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Cooling Water Treatment

For environmental respect

including Legionella These problems cannot be considered separately. dispersants and biocides. They are designed to face all kinds of challenges. 3 main problems have to be solved: Corrosion Scaling and deposits Microbiological growth. such as corrosion inhibitors. Generally. Therefore a complete treatment is needed. based on the combination of different treatments. which may occur in cooling water systems. scale inhibitors. depending on the characteristics of the specific system and the water. . since they are interdependent.Henkel´s program for a complete control of your system Henkel’s programs are intended to meet all the needs of cooling systems.

deposits. aluminium Coagulants and flocculants for the preparation of make-up water Optimization of lime softening Control of the biofilm with P3 HydroBio®: a unique field test kit to measure the biofilm growth and optimize the dosage of biocide Equipment Equipment for on-line control of our products. oil. copper alloys.g. metal oxides. Always read the label and product information before use . stainless steel.Our Technologies Features and Applications Phosphorus-containing and phosphorus-free treatments P3 ferrofos® Scale inhibitors and dispersants Biodegradable products for a low environmental impact Dispersants to prevent fouling and sedimentation of suspended solids Biodispersants. galvanized steel. for a better efficiency of biocide treatments Specific treatments for pit water. blow-down. mud: compatible with steel. hardness) Equipment for the follow-up of the corrosion rate and biofilm growth *Use biocides safely. our biocides and the main parameters (e. once-through systems. fungi and algae Specific biocides with rapid microbiocidal effect and quick decomposition after use in the cooling system Biocides for preventive and curative treatments P3 ferrolin® Cleaners P3 ferrocryl® Flocculants Wide range of cleaners for the removal of scale. sea water or recycled wastewater as make-up water P3 ferrofos® P3 cetamine® P3 ferrolix® Corrosion inhibitors Organic and inorganic formulations Applications over a wide pH range Specific alkaline treatments for very acidic and soft water All in one treatments for closed cooling systems Brass & Aluminium corrosion inhibition Approved biocides against Legionella pneumophila P3 ferrocid® Biocides* Oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides for the control of bacteria.

to determine the most suitable treatment using our dedicated software P3-COOLSOFT TM On-site product development with our mobile pilot cooling systems Regular surveys and recommendations on the operating conditions Specific research and development projects carried out by our international R&D department in Duesseldorf Comprehensive technical documentation including toxicological and ecological reports Improvement of your process performance and heat exchange Environmentally friendly treatment Fullfilment of local regulations thanks to our customized offer Reduction of chemicals consumption and water costs Reduction of make-up water and maximization of water reuse Optimization of total operating costs Optimal service due to highly qualified staff Continuous product development and improvement Henkel KGaA Water Treatment Henkelstrasse 67 40191 Duesseldorf Germany Phone: +49 . Our aim is to support you reducing water and chemicals …for the benefit of your water systems Easy control and follow-up: our treatment programs can be analyzed with easy-to-use quick test kits The information presented herein corresponds to our interpretation of certain test results and field experience to date.henkel-water. On-site or carried out at our Central Analytical Laboratories Lab and pilot trials.07 .treatment@henkel. © Henkel KGaA. It is offered solely for your consideration. with samples of your industrial water Representative simulation of your operating conditions.211 797 9190 Fax: +49 .Henkel . This information is not to be taken as warranty or representation for which we assume legal responsibility. 2007 ® Please contact us at water. designates trademarks of Henkel KGaA or its affiliates. focusing on environmental respect and Internet: www. registered in Germany and elsewhere. investigation and verification. Our offer… Audits and survey of your plant by our cooling treatment experts Training of your staff Cooling water monitoring.211 798 2262 E-mail: water.your partner for comprehensive solutions Henkel’s wide network of technical service teams and sales representatives can provide you locally with reliable tailor-made solutions for your cooling water systems. 5000356 / for further information about all our Water Treatment Technologies.

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