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Teaching and learning activities on this day, I was slightly behind.

This is due to the students completed the Physical Education subject. They had to change clothes to school uniforms. However, the delay is not very long.Only two to five minutes. This delay does not affect the teaching and learning activities in this class. In today's school environment is noisy. This is because my school that is located in a paddy field. By the school is surrounded by rice fields where paddy. Like other places now plowing paddy fields. Plow mechanization resulted in the school environment is quite noisy. This coupled with the sound of grass cutting machines by general workers in the school. This situation is quite disturbing kelas.Ini teaching and learning activities will also affect the focus of the students' teaching and learning activities in the classroom. As an alternative, I have led the students to computer. All laboratory classes to be taught on this day already planned. I am confident that today's teaching can take place properly. I apply the model of teaching directly. Before starting my teaching ensures that all pupils well and told them to collect rubbish in advance so that the situation in the classroom cleaner and more conducive to study and absorb the values of hygiene to pupils. The World is currently experiencing a very rapid. Technological developments have also dragged the field of education using multimedia. Although not as skilled ICT I have tried so far is the ability with the help of colleagues. I am aware that the use of multimedia in teaching and learning activities will provide a fun learning experience and attract students. Motivational elements are very important in the design of instructional materials. This is so that the students will gain confidence, connection and thus satisfaction in teaching and learning and to maintain concentration and memory in a long period of time. For me, teaching and learning activities will be more effective if the teaching aids provided very interesting. My initial step is to provide the appropriate worksheet with a title or topic taught each day. Thank God teaching material that I provided to attract the attention of students and facilitate teaching and learning activities. During the process of teaching and learning take place I am very happy because all students to focus on lessons and respond well in the conference in indecent-proposal. I was compelled to create a balanced learning environment in which every student must speak and be heard. Therefore, I try to ask each student. During the teaching and learning activities are taking place I found there are a small number of relatively fasif students in the class. I tried to change the situation by saying their name to respond in class discussions. My efforts though not one hundred percent successful, but I am still satisfied that succeeded in reducing the number of pupils in a class rather fasif. From my observations of students is supposed to be quiet even outside the classroom or outside of time learning. I was determined to change the habit little by little the next time that they are more confident in yourself. From the last lesson I found these students active part of it, quite naughty and noisy. I have taken pro-active steps to make overhaul in terms of ranking students in the class. In teaching and learning today I find that my actions have produced negative effects.