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Hale Kula Elementary School FEBRUARY 2013 Parent Bulletin

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Office: 622-6380 Waianae & Ayres Aves on Schofield Barracks, Hawaii 96786

Aloha, Parents! Have you heard your children talking about the G-L-Os? Have you wondered what the GLOs are and why we emphasize the GLOs (General Learner Outcomes) throughout the day in every school and classroom in Hawaii? Here are the 6 GLOs and a brief explanation in childfriendly language: #1 Self-Directed Learner (I am responsible for my own learning.) #2 Community Contributor (I work well with others.) #3 Complex Thinker (I think of different ways to solve problems.) #4 Quality Producer (I recognize and produce quality work.) #5 Effective Communicator (I communicate with others through listening, speaking, writing, and drawing.) #6 Effective User of Technology (I use the computer and other learning tools effectively and ethically to discover and share my learning.) Reinforce the GLOs at home with your child; there are many opportunities to show your child that the GLOs apply not only in school but at home as well. We believe that if our students can demonstrate an understanding and application of the 6 GLOs, they will be successful, not just in school, but in their life outside of school as well. If youd like more information on the GLOs, check out the Hawaii Department of Education website . Information regarding the GLOs can be found under Curriculum. This month, your child will have the opportunity to share their work with you at StudentLed Conferences. This is an opportunity for your child to demonstrate how he/she is doing not only academically but also on the GLOs all of them! We appreciate your continued support of Hale Kula. Mahalo, Jan Iwase Principal Student-Led Conferences Notices should be going home shortly about dates and times for Student-Led Conferences. This is an opportunity for your child to share work that he/she is doing in school and to set some goals. Parent and teacher support is vital if students are to attain their goals, and we hope you will be at the conference to share your childs pride in his/her accomplishments so far this school year. We hope to get 100% parent participation! Dates: Monday, February 11 through Friday, February 15 Time: School is dismissed early this week at 12:45 each day. Conferences begin at 1:00.

Health Room Clothes

Sometimes a child requires a change of clothes to finish out the school day. The Health room has a small supply of extra clothes and slippers and this includes under wear. We ask the children to launder them at home and bring them back but this does not always happen. We are asking that any items sent home on your child be returned. Donations of girls or boys underwear in a variety of sizes is needed and appreciated.

Lunch Supervisors
Once again we are looking for lunch supervisors both permanent and substitutes. Lunch supervisors work either an hour and a half shift or a two hour shift both at $8.00 per hour. If you are interested but aren't familiar with our cafeteria, I strongly encourage you to sit through our lunch block 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM in order to see what the lunch supervisors are responsible for. If this looks like a job you are ready, willing, and able to tackle, please leave your name and phone number at the Main Office to schedule an interview. Thank you, Agnes Leinau, Vice Principal 622-6380 ext 225

Edline Parent Code

If you did not receive your Edline parent code to access certain information on the school web page (, please email Principal Iwase at and she will send you the letter with your code.

Transition Center
Connie Blevens, Transition Coordinator Hale Kula Transition Centers mission is to assist new students and families in their transition to our school. We offer daily tours and informational sessions about our campus. Tours are available Monday, Thursday and Friday afternoons at 12:00pm or 11:30am on Wednesdays. We also offer a morning orientation and tour every Tuesday at 9:00am. We would like to welcome the following students to our ohana who arrived in January: Bailey Arbic, Malik & Sarai Atherton, Andrew & Patrick Brown, Celina & Pacey Calligan, Gavin Coleman, Terez & Tyree Davis, Ethan Edgar, Adaiah & Autumn Ferguson, Tricia & Tyler Finkbeiner, Christopher & Paige Gaunt, Violet Gonzales, Gianna Greene, Collin Hamilton, Grace & Kaleb Hankerson, Symphony Harris, Alexis Hensley, Brandin & Keyanna Hightower, Haley Horn, Caroline & Max Huston, Usala Iaulualo, Tristal & Tristan Isaac, Brice & Kiley Johnson, Bryan Joseph, Jisella & Sophia Juarez, Ayson Kissick, Ginger & Makelle Kozacek, Emma & Trinidy Lujan, Skyler Malocha, Miracle Marasigan, Amya & Avoni Marble, Joshua Martin, Keegan McCord, Jasmine Messer, Alena & Alexander Miller, Sarah Okiyama, Rhyann & Tatumn Reedy, Jeremiah & Zackary Shell, Kadyn & Marley Shults, Samantha Soriano, Omarion Spencer, Emily Swain, Darren, Moana & Otalia Teagle, Malachi VanCliff, Evie Vasquez, Emily & Julian Vega, Brian Volochenko, Aidan & Kayla Wisdom, and Tyrese Zayas.

Greeters Club Duty Reminders

Connie Blevens, Greeters Club Advisor The following students are reminded of their assigned Greeter Week for February. Please make sure you arrive by 7:30 daily during your scheduled week. Feb. 4 8 Joshua Honeycutt, Hannah Leake, Manaia Moore, Ella Reibsome Feb. 11 15 Kalea Blevens, Jalen Crawley, Braydon James, Taylor Quenga Feb. 18 22 Mackenzie Bender, Schuyler Calhoun, Cannon Jean, Madelynn Key Feb. 25 Mar. 1 Bryson Adams, Andre Church, Hailie Johnson, Kennedy Pemberton Every Tuesday Nathan Winston

Jump Rope for Heart

Jump Rope for Heart is a community service fundraiser for the American Heart Association. Suggested donation is $1.00 per person. So, practice jumping rope at home. Our school wide goal is to raise $1000 for this worthy cause. Bring a jump rope labeled with your name, small water bottle, wear good shoes to jump in

Cookbook Contest
Hale Kula celebrated our 50th birthday by creating a cookbook. Recipes were collected from students, teachers and parents. We only have 30 books left for the bargain price of $9.00 each. We have a contest that runs until all cookbooks are gone. The classroom with the most sales gets a popsicle party. To purchase a cookbook, email leave your name, contact number, how many cookbooks and childs classroom number.

Art & Archery After school Event

Ellen Petry & Michelle Colte March 6 from 1:30 3:00 pm will be an original after school event for Hale Kula families. Leilehua High School Archery Club is coming to teach us how to use a bow and arrow. Each child attending will get one on one training on handling the equipment and shooting at a target. While awaiting their turn, there will be several fabulous art projects for them to complete. This event is funded by a grant from the PTO.

Hale Kula Highlights

Hale Kula Highlights is a weekly email to keep you up to date on whats happening at school the following week. Please go to this website Enter your email address and click submit. Don't worry if your email still appears on the screen. You will get a confirmation email from feedburner to activate this. Click on it and click OK. Then you will be emailed weekly on school and community events.

Mon. Feb. 4 Tues. Feb. 5 Chaperone Training 8am in P14 Wed. Feb. 6 School is out at 1:30 every Wednesday Thurs. Feb. 7 Fri. Feb. 8 School Store in P14 after school every Friday nothing over $1.00 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Schools out at 12:45 all week for Student led Parent Teacher Conferences Mon. Feb. 11 Tues. Feb. 12 Wed. Feb. 13 Thurs. Feb. 14 Schools out at 12:45 all week for Student led Parent Teacher Conferences Schools out at 12:45 all week for Student led Parent Teacher Conferences Schools out at 12:45 all week for Student led Parent Teacher Conferences Chaperone Training at 8am in P14 Schools out at 12:45 all week for Student led Parent Teacher Conferences Fri. Feb. 15 Schools out at 12:45 all week for Student led Parent Teacher Conferences --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mon. Feb. 18 NO SCHOOL Happy Presidents Day Tues. Feb. 19 Kindergarten field trip to Audobon Waimea Wed. Feb. 20 Chaperone Training at 8am in P14 5th grade graduation photos in the cafeteria in the morning Jump Rope for Heart for all grades. Wear good shoes, bring jump ropes Thurs. Feb. 21 Kindergarten field trip to Audobon Waimea Fri. Feb. 22 Kindergarten field trip to Audobon Waimea ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mon. Feb. 25 Tues. Feb. 26 Kindergarten field trip to Audobon Waimea Jamba Juice buy 8oz smoothies for $2.25. & Book Swap for kids books Wed. Feb. 27 Boxtop 4 Education & Tyson & Campbells Pick up from classrooms Thurs. Feb. 28 Chaperone Training at 8am in P14 Fri. March 1 Read Across America and celebrate Dr. Suess birthday by reading aloud --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mon. March 4 Tues. March 5 Chaperone Training at 8am in P14 Wed. March 6 Archery and Art after school activity for families Thurs. March 7 HTY for 4th &* 5th grades Fri. March 8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mon. March 11 Chaperone Training at 8am in P14 Tues. March 12 Jamba Juice buy 8oz smoothies for $2.25. & Book Swap for kids books Wed. March 13 Thurs. March 14 Complex Basket ball Games Super Eagle assembly 5:00 pm 6:00 pm Fri. March 15 Last day of school in the 3rd quarter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------School is out for Spring Break March 18 26. We are back in school March 27 & 28.

Hale Kula Events in February & March 2013