1 Mind and Consciousness Questions

Mind and Consciousness Questions Roger Chung PHL/443 January 28, 2013 Steven Wyre

joys and aches consist entirely of physiological activity in the tissues of the brain. But what about explaining how these events actually cause consciousness in the sense of inner experience--the Hard Problem?” (Pinker. “Francis Crick called it "the astonishing hypothesis"--the idea that our thoughts. to me.2 Mind and Consciousness Questions Mind and Consciousness Questions Section One After reading Pinkers article. a part of the Easy Problem. cannot be answered any better. the hard problem that arises is. sensations. 2007). “So neuroscientists are well on the way to identifying the neural correlates of consciousness. Section Two . Consciousness does not reside in an ethereal soul that uses the brain like a PDA. 2007). consciousness is the activity of the brain (Pinker. Is there even a problem? The answer from Francis Crick. I find it hard to believe that no answer can be produced from these questions.

Two examples of syntactic that I said to my daughters were. The use of semantic and syntactic is useful in the quest for self-aware computers because these computers need to be able to understand and distinguish what is being said exactly. We had an issue at work and I told the day manager that I wasn’t able to call the customer and to have the night manager call when she got in. I told one friend why I couldn’t go. or according to the rules of syntax or syntactics. Another example was with a friend of mine. and “stand still like a statue”.3 Mind and Consciousness Questions According to Merriam-Webster (2013). but come to find out. That is why things are misinterpreted and can make a mess out of a situation. Two examples of semantics were just recent. Some friends and I were supposed to get together one night and I ended not being able to make it. relating to. If someone tries to explain something to her and does not do it well. Computers may not be able to produce an answer if words are used in the wrong fashion. Perfect example of semantics is with my wife. semantic: of relating to meaning of language. I was not happy with “His” excuse for me. syntactic: of. Semantics is more important because you can change the meaning of what you are saying by adding some words or even taking words out. he made a totally different excuse for me. . Needless to say. she will take it the wrong way because she just does not understand the complexity of the English language. She is not fluent in English like myself and has a hard time understanding people and takes things the wrong way. the customer never got called because the day manager thought I said “I called the customer” so the night manager would not have too. According to Merriam-Webster (2013). “Smile ear to ear”.

you have to be alive have some brain function. These are machines built and programmed by humans and can only do as programmed. 2010). “So what would it take to make a computer self-aware? Some would argue that it is simply a matter of complexity. . In order to have thought process.4 Mind and Consciousness Questions Section Three “Scientists don't fully understand what is happening in the brain that creates what we call consciousness. We may not even be alive to witness something like that. Section Four I find it difficult to believe a computer being self-aware. I am aware that the science and technology of robots is growing more advanced each day. and perhaps still have thoughts racing through your mind. but researchers like Damasio are refining our knowledge about how firing neurons can lead to our thoughts and experience of the world” (Hirschman. If you are in some vegetative state. but for a computer to know that “it” actually exists and can be aware. that when computers reach a certain level of complexity they will become self-aware. you are still conscious.). after all the human brain is nothing more than a very complex processor that uses electrochemical reactions rather than just electrical. then the day will surely come (Cook. I believe they are the same because when you are conscious. It seems like there will never be an absolute answer to whether the mind and consciousness are the same. you are aware of your surroundings and can have thought. is way beyond our technology right now. If it is simply a matter of complexity.

but I think that we have to fully understand our brain first to even think about making a complex processor to make computer self-aware of itself and its surroundings. It will be years from now.5 Mind and Consciousness Questions I agree with Cook that a day will come when computers will be self-aware. .

(2013).com/dictionary/semantic?show=0&t=1359434942 HIRSCHMAN.org.. S.thekeyboard. TIME. THE MYSTERY OF Consciousness. Will computers become self aware?. Retrieved from http://www. syntactic.6 Mind and Consciousness Questions Reference Pinker.merriamwebster. 169( 5).merriamwebster. In Merriam-Webster. In Merriam-Webster. Retrieved from http://www. D.com/dictionary/syntactic semantic.uk/computers%20become%20self%20aware. R. Retrieved from http://www. (2010).com/goingmental/what-is-consciousness Cook. ().htm . (2007. January). What is Consciousness. (2013). 58-70. Retrieved from http://bigthink.

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