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Steganography and invisible digital watermark
B. Brief description on project background. (.i.e. problem context, rationale, description of problem area, nature of challenge)

Due to rapid growth and evolution of technology over the world, there have been rising demands in information system security into several case areas. Nowadays, sharing data is much easier and faster over the internet and some of the users have been misusing of the technology. Image is one of media that easy to get copied without permissions from the owner of the image. Unauthorized users have been trying to get data and share data which is not belong to them. Besides that, most of people save their data/file into softcopy which more efficient instead of keep all document into paper form. The problem is considered to be in a computer security system. The computer security system usually related with authentication that help to confirm the identify person and ensuring that system is trusted. It is the application that help user to embed hidden watermark into image and can be used as tool to put the file into the carrier as known as image. Invisible digital watermark are relative new technology in system security which could prevent pirate of the copyright of content. Hence, the owner of the copyright of content will not be aggrieved because of the unauthorized users who collect the data without any permission from the owner. Afterwards, the images might content important information which wanted to be sent without unauthorized users know it. It has been increasing lately systems that precisely need more security to avoid stolen data from unauthorized users. Besides that, people need the media to alter the important data, which means to allow users to hide and encrypt the data into media. Some of the cases, a user has thousand high quality images which will be uploaded to the internet. Unfortunately, unauthorized users copying and sharing them to another people and call them as his/her. There may be some challenges in developing to this system as below: 1. The cropping image The developer must create the system which can survive the cropping of an image. As we know, cropping image is the remove some part of the image which can remove the data embedded into image or invisible digital watermark 2. Multiple embedded data Means, the developer has to know to prevent multiple invisible digital watermarks and whether the data embedded inside or not. 3. Compression of the image This challenging will be the most hardest, because developer need to protect the data inside the image when someone compress the resolution of the image.

  .  The curiosities of how much people are into the steganography and invisible digital watermarks. Steganography in image.e. Prevention of the piracy. 5. It is to embedded data/ file into the carries as we known as images. test plan 6. programming language. It slightly rush of doing the system because it needs research to develop the system. C.4. this project has a lot of processes which could be done step by step. (i. Assume it. the original of the image. 7. The objective of this project is to reduce piracy of the images. insecure image from data embedded to image itself. so the developer will know which is the most suitable for this project. Lack of skill It need more attention in the project. and so on. such as learning programming language in advance. scope of proposal and deliverables) There are some objective of the system which will be elaborated each point. The objectives will be explained below. Brief description of project objectives. In addition. the developer creates the invisible digital watermark to prevent the unauthorized users. as we know thousand pictures has been transferring from one device to another device. This system is already thought long times ago by the people are much into the steganography. Resampling the image It is still challenging to this area. Because of this. MMS. uploading/downloading. or there is data embed inside the image. the developer needs to know what kind of methodology will be used. developer use graphical password as the method. As we can see the growth and evolution of technology. We can see digital watermarking easy to remove or edit. But only few of us give attention about the source of the image. Lately. The objective of this project is to know how much people are into steganography in images and hidden watermarking. This project might help people to give some attention to this field. because it is easy for copying and editing for images. In password part. copyright of the image. from email. This method will be used if the data/ file which are wanted to embed into carrier are smaller than carrier (image). and this is one of the factors of increasing the piracy happened. Time consuming This project needs time within six months to be done. There is password which can be applied when the data is already embedded into carrier. this system can be functioned as detector whether the images are embedded invisible watermark or not. Human resources It could be hard for develop this project through many processes individually. research the project.

hardware. application which has same purpose with the project.Hardware to be used for the development of the system: AMD Truion9tm) X2 Dual-Core @2. (i. Steganography in image  Enhance 1.Bit Visual express 2010 NetBeans IDE PHP . The reason why developer does chooses the questionnaire as the primary research. the developer needs some books. secondary research. 20GHz 3 GB of RAM 350 GB of Harddisk Space . Developer want to know how much people are into about the images field. which will get some knowledge from them. The graphical password for steganography in the system D.) The developer will use the primary research. the system is developed to help people in order to protect their copyright. means security field and want to know about the piracy recently. and trying to get some advices from them to enhance the system to be fully function system. And another reason is the developer has no basic knowledge into this project.Software to be used for the development of the system : Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32. In primary research. the developer will ask to the expert in this field. and dummies who does not know about this area. access to information / expertise. software.  Core 1.e. Detect the original of the images ( scan by the invisible watermark)  Special 1. knowing about technology. e-book. people who get involved.Last but not least. Brief description of the resources needed by the proposal. user involvement etc. and some of the device and software to build the system. And help people to find an alternative media to carry their data which is protected. it is for helping the project to get some ideas then apply to the system. In secondary research. The developer must come up with the question which must be answered by developer itself. Invisible watermark application 2. developer will use questionnaire and interview as the primary research. hence while giving the questionnaire and gain the knowledge which developer can get from the questionnaire Interviewing. . articles. The questionnaire is intended for the people who are into in this field. it will come up based on the problem that developer has. And it will be divided into certain topics to limit the scopes and solve problems which are based on those scopes.

Addison. evaluation. Troelsen. (i.. deployment. Pro VB 2010 and the . It is just draft of the project which wants to develop. California. techniques being learnt. JL. F. Bloch. Brief description of the development plan for the proposed project. Idea Group Publishing. Hidden Digital Watermarks in Image. analysis& design. A. Hsu. Initial planning( 29 July 2011– 31 July 2011) In this phase... 2010. Graphical User Authentication(GUA): graphical password algorithms and analysis. requirement.NET 4. Planning(31 July 2011 – 5 August 2011) In this phase. It consist several phases in this methodology which are initial planning.. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing. CT. what are the names of books you are going to read / data sets you are going to use) Katzenbeisser. 1999.. planning. Information hiding techniques for steganography and digital watermark. which software methodology and why. developer should be done with the title name. the scope and limitation. the major areas of functions to be developed and the order in which developed) The methodology will be implemented is an iterative and incremental methodology. 2005. 2. (i. Apress. 2010. . This methodology is used to develop the system by repeated some phases and add some small portion at the same time. basically just to find the idea and the title.e.AH. 1.USA.. 1999.NET).e. viewed 7 september 2010. Effective java: Programming Language Guide (java Series. 3. Ross Anderson. testing. S. Wu. London. USA. Requirement ( 5 August 2011 – 15 August 2011) What the project need it during the process. 2001.J.Wesley. Shien LC.0 platform (expert’s Voice in .E. Multimedia Security. implementation. And the planning is what the system going to do in the future.Steganography and digital watermarking techniques for protection of intellectual property. Academic research being carried out and other information. An iterative and incremental methodology consists of the stages which will be explained below. Lashkari.

ask some questions to get information which can enhance the system and ask to them to give some comments. The developer should be figured out on the system. . requirement. Testing ( 25 September 2011 – 27 September 2011) In this stage. Because the developer needs to find some ideas to enhance this system and also the developer has no basic knowledge to this project. This system would be the one of the system to prevent the copyright of the images. implementation. 15 August 2011 – 12 September 2011) In here. Brief description of the evaluation and test plan for the proposed project. 8. And the developer has to figure out the interface and design of the project. 5. moderate which know about the technology but not really into it. And people will use the system for the copyright image or to hide the data. the system is ready to deploy to the public and there are no errors. There are 3 group will be divided for participants: dummies which do not have any knowledge about the computer system but they have been in computer as user only. or work as IT expertise The success criteria for developer are the system would be accepted in IT world. There are some phases has to repeated over and over. G. and evaluation. The developer has to come up with a survey table. find the bug. and the last is expert IT which is they know about IT field and this system. and give the opinion in order to meet the requirement. Another reason is perspective against this field would be changed to be good way. indicate the estimated size of the demonstration/test database) The developer will ask some of participants to test this system. testers will execute the program and they will tell the system look like. what is the success criteria and how will be evaluated & implementation will be tested. (i. 6. This method will help the developer to gain knowledge without confusing the role of each phase. This is the last phase.4. analysis& design phase should be implemented into the fully function system. Analysis& design. for example IT student who just enter the IT world. analysis& design. 7. the developer should be evaluated the system from the testers’ opinion.e. testing. Deployment. It consists are planning. Evaluation. the developer can figure out and analyze the requirement and it determines the objective of the project. Implementation ( 12 September 2011 – 25 September 2011) In this stage. (27 September 2011 – 29 September 2011) In this stage.

 Unit testing Unit test will be done by the developer on every unit component of the system. And in this stage. checking of the interface should be covered. whether the users easy to interact with the system or not. it is easy for developer to cover the errors in the system from the testers. Integration testing It is the combination of two or more unit in the system and tests them where they must be working without any errors and bugs Performance testing It is to check whether the system perform well in every operating system and also to check the timing for responding the users to the system Usability testing In this stage. the developer has to makes sure that each of unit must functioning well. User acceptance testing It is the final stage of testing which allow user to test the system itself.     .

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