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Abu Bakr spoke a speech (announcement / discur) in people (addressing the people around), after they have given

him their accordance (consent that he shall be the ruler) generally. He praised God and then he said: O people, I was assigned (to rule) upon you, yet I am not the best among you, so if you see me righteous assist and help me, and if you see me wrongful guide me (fasaddiduni). Obey me as (long as) I obey God in you (in ruling you), and if I disobey Him, you owe me no obedience. The strongest of you (aqwa-kum) at me (in my presence) is the weak, until I take his right and give it to him (the one among you under injustice and weak, in my eyes will be the greatest among you, until I help him and give him his rights back), and the weakest among you in my eyes is the strong, until I take the right from him (the smallest among you in my eyes is the unjust and strong, until I take from him what he took without rights). I say this (I say this saying) and I beg God for forgiveness for me and you. And he also gave a speech and said: Praised God (thank God), I praise Him and I use His help, and I seek his forgiveness and I believe in Him (uminu = u'minu) and rely on Him, and I seek the guidance from God, and I ask him to make me avoid (I seek his refugee against) misguidance and doubts and blindness, for whoever God guides is to be guided, and whoever He misguides shall find no mentor or guide. And I hereby testify that there is no god but God, Him alone, an associate, He has the ownership / kingdom / possession, and He has (deserves) praising, He makes alive and makes dead, and He is alive, and dies not. Makes whoeverglorious (yu3izzu = to make 3aziz) and makes whoever humble (humiliates whoever He wishes yudhillu = makes dhalil). The good (happens) by His hands, and He is capable of everything. And I hereby testify that Muhammad is the worshipper of God, and His messenger, He sent him with guidance and the righteous religion, in order to make it above (make it appear = make it win) above all religion(s), even if the one who worship more gods hate it (mushrik = knows about God but worship other gods on the side), for all people, mercy upon them and a proof against them (mercy for those good, and proof against those bad so they won't claim that God did not send them anything), and people back then were in the worst condition, in the darknesses of ignorance, with a false religion and their mission (not invitation, more like mission in religion like Christians call mission) is unjust (booga / claims false things). So God honoured the religion with Muhammad (Sad = ,) and composed your hearts in harmony o believers, so you became brothers with His grace, and you were on the verge of a pit of fire (of hell) and He saved you from it, thus how God clarifies to you his signs, so you may be guided. Avoid God's (anger), o worshippers of God, and watch Him and take the lesson from those preceeded (those kingdoms before, who now are nothing), and know that you will meet your Lord, no doubt (you must meet your Lord), and that the reward depends on the deed (how you do is how you will receive and be rewarded), the small of it and the large (deed), except those (deeds) God has forgiven for He is forgiver and merciful.