you watch a romantic movie. You cant go wrong with Napolis for eating in or take out. If you want to wow your man, order a large supreme pizza with all the meat choices. Hell do dishes for a week. The Branch, 505 N. Muskogee Avenue, Tahlequah, (918) 4561500, While the Branch is definitely an upscale place, you are welcome to come in wearing jeans and boots, but the ambiance makes it a hotspot for some romance and a full belly. We love their lunches, so if money is an issue, take your special someone for a fantastic burger with their fries with one of their spectacular appetizers and youll have a grand afternoon. Their wine selection is good and they also have a great mixed drink and beer menu. Grab a seat near the fireplace or sit at the windows that run alongside the creek and watch the water run by. Their dinners are divine with many options and you can substitute without an eye roll from your server. They are very accommodating and friendly. They also get a bit busy on weekends and on nights they have music (which is never too loud or annoying; it


Se rv sin ing ce O 50 the klah s lat oma e







Italian Restaurant




Eggplant Parmigiana Eggplant Rollantini Cheese, Meat or Spinach Ravioli Lasagna Manicotti Spaghetti Baked Ziti Pasta Sampler Tue - Sun: 11am - 9:30pm Stromboli Minestrone Soup Fri - Sat: 11am - 10:30pm Chicken Caesar Salad (Closed Mondays) Calzone Spinach Calzone 901 S Muskogee Tahlequah, OK




Wine & Beer Served


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Fine Dining for

Valentines Day
makes your night out even better), so you might consider reservations to ensure your special night goes well, but you will love the views, the food and the service. We highly recommend the calamari appetizer and the filet with a side of garlic mashed potatoes or a bison burger with fries for lunch. Check their Website for the music line-up. Miss Addies Caf & Pub, 821 W. Broadway Street, Muskogee, (918) 682-1506, With a Victorian feel, Miss Addies has the ambiance thing going, but if you are indifferent to ambiance, youll do very well to eat there. They are notorious for their salad dressings that will make the most hard-core carnivore suddenly feel like veggies. Their lunches are affordable and quite good you can mix and match soup, salad and sandwiches for a pick 2 for $7.95. Their dinners are spectacular with great appetizer selections (that can substitute for a meal try the blue crab cakes), but if you want something to make the meal memorable, give the Duck Diane a shot or try the Shrimp Provencal which is a customer favorite; we promise that you will have enough for a special reheat meal tomorrow. Miss Addies does custom baking and you can take their salad dressing home to make your everyday salad special. They also have platters and all kinds of delectable desserts that you can either eat there or take away (we highly recommend the cheesecake, any cheesecake). Come as you are or dress up; either way, you are welcome. Miss Addies can cater your special event, wedding or baby shower, you can buy by the pound any of her Hors D Oeuvres and they can accommodate bus tour groups. No job is too big or too small for Miss Addie! That lady can do it all. Mollys Landing, Catoosa, (918) 266-7853, 3700 North Highway 66, With warm wood tones and plenty of warm, inviting corners perfect for a lovers tryst, Mollys Landing is a perfect place for romance and a great meal. They have an extensive wine list as well as a mixed drink selection to accompany your meal where prawns, quail and salmon are only a small part of their offerings. They can also make the vegetarians happy. Their dcor has lots to look at in the event that the conversation runs low, but youll be too busy eating to worry for long and if you sit at the windows, the view of the water is enough to make you happy. They have a gift shop you can check out on your way out in case you forgot a gift. Check out their outdoor chess set while you are there and make a plan to return when the weather warms up for some real summer fun.

Making the most of Valentines Day while never leaving home

Many of us are homebodies, myself included. Even if you are a homebody and your special someone is not, it doesnt mean your Valentines Day is hopeless. We have some good ideas to make it a memorable evening, even if you have to celebrate early or late, the surprise will be all the sweeter. If you are a cook of any kind, make your special go-to dish. Lasagna, chicken pot pie or anything that you dont make often but you know you make well is always welcome. If you dont cook, then grab a dinner out and bring it home. The idea is to save your special person a night of the dinner-making task. Even pizza and wings is acceptable. Flowers and wine will set the mood no matter who you are. If you arent wine drinkers, then pick something you both like: good beer, daiquiris, wine coolers, pop are all good choices. Pick up flowers from Reasors if money is an issue, but if you call ahead and plan well, you can make it work with a florist. Explain your budget and if you can forfeit roses, youll be okay. Isnt your significant other worth a little bit of your time? If you are truly sweet on your partner, send flowers to their job (some chocolates wont hurt either). Stuck for ideas on movies to watch or things to do? Why not a couple of movies they like, a repeat football game or just put on some music and enjoy some quiet time. As crazy as it sounds, talking is always a good option (but nothing about bills, kid issues or money romance is the goal not fighting). Maybe talking about the first night you met or your first date would be a good idea. Youll think of something. Straighten-up the house, wipe down the kitchen and bathroom, and light some candles, and for heavens sake, dress a bit. It doesnt have to be a formal tuxedo or ball gown, but at least get a nice outfit on. Being clean wont hurt your chances at romance either. No matter how you may have changed over the years, looking your best will go a long way in showing your partner how much you care. If you would like a night without kids, why not offer a neighbor to exchange baby sitting over the course of two weekends? Think of activities so you and your neighbors will be able to entertain the little ones without any real issues, organize with them and trade off. If you are staying in, you might want to make sure your neighbors can take the kids out. If the kids return early, the mood will certainly be dampened. Even if your schedules are such that you have to tell your partner that you want to enjoy a night with them alone, it doesnt hurt to let them know how important this is to you. If you are unsure of their response, then leave them a note, send an e-mail or call them at work. Making yourself understood goes a long way in ensuring they understand you that you still love them and want to spend some quality time just the two of you. Happy Valentines Day Green Country.



Live Music Wed, Fri & Sat Nights

Restaurant Hours Mon-Tues 11am-9pm Wed-Sat 11am-10pm Closed Sunday

Tahlequah, Oklahoma 505 N. Muskogee


in tahlequah

Best steak

Sunday Brunch 10am - 2pm


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Check with the venue or venue website for specific information and ticket availability.

Feb. 2013
February 1:

Barefoot in the Park, Tulsa PAC - John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Harlem Globetrotters, BOK Center, Tulsa The Lost Pages of Rumplestiltskin and the Beanstalk Conspiracy, Tulsa PAC Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa Rick War and Grand Funk Railroad, River Spirit Event Center, Tulsa

Rick Springfield, River Spirit Event Center, Tulsa Rockstar Championships (Cheer-a-palooza), Tulsa Convention Center, Tulsa

Particular, Tulsa PAC - Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa Radio Golf by August Wilson, Tulsa PAC - Charles E. Norman Theatre, Tulsa

February 17:

Tulsa Quartet, Tulsa PAC - John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa

March 2:

Bob Schneider, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Jason Boland & the Stragglers, Buffalo Run Casino, Miami Lady of the Camellias, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa The Lost Pages of Rumplestiltskin and the Beanstalk Conspiracy, Tulsa PAC Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa Xtreme Fight Night, The Joint, Tulsa

February 9:

February 2:

Lady of the Camellias, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa The Lost Pages of Rumplestiltskin and the Beanstalk Conspiracy, Tulsa PAC Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa

Barefoot in the Park, Tulsa PAC - John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Bill Maher, Brady Theater, Tulsa Dwight Yoakam, The Joint, Tulsa Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Kid Rock, BOK Center, Tulsa The Lost Pages of Rumplestiltskin and the Beanstalk Conspiracy, Tulsa PAC Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa Tulsa Symphony: Red, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa

February 21: February 22:

Pure Freedom Live!, Mabee Center, Tulsa

Casey Donahew Band, Buffalo Run Casino, Miami New Genre Festival, Tulsa PAC - Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa North Mississippi Allstars, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Single in the City (Oklahoma Magazine), IDL Ballroom, Tulsa

Bob Wills Birthday Celebration, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Hairspray, Tulsa Convention Center, Tulsa Of Mice and Men, Tulsa PAC - John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Particular, Tulsa PAC - Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa Radio Golf by August Wilson, Tulsa PAC - Charles E. Norman Theatre, Tulsa Rita Rudner and Paul Reiser - He Said She Said, Osage Casino Tulsa Event Center, Tulsa



March 3:

February 10:

February 3:

Lady of the Camellias, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa The Lost Pages of Rumplestiltskin and the Beanstalk Conspiracy, Tulsa PAC Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa

Barefoot in the Park, Tulsa PAC - John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa The Lost Pages of Rumplestiltskin and the Beanstalk Conspiracy, Tulsa PAC Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa

February 23:

February 12: February 13:

That1Guy, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa

J. D. McPherson, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa The Most Happy Fella, Tulsa PAC Charles E. Norman Theatre, Tulsa New Genre Festival, Tulsa PAC - Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa Radio Golf by August Wilson, Tulsa PAC - Charles E. Norman Theatre, Tulsa REO Speedwagon, The Joint, Tulsa

Hairspray, Tulsa Convention Center, Tulsa The Most Happy Fella, Tulsa PAC Charles E. Norman Theatre, Tulsa Of Mice and Men, Tulsa PAC - John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa

March 4:

Hairspray, Tulsa Convention Center, Tulsa Lindsey Stirling, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa

March 5:

February 4:

Stoney LaRue, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Tuesdays with Morrie, Tulsa PAC Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa

Othello, Tulsa PAC - John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Ramona Quimby, Tulsa Convention Center, Tulsa The Used, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa

February 24:

Excision, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Radio Golf by August Wilson, Tulsa PAC - Charles E. Norman Theatre, Tulsa

Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Hairspray, Tulsa Convention Center, Tulsa Martin Sexton, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa

March 6:

February 5:

February 28:

Diana Ross, The Joint, Tulsa G-Love & Special Sauce, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa

February 14:

Tame Impala, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa

Eli Young Band, Brady Theater, Tulsa The Who, BOK Center, Tulsa

February 7: February 8:

February 15:

March 2013
March 1:
Hairspray, Tulsa Convention Center, Tulsa The Most Happy Fella, Tulsa PAC Charles E. Norman Theatre, Tulsa Of Mice and Men, Tulsa PAC - John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa

Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Hairspray, Tulsa Convention Center, Tulsa Yonder Mountain String Band, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa

March 7:

Savoy, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa

Stoney LaRue, Buffalo Run Casino, Miami The xx, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa

Ann Compton, Tulsa PAC - Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa

February 16:

Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Hairspray, Tulsa Convention Center, Tulsa STS9, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa

Hayes Carll, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa

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Homegrown Heroes Cassandra Gaines

We had the rare opportunity to speak with one of the most involved movers and shakers in these parts Cassandra Gaines. You may not know her, but this little woman is one of the biggest advocates for making Muskogee great. She devotes countless hours of her personal time ensuring that Oklahoma can rise to the greatness it is destined for. We got a chance to speak with here about what she does, why she does it and how she keeps it all together. Cassandra Gaines is not from Oklahoma; she originates from Oakland, California; she came here to be the Multi-Cultural Director and the Roxy Manager for the City of Muskogee, but she started her Muskogee career as a volunteer (remember all the stories we wrote about the benefits of volunteering? Heres proof that it does pay-off) for the Muskogee Civic Center working with Ervalene Jenkins. With a background in marketing and promotions, she had the right skill set, but by volunteering, Cassandra gained valuable insight and knowledge about how the Civic Center and Muskogee tourism works. Having this knowledge gave her the right credentials to grab the role of Director for the Civic Center.

But we arent there yet. Cassandra Gaines may be one of the key movers and shakers who gets us there someday, but we should be looking back with pride, not still looking at how far we need to go. Cassandra Gaines has a plan to make it happen, I plan to bring more activities to Muskogee that we normally dont do here. Since we have the various audiences we have to reach outside the box and promote various events. I would love to see everyone get along as brother and sister and work together because no matter what, when we all leave this world we will all be treated as one. So why not start now? It might help you to know that her Soul food Cook-off has been publicized on PBS on their show Soul Food Junkies and if youve never tried Soul Food, you need to fix that as soon as possible. Its a little bit comfort food and a lotta heart. Students at RSU were given the rare opportunity to receive a college credit for attending (makes us wonder why we didnt have this back when we were in college sounds like a dream) and its gathered a lot of publicity from all over the world. Thats right, Muskogee is now famous for more than the song Okie from Muskogee. All we can say is Thank God for that! Maybe this Black History Month, we could all make efforts to ensure that we leave a legacy that our children can be proud of. The goal is to one day no longer need a Black History Month, and if theres one person out there who we feel can lead the charge, its Cassandra Gaines.

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Cassandra doesnt just show up and do the nineto-five thing; she is strongly involved with her church, education and many of the efforts being made to enlighten Oklahoma to what we need to do and how we need to get to where we have a better understanding of all cultures. Part of her work with the Soul Food Cook-off paves the way to that enlightenment (what better way to understanding than to sit down to a yummy meal?). Her dedication to the Martin Luther King Soul Food Cook-off has garnered national attention both for the event itself and Muskogees determination to become a city where all are welcome and embraced. It doesnt end with the Cook-off. I had the opportunity to speak with others who know Cassandra and they all said the same thing: she works tirelessly to endorse Black History Month and the contributions that the African American community has devoted to our growth as a nation. It doesnt end with just the African American community; she shares information on other cultures as well.

She might not be from Green Country, but she is all about making it better.

Cassandra works with numerous churches and organizations to get the word out, but she can always use your support and the more the merrier. This month, make time to recognize what the African American community has contributed to our history and lets all do our part to someday eliminate the need for Black History Month. If we all work together, no matter our differences, we can become as great as we are destined to be. As Cassandra says, You may not be responsible for your heritage but you are responsible for the future. Take charge of your future by becoming enlightened.

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omantic ecipes
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Pomegranate Duck 1 pound boneless duck breast, skin removed 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt 2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil 1 small shallot, finely chopped 1 cup pomegranate juice 1/4 cup reduced-sodium chicken broth 1 teaspoon cornstarch 2 teaspoons chopped fresh parsley, for garnish (optional) Preheat oven to 450 degrees F. 1. Sprinkle duck with salt. Heat oil in a medium skillet over medium-high heat. Add the duck and cook until browned on both sides, 3 to 4 minutes per side. Transfer the duck to a small baking dish and roast until a thermometer inserted into the thickest part registers 150 degrees F, 8 to 12 minutes for medium, depending on the size of the breast. Transfer to a cutting board; let rest 5 minutes. 2. While the duck is roasting, return the pan to medium-high heat. Add shallot and cook, stirring constantly, until fragrant, 30 seconds to 1 minute. Add pomegranate juice and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer; cook until reduced by half, 1 to 2 minutes. Stir broth and cornstarch in a small bowl until the cornstarch dissolves. Add to the pan. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Reduce heat to a simmer and cook, stirring, until the sauce is thickened, 1 to 2 minutes. When the duck has finished resting, pour any accumulated juices into the sauce and stir to combine. 3. Thinly slice the duck; serve topped with the pomegranate sauce. Garnish with parsley, if desired. Roasted Rack of Lamb 1/2 cup fresh bread crumbs 2 tablespoons minced garlic 2 tablespoons chopped fresh rosemary 1 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon black pepper 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 (7 bone) rack of lamb, trimmed and frenched 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon black pepper 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard Preheat oven to 450F. Move oven rack to the center position. 1. In a large bowl, combine bread crumbs, garlic, rosemary, 1 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon pepper. Toss in 2 tablespoons olive oil to moisten mixture. Set aside. 2. Season the rack of lamb all over with salt and pepper. Heat 2 tablespoons olive oil in a large, heavy oven-proof skillet over high heat. Sear rack of lamb for 1 to 2 minutes on all sides. Set aside for a few minutes. Brush rack of lamb with the mustard. Roll in the bread crumb mixture until evenly coated. Cover the ends of the bones with foil to prevent charring. 3. Arrange the rack bone side down in the skillet. Roast the lamb in preheated oven for 12 to 18 minutes, depending on the degree of doneness you want. With a meat thermometer, take a reading in the center of the meat after 10 to 12 minutes and remove the meat or let it cook longer depending on your taste. Let it rest for 5 to 7 minutes, loosely covered, before carving between ribs.

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We all know that there are foods that are allegedly aphrodisiacs, but truth be told, if you want to make your partner happy, make dinner and clean it up and give them a night off. If that is not enough, we have some ideas for a back-up plan.

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Feb. 2013
February 1:
American Arenacross, Claremore Expo Center, Claremore Tulsa Boat, Sport & Travel Show, Quik Trip Center at Expo Square, Tulsa

February 26:
Biloxi Blues, Tahlequah KC Jones Memorial Chili Luncheon, Muskogee Civic Center, Muskogee Creek County Livestock Show, Kellyville

February 10:

February 18:

The Fox on the Fairway Grove Home & Garden Show, Grove Rogers County Spring Livestock Show, Claremore Tulsa Indian Art Festival , Glenpool Womens Expo, Tulsa

The Big Five-OH, Bartlesville A Few Good Men, Muskogee The Fox on the Fairway, Grove

February 19:

February 2:

February 11: February 12:

The Big Five-OH, Bartlesville A Few Good Men, Muskogee The Fox on the Fairway, Grove Shrek the Musical, Bartlesville

February 27: February 28:

Creek County Livestock Show, Kellyville Family Reading Night, Miami

2013 Big Freeze 5K & Fun Run, LaFortune Park, Tulsa American Arenacross, Claremore Expo Center, Claremore Cupckae Wars Audition,Muskogee Civic Center, Muskogee Daryl Littleton at the Roxy, Muskogee Eagle Tour and Loon Watch, Sequoyah Wildlife Refuge and Tenkiller State Park, Vian Tulsa Boat, Sport & Travel Show, Quik Trip Center at Expo Square, Tulsa

Valentines Art & Craft Show, Claremore

February 20:

Creek County Livestock Show, Kellyville



Mardi Gras Parade, Tulsa Valentines Art & Craft Show, Claremore

The Big Five-OH, Bartlesville A Few Good Men, Muskogee

February 21:

March 2013
March 1: March 2:
EWomen Conference, Tulsa Outdoor Sporting Expo, Claremore Arrowhead Yacht Club Welcome Back Weekend, Grove Eagle/Loon Tours, Vian /Hulbert EWomen Conference, Tulsa Glenpool Spring Market, Glenpool Outdoor Sporting Expo Claremore Peoria Stomp Dance, Miami

February 13: February 14: February 15:

Chocolate Affair, Vinita

February 3: February 7:

Valentines for Veterans Concert, Muskogee

August, Osage County, Miami The Big Five-OH, Bartlesville A Few Good Men, Muskogee State Fiddlers Winter Convention, Wagoner

Tulsa Boat, Sport & Travel Show, Quik Trip Center at Expo Square, Tulsa

February 22:

Chocolate and Wine Festival, Miami Tulsa Boat, Sport & Travel Show, Quik Trip Center at Expo Square, Tulsa

The Big Five-OH, Bartlesville A Few Good Men, Muskogee The Fox on the Fairway, Grove Green Country Midsouth Hunting, Fishing & Tackle Show, Tulsa Living History Event, Muskogee

February 8:

The Fox on the Fairway Grove Home & Garden Show, Grove Jam-Balaya, Tahlequah A Night of Magic with Rob Lake Tulsa Tulsa Indian Art Festival, Glenpool Womens Expo, Tulsa

February 16:

August, Osage County, Miami B.A.S.S. Bassmaster Classic, Grove The Big Five-OH, Bartlesville Brantley Gilberts Hell on Wheels Tour, Tulsa A Few Good Men, Muskogee Grand Lake Boat and Sports Show, Grove State Fiddlers Winter Convention, Wagoner

March 3: March 4: March 5: March 7: March 8: March 9:

Outdoor Sporting Expo Claremore Creek County Livestock Show, Kellyville Creek County Livestock Show, Kellyville Creek County Livestock Show, Kellyville Tulsa Home & Garden Show, Tulsa Tulsa Home & Garden Show, Tulsa Tulsa Home & Garden Show, Tulsa

February 9:

Chocolate Festival, Muskogee Dog From Hell: V-Day Poetry ROMP, Locust Grove Eagle/Loon Tours, Vian /Hulbert The Fox on the Fairway Grove Home & Garden Show, Grove Rogers County Spring Livestock Show, Claremore Tulsa Indian Art Festival , Glenpool Womens Expo, Tulsa

A Few Good Men, Muskogee The Fox on the Fairway, Grove The Big Five-OH, Bartlesville Eagle/Loon Tours, Vian/Hulbert Living History Event, Muskogee Green Country Midsouth Hunting, Fishing & Tackle Show, Tulsa Tulsa Heritage Rodeo, Tulsa

February 23:

February 17:

The Big Five-OH, Bartlesville A Few Good Men, Muskogee The Fox on the Fairway, Grove Green Country Midsouth Hunting, Fishing & Tackle Show, Tulsa

August, Osage County, Miami Backwoods and Bling, Okmulgee B.A.S.S. Bassmaster Classic, Grove, Tulsa The Big Five-OH, Bartlesville Eagle/Loon Tours, Vian/Hulbert A Few Good Men, Muskogee Grand Lake Boat and Sports Show, Grove Junior Bull Riding, Kellyville State Fiddlers Winter Convention, Wagoner

February 24:

August, Osage County, Miami B.A.S.S. Bassmaster Classic, Grove, Tulsa Grand Lake Boat and Sports Show, Grove

March 10:

Tulsa Home & Garden Show, Tulsa

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Coming in March
Bring on the March Madness!
Heres hoping that the temps are rising and the trees start blooming in a few short weeks, but what we are more excited about are all of the exciting things we will be ready to tell you about. While we cant give it all away right now, heres a sneak peek at what we have in store for you: Answers as to why the fezzes are flying and where the wine is flowing and how you can be a part of it all. Where to go for your new lake gear, where to find the coolest new rides and how to get your home prettied-up now that we have survived the apocalypse. Places where you can wear your green and pay homage to the Patron Saint of Ireland. More help to make sure you get the wedding of your dreams. There will be more, but youll have to hang tight to see what we have planned. Stay warm and snuggle with the ones you love until then.


If you are a LOCaL PhOTOgRaPhER and would like to see your work all over Green Country, we want to hear from you. Please submit a high resolution quality image of your photo to:
MaRCh 2013.

All submissions will be posted online. The winner will be featured on our cover for Your high resolution image must be submitted no later than February 8th, 2013 to be in consideration. Please take into account that, although we appreciate all forms of photography, we are a family friendly magazine and content must be appropriate for our audience. Page 54 - February 2013 - The Pulse