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Volume 19 Issue 12

February 18, 2009

ready, Set, BuSted CharGinG to PlayoffS? BalCony Banter

If you’re prone to drinking and driving, Chargers fans keep fingers crossed in Ebert and Roeper pack their bags so
better put some cash aside for a new hopes our sports teams show up the Nexus professionals can step in
Camosun’s Student Voice breathalyzer initiative. strong at upcoming playoffs. and analyze the Oscars.
Since 1990 neWS—4 SPortS—9 artS—13

Photo: Courtney BrouGhton

2 VieWS February 18, 2009

Would you like fries with that?

teSSa CoGman very appealing, but to keep the cash
StAFF Writer flowing until a career is found a
Campus life can snazzy uniform might be an un-
get addicting. The fortunate possibility.
Next publication date: March 4, 2009 beautiful landscape, But you can stop having res-
friendly faces, and helpful faculty taurant job-related nightmares,
Deadline: noon Feb. 25, 2009
can make a student feel safe and because there’s hope.
Address: 3100 Foul Bay Rd., Victoria, BC, at home.
V8P 5J2 We have spent years at school,
Location: Lansdowne Richmond House 201 networking and becoming famil-
Phone: 250-370-3591 iar with everyone here. But once For students with a
Email: graduation arrives, the bubble clear goal in mind,
Website: bursts, reality comes crashing down,
and students are thrown into the
there’s a tendency to
Publisher: Nexus Publishing Society
real world, job or no job. lose your head after
I will be graduating from
Camosun this April from the Ap-
that graduation cap
Kyla Ferns
plied Communication Program and hits the ground.
I am getting antsy myself. Quite a
Kelly Marion
Andrea Moir
few of my peers will be moving on
Jason Motz
to university, but I will be entering Each year, college graduates are
Chris Pal the real world in hopes of pursuing surveyed nine months after the end
Miriam Putters a career. of their program.
But when April arrives, my stu- The 2008 survey respondents
grAPhiC: AdriAn binAKAJ
Jason Schreurs
dent loan money will say “bye-bye” said they were 80 percent employed
and I will be working two jobs just at a job or business. Of these stu- like it’s going to last forever, folks. jobs you want and apply early.
to keep food in the cupboards while dents, 88 percent reported they There’s an economic crisis every Be professional, include a cover
Laila Brown
searching for an ideal position. found their job within two months other decade and the world hasn’t letter, and don’t be stuck with no-
Some students enter programs of actively looking and 73 percent come crashing down just yet. where to go come graduation. And
Tessa Cogman
they have no intention of pursuing said they were in a job directly Until we get past the mess left hopefully Camosun’s employment
a career in, but for students with a related to their studies. by Bush’s mistakes, it might be a success rates will be even better
Alan Piffer
clear goal in mind there’s a tendency Phew! That’s very good news. little harder to find a career, but next year.
to lose your head after that gradua- But with the job losses in BC, how don’t give up. The earlier we brace ourselves
Kait Cavers
tion cap hits the ground. accurate is that survey this year? Instead of printing off four- for the road ahead, the softer the
STAFF WRITERS Printing off resumes for Mc- The economic crisis has every- dozen resumes and applying every- ride will be.
Guy Alaimo Donalds and Fairway Market isn’t one’s panties in a twist, but it’s not where and anywhere, apply to the
Brendan Kergin
Jason Motz
open Space accepts submissions from Camosun students. Submissions to open Space should be
Courtney Broughton Open Space 400 words or less. responses to previous articles in nexus should be 250 words or less.
e-mail submissions to and include your name and student number.
Breanna Carey
Jason Schreurs
Campus Plus (national)
Let’s boycott the Aramark bad habit
1-800-265-5372 andy roBertS having my food selection whittled From now on, I’m bringing from the bookstore, which is priced
DISTRIBUTION Contributing Writer down to nothing on a Friday after- food from home every day, with lower than the Caf and always
Adrian Binakaj For the second Friday in a row, noon or late in the day. I’m also granola bars, rice cakes, and fruit does their utmost to stock items
Ashley Moore I step into the Campus Caf at Lans- sick of Aramark touting their corn as a backup if I’m running late. on request.
CONTRIBUTORS: downe, only to find the sandwich cutlery and other recyclable condi- Better still, I’ll exercise my right
Guy Alaimo display empty, the soup urns down ments as a reason to charge higher to eat this stuff in the Caf right in
Adrian Binakaj to their dregs, the pasta selection re- prices—a responsible company front of their noses. Big, hairy mam-
Courtney Broughton duced to smithereens, and the pas- should be eco-friendly as a matter rather than fill out moth balls to you, Aramark.
Chris Burnett try selection limited to a few muffins of course. surveys or write a I’ve heard enough excuses from
Cristian Cano that have seen better days. Aramark is a food provider for Aramark and refuse to believe they
Breanna Carey My only choices seem to be deep- people of limited means and it con-
letter, i decided to hit don’t make a profit or can’t lower
Kait Cavers
Alisha Charmley
fried junk, overpriced pizza, the sistently fails to listen to customers Aramark where it hurts prices and raise quality.
somewhat pathetic Euro Baguette, or serve customers’ needs. I’m pretty sure any other fran-
Matteus Clement
or a rather pricey salad. It suddenly dawned on me what
by not giving them my chise could make a profit and supply
Tessa Cogman
Zan Comerford
I ask about sandwiches and am I needed to do, and the solution was money. a decent quality of food. If another
told some are being made; 25 min- staring me in the face—boycott the franchise set up a mobile cafe and
Maelina de Grasse
utes later there stands a row of ham Caf completely. pulled up in the parking lot one
Samantha Doney
Michael Duncan
sandwiches, perfect for someone Rather than fill out surveys or day, an awful lot of money would
Christi Kay
like myself who neither eats ham write a letter, I decided to hit Ara- I’ll buy my coffee from a nearby be made.
Donald Kennedy nor red meat. mark where it hurts by not giving coffee shop on my way into campus, So long, Aramark. You failed
Keltie Larter Enough is enough. I’m tired of them my money. Ever. and anything else I need will come me for the last time.
Alissa Lauren
Kelly Marion
doesn’t appear is ridiculous and Thanks for running this very
Chloe Markgraf
help build Put the

immature. interesting article. I was in Heb-

Jason Motz
Miriam Putters our team “e” back in I totally support equality for ron myself once and remember it
Sarah Rankin womyn everyone (men and women, and vividly.
Andy Roberts I was a little con- the people in between), but stunts However, you need to print a
Shane Scott-Travis fused when reading like this make people think femin- correction.
Ed Sum the recent story, Not a ists are just a bunch of bra-burning In the accompanying article,
Joel Witherington gentleman’s club [Womyn’s Centre yahoos. An endless struggle by Staff Writer
the views and opinions expressed herein are those column, Feb. 4 issue], by Chloe eriC mCveiGh Brendan Kergin, he states, “An
of the authors, not of the nexus Publishing Society.
Markgraf. CAMOSUN STUDENT agreement was struck with the
one copy of nexus is available per issue, nexus needs
At first I thought there were just Palestinians already living on the
per person. nexus is printed on a mixture
student volunteers (Ed. note: For an explanation
of 100 and 40 percent recycled paper.
shitloads of typos, but I soon real- land to split it with the refugees
Please recycle your copy. thanks!
if you would like to write, on the spelling of womyn in the founding Israel.”
Editorial meetings
ized the spelling of “womyn” was Womyn’s Centre columns, see Chloe
Come out to our weekly nexus editorial meetings, take photos, or just want intentional. What’s with that? I fear Kergin has made a his-
where all Camosun students can get involved in
Markgraf’s column in the Jan. 21 torical boo-boo! The Palestinians
to help out with the Do they not want the word issue.)
their student newspaper. Meetings take place agreed to no such thing.
every tuesday at 11:30 am in the nexus office, newspaper, get in touch “men” involved with anything
richmond house 201, lansdowne. Call 370-3591 feminist? Lame! If I were a racist The United Nations imposed
with us asap!
or e-mail for more
(keyword “if”), would I change the the division, after much lobbying by
Send a letter 250.370.3591 way I spelt “Caucasian” to “Caucey- Historical boo- Jewish populations and, I believe,
nexus prints letters that are 250 words or less
in response to previous stories. nexus reserves sian” so that the word “Asian” boo! the British government.
the right to refuse publication of letters. letters didn’t appear? I don’t think so. Re: Cameras offer powerful tool SuSan SCott
must include full name and student number (not Richmond House 201, Changing the way you spell for Palestinian struggle, Jan. 21 COMMUNITY MEMBER
printed). nexus accepts all letters by e-mail to Lansdowne “women” just so the word “men” issue. VIEWS 
Students shouldn’t support the fake brands
Alissa Laurin ing of name-branded goods. ford the cost of the genuine article,
Contributing Writer This is where the black market and want to feel like they can by
A student is standing in line at comes in, selling cheap replicas of purchasing a faux.
the bookstore, when a woman in But it’s demeaning; it takes
front boastfully pulls out a Chanel away from the original creator
wallet. Meanwhile, the man at the of the item and is of much lower
counter is sporting a nifty pair of Since many people quality.
Oakley sunglasses on his head. But In addition, underground mar-
are these name-branded items real want to own the crème kets make replicated items more
or fake? de la crème of obtainable and less prestigious than
There’s no doubt name brands before they became accessible to the
are everywhere—in the halls of materialistic rest of the public.
Camosun, movies, and even on paraphernalia, it only This can further confuse con-
buses. In our society, things we own sumers as to what’s real and better
can send out an impression of what makes sense that quality, and what appears to be
type of person we are. there’s undercover but isn’t.
This is an underlying reason for The black market used to be
our consumption of name brands.
copying of name- undercover and less accessible.
They have the power to make us feel branded goods. Now, largely due to demand for
Photo: Courtney broughton
More and more students are wearing name-brand knockoffs around campus.
like we’re paramount for purchas- imitation products, black market
ing them. items can be found in Victoria malls stopped. Not only do underground and where they come.
Since many people want to own during the winter season, in small markets sell replicated and stolen It’s far better to save up and
the crème de la crème of material- name brand merchandise for less boutiques downtown, and even in ideas, they also lead to risk factors invest in authentic products where
istic paraphernalia, it only makes than the original item. This can be UVic’s Student Union Building. such as the uncertainty of what quality, trust, and honesty are also
sense that there’s undercover copy- heaven-sent for those who can’t af- This is appalling and should be these pseudo items are made from obtained in a purchase.

Sharing the wealth during tough economic times

Keltie Larter Just because we’ve had the luck the loss of money most Canadians Mexico to work in the fields pick-
Contributing Writer to be born in Canada doesn’t mean would find paltry would be devastat- ing daffodils 14 hours a day for
Recent reports released from we own this country or we’re owed ing for families relying on the extra minimum wage.
Statistics Canada show that over employment. The jobs do not “be- income to survive. Every time there are His only day off from the daf-
the past three months the Canad- long” to us. Besides, everything we At least the families of those who fodil farm was spent working at
ian economy lost a jaw-dropping have we’ve stolen from those who were laid off in BC won’t face star- layoffs, a bunch of a neighbouring farm shoveling
213,000 jobs. Wow. were here before us. vation, sickness, or death because ignorant, selfish jerks manure.
It seems we’ve all been living A lot of people believe foreign of their reduced circumstances. He said he felt extremely lucky
in an economic house of cards. workers in BC should be sent back And really, would you want to start pissing and to have such good jobs, and the
And, of course, when the job mar- to their countries and their jobs work 12-hour days in a box factory moaning about money he made would send his
ket shrinks, so do some people’s given to those who have been laid or in some hotel scrubbing wealthy children to school and buy heart
minds. off, so “real Canadians” can look people’s shit out of toilets for eight migrant workers and medication for his wife, not to men-
I am so tired of hearing people after their families. bucks an hour? how we should be tion feed them all. It was a humbling
complain about foreigners “steal- But what about the families Because I wouldn’t want to, nor conversation.
ing” our jobs. Every time layoffs of the thousands of workers we would most of us spoilt Canadians, taking care of our own We enjoy a standard of living in
happen, a bunch of ignorant, selfish send packing? Most foreign work- which is why employers solicit for- first. this country which most of the rest
jerks start moaning about migrant ers come from countries where eign labour in the first place. of the world pays for in one way or
workers and how we should be tak- there’s no unemployment insur- I met a man last summer who another, so shouldn’t we be happy
ing care of our own first. ance, health care, or welfare, and left his wife and children back in to share the wealth?

Canadian education needs some stimulation too

Michael Duncan tracks the mounting loans, this The current graduate debt aver- Aboriginal Skills programs across program to $200 million.
Contributing Writer federal debt increases by $1.2 mil- age of $25,000-$28,000 could be Canada. According to the CFS, post-
With the recent release of the lion every day. returned directly to the Canadian But the budget does little for a secondary education should be
federal government’s budget and This amount doesn’t even in- economy if Stephen Harper and majority of young students. treated as a public works “mega-
economic stimulus plan, it’s clear clude approximately $5 billion in his band of fiscal conservatives can In response to the current situa- project” that will benefit the next
the issue of student debt relief was additional student debt owed to expand their mindsets to consider tion, the CFS sent a letter to Finance generations.
disregarded. provincial governments, as well the benefits of freeing graduates Minister Jim Flaherty suggesting With an investment in debt relief
While the budget included per- as personal debt from credit cards from a decade or more of student an increase to the Canada Social for Canada’s students, whether in
sonal tax reductions and other or bank loans. loan repayments. Transfer for post-secondary educa- the form of fee reduction, increased
economic measures, there remains The combination of the cur- The federal budget does address tion to $1.2 billion, reducing debt grants, or additional employment
a growing burden on current and rent economic downturn with a some educational concerns, with and tuition fees; more grad-student opportunities, the government
former Canadian students—the generation of students mired in an allocation of $500 million for funding; an increase in financial would not only provide urgent
$13 billion federal student debt. debt renders both the economy worker retraining in the Strategic support for Aboriginal students to stimulation to education but also
According to the Canadian Fed- and graduates disadvantaged from Training and Transfer Fund, and $200 million; and a boost in fund- invest in the country and students’
eration of Students (CFS), who the onset. $175 million for a combination of ing of the Canada Summer Jobs futures.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

By Keltie L arter

Roxanne Smillie Chad Kreutzenstein Brie Nelson Chris Ho Patrick Rooney Melanie Johnson Eli Bell
I see myself continuing I have no idea where I’ll Studying environmental I’ll be somewhere in I see myself sitting in In five years I see myself I see myself living on
with my activist work, be in five years. I hope sciences and working the sea of new media, my own office, living traveling somewhere far a co-op farm, working
as well as starting work it’s somewhere good. in a co-op program on hopefully creating what the life! away. as a librarian, raising
as a nurse. the east coast. And I want to create. And kidlets, and fomenting
generally enjoying life! maybe finally making evolution.
some cash on the side
as a YouTube partner!
 NEWS February 18, 2009

New technology keeps drunk drivers off streets

gram will benefit the police in doing work on all participants.
their job. “In theory, it’s a good idea. For
“Anything that we can add to some folks it will work really, really
the fight against impaired drivers well,” says Moorhouse.
and the carnage they cause will be An ignition interlock device
of benefit to the whole community,” isn’t a free gift from ICBC or the
says Price. Victoria Police Department. All
fees associated with the device
come straight out of the driver’s
pocket. There’s the program fee
“Anything that we can of $150, another installation fee
of $150, and a monthly monitoring
add to the fight fee of $105.
against impaired Throw in the Responsible Driv-
er Program at $880, and miscellan-
drivers and the eous expenses such as towing and
carnage they cause legal fees, and it adds up. That’s
precisely the point of the device—to
will be of benefit to the make the driver pay.
Blow over .02 into this handy unit and the car and its passengers won’t be going anywhere fast until the driver sobers up. whole community.” “Driving is a licensed activity,
and if you don’t want to comply,
drunk drivers from starting their But the unit asks for breath John Price then take the bus,” says Price.
Jason Motz Saanich Police
Staff Writer vehicle. samples at random times during Can the program be successful?
A new initiative between the It looks a bit like a CB radio each drive, to avoid other people Price thinks so. “Jeopardy—like
Superintendent of Motor Vehicles with a tube stuck to it. The driver blowing into the device before the fines, driving suspensions, criminal
and the Victoria police is going gets behind the wheel of his/her drunk driver gets behind the wheel records, now ignition locks—is a
to squeeze the wallets of anyone car, blows, and if he or she is over and drives away. Those who are convicted of driv- deterrent for most drivers.”
caught drinking and driving. the preset limit of .02, the vehicle In the case of a failed breath ing under the influence of alcohol, According to data from the
The Ignition Interlock program, won’t start. sample at any time during a drive, multiple 24-hour roadside suspen- Superintendent of Motor Vehicles,
first introduced to the province as a Steven Kelly, a Camosun psych- a warning is issued to the driver sions, or 90-day Administrative the program has been responsible
pilot project in 2005, was expanded ology student and self-described to shut the vehicle off. If repeated Driving Prohibitions (ADPs) will for a 90 percent drop in repeat
effective Feb. 1. So far BC, Alberta, “hard-ass” when it comes to drink- warnings are ignored, the car horn now be required to have an igni- drinking and driving infractions.
Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Que- ing and driving, questions a poten- blares and the lights flash until the tion interlock device installed in Price adds, “Life is about
bec are in the camp of ignition tial flaw in the program. driver concedes. Hell hath no fury their vehicle. choices, and when that poor choice
interlock advocates. “It may be effective, but only like a breathalyzer scorned. Kelli Moorhouse, acting chair has the potential to change lives
The program utilizes an ignition to a certain extent,” says Kelly. Sergeant John Price, public of Camosun’s Criminal Justice forever, then it is important that
interlock device, a small breath- “Couldn’t you just get a friend to information officer for Saanich Program, is cautiously optimistic, people sit up and realize what it will
alyzer installed in a car to prevent blow in it for you?” Police, is a firm believer the pro- but questions if the program will cost them and their family.”

Another film crew at

Maelina de Grasse films in Victoria alone. “I started in
Contributing Writer high school, and after graduation,
Camosun hosted yet another I just couldn’t get away from it,”
film crew on the Lansdowne cam- says Bauman.
pus Feb. 6–7 for the making of There appears to be a reason
Stranger with My Face. local movie makers stick around in
The film stars 7th Heaven’s Victoria, as opposed to finding other
Catherine Hicks, Victoria’s own opportunities in bigger cities.
Beau Mirchoff (Scary Movie 4), and
Alexz Johnson (Smallville, Final
Destination 3).
The 90-minute feature is a Hal-
Some ACP students
loween thriller about a high school who were there in the
girl whose friends start to see her in later hours of the
places she’s never been. Johnson
plays the part of Laurie, who dis- evening also
covers she has an evil twin sister mentioned seeing the
plotting to take over her life.
The first portion of the shoot- crew set up on the
ing began in the top floor of the fields in front of the
Lansdowne library.
The scene included Laurie and Young Building.
her friend searching through the
pages of a book to help uncover
her twin mystery, as well as a con- “In each project we work with
versation between her and Gordo a core crew,” says Productions
(Mirchoff), a jock who’s confused Manager Paul Rayman. “We all
as to why she’s more interested in know each other very well, so it
books than in him. makes planning and organizing
The crew moved into the Fisher much easier.”
building, and later the third floor of Because there aren’t a lot of jobs
the Young Building in Room 311, for aspiring filmmakers in Victoria,
a room used by the Applied Com- Rayman says getting together a
munication Program (ACP) as a crew makes for a very easy task.
small lab. The room also has a door “The crew is like a family—they can
that leads to the Young clock tower look out for each other.”
and some filming was done on the The film crew will be shooting
tower’s roof and in the stairwell. for approximately a month in vari-
Some ACP students who were ous locations, including Sooke, 10
there in the later hours of the even- Mile Point, Mount Doug Senior
ing also mentioned seeing the crew Secondary, and BC Ferries.
set up on the fields in front of the Stranger with My Face will air
Young Building. just in time for next Halloween
Jeff Renfroe, who’s been mak- on the Super Channel, where you
ing movies since high school, is can also find one of Bauman’s
director of the film. Also, producer other recently produced miniseries,
Ted Bauman has produced over 15 Impact. neWS 5
Shelter bylaw creates
Long overdue
the Camosun libraries need your help. the Camosun Foundation
challenges for local homeless
is launching a campaign to help raise funds for Camosun’s upcoming
zan Comerford
library revitalization project. More and more students are taking Contributing Writer
advantage of the libraries at both campuses, and computer access
A new bylaw amendment put in
continues to remain insufficient, while group and quiet study space
place by the city of Victoria on Feb.
is at a premium. the demand for electronic research tools is es-
5 has many local advocates for the
calating, and with your help the libraries can take a step into the
“next generation” to provide the right amount of the best tools that
homeless concerned.
students need to learn. the love Your learning library campaign will The bylaw states camping in
help to purchase more books, provide online resources, more com- parks is allowed, but only between
puters and media stations, as well as provide classroom equipment 7 pm to 7 am, and not in playing
to more students. For info, e-mail or call fields, Bastion Square, roads or
250–370–4232. pathways, or anywhere designated
for an event.
New group for old growth “Can you imagine what it’s like
less than 10 percent of the old growth forest on Vancouver island to have to pack up your home and
remains. the newly formed Action for old growth (AFog) student all your worldly belongings every Photo: CourtneY broughton
group at Camosun wants to know if we can afford to lose such a key single morning by 7 am?” asks Tents like this one on Pandora near Quadra won’t be allowed between 7 am-7 pm.
component of a vital cycle that nature has carried for so long. the old Janine Bandcroft, a local activist Most bylaw disputes go un- Others see the controversy as an
growth forest on the island has been an important part of the culture and founder of StreetNewz. noticed by the population at large, ongoing opportunity for progress.
and economy, and the outlook of its survival constantly remains in
but this issue was thrust into the “[The bylaw proceedings] were,
limbo. if you are one of the many that feel the need to take action to
public eye with the arrest of activists and still are, an opportunity to call a
protect this part of your homeland, then AFog wants to hear from
“our interest is in Kristen Woodruff, David Johnston, public meeting, include the home-
you. beginning March 1, the group will launch 10 days of actions
and events for the ancient forest with uVic groups and the Western
and Tavis Dodds this past winter. less, and see what imaginative solu-
Canada Wilderness Committee. if you want to get involved, e-mail
ending homelessness, The three were arrested for re- tions a compassionate community not managing it.” fusing to remove their belongings can muster,” says Bandcroft, citing
from their camp under the Sequoia the numerous successful tent cities
Bully beat-down dean fortin tree in Centennial Square. in Portland, Olympia, and Seattle.
Although it often seems like child’s play, bullying in and out of ViCtoriA MAYor On Jan. 28, Victoria Mayor The city-appointed Coalition to
schools across the country has the ability to lead to tragedies on Dean Fortin announced the regula- End Homelessness takes a different
much larger scale that can and have included suicide and murder. tions had been ruled “not a sufficient approach.
bullying touches everyone at some point, and if you have been Whether or not bylaws like this basis to enforce bylaw infractions,” “Tents are not homes, and shel-
affected by it then you know the serious emotional impact it can take are reasonable city policy, or in the aptly named “Sequoia Three” ters are not homes,” says Robert
on families, and the horrific events it can potentially to lead to. on conflict with the Charter of Rights were found not guilty. Mitchell, a coalition member.
Feb. 25, students and staff at Camosun are asked to make a pledge and Freedoms, has been debated by Justice Brian Mackenzie found On Jan. 28, Fortin announced,
and wear a pink shirt on Pink Shirt day to let everyone know that you protesters, the City of Victoria, and by arresting them the city was “Our interest is in ending homeless-
do not tolerate bullying. For info, or to see how you can help, go to the Supreme Court. trying to enforce a bylaw deemed ness, not managing it.” In October of 2005, the Su- unconstitutional and therefore no As for those actually affected
preme Court ruled it was uncon- longer in effect. by the bylaw, one local homeless
Prizes! stitutional to ban persons from Public opinion remains mixed man who has been sleeping outside
the City of Victoria is conducting consultation on a project called making their own shelter if there’s about the direction the city must most nights for the past year-and-
the Victoria Sustainability Framework. As part of this consultation, insufficient space elsewhere.
the city has launched an online youth forum to get a discussion
take in order to effectively address a-half says, “Shelter is essential
The city appealed this ruling in Victoria’s housing problems. for survival; we all have a right to
going about sustainability. the forum is designed for ages 13–24,
2008, implementing regulations “[It’s okay] as long as they keep survive. When the government
and is currently interested in getting input from the Camosun student
(since turned into the recent bylaw) to themselves,” says Camosun begins regulating your right to
community. the forum will be live until the end of February, so par-
ticipants are encouraged to get their opinions in before then. need
specifying when and where shelters student Maria Peacock, “they need survive, well, you’re entering into
a little inspiration? there’s a chance to win some prizes, as well as could be erected. somewhere to sleep.” dangerous territory.”
the satisfaction in knowing your opinions can directly help shape the
direction of the city. to voice your opinion, go to www.vibrantvictoria.

Using your outside voice

this March marks the first annual loudSpeaker festival, a cele-
bration of music, poetry, and theatre in correlation with international
Women’s day. the goal of the festival is to promote awareness of the
many diverse experiences of women, through creative performance.
the shows also hope to aim attention at the status and experiences
of women who are powerful role models. Subsidized or free tickets
are available for those in financial need. Proceeds from the festival
will be donated to the Prostitutes education empowerment resource
Society, which provides support resources and exiting programs for Board of Governors &
both male and female sex trade workers. For a full list of events and
their descriptions, e-mail Education Council
Got pipes?
if you’ve got the pipes to belt out some sweet tunes and are
looking for a place to expose your talent, the harmonious Family

Representation is important!
Choir is seeking you. the choir is a non-audition community choir
that welcomes all individuals and family groups. the spring season
new singer intake began Feb. 5, and they are still searching for
unique members to join their harmonious team. For details go to, call 250–385-Sing, or e-mail Do you want to make a difference? Would you like to get your voice heard, sign up have a voice in the development of educational programs?
Expand your horizons by serving on Camosun College’s
Board of Governors or Education Council!

Rob Fleming, MLA The nomination period is from Monday, March

Victoria – Hillside 02 through Monday, March 16 (3 pm deadline).

1020 Hillside Avenue

The election will be held on Tuesday, April 7, Wednesday,
250 360.2023
April 8, and Thursday, April 9, from 8 am – 7 pm.

For more information, see posters around the campus, on CamNews,

Serving Our Community student website, or contact Becky McGowan at 370-3530.
 CAMPUS February 18, 2009

Dental students and First Nations team up

Jason Motz a relationship between the Mala- Currently, 263 people are regis-
Staff Writer hat Nation and Camosun Col- tered members of the Malahat Na-
Students of Camosun’s Dental lege. Working in conjunction with tion, but only approximately 150
Hygiene Program have embarked Camosun’s First Nations Education live on the two land reserves.
on an ambitious community project. department, Kasting admits the The dental students have begun
In conjunction with the people of idea sprang up informally. the program in earnest. In early
the Malahat Nation, this initiative “We just started talking. It was February the students started a ser-
is designed to promote oral health one of those things,” says Kasting. ies of informational presentations
care among the First Nations people, “We got together in the fall, started designed to educate members of
while at the same time providing the talking, and it grew from there.” the Malahat Nation. Specialized
students with an excellent learning presentations were organized that
experience. focused on dental care for youth
According to Colleen Kasting, members, new parents, and a men’s
chair of Camosun College’s Foun- “We want to build trust group.
dation board, the program will be of between the Malahat These presentations highlighted
equal benefit to both groups. basic oral and hygiene instruction.
“The needs of the Malahat band Band and health The next step in the program is to
are huge,” says Kasting. “Meeting services.” initiate individual assessments.
with the students makes it a whole “It has to fit in with the students’
lot easier. They’re more likely to Denise Baillet schedule. That is how we are work-
Camosun student
take better dental care.” ing it,” says Kasting.
Currently no active oral health The combination of education
care program exists within the and trust will be crucial to the pro-
Malahat Nation, which has two Although this is only a pilot gram’s success. “We want to help
land reserves, one in Goldstream project, optimism is high. “It’s a them get to the point where they feel
and the other over the Malahat really good opportunity all around,” empowered,” says Baillet.
near Mill Bay. adds Kasting. “It’s really exciting For Baillet, there’s the added
Cultural differences between to watch.” incentive of promoting the role
the Malahat band and the health Melissa Schaefer, an instructor dental hygienists play in the health
care industry are a sensitive mat- in Community Health at Camosun, care profession.
ter the students are very cautious believes this comprehensive com- The students in her program
of. This cooperative program aims munity-planning project is a per- will have direct involvement in the
to fix that. fect fit for the Dental Hygiene planning and implementation of an
“We want to build trust between Program. oral health care plan in an “at-risk”
the Malahat Band and health ser- “We’ve been looking for some- community.
Photo: Courtney broughton
vices,” says dental hygiene student thing like that,” says Schaefer. “This is what we do,” says
Camosun dental students are excited about a new partnership with the Malahat Denise Baillet. “And it’s a small nation, so it’s not Baillet. “It’s a bit beyond teeth
Nation to provide the community with oral hygiene. This program is the first step in overwhelming for our students.” sometimes.”

Cultural talent show at Lansdowne hits the mark

Andrea Moir The night was organized by Peer who played the oud, an instrument also performed four songs that
Contributing Writer Connections and performed by any prominent in Islamic music. His night, each in a different language—
The Peer Connections Talent Camosun students who wanted to style could be considered worthy of German, French, Japanese, and
Show on Feb. 12 proved Camosun be involved. a spot on Camosun’s global roots English.
College is blessed with a gifted stu- Brian Herron, Camosun’s inter- station, Village 900. His vocal range shocked and
dent body, no matter what continent national student coordinator, set Additionally, contemporary folk delighted the audience, with his
they may call home. the cultural tone for the night as he singer Elizabeth Gerow’s spiritual first songs in low baritones and his
started off the show by thanking the songs made it clear Camosun is final songs in a range Mariah Carey
Coast Salish people for “having us home to extraordinary talents. would find tough to beat.
“Working together and here on their land.” What does Herron hope his His musical talent is one many
From there on, the Gibson Audi- international students will gain singers could only hope to achieve,
learning about culture torium in the Young Building at from this experience? and one that did not take him very
is what this night is Lansdowne was transformed into a “Working together and learning long to cultivate.
world of cultural entertainment. about culture is what this night “I have been singing for four
about.” The audience was treated to 12
Photo: CHristi Kay
Camsun student Takehiro Suzuki was is about,” he says. “They have years. I worked really hard and I
performers in nine acts. The unique one of 12 performers at a recent on- also been taking leadership; they have a great teacher at the Conserv-
Brian Herron campus talent show.
Camosun College pieces each entertainer put together have been the spirit of this whole atory of Music,” he says.
created a diverse show. ology student Robin Patterson had event.” Unlike dream-crushing Amer-
From Iranian dance styles the audience in a somber silence, Planning the show meant a ican Idol tryouts, no official winner
The Peer Connections Program to First Nations drumming, the until he recited the final line of his lot of hard work for all of the Peer or loser was announced at the
is a peer support group for inter- performances captivated the full self-written poem, The Door—”Are Connections students, especially show; instead, it focused on cele-
national students. The talent show auditorium immediately. The first you almost done in there, I have Takehiro Suzuki, a classical voice brating the diversity of Camosun
was put on to promote awareness performance had the audience to pee!” major in the Music Foundation students.
of the program, as well as honour involved as they clapped along to Possibly one of the best pieces Program at Camosun. The show was a success but,
and celebrate Camosun’s diverse traditional Sudanese music. of the night was an Arabic per- “I had to e-mail a lot of people as Suzuki explains, perhaps more
culture. A poetry performance by psych- formance by Mohammad Khadim, every night, and to be honest, I important was what the perform-
wanted to cut off my fingers so I ance gave back to the students who

*  '

didn’t have to e-mail anyone else. were involved.
My teachers will be happy after “It made them proud in what
this,” says Suzuki. they do because when you have that
Suzuki not only took charge kind of reaction from the audience
of planning the talent show, he that makes you feel really great.”

If someone around you became seriously ill or

MLA Victoria-Beacon Hill injured, would you know what to do?
FIRST AID & CPR Training
Standard First Aid with CPR “C" & AED,
Supporting more affordable and CPR”C” Renewal, WCB OFA Level 1, 2, 3
accessible post-secondary education
Group Rates Available
250-952-4211 TRAINING liFe 7
Disabled student says capitalism must go
Guy alaimo “I live on $856 dollars a month,
StAFF Writer with $325 of that going to my care-
Not being able to walk or do taker. [People with disabilities] are
everyday things can drastically expected to live on about $500 a
change your outlook on life. Just month from our wonderful gov-
ask Nathan Moss. ernment,” says Moss sarcastically.
The 27-year-old Camosun Col- “That pretty much sums it all up.
lege Interurban student, who suf- That is why I believe capitalism has
fers from cerebral palsy and uses a to be destroyed.”
wheelchair to get around campus, The destruction of the natural
has lots to say about the state of the environment is another thing
world. He also has a few ideas on Moss worries about, along with
how to change it. the general state of the world he
says has been deteriorating because
of capitalism.
“It’s not about us and it’s not
“it’s not about our about the oppressed,” says Moss.
environment, it’s not “It’s not about our environment,
about famine; it’s it’s not about famine; it’s about a
dollar bill. That’s what it breaks
about a dollar bill.” down to. People just don’t give a
fuck, that’s why it’s so sad, in my
nathan moSS
interurbAn Student
own country, to see people from the Photo: CourtneY broughton
upper middle class and elite behave Doctors feared Interurban student Nathan Moss would not survive after being born prematurely and with cerebral palsy.
so ignorantly.”
As for creating a “militia,” Moss people. We need to have more com- what made the continent so unique, Moss currently plays floor hock-
“I have three goals in my life,” says he wants all minority groups passion to those groups. We need without Western propaganda influ- ey in a league with other disabled
says Moss. “One, to get into pro- around the world to join together. to have more talks about legalizing encing them.” athletes. He is also interested in
fessional sports. Second is to look “I want to bring real solutions even the harder drugs, and offer When it comes to competing in someday working for a professional
after my chosen family and my to the issues,” says Moss. “We will them the right amount so they will professional sports, Moss says it’s sports team.
blood family. Third, is to create a start in Canada and create a real be comfortable, or offer them an always been a dream of his. After In the meantime, Moss is going
militia that will bring capitalism economic plan. One that doesn’t option to go to rehab.” being born four months premature to continue his crusade fighting for
to its knees.” just benefit the upper middle class Another thing on Moss’ long with cerebral palsy, a nurse draped a better world to live in, despite
His third goal is the one he’s and the elite.” to-do list is working in Africa. the diehard Saskatchewan Rough- what some people might think of
most passionate about. Moss har- Bringing a level of understand- “Currently there are many coun- riders fan in the team’s green and his beliefs.
bors resentment towards capital- ing about other serious issues many tries [in Africa] that are in the midst white colors. “I live life with my soul, whether
ism for a few reasons, some more Canadians may take for granted is a of war,” says Moss. “We need to go “I guess the colors kind of seeped that means fighting, reading, medi-
personal than others. He says our driving force behind Moss’s goals. in there and help. We don’t want to into me, because I’ve bled green and ating peace, or working on my
current state of government puts “We need to start the process create a Western-style democracy. white ever since,” says Moss, whose career. No one can question my
people with disabilities at a serious of enlightening people about the We simply want the Africans to bedroom is stocked to the brim in desire to live and make this world
financial disadvantage. mentally ill and the drug-addicted live their lives, and return back to sports memorabilia. a better place.”

Camosun College is looking for your INNOVATIVE ideas

to help the college become a leader in sustainability.
You could win a $1,000 cash
prize and a $1,500 operational budget to help make
your idea a reality.
Your idea could be anything *, as long as it has a
positive impact on sustainabilty at Camosun College.
Project submissions are due by 4 pm, March 2, 2009.
Applicants must be registered Camosun students in
March, 2009.
*for a complete list of contest rules see:

Camosun Colleg Students for

Environmental Awareness
Business Options
Career Fair
Interurban Campus Thursday, March 5, 2009
Centre for Business and Access building (first and second floor atrium)
Exhibitors and networking: 10 am-2 pm
Employer presentations start at 10 am (see schedule below)

Want to get your career on track?

Are you a business student wondering which area to
specialize in?
Almost ready to graduate and looking for career options?
Want to find out more about life as an accountant, a marketer or a
hotel manager?
Got questions you would like to ask potential employers?

Exhibitors include: The School of Business and Co-operative Education and Student Employment are banding
RBC Royal Bank— together to help you get the answers by hosting a Business Options and Career Fair.
Ministry of Attorney General—www. Representatives from a variety of local businesses will deliver a series of career related
Staples— information sessions to increase students’ awareness of the different sectors; what skills are
Certified Management Accountants required, what steps to take to enter the market, and the possible career prospects. Exhibitors
of BC— will be set up and ready to chat with you about their business and potential career, co-op,
Investors Group—www. internship, or summer employment opportunities.
Canada Revenue Agency—www. • Learn how to enter the market
Inn at Laurel Point—www.laurelpoint. • Discover possible career prospects
com • Meet and chat with employers from all business sectors
Certified General Accountants • Build your personal network
Association of BC— • Discover what skills are required in the workplace
• Find out where the best opportunities lie
Speakers include: • Investigate employment opportunities
• Larry Randle, Manager of Corporate
Services, Township of Esquimalt Maximize your opportunities. Come well prepared, dressed appropriately, and with resume in hand.
• Anita Wasiuta, Senior Marketing
Coordinator, BC Transit Enter the draw for a grand prize provided courtesy of Staples.
• Ian Powell, General Manager, Inn at Laurel
Point Thursday, March 5 presentation schedule
• Brock Campbell, Hayes, Stewart, Little & Co.
• James McKenzie, President, Monk Office
10-10:30 am 10:30-11 am 12:30-1 pm 1-1:30 pm
Supply Public Administration Accounting Human Resource Accounting
• Michelle Roswell, Manager, Human Management Management Management Finance
Resources, Public Affairs Bureau Marketing Economics Public Administration Economics
• Kim Jordison, Premier’s Office, Province of Tourism and Marketing Economics Public Administration
British Columbia Hospitality Human Resource Marketing Marketing
• Maggie Ker-Southin, President, PR Director, Management Finance Management
Artemis PR & Design Tourism
SPortS 9

Three Camosun sports teams look to

charge into provincial playoffs
Guy alaimo The Chargers women’s vol-
StAFF Writer leyball team was barely in playoff Post-season
The Chargers women’s basket- contention heading into the last
ball team had one game left in their two weeks of the season with a blues
fairy tale season that had seen them record of 5-10. here’s a look at how the Chargers
ranked as high as first place in the To do the improbable, the Char- teams have fared in the bCCAA playoffs
country. gers had to defeat rival Vancouver over the past two seasons:
With a win on the weekend Island University (VIU) on Feb. Women’s basketball
of Feb.13–14, the women would 13. Results were not available by
clinch home-court advantage in the press time. • 2007/08—finished first in league
BC Colleges Athletics’ Association play (13–3), silver medal in play-
(BCCAA) playoffs. Results were not offs
available by press time but the team • 2006/07—finished sixth in league
currently sits at 14 wins, one loss. “the players are play (6–10), fourth place in play-
One thing is for sure though. confident and really offs
The women Chargers are basketball
favorites heading into the BCCAA believe that they can Men’s basketball
• 2007/08—finished third in league
postseason. win.” play (11–5), bronze medal in play-
Kate Carlson, one of the team’s offs
more outstanding players, was CharleS ParKinSon
CAMoSun ChArgerS • 2006/07—finished fifth in league
ranked ninth in the league in assists,
averaging 2.73 per game. Carmen play (9–7), fifth place in playoffs
Photo: SAMAnthA doneY
Lapthorne is also having a very Kate Carlson and the women’s basketball team hope to win it all in BC playoffs. Women’s volleyball
strong season, and was ranked But the team may not have got- • 2007/08—finished seventh in
fourth in the league in points per ten this far at all had it not been for game of the regular season. If the now, says Parkinson. “The players league play (6–12), didn’t make
game with 13.4, and fifth in assists the stellar play of Charger Caitlin Chargers won the weekend of Feb. are confident and really believe that playoffs
per game with 3.4. Weir. She was in first place in BC 13–14, UBC had to lose one of their they can win; a mental state which is
• 2006/07—finished sixth in league
Meanwhile the men’s basketball with 0.53 aces per game. Laura final two games for the Chargers to critical at this time of the season.”
play (5–11), fifth place in playoffs
team is out of the playoffs with a Ouillete was seventh in BC with get home-court advantage. Parkinson also says the team
record of 4-11. Their last game is 3.59 digs per game. Head Coach Charles Parkinson has worked hard all season and is Men’s volleyball
against Douglas College on Feb. 20. The men’s volleyball team, cur- says his team is prepared for the well prepared for the playoffs. • 2007/08—finished seventh in
Jeff Krawetz has been a bright spot, rently at 11-4, was also in a must- upcoming playoffs. “We have earned every one of league play (8–10), didn’t make
ranking eighth in the league in scor- win situation if they wanted a bye in “We could do well in the playoffs our 11 victories this season,” says playoffs
ing with 15.9 points per game. Also, the first round of the playoffs. this year because we have beaten Parkinson. “We’ve found a way in • 2006/07—finished third in league
Nick Adair is seventh in rebounds UBC Okanagan trailed them by all the top teams at least once and every match to earn the last few play (10–6), fifth place in playoffs
with 7.3 per game. half a point heading into their final are riding a pretty hot streak right points at crucial times.”

Chargers to watch for By Samantha doney

What were your personal goals this season? How are you feeling about upcoming playoffs?
being my last year at Camosun, my goals were i’m eager for playoffs to start and excited about
simply to play hard and to the best of my abilities the possibility of winning provincials and making
while leaving no regrets. it to nationals. As a team, we will really have to
come together and play our best for a whole game
What are your team goals?
for that to happen, but i think we are ready.
team goals are definitely to win provincials and
What were your personal goals this season?
My personal goals were to play as hard as i could
What have been your highlights so far in a
every game so i can finish this season with no
Chargers uniform?
What stands out for me are definitely the friend-
What have been the highlights so far in a Char-
ships. We have a great group of girls and i have
gers uniform?
shared many wonderful experiences on and off
the court with them. the friendships i’ve made over the past three
years, and being a part of the transformation of
How are you feeling this year with all the chan-
the women’s program.
ges, like the new gym and new players?
Ashley Mackay—#15 Kate Carlson—#5 What’s your role on the team?
Team: Women’s basketball it’s great! We have added talented new players Team: Women’s basketball
Year: 4 that really contribute to our team. the new play- As a third-year player and the point guard my
Year: 3
ers also really give depth to our team, which is role on the team is to be a leader. i bring some
Position: Post Position: Point/wing
always a good thing. the new facility is awesome. experience to the court and hopefully that helps
Height: 5’ 9” i love finally having our own gym. Height: 5’ 5” my teammates out.
Hometown: Victoria, BC Hometown: Victoria
What’s your role on the team? Plans after Camosun and Chargers basketball?
High school: Claremont High school: Spectrum
i bring some experience and leadership to the i don’t have any set plans for next year; it will
team. Camosun program: Criminal Justice definitely be weird not being a Charger anymore!
Camosun program: Nursing

Chargers to watch for is written by Samantha doney, a second-year Sport Management student and Sport information and Promotions intern for Camosun Chargers Athletics. Check out
the new Chargers blog at

Call, e-mail, stop by.

We want to hear your JUICY story tips.
Richmond House 201, Lansdowne

10 February 18, 2009

osing the b
One student’s story
I LOOKED UP THE DEFINITION of the word “fat” the of
other day. It was defined as “the ester of glycerol” and an
“one, two, or three fatty acids.” That’s not what fat really of
means. wa
Fat means being teased. It means you’re tired all the we
time. It means you wear enough clothes to cover up the
“fatty acids” clinging to your body. for
It means you’re ashamed of what you’ve done to your co
body, and the realization you can’t do anything about the
it—you’re too far-gone. You’re going to be a “fat-ass” tha
for the rest of your life. No romantic relationships, no the
swimming with your shirt off. Pass the burger and fries;
it’s game over. old
That was my thinking 22 months ago. It was March “m
of 2006, and I held three tickets in my hand to a Stars on sch
Ice figure skating show at the Save-on-Foods Memorial
Arena. try
My grandmother was visiting from Nova Scotia, and eve
my brother and I decided it would be a great idea to take ah
her to the show. I put on my usual t-shirt with a flannel
shirt on top, along with a hoodie and a puffy vest. I was ba
a fashion nightmare. run
As my brother and grandmother took their seats, I pa
discovered something that horrified me. I couldn’t fit
into the seat. My “love handles” wedged themselves ing
against the chair’s side arms and my 283-pound body so
was suspended in mid-air. This, needless to say, was tio
fucking embarrassing. pa

I took away the power the depression had over Fu
me by destroying its foundation. ex
Luckily, my brother was occupied trying to explain po
something to my grandma and never saw my Cirque de
Soleil handles-of-love seat trick. I forced myself into the af
seat and sat there, bleeding on both sides for two and fai
a half hours.
There I was, in agonizing pain, watching men in sch
spandex pants flying through the air. “It’s for Grammie,” an
I told myself, so I endured. I made it back home, went be
up to my room, and cried myself to sleep. (I w
I was a reasonably healthy kid up in the few years
Tips for shedding those extra pounds rat
Here are a few helpful tips for losing weight that I’ve discovered along the way.
Music was the key to my Finding a form of exercise This is a great motivator. What I found out the hard Because your weight
success and wanting to go you enjoy is essential for What I did halfway through way was there’s a very fine fluctuates dramatically ab
out to exercise. Bands like successful weight loss. For my weight-loss program line between pushing your- throughout the week, it’s
Muse, Linkin Park, Coldplay, me, it was hiking. When was print up a few pictures self and pushing yourself essential to weigh yourself
and Radiohead kept me you find the right type of when I was at my heaviest. too hard. There’s no better only once a week in the
going and rose my con- exercise, there’s no stop- I put the pictures all around killer of a diet and exercise morning (before eating). sch
fidence while exercising. ping you. The same goes my room so I would see program than an injury. Also, you have to be wear- oth
Music is also important for for food. I’ve discovered them. I would tape one Work hard and make sure ing the same amount of
the gym. When you put in a love for healthy foods; to my door, on top of my you end up in a sweat, but clothing each time. By
your ear-buds and turn up bananas, oranges, dried alarm clock, beside my don’t go as far as feeling weighing yourself before in
the music, it puts you into apricots, and raisins, to desk . . . It served as a re- dizzy or nauseous. It never eating in the morning, you gre
your own little world. You name a few. If I don’t feel minder to me; if I decided ends well. can see how much you wo
forget about everything like fruit, I’ll have a piece of to stop exercising and eat- weigh without food digest-
and everyone. It’s just you 12-grain bread with a small ing well, I would end up ing in your stomach. If you
and the beats. amount of peanut butter looking like the pictures. weigh yourself every day, an
and a thin slice of cheese it will fluctuate. Some days the
on top. It’s a great mixture your body retains water,
of complex carbohydrates and others it doesn’t; the
and protein. ever-changing weigh-ins
can be very demoralizing. are
To get your true weight,
weigh yourself only one ins
morning a week.
Ature 11

e baggage
ory of dropping 120 pounds and starting life over again By ChriS Burnett
Photo: CourtneY broughton

he of my life. I started playing sports with my brothers my overall mood took a serious turn for the worse. see how high I climbed when I reached the aerial at the
nd and began playing in a soccer league. Around the age After a long day at work, I would stop by the bakery, top. Weeks turned into months and I continued to lose
lly of six, I used to wake up really early every weekend and grab two pieces of cheese foccacia, and head up to my weight.
watch morning cartoons and sports. It was one of those apartment. I would shut my door and close the curtains In January of 2008 I did something I never thought
he weekends where it all began. and windows so it was pitch black. Looking back at it I would ever do. I joined a gym. I hated gyms because I
he I began to travel down a path I wouldn’t escape from now, this behaviour wasn’t normal. But for me, it was. always felt like everyone was watching my sad attempts
for the next 15 years. I crawled up on top of the kitchen My mind began to turn on me. at losing weight.
ur counter and grabbed six cookies from the cookie tin on Then my friend came to visit me from his own trip But I had lost 50 pounds and knew if I wanted to lose
ut the top shelf. Why six? Because cookies are delicious, in England. It was during this visit when he realized more the gym would be the best place to do it. I worked
ss” that’s why. So every weekend I ate my cookies and lived something was wrong with me. on all the machines my body would allow and dropped
no the life. While he was entertaining my friends in the kitchen, the weight even faster.
es; I steadily gained more and more pounds as I grew I was sulking in the comfort of the dark in my room. In After 115 climbs up Mt. Doug, I discovered it wasn’t
older, and by high school I was classified as being a the pitch black, I couldn’t see where I was and what I enough of a challenge, so I thought bigger. I started
ch “morbidly obese” teenager. When you’re fat and in high looked like. I was alone with my negative thoughts. I had climbing Mt. Finlayson.
on school, you generally have a rough go of it. a serious case of clinical depression and needed help. To this day I climb “The Fin” and love being in and
al It was there I began covering myself up with clothes, I flew home early in December after being in Italy for around nature. It’s come to the point where I actually
trying to hide my very public secret. In gym class, when only three months and began my long road to recovery. miss doing exercise if I don’t do it. I get a high off of it.
nd everyone was in shorts and a t-shirt, I was in shorts and It was during this time that the weight really started to I never thought I’d like exercising, but I know if I’m
ke a hoodie. pile on. The feeling I had during the worst months of down and feeling stressed I’ll go for a hike or row a couple
nel I loved sports; I loved scoring goals and smacking a my depression was the feeling of being completely and thousand meters at the gym. It’s amazing how different
as ball with a bat as hard as I could. But when it came to utterly numb. I couldn’t laugh, cry, be happy, or show you feel after the endorphins do their thing.
running around the bases, or trying to get open for a any emotion. I was numb to everyone and everything I took away the power the depression had over me
,I pass, my weight quickly became an issue. around me. by destroying its foundation. I changed my life and the
fit I was always completely out of breath before reach- Eating food was the only comfort I had in life. I ate way I live. All it took was a hunk of willpower and a lot
es ing first base. I couldn’t get past the halfway line of the the foods that had the best taste so I could get some en- of hard work and dedication.
dy soccer field without wanting to drop dead of exhaus- joyment out of something. Those foods ended up being When all is said and done, I’ve dropped 120 pounds.
as tion. Everyone noticed my struggles and no one would fast food, chocolate, Timbits, and candy. Any food with I’ve gone from a size 54 waist to a size 32. I can wear any
pass me the soccer ball. And no matter how far I could more than 100 calories in a bite would be digesting in kind of clothes I want and have the freedom to play well
hit a baseball, I couldn’t get past second base. My body my stomach in a matter of seconds. and hard at any sport.
wouldn’t allow it. In a year and a half I strengthened the main weapon While I’m only 21 years old and am by no means out of
My high school had a 2400-metre run once a month of my depression—my weight. Anytime I would feel a the woods yet, I have the confidence and support around
so students could show off their fitness to their teacher. little good about myself, my inner voice would show up me to continue this lifestyle for the rest of my life. When I
er Fuck. The first person would finish in eight minutes. My
average throughout high school was 40 minutes.
and take me down. It would remind me I was wearing
size 54 shorts. This was the way I was and it would never
set out to lose the weight, I wanted to be thin for the sake
of looking thin. I wanted to fit in with everyone.
n. Was I embarrassed? You bet, but people weren’t
expecting anything different from me. Think about
change, I thought.
One of the later stages of my depression involved
What I’ve come to realize is my image is only a small
portion of the good that came out of this experience.
it—how could someone that large run for a long distance me having extreme mood swings. One minute I would The fact I can move more freely is the most important
without lagging behind? I ended up dreading going to be happy and on top of the world, the next I would be thing to me now.
my favourite class and it made high school almost im- bombarded by a dark cloud with nothing to look for- I can get up off the floor with one hand. I can do push-
in possible to deal with. ward to. ups. I can do sit-ups. I can jump like I’ve never jumped
de When it came to the end of high school, I was labelled It was during one of these episodes where I began before! I’ve taken control of my life and my body.
he a fat, insecure redhead with seemingly no chance of a having a discussion with myself. I was sick of feeling Game on.
nd fair life without the excess pounds. sorry for myself. I was sick of being fat.
As you might have guessed, I didn’t have a date to the So I gave myself an ultimatum—keep eating and
school prom. I did ask one girl out (via e-mail, of course),
and she ended up making the excuse she was going to
living the way I was and end up in the morgue after a
fatal heart attack, or start working hard to shed the
Try and try again
nt be in Seattle that day. I ended up going with my parents pounds and see what the rest of my years would be like This article would not be complete without mentioning
(I was so cool) and only stayed for the free food. as a healthy person. my failed attempts at losing weight.
rs When the dancing started, I booked it out of there I knew I didn’t want to die a fat, depressed 20-year- The first time I really tried was in Grade 8. I started run-
faster than a fat kid on a Smartie. There was no way I old who never gave himself a chance. It was time to ning around my neighbourhood for a few weeks and
ended up losing 15 pounds.
was going to embarrass myself on the dance floor; I’d change for good.
rather go home and have some Ben and Jerry’s. I set a date to start my own diet and exercise program. I figured that was enough; I thought I could keep it off
for a while. That “while” lasted one month. That’s how
And that was the end of high school. No more judg- I immediately cut out all the junk food and started eat- long it took me to gain it all back.
ing the fat kid, no more 40-minute runs, and no more ing healthy. It was difficult, and my body began craving
All other attempts to lose weight ended prematurely.
embarrassing moments with friends at sports events. the calorie-heavy foods I was so accustomed to. But the
On one try I pulled a hamstring; on another I tore a
t I knew I couldn’t go straight to university; I needed change of food was nothing compared to the exercise. ligament in my foot. I would lose all interest by the time
y a break from the education system. I decided to sign up Exercise hurt. I was better, and before I knew it I was memorizing the
for a trip to work abroad. I started walking on a trail by my house for 20 min- dollar menu at McDonalds.
e I was assigned to work in an American international utes every other day. I would be so out of breath at the My best attempt came in the summer after Grade 12.
. school in Genoa, Italy. I was thrown together with five beginning, middle, and end that I felt like if I fell over I I had received numerous tips from my PE teacher and
- others my age from all around BC who were handpicked wouldn’t be able to get back up. really went hard at losing weight during the summer.
f By the time I took off for a trip to Italy, I had lost 50
for this trip. It was the first year the program was working My lungs would hurt, my legs would burn, and my
pounds. I was giddy with pride.
e in Italy, so we all felt special and unique. This would be stomach turned into a sea of nausea. I had to remind
u great, I thought. I’d be going to a country where no one myself every minute I was sick of being my depression’s But, a few days into my trip, I contracted a serious
u infection on my big toes. I could barely walk, let alone
would know me, and the only person I knew in Europe bitch. This needed to be done; I had to win. exercise.
lived in England. This would be my chance to fix things During this excruciating work, I had a mental image
No exercise plus foccacia, gelato, and pizza equals a
, and become a better, mature person. I was supposed to be of what I wanted to look like when I was finished. I knew fat Chris. It took exactly one-and-a-half months to gain
s there for 11 months. But I didn’t last nearly that long. I had to push through the pain to accomplish that image. back the weight I’d worked so hard to lose.
r, Genoa itself was a beautiful place to live; palm trees, I took it week by week and began shedding the pounds.
e Chalk it up as another failed attempt.
the calming waves of the Mediterranean, and the food Eventually, the trail wasn’t enough of a challenge for It’s important to understand that my latest attempt
. are things I still crave to this day. me; I was becoming fitter and faster. wasn’t my only one. I’ve had eight years of failure to
, It was the middle of October when I felt something Throughout my program I discovered I loved hiking, get to where I am today.
e inside me start to change. I was stressed from the work, so I began climbing Mt. Doug. I climbed it every week as The important thing is to persevere, to never give up on
becoming upset and irritated at very minor things, and much as I could. I loved the challenge and that I could what you know you can do. I’m living proof of this idea.
12 ARTS February 18, 2009

A précis on Propagandhi
Swim with a Shane Scott-Travis
Contributing Writer
new school There’s Propagandhi, purvey-
ors of political punk and satirical
song craft. And there’s the Canad-
ian music scene, which the band is
tethered to in a guilt-by-association
sort of way. They are based in wintry
Winnipeg, a culturally rich city that
has shaded some true Canadian
originals, of which Propagandhi
is no exception. member Dave “The Beav” Gullias “Bands like SNFU and DOA
On the cusp of the band’s fifth (seriously shredding on guitar). opened me up to a new kind of cul-
full-length release, Supporting “We’re at a rejuvenated state tural paradigm,” says Samolesky.
Add online courses Caste (which drops March10), and and we’re progressing; it’s like “If Propagandhi can contribute
to your regular studies an eagerly anticipated world tour Propagandhi with a new clever layer to that sort of thing, that’s how
set to begin, these self-proclaimed added to the mix,” says Samolesky. I’d measure our success. We’re
“visibly aging prairie skids” are back “We’re moving ahead with a lot of a band in a privileged position;
Didn’t get into the course you needed? with renewed energy and vigour. confidence.” we were able to ride the coattails
Is your busy schedule making it difficult to Despite a fickle punk scene, Confidence needs to be conclu- of the pop-punk explosion of the
balance schoolwork and a job? Propagandhi has been slam-dan- sive for a band known for picking early/mid-’90s, and that bumped
cing their way into hearts and minds their battles and fighting the good everything up a level or two. Now
Thompson Rivers University can help by for over two decades. No small feat fight. Often described in multiple we have our second wind to take
bringing education directly to you through in a genre where longevity’s a knack hyphens as a powder keg of anti-fas- things seriously, to keep improving
Open Learning. With over 400 online and very few can crack. cist, pro-vegan, pro-gay, left wing and to keep spreading messages.”
distance courses available for registration “We’ve never been a band to flag-bearers, a sense of humour is According to Samolesky, any-
throughout the year, you can get the credits milk the genre,” explains drum- requisite for these Manitobans. body can play a role in social change.
you need and transfer them back to your mer Jord Samolesky, one of the “Which Muppet is my favour- “I appreciate people who go against
home institution. band’s founding members. “We just ite?” snickers Samolesky. “I don’t the grain, and many academics,
produce music at our own pace and want to say Animal—that’s too like Ward Churchill and Norman
You can study when you want, where you suddenly 20 years passes.” obvious. I’m leaning towards the Finkelstein, should be viewed as
want and even set your own exam schedule. Being planted in the prairies old curmudgeonly fuckers [Statler social artists.”
and working on their own terms and Waldorf], I could see myself as “It’s the same with people on the
For a complete list of Open Learning courses has been primary to the band’s a variant of either of them later in margins of society, or even just kids
and programs please visit our website. perseverance and motivation. my life.” in a college environment who are
And Supporting Caste repre- There’s always been a certain generating and sharing information
sents a shift in the band’s dynamics. amount of sass with their ouevre for a reason. That alone speaks to
“We’re excited!” says Samolesky. and Supporting Caste, while futzing me as much as any art,” he says.
“It’s our first studio effort as a four- with new thumps and thuds, is still Anyone wishing to break free piece band.” prime Propagandhi. With tracks of imposed thinking, giggle at
The current lineup also includes like “Human(e) Meat,” Swiftian some great banter, or simply hone
1.877.663.4091 lead vocalist/guitarist Chris Han- satire never chimed truer. And this some armchair intellect should visit
nah, Todd “The Rod” Kowalski recipe of politics and parody has and bone up on
(slapping a mean bass), and newest helped sauté their success. some high-priced social currency.

How much is too much to spend on going out? How do you choose where to spend your money? Going to
movies, seeing a band, or hanging out with friends are all ways to have fun while you’re at college or university.

For many of you, going to college or university is about freedom and exploring your own boundaries. But
it’s also about making good decisions. Unfortunately for some people their decisions regarding gambling
can lead to problems. Problems with gambling can ruin your relationships with friends and family, affect
your finances, and destroy plans for graduating and career.

The Province of British Columbia established its Responsible Gambling Strategy in 2003. The goal
of the Strategy is to prevent gambling problems and raise awareness of responsible gambling
practices. Managed by the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch, it is comprised of public
awareness and education, clinical counselling and prevention services, research, and policy
development. If you would like more information about these services, or to be referred to a
counsellor near you, phone the 24 hour toll-free Problem Gambling Help Line at

The Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) is an independent, non-profit organization committed to

problem gambling prevention. RGC designs and delivers highly effective awareness programs. The
Council promotes the identification and adoption of best practices in problem gambling prevention
through research and information dissemination. ARTS 13

The trouble with Oscars

Nexus review team picks their own winners
Shane Scott-Travis and Ed Sum
Contributing Writers
It’s almost time for the Oscars—where the Hollywood elite
puff up their chests, powder their noses, and look down on all of
us who clamor at the gates to Tinseltown.
But for every Hollywood phony in attendance, you’re sure to
find more movie lovers willing to put up with the pageantry and
paparazzi to see what films get the coveted prize. Here to point their
fingers and laugh derisively at some of the categories are Nexus’
resident film buffs, Shane Scott-Travis and Ed Sum.
Ed: You know, too much time is spent covering who’s wearing
what as they walk down the red carpet, as well as the after-parties.
And to host the Oscars, you need someone with a voice, like Billy
Shane: This year, Hugh Jackman’s hosting the 81st Annual
Academy Awards. Really? The guy who played Van Helsing? Isn’t
that kinda like ordering champagne and getting served Baby Duck?
I don’t know who’s going to be winning on Oscar night, but now I
know who’s going to be losing—the audience! Okay, so let’s take
a look at some of the nominees and start cracking this nut. Photo: Courtney broughton
In the balcony: Shane Scott-Travis (left) and Ed Sum (right).

BEST ACTOR, LEADING than Rourke. bit as evocative as Milk. Of course, and Pixar never disappoints. I can Shane: True, Lewis’ telethons
Richard Jenkins, The Visitor Shane: Tomei was fearless and there isn’t a big name actor in its only hope their future films are just raised billions of dollars to fight
Frank Langella, Frost/Nixon impressive, but I’d like to see Penel- entire cast, which would explain as thoughtful. I can see Kung-Fu Muscular Dystrophy, but it’s the
Sean Penn, Milk ope Cruz win for her role in Vicky its absence from the Oscars and Panda challenging Wall-E because least the man could do for putting
Brad Pitt, The Curious Case of Christina Barcelona. Cruz was strengthen my theory that these kids can identify more with cuddly us through all those dreadful films
Benjamin Button a highlight in a great film which awards amount to a popularity animals than cold steel. he did with Dean Martin. There’s a
Mickey Rourke, The Wrestler should have gotten Woody Allen poll. Shane: I never would have reason Lewis is big in France—they
a screenwriting nomination, but guessed you were an animation love fromage!
Ed: The Curious Case of Benja- didn’t. Too bad, because it’s one of
BEST DIRECTOR fan, Ed. Never!
min Button is a great concept, but his freshest stories in years!
David Fincher, The Curious Case of
Ed: You got me. Something OTHER CATEGORIES
Brad Pitt? He’s hardly an excep- Benjamin Button Ed: I’m not surprised The Dark
Ed: Over in the supporting actor else that gets me is the Academy
tional actor. And the story’s not Ron Howard, Frost/Nixon Knight was snubbed in the major
category, there’s a lot of fuss over voters. They determine the fate of
exactly original; it was inspired by Gus Van Sant, Milk categories but is carried by technical
Heath Ledger. His performance as CGI flicks! Making these films takes
F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story. Stephen Daldry, The Reader awards. Comic book movies are not
the Joker will be remembered for a long time, and only so many can
Will Hollywood ever recognize Danny Boyle, Slumdog meant to be Best Film winners. That
a long time. He put the joke back come out each year. This category
originality? Millionaire would mean Hollywood writers are
in Joker. should be retired until there are at
Shane: Did David Fincher even Shane: The big question on Ed: None of these stand out least four challengers rather than admitting defeat; they can’t put out
read Fitzgerald’s story? It was a everyone’s minds is will Heath as spectacular, spectacular. Sorry, three. Bolt doesn’t even come close a good story.
satirical piece laced with irony, not Ledger show up to receive his I had to borrow a line from Mou- to being Oscar-worthy. Shane: I don’t know about that,
a three-hanky weep-athon! I have to Oscar? lin Rouge there. It’d be a rarity if Shane: Horton Hears a Who Ed, but it’s great Mike Leigh has
say, Ed—Brad Pitt, despite his bad Ed: (Groans.) Hollywood went for Slumdog, so should have gotten Bolt’s nomina- been nominated for his screenplay
boy visage and hot lateral spread, Shane: What? Too soon? it’s a toss up between Boyle and tion. And there were other animated for Happy-Go-Lucky. Leigh doesn’t
really can act. But he won’t be tak- Ed: Nyah-ha-ha! No, seriously, Van Sant. There’s something about films that got overlooked. Waltz technically write any of his screen-
ing home Oscar for this one. for a supporting role, it’d be cool to Slumdog I like, and I always root for with Bashir got a Foreign Language plays; they’re organic creations he
Ed: After seeing Frost/Nixon, have a cast member from a comic the underdog. Film nomination, but it’s animated. teases from his actors over a long
Frank Langella’s nomination for book movie win. Shane: My money’s on Van What gives? rehearsal process. He’s publicly
Best Actor is highly deserved. Sant. Milk is a small miracle, and Ed: I agree with you on Hor- admitted his loathing for traditional
Langella really pulled it off. His eyes San Francisco hasn’t been framed ton. At least it had less of a Disney screenplays. I wonder if it pisses
revealed the depth of his character as lovingly and as hauntingly since feel. him off to be nominated? I guess the
and he gave it his all. joke’s on the Academy this time.
The Oscars are like Vertigo. Boyle’s competent and all,
Shane: Sean Penn was sublime but Slumdog isn’t his masterpiece.
in Milk, but he’s a real douche off- hemorrhoids—sooner Shane: Onwards and upwards! FASHION
I wonder why John Patrick Shanley Shane: Drawn like a moth to a
Each year the Oscars have honorary
screen. Not that you need to be a or later every asshole got snubbed? Doubt was stun-
awards to dole out. This year’s no flame, I’ll be watching on Feb. 22.
nice guy to win an Academy Award, ning and it had four of the leads
but it wouldn’t hurt. The same gets one. all nominated for Oscars in acting
different, with Jerry Lewis getting All complaints and pettiness aside,
the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian I really want to see what Angelina
can be said for Mickey Rourke. categories. The director would have
Award. Does this mean that 40 Jolie will be wearing. Will she war-
He was brilliant in The Wrestler, something to do with that, don’t
years from now Tim Allen will get rant another entry in my fantasy
but in real life the guy is a total you think?
his? file? We’ll see. Like a moth to a sexy
butt-munch. The Oscars are like BEST PICTURE Ed: Too bad Best Director
Ed: Jerry Lewis definitely de- flame, we shall see.
hemorrhoids—sooner or later every The Curious Case of Benjamin couldn’t go to Andrew Stanton for
serves it. He’s done more than cross Ed: We’ll have to wait until Feb.
asshole gets one. Button Wall-E. For a CGI film, it surpasses
boundaries in all the work he’s 22 to see what goes down! Until
Ed: It’s Langella all the way. Frost/Nixon everything this genre can do.
done, on and off screen. then, the balcony is closed.
I can only imagine what the film Milk
crew must have felt while shooting The Reader ANIMATED FEATURE
those climactic scenes. As for The Slumdog Millionaire Bolt
Kung-Fu Panda
Wrestler, just because Rourke has
the baby-face look down and there’s
Shane: Why is Slumdog Mil-
lionaire nominated for everything? Wall-E GRAB A NEXUS
tons of praise for his comeback Sure, the film has heart, but no way Shane: I predict Wall-E will win Copies of Nexus are now
doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll win does it compare with Revolutionary for Best Animated Film and maybe located on the outskirts of
an Oscar. The person I’m rooting Road or Synecdoche, New York. even Best Original Screenplay. campus in our handy blue
for in that film is in the next cat- Neither film got nominated, but Ed: I never thought Wall-E boxes.
egory . . . both will be remembered and writ- could be carried through by sound Find us near the Richmond
ten about for years to come. Mark effects alone. And how Stanton and Foul Bay bus stops at
ACTRESS, SUPPORTING my words! could guide the creative and CGI Lansdowne, and near the
Amy Adams, Doubt Ed: I don’t know about Slum- teams throughout the rendering bus shelter at Interurban.
Penelope Cruz, Vicky Christina dog; maybe because it’s not a stereo- process must have been draining.
Viola Davis, Doubt
typed look at India? Why the Best Director category No more boring
Taraji P. Henson, The Curious Case
Shane: Don’t tell India that! I
look at Slumdog and see a compen-
is limited to live action films is
beyond me.
bus rides!
of Benjamin Button dium of clichés. Best Picture will Shane: Documentary direc- 250.370.3591
Marisa Tomei, The Wrestler probably go to Milk. Though, in my tors get dissed too. Don’t get me
Ed: Marisa Tomei played more opinion, Van Sant’s other film from started.
of a three-dimensional character last year, Paranoid Park, was every Ed: I’m a huge animation fan, Richmond House 201, Lansdowne
1 ArtS February 18, 2009

Rock and roll and agriculture

Peter Gardner
Noise Addict By Michael Duncan
Contributing Writer
Dan Sioui, lead singer and
guitarist of Vancouver band Car-
penter, loves singing, partying,
Old rockers, new albums
John Cougar Mellencamp, and If the following three musi- previously unreleased and alternate
farming. Agriculture might not be cians were spotted in downtown tracks from 1989 to 2006, it reveals
hardcore to some, but in Sioui’s Victoria, someone might assume there’s no defining version of a
opinion, all of these things are key they were retirees out for a leisurely Dylan song. The album maintains
elements to rock music. stroll. With their graying hair and a refreshing feeling throughout
“There are a lot of similarities sagging complexions, their golden and contains a staggering quality
[between music and farming]. You years might just be behind them. of sound that many contemporary
need to believe in yourself, and be Then again, these men are iconic artists can only hint at.
passionate about your abilities and and influential musicians who
the cause,” says Sioui. have just released new material.
Sioui’s love of farming started So get past those geriatric jitters
when he was working in the down- and harvest these new albums from
town eastside of Vancouver. Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and Bruce
“I was seeking a refuge,” ex- Springsteen.
plains Sioui. “I started spending Neil Young’s newest album,
time on organic farms in the lower Sugar Mountain: Live at Cantebury
mainland, and started educating House 1968, may not be a set of
myself about the struggles they recently written songs, but it’s a
were going through. I found myself Being on an independent label seriously as being a real profes- look at his unique sound just as it
becoming passionate about it, and can sometimes make it harder to get sional band.” was blossoming. This live recording
wanting to spread the word to help noticed by these organizations. But Playing with hardcore and punk from 1968 is Young’s first solo gig
the cause.” a lot of Carpenter’s songs are about bands and being on a predominately after Buffalo Springfield’s breakup,
It’s a cause Carpenter has been the struggles of being a farmer, punk/hardcore label, Winnipeg’s and his first test as a lone singer/
well involved with. In the past, which “ brings a level of being Smallman Records, doesn’t worry songwriter. Whether you’re a de-
they’ve helped support such organ- genuine when you’re singing about a rock band like Carpenter. voted fan or a casual listener, Sugar
izations as the Canadian Organic it,” says Sioui. “Our band, live, has the spirit Mountain is a necessity. It contains Bruce Springsteen can be,
Growers and Farm Folk City Folk. “Plus, I just bought a 160-acre of punk music. We might not have songs from his first album, Neil at times, a point of contention for
Now the band is about to head to farm in North Ontario. [Your mes- a lot of half-time breakdowns or Young, but also features material many tune-jockeys, but it’s surely
Cuba. sage] carries a bit more weight screaming parts, but at the end of from his biggest commercial album, out of a lack of listening. His new-
The band recently got a letter when you put your money where the day, what Carpenter embodies After the Gold Rush. This live album est album, Working on a Dream, is
from the arts minister of Cuba, your mouth is,” he says. is straight-up-in-your-face rock is low-fi and simple, featuring only a batch of songs written while on
inviting them to tour the country. But as important as farming is and roll; and we’re loud as hell,” Young and his guitar but, overall, tour in support of Barack Obama’s
The tour will last 18 days and the to Sioui, he knows it’s about the says Sioui. it’s an album highlighting a young campaign, and may be more access-
money raised will go to Solidarity music first. “We claim to be the loudest band and rising musician with a high ible for skeptical listeners. While
Rock, which promotes freedom of “The point of our music isn’t in the west, and I guess we’ll find out pitch and a charming ability. this accessibility might please the
expression through rock and roll. just to bring people to a cause, but when we come to Victoria.” Bob Dylan’s voice may be hesitant listener, rabid Boss fans
As well, the band is bringing instru- for people to sing along and enjoy hoarse nowadays, and to some it might worry. But don’t distress—
ments and equipment to donate. the music,” says Sioui. “That’s the may feel like sandpaper to their the album is laden with his diverse
“They heard about us since big thing about this band. At first Carpenter (with Gob) eardrums. But he doesn’t mince hooks and signature surging bal-
we’ve done some political cause it’s almost seen as a novelty act words and his songwriting ability lads. With a distinct song collection
Feb. 27, $15
shows, and they liked our music because of the John Cougar thing, is unparalleled. With his newest and rich production, Working on
Lucky Bar album, Tell Tale Signs: Bootleg Ser- a Dream is an excellent addition
and what we were all about,” says or the farming thing, but once they
Sioui. ies No. 8, nothing has changed. Al- to that Boss collection. Or maybe
get a chance to see us, we get taken
though this album is a collection of just the start.

Arena Rock

High School Musical: The Ice Tour

STREAMLINE YOUR PORTFOLIO Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre, Jan. 29

aliSha Charmley snotty popular girls. During the

Contributing Writer show there were three on-ice falls,
Go from classroom to career with the I walked out of the arena not
entirely sure what I just witnessed.
a cheesy slow-motion basketball
game, pleather sparkly pants, and
School of Business at BCIT. Was I impressed? Well, yeah. It’s
not every day kids younger than
lip-syncing to questionable music
playing from shitty speakers.
myself dance, catch basketballs But the phenomenal chor-
Launch or advance your career with BCIT’s School of Business specialized part- and
falling from the ceiling, flip, and eography and exceptional skaters
full-time programs. Learn from industry experts, make valuable connections, and gain jump on tables, all while on ice. made it good enough for what it
an unparalleled experience. It’s also not every day a micro- was—a Disney movie turned into
phone is shoved in my face at a an ice show.
Get the skills you need to make a difference from day one. Now that’s an impressive
huge concert and I’m forced to I could say so much more,
portfolio. sing (terribly, I might add) in but it doesn’t really matter what
Visit front of an arena full of children I think; the show wasn’t designed
and their parents. That took me for me.
to the other side of my confused As I walked to my car, a little
TECHNOLOGY emotions—complete and utter girl skipping in front of me said
embarrassment. to her mom, “That was the best
Following the giant sing/ High School Musical ever!” put-
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT > INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND TRANSPORTATION > MANAGEMENT > dance-along began the story about ting the entire evening into real
OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT > AND MORE . . . young love, school musicals, and perspective.

client: Lynne Cruz

ad name: SoBiz
publication: uni/college ArtS 15

Curtain Call
Scud: The Disposable
Assassin: The Whole If you’re going to sleep around,
By Rob Schrab
Published by Image Comics
do it with a Roman god
Shane SCott-traviS Joel WitherinGton
Contributing Writer Contributing Writer
Back in 1998, Rob Schrab put I had never been to the opera
an abrupt halt to the successful before and I was very impressed
little indie comic he’d been doing with Handel’s Semele, currently at
for close to five years. That book technology is everywhere and taken the Royal Theatre.
was called Scud: The Disposable for granted, and most people are Opera is a great fusion of
Assassin and it was destined to a bunch of cynical smart alecks. symphony music and theatrical
become a shaggy dog story without Sound familiar? performance. Handel was one of
end. But 10 years on, a revitalized Well, in Schrab’s world you’ll Beethoven’s favourite composers
Schrab, having rediscovered his also find vending machines contain- and he doesn’t let us down in this
muse (while writing, directing, and ing “Scuds”—robot assassins that opera.
producing episodes of The Sarah execute the target of your choos- Semele is an entertaining Bar-
Silverman Program, perhaps?), ing and then self-destruct. It isn’t oque opera about Roman mythol-
finally gave the closure fans were long before nonsense and nausea ogy. The story follows the Princess
clamoring for. become routine. Semele, who’s supposed to get
Scud: The Disposable Assassin: Sensitive readers may wriggle married to Prince Athamas but
The Whole Shebang! collects all 24 and struggle while fans of main- has fallen in love with the Roman
issues of the series, as well as the stream comics may be puzzled and god, Jupiter.
Drywall: Unzipped one-shot, in a put off. Thankfully Scud makes no The feelings are mutual and, de-
mammoth trade paperback. This apology for its bombast and bile. spite his marriage, Jupiter also falls
book, whose fate many thought Now that the Scud circle has for Semele, kidnaps her, then hides this play is all in English, plus sur- sing about love and death was both
was already decided, is a definite effectively closed, will the animated her away in his pleasure palace. titles are above the stage if you relaxing and inspiring.
delight. film be far behind? As fans of the Jupiter’s wife, Juno, is the pro- have trouble following the story For opera fans, or those who
Scud takes its cues from a Tar- series know, there has been talk tector of marital fidelity, so she’s not from song. have never been before but enjoy the
antino-like universe of high and of this for ages, and blather of an too happy about the little love affair. The set design is magical. The performing arts, Semele is definitely
low pop culture references, crazy Oliver Stone-led production have Juno plots revenge while Semele warm temperature in the theatre worth going to.
social commentary, and ultra-vio- resurfaced too. tries to become immortal and gets would have put me to sleep, but
lent slapstick. Think Terminator While this is mostly speculation, pregnant with Jupiter’s child. the wonderful sets and lighting Semele
meets the Marx Brothers and you’re one thing is for certain—The Whole The opera is about desire, mor- changes throughout the opera kept Until Feb. 21, 8pm
getting warm. Shebang! is a deathly delight that tality, love, and a little “endless me going. Royal Theatre
Scud is set in a near future should pacify the most critical of pleasure.” All the performers had great
where consumerism reins supreme, fanboys. Don’t worry about translations, voices, listening to the whole chorus

A chance meeting Entre Les Murs (The Class)

Once the movie a very film festival-type
Starring: Glen Hansard, feel, almost as though it was never
Shane SCott-traviS
Markéta Irglová meant to be as big as it became. Contributing Writer
Runtime: 85 minutes On the other hand, multiple Watching the new film by
continuity issues exist within the Laurent Cantet, Entre Les Murs
On the streets of Dublin a tal- film, as well as a few more obvious
ented busker is trying to make a liv- (The Class) is to witness the rebirth
mistakes, such as the shadows of of cinema. Nothing you see on the
ing and an adorable Czech woman the equipment and crew being vis-
just wants to get her vacuum cleaner screen is done for pure effect, and
ible in a handful of shots. This is eliciting anything but an impas-
fixed. But they both have something where the film walks a very fine line
to hide. sioned response from the moviegoer
between artsy and amateur. is impossible. The film’s unassum-
The busker is suffering from But the slightly untidy film
heartbreak, only playing his touch- ing origins only add to its appeal.
style acts as the icing on the cake, Cantet’s film won the Golden ciety because they share a uniform Victoria. Ultimately, this movie is
ing, original pieces in the middle of because what makes Once stand
the night when no one is around, Palm at Cannes last year and is aesthetic. too short. It has a lot to feature in
out is how incredibly real it looks. based on François Bégaudeau’s Entre Les Murs has elements of 40 minutes, like a cute kangaroo rat,
and the beautiful foreign girl is try- The characters are realistic and
ing to get by without her husband, award-winning semi-autobiograph- cinéma vérité and feels something mammoth manta rays, aging grey
gritty, untouched by Hollywood’s ical novel from 2006. like a documentary, but it’s neither. whales, and speckled rattlesnakes.
the father of her little girl. perception of what the average Joe
One evening their paths cross, Bégaudeau’s novel, also entitled It has more authenticity and human- Some humourous moments can be
should be. Entre Les Murs, depicts his tenure ity than any film in recent memory. seen in the film, especially amongst
when the woman shamelessly in- And the best part is how non-
sists that the busker tell her who as a teacher in an inner city middle This film’s heart is unequalled and the seagulls.
sappy it is. These two young souls school in Paris. His story adapted to it exceeds cinema. It’s bigger than Adding to the enjoyment of
he wrote the songs for. During their touch each other’s lives, helping
conversation he mentions he just so the screen has so much emotional all of us. seeing this film at the IMAX is
each other discover the courage to power that it electrifies. feeling the huge theatre’s roaring
happens to work at a vacuum repair find happiness and the ability to go
shop. And so begins their amazing That Bégaudeau is cast as him- Ocean Oasis sub-woofers.
their separate ways to pursue it. self bolsters the proceedings tre- Capturing the depth of the
journey, taking them places they Written and directed by John ★★★★★
never could have been if it weren’t mendously. And what is more, his elephant seals’ grumble not only
Carney, Once is the winner of an teacher is no saint but a flawed man requires excellent long-distance
for their chance encounter. ed Sum
Oscar for Best Achievement in who makes mistakes. Contributing Writer microphones, but also proper sound
The characters’ names are never Music Written for Motion Pictures,
mentioned, but most people could His teenaged students are com- IMAX films are never visually systems to recreate their call.
which would come as no surprise prised entirely of non-actors, insur- disappointing and Ocean Oasis is Compared to the IMAX ex-
go through the entire film without to anyone who sees this inspiring
noticing this. The reason behind ing an authenticity that Hollywood suitably impressive. When com- perience, watching this documen-
film. could never doctor. Their perform- pared to other oceanographic odys- tary at home would only prove
the anonymity isn’t clear, but it
likely goes hand in hand with the ances are so vibrant that you believe seys, this one emphasizes a message disappointing.
alternative style of the film. ratings every word, every glance, and every of conservation. Otherwise, this Naturalists will enjoy this film
Once is meant to look almost Complete disaster . . . . . . . . . . . . . gesture. IMAX offering doesn’t stand out too and a portion of ticket sales goes
like a home video. The camera work Unfortunate malfunction. . . . . . . . This film is not a dirge, nor is much compared to similar films. towards continued research and
is jittery, the zooms patchy and ir- A solid stand. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . it all hard knocks. It calls to mind Filmed in 2000, the Soames conservation efforts in the Baja
regular, and the lighting often poor. Truffaut’s The 400 Blows or the Summerhays-directed documentary California peninsula and the Sea
Freakin’ fabulous . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
This is a clear stylistic choice, giving lesser yet still noble Dead Poets So- is finally making its theatrical run in of Cortés.
16 VIEWS February 18, 2009

Expectations a letdown Here’s to caring less

Miriam Putters work part-time; you’re unimpressed
Sarah Rankin Advertising and mass media— mantic comedies might be to blame Contributing Writer with your grades; and your Face-
Contributing Writer those who spoon-feed us notions for the breakup with your partner, College students are over- book event invite must have gotten
I stare helplessly into the deso- of an ideal life. not your ex’s habit of breathing too whelmed with assumptions of lost in cyberspace.
late coffee cup, searching for some- In the advertising world, a new loudly all of the time. curiosity, intelligence, and the But it’s not worth all the
thing that obviously isn’t there. I’m phone can give you friends at your Most romance movies last long obscure knowledge of pop culture time, health, and effort we’re all
looking for my $6 worth of hope fingertips, the right beer can make enough to follow the character’s references. investing.
and joy, but all I find is a sad excuse you a real man, and skin cream can battle against all odds to win each But what about those of us who The majority of concerns are
for a latté. reverse time. other’s hearts. are indifferent if the president of the simply taken out of context. It’s
What the menu earlier promised We never see the 20 years later, United States is black, if McDon- wrong to expect a significant opin-
as the solution for my morning woes where husband and wife mow the alds is terrible for your arteries, and ion on any given subject. Why can’t
has now turned into the black hole lawn and fight over yogurt prices. if we never accomplish something we just remain apathetic?
of my day. Lukewarm milk with a Expectations are the When it comes down to it, it’s legendary? As for your marks? It’s Camosun
sorry layer of brown foam; all I taste plague of our all a matter of having the right Apathy, Camosun College— College. You’re probably an oblivi-
is disappointment. perspective, and a good perspective sometimes you don’t have to give ous University Transfer student
One more sip of anger, followed existence. is an easy thing to lose when you’re a fuck. anyways.
by the dregs of regret, and my day up against the genius of modern People are disgusted when I Occasionally, when you have
has taken a turn for the worse, all marketing. haven’t contemplated existence. the spare time and energy to re-
thanks to one cup of coffee and In reality, Marc Jacob boots For instance, if the chicken I eat is search indie music, current events,
the expectations that came along Media leads us to believe fam- won’t make you popular, moving farmed, and why I haven’t learnt and contribute to a political-based
with it. ily problems can be solved in a 20 to New York City won’t make you from my mistakes. But does any conversation with more than, “I
Expectations are the plague minute heart-to-heart, using the fabulous, and a Porsche Carrera of it matter? would vote Obama because I’m
of our existence. Always one step right shampoo will make you a can’t make your hair grow back. Not every piece of music is not racist,” you’ll eventually be
ahead of rational thinking, these better girlfriend, and a diamond So what does this mean for us worth a detailed review, nor is every “that guy.”
preconceived ideals tear pleasant actually means forever. as consumers? For me, next time cough in need of a medical exam. When have you enjoyed the
experiences into shreds of failure. As these beliefs continue to I go for coffee I’m expecting cof- We’ve got to let things go. We can’t company of someone passionate
And whom do we have to thank sway us in making personal deci- fee, not my dreams realized in a care or be interested all the time. about everything and never once
for these unrealistic expectations? sions; they distort our reality. Ro- paper cup. I get it . . . life’s difficult. You had to explain what that eye roll
Life goes on and there are larger
concerns. Eventually you’ll have to
let the topic go, so why bother with
it in the first place?
Next time you’re cornered into
providing a vital, self-professing
comment on something you’re
indifferent towards, just be direct.
You don’t have to care enough
about anything.

money back Techno

fast annoying
Matteus Clement
Contributing Writer
Click, click, click—the tap-dan-
cing of keys springs out from the
person sitting next to me in class,
punching away messages to one
of their Facebook buddies.
This is my favourite class, but
I can’t focus at all with the sounds
of cyber banter and flashing laptop
screens in my line of vision. What-
ever happened to pen and paper?
Do laptops have a place in the
classroom? Do they provide an edu-
cational edge over the old-school
pencils and notebooks? I might
think so, if it wasn’t for the fact
every time I look at most people’s
computer screens, I see Facebook or
some other social networking site.
I’ve seen only one student
consistently use a laptop for class
Looking at Camosun College’s
policies, the last update made to the
Computer and Technology man-
date under “acceptable computer
use” was in 2003. It didn’t even
walk in with your taxes, walk out with your money mention laptops anywhere in the
document. Perhaps when laptops
and you could win $5,000 towards a road trip. visit were 30 pounds and not terribly
practical for school, it wasn’t so
much of an issue.
Cell phones have a time and
a place too. I’m sure instructors
come in today or call are offended when someone’s cell
1-800-HRBLOCK (472-5625) phone goes off in class. I would
like to see this reprimanded—can
a professor even do that?
And, for the love of god, if you
To qualify for student pricing, student must present either (i) a T2202a documenting 4 or more months of full-time attendance at a college or university during 2008 or (ii) a valid high school have one of those cell phones that
identification card. Expires July 31, 2009. Must also qualify for Instant Cash Back and Cash Back products. See office for details. Valid only at participating H&R Block locations in Canada. SPC Card vibrate (and by vibrate I mean shake
offers valid from 08/01/08 to 07/31/09 at participating locations in Canada only. For Cardholder only. Offers may vary, restrictions may apply. Usage may be restricted when used in conjunction with
any other offer or retailer loyalty card discounts. Cannot be used towards the purchase of gift cards or certificates. itself into pieces), just put it on
silent and keep it off the table! COLUMNS 17

By Keltie Larter
GIVING IT UP: old habits di
By Kelly Marion

Conquering with a kiss

Whoever said the eyes are the windows to the soul was mistaken. It’s all in the
I’ve heard that ancient peoples believed a person’s soul was carried in their breath,
and that kissing was thought to be an amalgamation of souls. And did you know
that we use 146 different muscles in our faces and necks when we kiss?
Photo: Courtney broughton
The way a person kisses says a lot about who they are in my opinion. For example,
some people kiss like they’re in a porno; they stick their tongue out all stiff and
Veganism this experiment), so I popped by the grocery store on
pointy and sort of wiggle it from side to side in your mouth. If any of you out
the way to school and picked up some vegan-friendly
there reading this are porno kissers, do yourself a favour and just stop! Porno
kissing is not hot. The challenge options. My day consisted of vegan granola bars, an
Give up eating meat and all animal byproducts and Amy’s Black Bean Burrito (not too shabby, but burritos
Likewise, with those of you who immediately jam your whole tongue down the live the life of a vegan. should really have meat in them), veggie dogs, and car-
other person’s throat and those of you who slobber all over the other person’s rots. Man, I’m really selling veganism, aren’t I?
face. Not hot! The research Day 8: Thanks to my cookbook I made a delicious
A good kiss should start slow. Try taking the other person’s top or bottom lip The average American adult eats roughly 50 pounds lentil, chickpea, and veggie stir-fry tonight. Tomor-
between yours and then switching to the other one. This means that if you are of pork, 66 pounds of beef, and 86 pounds of chicken row, I try wild mushroom stroganoff. Meals like these
kissing your partner’s top lip, they’re kissing your bottom lip, hence the term annually. That’s an alarming amount of animals being aren’t entirely unfamiliar to me, as a large portion of
“lip lock.” killed just for us to eat. And it doesn’t include animals my meals are already pretty loaded with veggies, but
Now you can start playing a bit with your tongue. Instead of putting it all out there slaughtered for fashion. We can do without the leather my stomach has still been feeling a little bit off these
all at once, try just softly flicking your tongue in and out of the other person’s (or can we?), and do we really need to chow down on days. Those cruciferous veggies are making me a little
mouth. As the two of you start to get more hot ‘n’ bothered, more pressure, a pig’s butts and chicken legs? Protein is necessary for a gassy (such a lady) and I think I’m going through beef
little nibbling, and more tongue are okay—just remember not to strangle your balanced lifestyle, but many arguments have been made withdrawal. I also miss my cottage cheese and haven’t
partner with it. claiming meat-based protein, especially to the extent been able to track down a vegan-friendly kind. On the
that most of us eat it, is more or less digging our own flipside, my energy levels have boosted!
Most people will kiss and touch you how they like to be kissed and touched, so
pay attention to what your partner is doing! graves by inflicting strokes, clogged arteries, cancer, Day 11: I thought being a vegan would be super ex-
and heart disease. Did you know vegans have a cancer pensive, but I’ve found you can find some pretty decent
Also, there are lots of other good bits to kiss on a person’s body. The back of the rate only 40 percent that of meat-eaters?
neck and shoulders is a popular but sadly overlooked area. Basically, anywhere grub for a good price if you just shop smart. Buying in
where a person would be ticklish is a good spot for kissing because there are The rationale bulk is great, and not buying $20 sirloins helps. Also,
loads of nerve endings just waiting to be stimulated. I wouldn’t dream of eating my beautiful kitty, so when I went out for dinner last night with my friend,
why would I hack up a defenseless, grass-munching making sure we went somewhere with vegan options
Next time you’re getting it on, try forcing yourself to do nothing else but kiss each
cow? Following the footsteps of the Dalai Lama, I’ve was easy, as it’s becoming more available these days.
other for at least 30 minutes, and then see how much better sex is after that.
decided to adapt to animal-loving ways, treating them Even the quirky Joint Pizzeria has a Happy Hippie pizza
A good kiss can raise the little hairs on the back of your neck, stiffen your nipples, which is garlicky, veggie-loaded, and has vegan cheese
like mammals of equal status rather than my next meal.
curl your toes, make your heart race, melt your spinal column, and muddle your as an option. Believe it or not, some restaurants also
brain, not to mention cut down on the amount of lube you need to use!
Hello Tofurkey!
offer entire vegan menus.
The famous Dutch poet Daniel Heinsius wrote “you may conquer with the sword, The trial Day 14: I could almost see myself being a vegan, but
but you are conquered by a kiss.” Day 1: No meat; so much for family dinners. Papa that’s too farfetched. Two weeks is long enough for me
It seems as though kissing has been thrown out the door along with chivalry and made his famous Guinness Stew tonight and couldn’t to go without meat. It would be way too time-consuming
romance. I say we bring it all back. leave out the beef, so I’ll be making my own grub. Hmm, for me to shun every minor or hidden animal-derived
tofu, tempeh . . . let’s weigh my options here. ingredient, and I have a feeling even the best vegan out
Day 3: Getting dressed today, I was careful to not there falls short on this one. I have far too many other

Take part in The wear any leather, silk, fur, or wool. That was until I
mindlessly put on my running shoes, which are, like
most kicks, made of leather. Do I have any plastic shoes?
things I should be thinking about; for example, that
paper due in three days that I’ve yet to start.

Vagina Monologues You know it, baby. I just bought some sweet-ass rain-
boots! Mom thought I was crazy paying $80 for them,
but thank god I did.
The result
I’m sick of my rubber boots and I want my beef.
Vegan . . . hah. It’s not for me.
Chloe Markgraf and a reminder of how speaking
Womyn’s Director openly about vaginas is crucial in Day 5: Today I was too lazy to flip through my newly Next issue
As 2009 settles in, the halting violence against womyn. purchased vegan cookbook (yes, I bought one just for I’m giving up germs.
Camosun College Womyn’s Ensler has developed a non-
Centre is gearing up for a
production of The Vagina
profit to raise money for anti-
violence against womyn groups
worldwide. To date, the organiza-
Decreasing our eco footprints
The Vagina Monologues was tion has raised over $50 million for Joel Witherington vironment, and suggests ways to de- These calculators are not meant
first performed in 1996 by play- charities. CSEA Member crease the impact. A good calculator to depress; they’re meant to mo-
wright Eve Ensler. Ensler wrote the Aside from raising funds, the If you’re not going can be found at www.go-beyond. tivate and inspire. If your current
play after interviewing hundreds of shows create awareness, reminding to throw caution to the ca/carbon-footprint-calculator impact is big, that means you have
women about their vaginas. us of the beauty of this most hidden wind and hitchhike to The calculator asks questions the most room for improvement,
This may seem to some like an body part. someplace exotic dur- about your daily routine, like your so try some of the suggestions and
odd topic for a theatre piece, but it The Vagina Monologues also ing reading break, why commute, the food you eat, and do the calculator again in a couple
puts a spotlight on an otherwise outlines how destructive violence not take some time to calculate your how your home is heated. Then it months.
out-of-sight body part. against womyn is and how it must ecological footprint? tells you how many tons of carbon We only have one planet, and
The play is a series of mono- be stopped at all costs. In simple terms, an ecological you’re responsible for putting into no one knows for sure what the
logues addressing a variety of For those interested in partici- footprint is the effect our actions the atmosphere, and offers lots of future holds with respect to global
issues surrounding womyn and pating in this project, men and have on the planet. Throughout hints to help reduce that amount. warming and the environment. But
their vaginas. It opens with womyn womyn alike, drop by the Womyn’s the year, this column has suggested If tons of carbon doesn’t mean it’s worth it to play it safe and live
discussing how worried they are Centre (Richmond House bottom easy things anyone can do to de- anything to you, then check out in community with our planet as
about vaginas. The show transi- floor, Lansdowne) anytime from crease their negative effect on the much as we can.
tions smoothly from monologue to 3–7 pm on Wednesday, Feb. 18. environment. html For more info on Camosun
monologue, giving vaginas a voice Bring your ideas, questions, hopes, An ecological footprint calcula- This calculator tells you how Students for Environmental Aware-
and exploring concerns with both and inspirations. tor is a tangible program that helps many planets would be required ness, go to www.camosunstudent.
humor and seriousness. For more info, e-mail neelyhouri- you understand how some of your to support the world population if org/csea or e-mail camosunsea@
The piece is an ode to womyn, actions may be affecting the en- everyone lived like you did.
18 ColuMnS February 18, 2009

Ask Anything By Breanna Carey Worth the Trip?

Q: i’m trying to work on my confidence, for a number of
Q: i met someone on Valentine’s at a singles party, except The battle of on and off-campus eats
reasons, but mostly to meet new people. how can i do i’m not totally sure he’s single. We connected really well,
this, and fast? but i don’t want to do anything i might regret—help!
By donald Kennedy and Guy alaimo

A: go outside of your comfort zone as often as possible.

if public speaking is your fear, then sign up for a toast-
A: if the person was at a singles party, and he was alone,
i’m guessing even if he’s in a relationship he’s not very
Aramark Campus Caf
Lansdowne Campus
masters meeting where you chat with all sorts of people and happy. Still, this doesn’t give you the green flag to go ahead World Fair Special (Teriyaki
give speeches in front of them, or offer to host for a group and nab him. if you want to come out of this unscathed, play Rice with Chicken and
project. every little bit helps; if you accept your mistakes the friend game until you know more details. of course, that’s Vegetables)
and try not to criticize yourself, you’ll improve every time assuming you two didn’t act more than friendly the other $6.41 (tax included)
you speak. Another way is to write a speech designed to sell night. either way, dial it back a bit and let him come to you. A
yourself. in other words, what you would tell an employer man rarely if ever leaves for the other woman; that’s usually
about yourself in order to get hired. talk about all of your the rule. You must treat yourself with the ultimate respect
strengths on camera and review the tape. Another option and refuse his advances unless you’re confident he’s single, Presentation and service
is to engage your friends in a mock interview situation. As otherwise things will get messy. Play it coy, and when he guy: look at this! the Campus Caf has finally and ever-so-subtly intro-
much as this seems silly, it can really help to correct stuttering does contact you keep things short and sweet, and act busy. duced daily specials. they really want us to like them. it’s like posting a
and lack of confidence. dates and interviews have a lot in Men thrive on women being busy and unattainable because cleavage picture on Facebook, then pretending not to notice when every-
common because they consist of one person trying to get a it seems like they’re hard to get. if it’s meant to be, things body comments on how good you look. Will the food taste as good as the
feel for what the other person is like. if you’re confident and will work out in time. remember, you deserve all of another new flashy lCd screen promoting it? Probably not, because it looks like
capable, then that’s the persona you’ll exude. person, not someone who’s stuck between two. the cook just squirted teriyaki sauce out of a squeeze bottle.
donald: i swear the cook here gets more personable every time i step up
to the order counter. it’s only a matter of time before his line of question-
The risk of just being yourself ing branches out from, “how’s your day?” to something more probing.
eventually he’ll ask something like, “have you ever had to perform a
CriStian Cano affectionate in public? Many queer queer-friendliest cities in the country, pancreaticoduodenectomy?” And, before you know it, i’ll be doing home
Pride direCtor people avoid public displays of affec- plenty of things can be done to im- surgery in return for free baguettes. Actually, no, that would never happen.
Every day we tion towards their partner, because prove the experiences of queer people i just hyperbolized your ass!
see people trying on they’re afraid of being discriminated here and help create safe spaces. Taste
clothes in stores and against, or worse, victimized by hate- The Camosun Pride Collective d: Microwaved rice with sweet teriyaki sauce, chicken, and vegetables—
think nothing of it. But ful acts or speech. has decided to take a stand and help this is the type of meal boring girls make on second dates. tastes fine,
when a male-to-female It may be hard to believe some- the community identify truly queer- but i’m not going to take it home to meet the folks.
transgender person thing as simple as holding hands with friendly places of business. g: A taste of the world, you say? A taste of my ass. nice try here. Charge
attempts to try on women’s clothes, your partner can be so intimidating. The collective is designing a six bucks plus taxes for waterlogged veggies, steamed rice, and a teeny
they often face ridicule, aren’t al- For a queer person, holding hands survey to achieve this goal, and it will weenie bitty of unflavored chicken breast. i’ll take the bus to hillside Mall
lowed to try the clothes, or are even can be an act of courage and a polit- need as many volunteers as possible and order some Mcdonalds. nice scam though. hopefully it’s back to the
kicked out of the store. ical statement. to survey area businesses. drawing board for this special. Serve some fucking food, for fuck’s sake.
We see couples everywhere hold- Ask yourself, “Am I part of the If you would like to volunteer, You have a kitchen. Fucking use it.
ing hands and kissing, but how often problem or part of the solution?” contact us at pride@camosunstu-
do we see same-sex couples being Even though Victoria is one of the UVic Campus Centre Café
University Centre
Open Face Turkey and Gravy

Maude’s February Specials Sandwich with Rice and

$4.75 (tax included)
$6.95 Burger & Fries Presentation and service
d: i’ll just put this bluntly because i can’t think of a clever way to say it—the
(substitutes extra) girls here are fucking gorgeous. they all look like they spend 10 hours a
day volunteering downtown before squeezing in some casual modeling
Music Bingo starting March 9 at 7:30 PM before bedtime. i bet if i pretended to be a homeless photographer, i
would be neck-deep in pussy.
Tuesday g: that’s right. don’t just pour the gravy over the turkey. Make sure it’s
$6.95 Quesadilla - Chicken, spread nice and thick over the rice and vegetables. Very personable lady
running the hot item section, if you can get past the annoying lineups full
Beef, or Vegetarian (after 4 PM) of Canuck memorabilia-wearing pricks who can’t stop calling each other
“brah.” the refreshment cooler is located against the lineup, which is a
pain. get ready to say “excuse me” six times in 15 seconds.
.35¢ Wings (after 2 PM) d: do uncle ben and the Jolly green giant run the kitchen here? no, of
course they don’t. they’re fictional characters. if they did run a kitchen
Thursday though, it would probably produce something like this. the salty gravy
and soft bread do taste comforting enough, but it’s all just a little too
$6.95 Perogies (after 4 PM) familiar.
g: it’s a low grade Swiss Chalet meal. that’s the only thing i can possibly
Sunday compare it to. it’s almost like the messy chicken sandwich, but with

Sunday Brunch Specials turkey instead, and for less than five bucks, it’s awesome. You even had
a choice of potatoes.
Roast Beef Special ($8.95) Y LUNC And the winner is . . .
IL beautiful bosoms and a side of potato, uVic has it all.
DA 6.95 WICH Verdict
Daily Draft Specials $ SAND ND
it’s still worth the gas money and travel time to save $1.66 and not have
to eat at Aramark.
Show your student ID for 10% off food S OUP

Watch Canucks hockey here!

3810 Shelbourne Street (at Cedar Hill X Rd) 250.721.2337 Mexican
Tacos ● Tamales ● Beer

w w
◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

2 tostada $5 3 tacos $5
3 quesadilla $5 nachos $5
low low student prices every day

visit t h e nexus online 1002 Johnson St.

(at Vancouver)
11am - 7pm
Mon - Sat
Visit us today at
Fo r g e t g r o u n d b e e f. . . w e p u l l o u r m e a t ! eVentS 19
eye on
Superior Café presents film noir with Mondays and Wednesdays
The Postman Always Rings Twice.
enjoy your meal with a side of his- Drop in floor hockey

toric cinema. Share this classic film indoor floor hockey is like a fine cocktail.
and a fine meal in a unique setting one part sport, two parts gym, gar-
that is rare to come by these days. nished with the echo of gleeful laughter,
by Kait Cavers and then consumed until someone ends
Thursday, Feb. 26 By Kait Cavers up on the floor with a broken leg from
Saturday, Feb. 21 trying to impress their buddies. Mon-
Armchair Cynics, theset, Thursday, Feb. 19 days and Wednesdays 7–9 pm, Young
AC/DC tribute with guests Reading break ’09 112, lansdowne. info: 250–370–3602.
Thunderstruck Also, if you want to drop in on nexus’
SUGAR, DOORS AT 9 PM, $10 the gargantuan, two-day spectacular
own floor hockey games, we play from
SOPRANO’S, DOORS AT 8:30 PM, $15 Alright Armchair Cynics and theset, referred to as “reading break” begins.
2:30–4 pm every Monday.
if you’re both a starving student and i understand you’re too big to play two days of pure, intense studying will
a diehard ’80s metal band fan, then any venue in this town other than commence in order to get ahead in our Wednesday, Feb. 18
not only can you barely afford your Sugar, and i get that you don’t learning adventures. And, yes, two days
Kraft dinner, but you’re probably charge under double digits to get is all we need, because we are all a Nexus pizza day
also hurtin’ for some serious concert in anymore, and, yes, i admit it’s breed of next generation super-humans Seriously, if i see you in the cafeteria
action. thunderstruck to the rescue. always totally worth it and you guys already submerged in the ancient art one more time unpacking a diagonally
rock, but, seriously, what is with the of speed-reading five courses worth cut bologna sandwich from a crumpled
this band is so close to the real
killer whale on your posters? is it of textbooks while also juggling our brown bag, i’m personally going to call
thing they will satisfy your concert
personal lives. your mom and tell her to cut you off.
needs and leave you with some cash eating penguins? C’mon. Seriously.
to spend on food that isn’t canned. grow up and eat pizza like an adult.
Saturday, Feb. 28 Monday, Feb. 23 to Friday, You’re in college; it’s time to pack your
Saturday, Feb. 21 Feb. 27 own lunch. And by pack i mean bring
Waking Eyes, Arkells money so you can buy it. nexus sells
Horde of Anachron, Black SUGAR, DOORS AT 7 PM, $12
Tax help pizza for $2 a slice from 12 noon until
School of business Accounting students
Lotus, Mother Died Today Atomique Productions presents the
will be available to help other students
you’re completely satisfied in every
always-enjoyable Arkells with the single way. no, not that way. outside
LOGAN’S PUB, DOORS AT 9 PM, $10 file their 2008 tax returns. Fees are by
incredibly talented Waking eyes. it the Fisher building, lansdowne.
if you like metal, then go to logan’s donation and all proceeds go to the Col-
this Saturday. leather jackets with would be crazy not to check out this
lege Foundation. this is made available
show. if you’re looking for a great
spikes, cargo pants, lots of beer, and for students only, so take advantage of
a forecasted 78 percent chance of way to spend your Saturday night,
people who deal with numbers better
moshing. need i say more? with a guarantee that you will go than you do and get your taxes sorted
home slightly buzzed and smiling, out before it’s too late! From 11:30 am– engliSh tutor for help with eSl, essay
Wednesday, Feb. 25 then get your tickets for this show in 1:30 pm and 3:30–5:30 pm, Monday to writing. bente, 250–592–8340, bentels@
advance. Friday. located in CbA 289, interurban
Hawksley Workman, Geoff and the Fisher Foyer, lansdowne.
Berner Saturday, Feb. 28 MAth SCribe wanted for physically
disabled man in Math 053. Mon/tues/
ROYAL THEATRE, DOORS AT 7 PM, $25 Reza Manbachi: The Tuesday, Feb. 24 thurs 10:30 am-12:20 pm, in CbA 117,
As much as i disagree with the Employment info session
venue (an opera stage for hawksley?
Journey of Love interurban. Pay is $15 per hour. Please
call rob at 250–414–7315 or drop into
BELFREY THEATRE, SHOW AT 8 PM, $25 Many employees and new hires are the upgrading help Centre in CbA 109.
Seriously?), these two acts are both
ADVANCE, $35 AT DOOR unclear as to how much negotiation
definitely worth checking out. 25 power they have when it comes to the
reza Manbachi takes the audience Rules
bucks will get you an evening filled conditions of their employment. this
on a mystical ride with the release of Each registered student at Camosun is eligible
with music you just can’t help but workshop will help you to discover the
The Journey of Love. backed by an for up to 40 words FREE per semester. this can
move to. this Wednesday, drop your art of contract negotiation and find your be in the form of a 40-word ad, or two 20-word
ensemble of masterful musicians on
books and head downtown for some voice in order to get what you want and
ads. drop off your ad at the nexus, richmond
both traditional and non-traditional house 201, lansdowne, e-mail it to nexus@
serious concert action. need out of your career. Facilitated by, or call the ad in at 370-
instruments, the musical celebration 3591. Please include your student number and
includes some of the top instru- Suzanne tremblay, Camosun’s senior
Wednesday, Feb. 25 human resources consultant. From
contact information. Small print: nexus reserves
mentalists from around the globe. the right to refuse ads for any reason. no sexist,
Dinner and a Movie expand your musical mind with this
4:30–5:30 pm, Campus Centre 121, racist, homophobic, or otherwise derogatory or
slanderous ads. business-related ads are $15 for
interurban. e-mail employ@camosun.
the Superior, doors at 5 pm, $5 show! 20 words or less. 50 cents per extra word for more info.
dinner and a Movie down at the

Eraserhead By Adrian Binakaj

Phlegm By Shane Scott-Travis

teSSa CoGman
Overheard at Nexus StAFF eAVeSdroPPer

nexus staff works very hard during production of the newspaper, and there
are times when exhaustion takes over what we say. the following is what’s
been overheard at the nexus office lately:

“the last time that

“Your dog’s happened i just
“What’s that noise? is
name is Meow?” someone downstairs started reefing on
digging a tunnel to it with a hammer.”

“i don’t want “i’d take allergies

my vagina to “Yes, a cabbit. over a stomach
have a voice.” A cat mixed worm any day.”
with a rabbit.”
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