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Recipe: Ana Grau de la Herran

Arroz à la Cubana (Cuban Rice)

Rice, Tomato Sauce, Garlic, Salt, Olive Oil, Eggs, Paprika
First, pour the olive oil in the
casserole, and wait until it gets warm.
Cut two cloves of garlic in thin slices
and put them in the warm oil. After
the garlic starts looking brownish, put
the rice (½ cup of rice per person) in
the olive oil and garlic. Then, pour
some paprika on the rice and wait
until the rice fries. When the rice is
fried, pour water in the casserole
(One cup of water per ½ cup of rice,
plus ½ cup of water). Then, just wait
until the rice is almost cooked.
On a frying pan, pour a little olive oil and fry the tomato sauce (1/3 of cup per person). On
another pan, pour some more and proceed to fry an egg. Put some salt on the yellow part
(yolk) of the egg.
Finally, serve the rice with the tomato sauce on top. Garnish the rice with the fried egg.

Potato Tortilla (Tortilla de patatas)

Potatoes (one per person); One medium-sized onion; Eggs (one per potato, plus one);
Garlic; Parsley
1. Chop potatoes, onions into small pieces; slice a close of garlic thinly.

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2. Pour plenty olive oil on a frying pan, and warm it up.
3. Put the potatoes, onions, parsley and the sliced garlic in the pan. Cover the pan and
cook at medium heat.
4. Beat the eggs to create a egg mix.
5. Check that the potatoes are
cooking and not burning. The
potatoes would be cooked to the
point that they become soft, soft
enough that you can smash just by
touching it.
6. Take the sautéed potates, onions,
and parsley out the pan. Put them
in the egg mix. Then, pour most of
the oil out of the pan and pour
back the egg mix with the potato
in it.
7. On low heat, just wait until the mix starts to cook. After the bottom of the tortilla is
done, take a plate and flip the tortilla on the place (have the side that was facing up on
the pan to be facing down now). Then put the tortilla back on the pan and cook the
side that has not been cooked yet.

Author Introduction:
Born in Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain and a center of
culture, and brought up over the Andalucían cities of Córdoba and
Sevilla, Ana Grau de la Herran earned her undergraduate degree in
Mathematics at the Universidad de Sevilla. Currently, she is a
graduate student working towards a PhD degree in the Department
of Mathematics of the University of Missouri, at Columbia. Ana loves
to talk, loves life, and of course loves to cook for her beloved ones.

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