Quinquagesima (1895

Luke 18:31-43 This Gospel puts the cross of Christ before our eyes. This is a subject on which right knowledge of everything is located. Christ has performed the counsel of redemption by His cross, instituted an eternal reconciliation, the partition, etc. No wonder that the apostle exclaims: "But far be it" etc. The cross of Christ is indeed the foundation of all salvation, the key to the gate of heaven. All comfort, all hope of a Christian is founded on Christ's cross. Therefore how much is located on the right knowledge of the cross of Christ! But then certainly this question is in place: How does a person come to proper knowledge of the cross of Christ? 1. Not from his own reason and strength. a. The proper knowledge of the cross of Christ cannot come from reason. What has that blind man seen from the light? Still less does reason see the glory of the cross of Christ. How blind were the disciples! Peter considered it a disaster. Yes, it has been an offense to the Jews, foolishness to the Greeks. Even today. b. Do we wonder about that? What does reason know about sin and the wrath of God? Reason thinks works could open heaven. The fact that the cross of Christ should be the key must seem like sheer folly. Therefore not by my reason. How so? 2. Through the Holy Spirit alone. If the blind should see, then a miracle had to happen. So also here. a. Therefore the Holy Spirit must lead the sinner to knowledge of his misery. This is done through the Law. Thus it leads him to the knowledge: you are a sinner, you lie under God's wrath and curse. You go into the abyss with your intentions, your works, your piety. b. The Holy Spirit gives faith to such contrite sinners. This is done through the Gospel. Therefore He gives this confidence in the heart: This Jesus is my Savior. He alone saves me. His cross is my comfort and my hope in life and death. This is the proper light. The Holy Spirit gives this alone. So cry: "Lord, have mercy on me!"

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